Prayers Against Eating In The Dream

Eating in the the dream

What Does Eating In The Dream Mean?


Eating in the dream is dangerous. It is a negative dream that not only disgraces the victim, exposes the victim to troubles, but also places ones into demonic bondage. It is the food prepared by night caterers to pollute your spirit man and plant sickness in your body. Eating in the dream is a spiritual poison that can paralyze your destiny.

Dreaming about eating food is common among people experiencing foundational problems, and evil inheritance. The reoccurring dream about food signifies the agenda of the enemy against your elevation.  Perhaps you are wondering why this dream keep occurring again at this time of your expectations. Unfortunately, some dream interpreters have interpreted it as a symbol of goodness which is a clear message from the pit of hell. Many people are afraid that having this type of dream means that they will actually get demoted in life.

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No matter the kind of food you saw yourself eating in dreams, whether rice, beans, or other traditional foods, they still portend a disturbing dream symbols. This dream indicates you have many obstacles, curses you need to break before you can set free. Sometimes, finding yourself in a restaurant or house eating food in dream could also symbolize the signal of demonic attacks against the source of your income. You may feel like a certain part of  your destiny has been disconnected from you. In the spiritual world, some foods are cooked with all kinds of demonic devices in order to harm your destiny.

Meaning of eating in dream

To many people, a dream of eating food outside has more negative effects than a person at home  Maybe you are a person who loves to eat foods in public, parties, etc. Perhaps you discover the moment you taste a particular food you started feeling weak in waking life. Sometimes feeling hungry to eat food could be as a result of scarcity of food.  At some point, you may not have money to put food on the table and such dream tells you of a more challenges ahead of you. But if you can pray aggressively, you will surely overcome in Jesus name.

The spiritual aspect of eating in the dream makes it dangerous to people. Any food eaten in the dream has a way of putting you in witchcraft bondage. These stubborn forces will appear to you in the dream to prepare all manners of food in the dream.  People easily encounter troubles whenever they finished eaten in the dream. Eating in dreams is a spiritual trap to scatter your hope to pieces. You need the power of God to purge out this evil food excesses in your body system.

Eating in the dream

This is why Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. The kind of food that you are eating in the dream is enough to punish you spiritually and physically. Eating food in the dream is meant to initiate believers into witchcraft world. This is an avenue where the enemy can easily attack and operate people with ease and programme afflictions in their lives.

Nowadays, a lot of people are eating in the dream and never know how to come out from this foundational and ancestral attacks.  Some people prayed, prayed and prayed and yet the problem of eating foods still persist.

You cannot deal with this dream when you are yet to break every generational curses working against your destiny.  It is very bad but frustrating for a child of God to be eating in the dream while fasting. This is one of the most destructive dreams. If you are operating in that level of dream then it shows that your prayer efforts can no longer be answered.

Some people’s problem started whenever they usually eat a particular food in the dream. For example, when a person often eats eba and egusi (Nigerian food), such person will experience evil luggage and hinderance to progress. Why? Because the enemy has programmed arrows into his or her body.

Some actions that took place when eating in the dream

  • Eating your native food in the dream is bad.
  • Eating a fried food in the dream is disturbing.
  • Eating some rotten food is a dream of pollution.
  • Eating fruits in the dream, in most cases, is highly witchcraft.
  • Eating eggs is a sign of tragedy and marital problem.
  • Eating yam, rice, beans, or other Nigerian food from the spiritual perspectives are all bad examples of evil dreams.

Recommended Prayers



To eat in a dream is for the devil to cage the efforts of your hands. This means that, whatever you do that should give you success will become failure. However, if you can concentrate your prayers with midnight against the activities of witchcraft night caterers, you are doing yourself a lot of good.  No matter the food you see in the dream, as long as you eat them then you are in for spiritual troubles. Most times, the solution to this problem is through deliverance.  That’s why Bible says we should renew our mind.

Eating in the dream

A person that often in the dream can never be victorious over the enemies (Luke 10:19). A person that has partial dream of eating in the dream cannot enjoy God’s blessing. The tactic of the devil in this endtime is to make sure that believers are wasted and frustrated. And when some believers are frustrated, they begin to lose faith in spiritual warfare.

Know that these demons can use or conjure the face of any person too cook and serve you food in the dream. Sometimes it doesn’t mean that they are the one. Let’s carefully look at some people that are likely to force you to eat in the dream.

  • It could be your enemy of progress
  • It could be from your partners.
  • It could be a witch doctor
  • It could be one of your neighbours
  • It could be your ex
  • It could be that person that you had confrontation with long time ago
  • It could be one of your friends
  • It could be your parents.
  • It could be from your landlord
  • It could be foundational and ancestral evil link idols etc


For example, when you eat in the dream, it is an indication that the enemy has stopped your glory from functioning well. However, it opens the door for satanic attacks. Whatever food is eaten in the dream can remain in your body for years in order to destroy your life gradually. When you are eating in the dream, it shows all hopes and expectation are gone. Praying against evil food is the right spiritual exercise.

When a person is eating in the dream, another meaning shows that the enemy is using that particular food to perpetrate wickedness. If you can stop eating such food for some times, it will help you from dreaming it out. The earlier you start eating with unknown or dead people, the higher the risk factor.

Once you are eating in the dream more often with strangers, it may be difficult for you to get over your virtues. Furthermore, if you eat with known or unknown people in the dream means you have foundational problems. For example, if you eat in the dream then you are also establishing a soul tie with the marine kingdom. So whatever you do will be bounce back.

A man that always eating in the dream may be working so hard but makes a little gains. He will not be able to understand the purpose of God for his life. This kind of dream brings the spirit of stagnation and demotion. The same thing applies to a woman. If you are a woman and you keeping eating in the dream, perhaps you cannot figure out the types of food then you need to rush yourself to a deliverance ground.

You cannot bear fruits when you keep dreaming about food. You cannot develop your passion for God when eating in the dream is frequent. You cannot have a good financial life when you eat often in the dream. Disappointment at the edge of breakthrough is one of the most symptoms of this dream. Food is meant to help our body to function very well. In a dream, it is programme to enlarge your problems.

Unlike sexual dream, eating in the dream happens to be one of the greatest spiritual attacks ever. The Biblical example is taken from the book of  Proverbs 23:6, ”Eat thou not the bread of him that hath an evil eye, neither desire thou his dainty meats:  There is a warning from heaven that a spiritual food can cause harm in your life. And if care is not taken, it can force a man to come down from grace to grass”. I pray, may that not be your portion in Jesus name.


All spiritual foods goes and hides itself in your body. Some evil food can hide themselves in a person’s kidney, liver, heart, reproductive organ, vein, blood etc to cause long term affliction. If you usually experience movement inside your body then it’s as a result of some foods that you have eaten in the dream past. For example, if you always observed that sickness is a common thing to you after this dream then the symptoms of spiritual food is working against your health. This is a situation where a person will be nursing a particular sickness, infirmities for years.

My joy is that some people are beginning to understand that eating food in the dream is so demonic and powerful enough to corrupt their destinies. Whether you eat food in the church, eat food in the bathroom, eat food in the hospital etc, they are all bad my dear. You don’t even need an interpreter to explain this to you because when you wake up, it is certain that you are likely to feed bad, sad, troubled etc.

Another point we should also look at critically is that, eating in the dream can cause slow death and everything about the person will be so slow. Slow in everything. This means that the person’s spiritual life will be dead to God’s blessing and his physical life will be empty. To some people, it portend sorrow and bad news. That’s to show you the wickedness of this world.

If you constantly eat with faceless person then it means the spirit of death. If you wake up and start feeling uncomfortable after this dream, you should vomit out such food spiritually through prayers and fasting before it spreads to all parts of your blood system.

In demonic world, eating in the dream is the defilement of the body. Eating in the dream generally aborts blessing and cause promise and fail, sorrow, rising and falling. It leads ones to having spirit of ignorance, errors and mistakes attached to his or her life. When you are eating in the dream, it indicates that your financial glory will have some problems and the glory of God will cease to function.

Eating in the dream


If you are eating eggs as a woman, it means you ‘re operating under the influence of the devil. It shows that you are being used by the devil to cause problems in your marriage. This kind of dream indicates that you are going to suffer in marriage/relationship. If you are a married woman and you experience this dream, it means that you will have problem of miscarriage or child bearing problems. Eating eggs in the dream means destiny. And that means you are eating the egg of your destiny. Eating egg in a dream can cause a woman to experience another degree of marital problems ranging from late marriage and war between them and their husbands.


Family is made of man, woman and children. Family is a big department. It consists of a family tree. The connection between spiritual food and patterns in some families can become an evil link transmission. To eat with your family members, it shows that there is an evil covenant that is binding your destiny to your family and this problem could be struggles to prosper. Eating in the dream has become a major pattern in many families today and failure to handle it well with deliverance prayers will cause serious problems in the family ties. If you do not pray against household powers, somebody within your family can hit you and you will become vulnerable to troubles. A person who eats with family has no where to go and it get to no way. It shows that one strongman in your family might have been playing with your destiny at the evil altars. The beginning of this dream is a reflection of backwardness and total loss.



  1. To arrest your blessings
  2. To make your deliverance incomplete
  3. To sacrifice your destiny
  4. To make things difficult for you
  5. To cause memory loss
  6. To exchange your virtues
  7. To bring you down from grace to grass
  8. To cause miscarriage or womb blockage
  9. To put off your spiritual fire and other spiritual gifts
  10. To cause endless sorrow and frustration


(This exercise goes with 7 days fasting and prayers. Rise up in the midnight between 12am-2am to continue the prayers). Before taken these prayers, begin to confess your sins and repent from them. Pray on your anointing oil and use it. Embark on 7 days fasting and prayers between 6am to 6pm.

1. Evil food in my body, come out of your hiding places in the name of Jesus.

2. I command every evil plantation in my life, come out with all your roots, in the name of Jesus! (lay your hands on your stomach and keep repeating the emphasized area).

3. I cough out and vomit any food eaten the table of the devil, in the name of Jesus. (Cough them out and vomit them in faith. Prime the expulsion.)

4. Every demonic or witchcraft food I have eaten in the dream world be purged out of my body the blood of Jesus in the name of Jesus.

5. Every witchcraft substance in my spirit, soul and body receive the fire of the Holy Ghost and burn to ashes, in the name of Jesus.

6. You witchcraft night caterer feeding me in the dream, fall down and die by fire in the name of Jesus.

7. Every witchcraft powers summoning my spirit and soul in the witchcraft kingdom receive the fire of destruction in the name of Jesus.

8. Every evil connection between my spirit and soul and the witchcraft kingdom break by fire, in the name of Jesus.

9. Every unconscious witchcraft initiation in my life causing me to eat in the dream break by fire in the name of Jesus.

10. Every witchcraft agents from my father and mother’s side tormenting my life through eating in the dream fall down and die by fire, in the name of Jesus.

11. Every weakness in my life fueling witchcraft feeding in my life be destroyed by fire, in the name of Jesus.

12. Let the blood of Jesus flow into my body and purge out every evil rubbish or pollution in my stomach in the name of Jesus.

13. Let the fire of the Holy Ghost fall upon me and begin to destroy every witchcraft mark and sign upon my life in the name of Jesus.

14. Every witchcraft spirit living in my body come out by fire in the name of Jesus.

15. Every witchcraft covenant enforcing me to eat in the dream, break by fire in the name of Jesus.

16. Every monitoring witchcraft spirit monitoring my life to make sure that they feed in the dream, receive the fire of destruction in the name of Jesus.

17. Every witchcraft curse on my life causing me to eat in the dream break by fire and the blood of Jesus.

18. As from today, I soak my spirit soul and body with the blood of Jesus.

19. By the blood of Jesus, I close every spiritual door that the witchcraft spirits have been using to feed me at night in the name of Jesus.

20. By the blood of Jesus I become a forbidden zone for the kingdom of darkness to operate in my life and family again in the name of Jesus.

21. I draw the bloodline round my family with the blood of Jesus.

22. Every satanic bondage from evil dreams programmed into my destiny, scatter, in the name of Jesus.

23. Every sickness introduced into my life as a result of evil dreams, die, in the name of Jesus.

23. Every dream of failure in my past, die, in Jesus’ name.

24. Every witchcraft caterer pursuing me in the dream, die, in Jesus’ name.

25. Every satanic dream attached to my progress, die, in the name of Jesus.

26. Every dream prison, break, in the name of Jesus;

27. I fire back every arrow of witchcraft fired into my dream, in Jesus’ name.

28. Every evil dream of the past affecting my life now, die, in the name of Jesus.

29. Every witchcraft serpent attacking me in the dream, die in the name of Jesus.

30. Every arrow fired against my marriage in the dream, die, in Jesus’ name.

31. Every good thing I have lost to evil dreams, I re-possess you back, in the name of Jesus.

32. Every agent of darkness in my dream life, fall down and die, in Jesus’ name.

33. I withdraw my virtues from the cage of darkness, in the name of Jesus.

34. Every spiritual maggot inside my destiny, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus.

35. Holy Ghost fire, circulate all over my body, in the name of Jesus.

36. I drink the blood of Jesus. (Declare this many times)

37. Every satanic power cooking food for me in the dream, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.

38. Every demon in the dream that wants to pollute my life, scatter in the name of Jesus.

39. Pray any other prayer points as led/Pray for Evangelist Joshua, his ministry and his team.

40. Thank you Jesus for answered prayers.

FURTHER SCRIPTURES: Heb 12:1; Ex 15:18-21; Ps 1:1-3; Acts 3:3-9; Col 1:13; Luke 11:21-22; Gen 28:11-18; Phil 3:10-16; Acts 12:5-12

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