Dream About A Mad Person

Dream About Madness
Dream About Madness

Isaiah 59:1-2 “Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear: But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear”.

Eccl 9:3,”This is an evil among all things that are done under the sun, that there is one event unto all: Yea, also the heart of the sons of men is full of evil, and madness is in their heart while they live, and after that they go to the dead”.

The brain is the major point for mental disturbance. It is the cell that houses our reasoning. When a person dream about a mad person, it affect the potential of a person.

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A person under the attack of madness in the dream will have a problem of fulfilling his dreams. In the same vein, when you dream where you see a mad person, it shows that you are about to possess the spirit of a mental disturbance and this may drag you backward from your dreams. And one of the spirits of a mad person is exposing your life to trouble and danger.

When you also dream of a mad person coming towards your direction, it shows that you are under demonic attack and this unusual attack may exchange your virtues and kill your dreams. Another symptoms of this dream is that you will experience problems especially in health and finances, which stand as a stumbling block to your destiny.

The spirit of a mad person in the dream is very strong that can rubbish the destiny of a person. It can place a person into a sorry state. If you encounter a mad person in the dream, you have encountered bad luck and stagnation. If you are going out and you see the mad person on the way, its better pray and fast before the spirit of madness crumble your expectations. However, the spirit of migraine is not too far from this dreamer.  So anything that penetrate into the brain certainly will affect the body.

As long as you keep seeing a mad person in the dream, it will not make you accomplish a better things in life. A situation where people turn down at helping you. If this dream becomes frequent, it can make ones to beg for bread and demote a person permanently.

It is a deep revelation that the enemy is projecting the spirit of madness into your dream to make you live a miserable and frustrated life. So the devil knows that through the concept of madness in the dream, it can perform all kinds of activities on your destiny.

The devil  knows that it can make you face a series of rejection, profitless hard labor, denial and loss of opportunities. It is true that no one likes to associate with the mad person. It’s also true that mad person has a specific or unclean spirit that torment day. Many thing can make a person mad.

The spirit of madness will pursue you. Are you a career person? The spirit of madness can turn your dream to a dust. Are you a woman looking for divine health?

The devil in this dream can likewise deny you of your divine health. This is where people spent money on sickness that defy medical solution. It is a serious problem.

What about the jobless person? The stubborn spirit of your father’s house will place an evil mark of toiling round for years. Reject it.  Anytime you dream about a mad person, whether they are coming to you or not, reject it  immediately by the blood of Jesus.

Recommended Note

Prayers Against The Spirit Of Madness


  1. Sickness and disease
  2. Financial debt/Anger
  3. Loss of friends and precious things
  4. Academic failure/Fear of death
  5. Business failure/Frequent desire to cry
  6. Satanic attack against the head
  7. Inability to gather wealth and use it for something good
  8. When strange voice keep asking you to do negative things such as ”Jump into the river. Abort the baby. Steal your father’s or people’s money, etc
  9. Persistent worry
  10. The feeling of uselessness
  11. Depression
  12. High mindedness
  13. Sadness
  14. Dwelling on the past
  15. Unnecessary agitation
  16. Lack of confidence



  1. The rage of dead people (When you have killed people)
  2. When your parents hate you
  3. When people has written you off in your family
  4. When the practice of idol in your father’s house is in place
  5. When people issue a curse of madness against you.




  1. Recognize that there is problem. When you know that there is a problem, you have started addressing it.
  2. Accept the Lord Jesus Christ fuly. Dont be a part-time Christian
  3. Surrender totally to Christ. Every unsurrender area of your life will open the door to the enemy. When you are not surrendered to Jesus and you lack committment to Him, you open the door of your life for the enemy to enter
  4. Committ yourself completely to Jesus.
  5. Study the word of God
  6. Pray all evil deposit out of your life




  1. Every arrow of madness fired into my brain, go back to the sender, in Jesus name.
  2. Every power of familiar spirit and witchcraft working against my dream, release me now.
  3. I frustrate every demonic arrest over my life, in the name of Jesus
  4. Holy Ghost fire, destroy every satanic plantation in my dream, in Jesus name.
  5. I bind every spirit withstanding  testimony in my life, in the name of Jesus
  6. Every dream of self pity flowing into my life, dry up, in Jesus name
  7. Anyone that is using the spirit of madness to torment my life, run mad in my place in Jesus name
  8. Spirit of waywardness and unproductive life, i reject you now
  9. I refuse to be demoted and a cast away in my family, in Jesus name
  10. Every curse of the strongman of my father’s house, operating in my life, break by fire.
  11. Any curse of madness issued against me in the past and wants to manifest in my life, backfire!
  12. I retrieve my glory from the hands of Judas in Jesus name.


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