Hen Laying Eggs In The Dream

Hen Laying Eggs In The Dream
Hen Laying Eggs In The Dream

One of the key elements in any contest is to understand the meaning of a hen laying eggs in the dream. In the spiritual world, egg is a very common factor that the devil uses to fight the children of God. Many people who have been dreaming about hen laying of eggs struggles to know the plans of the devil.  Most times the devil calculate the number of eggs laying by the hen to work against people.

Hen laying eggs in the dream is a good one, this means that you will achieve a successful relationship and marriage. The quality of those eggs is far important than the cracked eggs.


Isaiah 10:14 ,And my hand hath found as a nest the riches of the people: and as one gathereth eggs that are left, have I gathered all the earth; and there was none that moved the wing, or opened the mouth, or peeped.”

For instance: A woman had a dream where she saw a hen laying eggs in the dream. When she wake up from that dream, she was very happy and peaceful. She did not rebuke such dream. She relax a little and observe it in the spirit. After a few weeks, her marriage was restored. There was a serious problem between her and her husband. That hen laying eggs in the dream brought a relief in her marriage.

There are lots of good things followed by the dreamer of hen to gain power and fame in life and destiny. Some of these good things are: marital success, prosperity, good luck, advancement, restoration. Most of these good things are to heal people in their marriage. Whenever people dream about hen laying eggs in the spiritual world, most of them begin to shiver. NO! They usually mean blessing from God.


For instance: Another young lady wrote me about hen laying eggs in the dream. She was in a relationship with a man that promised her marriage. In fact they are preparing for their traditional marriage only for the man to end it. When asked, he says, he keep seeing his fiancee holding cutlass to pursue her in the dream. After a while, the traditional marriage was cancelled. This lady kept on praying to God for what disappointment has been leveled against her towards her marriage. She keep dreaming about eggs and having hen laying eggs in the dream. This dream continues for 3 weeks after the break up of her relationship with that man. Later on, she had another dream where she saw some hen laying some beautiful eggs in the dream and picked some of them. She woke up and started praying for God to restore her marriage. Lo and behold! The die was cast! Her marriage was restored.




Hen laying eggs in the dream is a network of God’s blessing connected us to fruitfulness. The number of eggs an hen laid in the dream means the number of good things that will happen to that person. For example, if it is 5 eggs that was laid, it means 5 positive things will manifest. (Take note of the number of eggs the hen laid in the dream as this is is very important. The Bible says we should number our days. An hen in the dream is considered to be a factory for fruitfulness. Those eggs makes it easier for an expected mother to be fruitful. This dream about hen makes it easier for  a man or woman to achieve something tangible in life and destiny. So when an hen laid eggs in the dream is very important to our marriage, business, ministry, career etc, they are so important for spiritual growth and our overall health.


Let’s go!

When an hen lays eggs in the dream, its called fulfillment of destiny. Hen is the female chicken. People often keep hens in order to eat them or sell their eggs. The female of any bird can be referred to as a hen. An hen with lots of eggs in the dream tended to elevate one’s destiny. When an hen or chicken lays eggs in a compound of a home or an environment, it represents good news is coming to the dream and his or her household if they can pray very well. This is a true meaning of an hen laying eggs in the dream.

The hen has another characteristic that makes them to social. When an hen want to lay eggs, it looks for a place where no one can see his presence. That’s what God designed it to be.


Let’s check this

  • Hen hatching eggs in the dream, When you see an hen hatching eggs in the dream, if you are a pregnant woman, it means you are about to deliver successfully. And if you are a woman looking unto God for a child, it means you should be calm as this dream signifies your time to conceive is about to manifest if you can more strength to your faith. Likewise, if you are a man and you see an hen laying eggs in the dream, if you are on a contract, it means you shall eat the work of your hands and everything you lay your hands upon shall prosper. As a Christian, lets pray for fruitfulness.
  • Broken eggs of an hen in the dream, When you experience a broken eggs of an hen in the dream, That cannot be a good dream. There was a breakage in the dream, which means tragedy or danger. There must an effort to amend your ways or mistakes in life. In general, it means an area of pollution, marital problem and financial limitation.
  • Packing eggs in the dream, When you see a person or group of people packing the eggs of the hen right in your present, if you are a woman, you are experiencing robber stealing something from your woman. This means your fruitfulness as a woman has been taken away by strangers.



Important fact to note

  • When an hen is laying eggs in the dream, don’t chase them away. If you do, ask God for forgivenes
  • When you discover hen hatching eggs in the dream, do not steal it. If you do, ask God for mercy.
  • When you killed one of the chicks of an hen, you have committed sin spiritually, ask God for mercy.



Now that we understand the concept of this dream about hen laying eggs. One fact about this dream is that, the number of eggs of an hen in the dream also matters. Some do see 3,4, 5 and other 20 etc


What are the ways to attract God’s blessings through hen in the dream.

  1. Give your life to Christ
  2. Repent from your sins and confess them to Jesus.
  3. Stay away from stealing and gossip
  4. Overcome the spirit or voice of abortion

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  1. I have a layer which I saw in the dream laying an egg on the floor of cement because of that the egg cracked and a small piece of the the shell fell off the egg but the egg remained intact, it didnt crack open to pour out and I went ahead to collect it and put it among the others it had laid before. Does the dream make any sense to you?

    • When a layer laid eggs in the dream, it means fruitfulness in marriage and good fortunes in life and destiny. If those eggs were cracked and at the same time remained intact again, it means the enemy was trying to destroy the works of your hands, but God did not allow it to happen. Their expectation was cut short in the long run and your glory was made manifest. So its a good dream Sir.

    • I had a dream and saw a hen laying eggs in my kitchen.I took four of which two broke and left the one last one was about to be hached
      . Please what’s the meaning.

  2. I had a dream last night & I saw myself holding a container, & saw dust & egg was inside. & I saw hen lay fresh egg an I took from it & add to the one in my container, & I don’t really understand this very dream.

  3. I had a dream and saw snake inside bird nest eaten up the eggs and the environment is full of other snakes please what is the meaning sir.

  4. I had a dream where i saw a hen already laying eggs.
    She was on her side in pain when i walked up i saw some cracked eggs mixed with whole eggs.
    I moved all the cracked eggs out of the way and only left the good eggs which was a large pile.
    There were about 8 or so cracked eggs and 20 plus good eggs.
    As i rubbed the hen she began to release large amounts of whole eggs and i gently pushed them into a pile.

  5. I dream last nights a hen laying with 6 egg in our chicken cage.I saw in my dream the egg coming out from the hen.

  6. Pastor please I need help, I had a dream where a hen was laying egg, but all of a sudden some of the eggs started breaking and when I tried to help the hen it turned to me and poured some particles from its anus on me. Please what does it mean

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