7 Days Of Fasting And Prayers
7 Days Of Fasting And Prayers


Joel 1:14, ”Sanctify ye a fast, call a solemn assembly, gather the elders [and] all the inhabitants of the land [into] the house of the LORD your God, and cry unto the LORD,”

Isaiah 58:6, ” [Is] not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke?”


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7 days of fasting and prayers exercise is a season of building a good connection with God. During 7 days of our fasting and prayers exercise is to bring all Christians together in one platform. Fasting and prayer are medium of expressing our minds to God during the season of fasting. Our 7 days fasting and prayer encourages people to deal with their sins and walk in the path of holiness. Taking many fasting and prayers are not a guarantee that God must listen to you.

The fact remains that, your sin must be blotted out  before God can have a second look at your request. Fasting and prayer without salvation  is considered a wasted effort in the labour of prayers. Being a prayer person is good. But the ability to disregard sin and his host is a plus to you from God. No matter how long is your fasting, if you commit sin, there will be no reward for you in heaven.


What to avoid during this fasting and prayers

Prayer points before this fasting programme


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Before we go further, we want to welcome our new visitors to this website in the name of Jesus. This is an online ministry that is known for organizing the best fasting and prayer exercise  online.  In previous days, we have organised series of fasting and prayers programme. but the last one was 21 days midnight prayers and fasting. I always recommend this fasting exercise for many people that really want breakthrough in their lives. Its very interesting.




7 days fasting and prayers would commence on July 24th Monday – 30th Sunday.

Monday 12am -7pm
Tuesday 12am -3pm
Wednesday 6am – 6pm
Thursdays 12am -6pm
Friday 12am – 7pm
Saturday 12am – 7pm
Sunday 12am – 2pm



This is a unique fasting and prayers as programmed by the Almighty God to prepare His children for major breakthrough. The purpose of the 7 days fasting is to loose the bands of wickedness (Isaiah 58:6)

Our fasting time should be followed if there must be a touch from heaven.

If you know that you are not fit for this fasting, that is health wise, etc, do not force yourself in it and plan to stop half way because if you do that will be so dangerous. We choose this day for brethren across the world to prepare themselves adequately for this fasting.

All your food stops at 11:59pm.

Its a fasting exercise embedded with midnight prayers. 



For those who cannot participate in this fasting programme due to one thing or the other, we would also be providing these set of people daily bible verses only. They will see these daily Bible verses at the bottom of every prayer points posted during this fasting exercise. They will read those bible verses both morning and night.

If you have any dreams, please don't hesitate to share it with me on my Youtube. I will be happy to proffer solutions to your dream requests.

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  1. I will fully partake in this fasting and prayer cux that’s what I need to destroy everything evil plan in Jesus name Amen. Tnx Sis

  2. l will take part in this fasting and prayer and will destroy every wickedness in my life and family. Amen

  3. Woow thank you Man of God,may He really bless you greatly
    Am making a humble request please send me the 7 and 21 days prayers for prayer and fasting, would like to partake in fasting

  4. Since I joined dis online program…I have always seen mysf to b a lucky one..tank u so much man of God!u tot me how to pray

    • I was planning and preparing for my own personal 3 day fasting for next week since I was not in a position to do it this week. Also, I am only just finding out about the 7 day fasting program this morning…I just had a terrible dream too, a man gave me something to eat in my dream and I am under constant attack. This month of July I am waiting and expecting my deliverance and every time like clockwork in my life that I am waiting for the manifestation of certain things that I have been waiting for God to do or that has been prophesied to me Or I have seen it in my dreams something like this always happens to mess up everything! Once I dream something bad it is guaranteed to come to pass. Anything good thing I have dreamed or I may have been expecting is always blotted out by this one dream and ends up never coming to fruition. Can I instead take these bible verses or fasting and prayers next week since I missed it this week? I am desperately in need of deliverance this July!

      • Every power that is projecting bad dreams at the edge of your breakthrough shall be destroyed by fire, in Jesus name. Obviously, the post was updated in July 2017 and not July 2018. I have updated this post. Thanks.

  5. I just realized that the dates given for this fasting must have been for 2017 because July 24 2018 is actually a Tuesday…the Monday is the 23rd and so the fasting would actually run from Monday July 23rd to Sunday July 29, 2018. So I can still take part in the fasting….

    • Good day sir, the date of publication was July 24th Monday – 30th Sunday 2017, and not 2018. Meanwhile, because of you, I will update the post right away. God bless you for your observation and feedback.

  6. Can I have a prayer for my husband who cheat with a lady whose using muthi for us we fight now and the please Evangelist

  7. Thank you sir for the good work you are doing, i just came across your website, I have 3 dreams to share, which I had several years ago
    1. I was putting something like grains in my pocket and it was leaking, the next day I prayed against leaking blessings before sleeping and continued same dream of putting same grains in my pocket and it continued leaking, but I was able to transfer the grains to another pocket and the leaking stopped.
    2. In a dream, while I was in 100l in sch, I saw about about 4 levels of step and it was with great difficulty I could climb to the next level, eventually, a hand only ( I did not see any other part) that pulled me up to the platform and it was a place of celebration.
    3.in a dream, I saw myself on a bare cemented floor, then I began to wonder what I was doing on a floor as I know I was sleeping on a bed, as I was wondering , I saw cockroach approaching my face, I began to call on the name of Jesus gradually, as the coachroach was coming closer,the name of Jesus was getting stronger, all of a sudden , the coachroach made a U turn and I saw darkness going with the coachroach while a bright shining light came.
    I had these 3 dreams since the year 2000, but they are still very fresh in my memory. What could they mean sir. Thank you

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