Dream About Pastor Praying And Conducting Deliverance

Dream About Pastor Praying For Me

One of the great responsibilities of pastor is to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus, conduct deliverance and perform all kinds of miracles as clearly written in Luke 4:18 and Matthew 28:19-20.  The dream of pastor is a step of receiving God’s anointing.

When your pastor is praying or conducting deliverance for you in the dream, the Bible says in Obadiah 1:17 that you are going to possess your possession. Not only that, in Act 1:8, the Bible has a clear message for you there that you will receive fresh fire of the Holy Ghost after He has come upon you afresh through God’s servant.

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Pastors are God’s servant. They provide spiritual leadership to members.  They ensure their members are disciplined with the doctrine of Christ. Many people are more careful about the dream of some pastors laying hands on them, praying and thereby conducting deliverance for them .

Often times, dreaming about a pastor praying for you, means you are going to experience God’s touch from the same man of God or possibly from another man of God as the case maybe.

Meanwhile, the devil has always uses the title of a pastor to confuse and deceive people in the dream. It is possible for the devil to be a pastor (2 Cor 11:14). It is also possible for a demonic or an occult person to parade himself as a pastor.

To go more in-depth into this dream, you must also know the doctrines of the pastor, what he preaches regularly and what he believes. You cant just wake up and start claiming the blessing of a man of God from a dream world. More specifically, a praying pastor is a glorious man of God. A good pastor would make it possible for their members to be saved.

To dream about a pastor conducting a deliverance for you, it is a good dream. Every one desires deep and authentic deliverance. The concept of deliverance is setting ones free from satanic bondage.

So this dream means the season of your deliverance has come. If you can pray a prayer of inquiry concerning the church to conduct your deliverance, it would be an added blessing.

If you dream that a known pastor or your own pastor of your branch pray and conduct deliverance for you, it means your blessings is tied in the hands of that pastor. If you can locate such a pastor, part of your challenges would be solved.

Credible pastors are described as men of God who are devoted to their wives, always watching, sober, of good behavior, hospitable, a teacher, not a drinker, not an abuser or a fighter, and not in the position for personal gain.

Not a pastor that is not practicing what he preaches to the flocks. We are talking of  credible pastors. We mean pastor who does not based his teaching on prosperity alone but on the salvation of people.

We also mean good pastors who does not fornicate, or steal church money but we are talking of good pastors who fear God and has the grace to pray and deliver you.

Constant dream about an unclean pastor praying for you, It means that God is trying to tell you to be careful and wise! If they succeed in praying for you and gives you anointing oil, you have the duty to purge their counterfeit anointing upon your head. The Bible says, you should beware of false prophet. It is a big warning and not an advise.

Seeing a pastor in a dream is like having the Father (God) talking to you directly about things regarding your situation and the possible way out of it. Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed with life situations and possibly ignoring the more important issues in Life!

When you get a dream about a pastor speaking to you in your dreams, it is imperative to pay attention about details in your dream! In most cases it is about something you are neglecting or situations you are avoiding! If you know what it is, then you need to take the Bull by the Horns in most cases! Be brave in your Heart and carry out in Faith!

Other dream interpretation

  • If a pastor put hand on your head and pray for you, it means God is about to answer your prayers. The laying of hand is a transfer of virtues into your life. For example, if it happens the pastor possess good anointing, know that your blessings will last and they will not be corrupted. On the other hand, if the pastor is fake, you have yourself to blame. This dream can manifest in healing, restoration and deliverance from satanic bondage.
  • When a pastor bath you in the river or near the river in the dream, it shows that you are trying to possess the spirit of the marine and water agent. Bathing near river attracts demons to glue a person. This can destroy your marital and financial blessings. If you discover that a popular pastor is bathing you, it is possible that the enemy is using his face against you. This is done in order to elude you from your deliverance. Be watchful!
  • If you dream that your pastor is anointing you, it is a good dream. Anointing is a symbol of power, fire and glory of God. To anoint you is to break the yokes of the devil hindering your destiny from moving forward and declare your freedom.
  • If you dream that a pastor is shot dead or terribly sick, this is a sign that a close pastor of yours is under severe satanic attacks. You have to pray and fast for His life and ministry to be protected.
  • If your pastor is having sex with you, and  if you are friend with such a pastor physically, it means the devil is creating a soul tie covenant between you and the pastor. Whatever spirit the pastor must possess would affect you both negatively or positively.



  1. Give your life to Christ
  2. Surrender everything to God
  3. Confess and repent of your known sin
  4. Ask God to show you the real anointing oil of such pastor
  5. If you wake up worry after this dream, it means such a dream is terrible. For that reason, you have to start cancelling the evil effect of that dream.
  6. Watch and pray
  7. If you are in a wrong church, ask God to show you the right ones
  8. Ask God to restore your spiritual gift and power
  9. Command your stolen blessings to come back to me



INSTRUCTION: Take 3 days fasting and prayers between 6am -3pm. Pray more on these scriptural verses: Daniel 2:23-24, Deuteronomy 31:18, John 15:21



1. My hour of deliverance, hear the word of the Lord, appear and locate me in Jesus name
2. Every power draining my anointing spiritually, be destroyed in Jesus name.
3. I reject the spirit of failure and delay in my life in Jesus name.
4. I will not lose my calling, my salvation and power, in the name of Jesus.
5. My angel of blessings, transfer your blessings upon my life in Jesus name
6. Where others have been condemned, I shall be honoured there in Jesus name.
7. Let all those saying prayers can never solve my problems to perish by fire in Jesus name.
8. I cover myself with the blood of Jesus.
9. Anything that the enemy has stolen from me, i recover them back by fire, in Jesus name
10. Any chain of struggle all over my body, catch fire, in Jesus name.


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  1. I have a fiancé who live in the foreign land ,we prepare own wedding,but i always dream that i came and meet me unusual,no good,i meet with bad clothes,so he always meet me no clean in the dream,i dream this kind of dream always,what it mean

  2. I was listening to a pastor on YouTube l fell asleep 2:10 afer doing midnight PRAYER l dreamt he was doing deliverance one me He said you need deliverance from what they did to you and l fell down on the ground it was not in any church l woke up 2:25am It is a genuine Pastor Bro Joshua do you think it is real

  3. In my dream. I was about to enter a church. I saw a male family member kneeling down and i ask him are u here now,he didnt look at me or answer Then i saw the second pastor putting phone in my hand and wave me to go but i noticed in the corner a light complexion man dressed in igbo attire and red cape looking at me. The pastor continued waving me to go. Some days later i saw the senior pastor dressed in white,every where bright with some people kneeling,including myself. He held a mick and gave me his hand,i held it.

  4. U dreamt where a pastor that I don’t know was praying for me and he layed his hand on me and conducted deliverance for me and also gave me a message. Please is it safe for an unknown pastor to lay his hands on my head in a dream?

  5. Peace be with you Evangelist

    I thank the Lord Almighty God in heaven for your website. i dream almost everyday i have been asking myself on why with all this bad dreams. some of them i knew there were an attach from the witchcraft spirit and some i didnt not know them.
    I attended Sunday school then received Christ as my personal Savior in the same church i always asked myself why me Lord, i am a child of the most high but why do i dream all these rubbish almost everyday. i always check myself regards sinful sin life but still i dream. I cry the ties of joy for finding this site this after all these Years.God bless you and your ministry Evangelist Joshou.

  6. I dreamt about standing on a crusade park.i had no idea what i was doing there but later some guys fought with me and i insulted them and they left simply because they were blocking my view of seeing whats going on.later the prophet was doing the deliverance section and i said to myself that if he passes by me and doesn’t bless or deliver me,i would touch his feet or garment.so it got to my turn and he noticed me and prayed for me but the demons in me were still not coming so he asked me to follow him out of the service to a river nearby.we got there and he started praying for me and fetching some of the salty water and pouring it in my mouth and vigina.in my deliverance state,i saw two lions coming out of me and entering the prophet’s. I was free buh the prophet was acting weird because of the demons so started praying for him to deliver him from the attack.but had lost my voice and nothing was coming out.

  7. im a catholic,but i dream i was in a prayer meeting of
    unknown pastor and religion. then the pastor call for healing
    prayer but he choose only various people,he ddnt choose
    me only a man in my side. then after prayer the man beside
    me( the same man) took my hand and bring me to pastor,
    the pastor put his palm on my forehead and i fall but in a
    second i got up i realize the meeting was over and i dont
    know how long i was on the floor but in my mind i was get
    up only in seconds..and then i thanks to god because i
    have a cest in my chest (real life) in the dream i think it was
    gone. in the dream i tried to share what happen to me but
    they did not listen… what is the meaning of that dream?

  8. My Pastor please help. I had a spiritual attack. I dreamed of unwilling sex in a dream. Then I was very upset I quickly went into a bath and started washing my private parts. I called on the blood of Jesus to wash me and I saw a little blood coming from my private parts, immediately the water turned blue. After the face of my spiritual mother appeared on the bathroom window and was emotionless. I could not tell whether she was happy or not, she just looked at me. Please help me find the meaning.

  9. The peace of God, Sir. I dreamt of receiving an appointment letter, later i had another dream of my introduction to other staff by the Head of a new office, in which I got employed. Few weeks later I dreamt of my pastor anointing my head and hands. I have been following up on a job, after losing one, it appeared all great but now that am expecting the appointment funny attitude and bewildering stories are coming up. Please your counsel is of priority Sir.
    Thank you

  10. i dream that paster tb joshua come in my house and my wife say this is tb joshue but he keep quite and go away . second paster jennifer nambozo also come and also she went without talking another day she come and pick the smiring oil from my hand and she went away without talking what dose this dream mean i need help

  11. What does it mean I had a dream my pastor praying for me m,,,surrounded by men while slept down knashing teeth

  12. I dreamt last night where a woman of God was conducting deliverance on me and I was vomiting on the alter.The prophetses has been praying for me for serve months now in reality.
    In that same dream I saw another woman of God who was also praying for me she told me is the first prophet who prayed for me is the reason why my sickness has refused to go,
    I told her no my condition was worse before I met her.
    I then told her she also told me the is another sickness in my body that I don’t know,she annoited my head with olive oil directly on my face she was looking for the sickness.
    Am confuse if am to go to the first prophetsess in the dream for praying as you have said in your writes up?
    But the second one said the first prophet to pray for is responsible for my sickness no going.
    But prayed for me in the dream

  13. I mean both of them prayed for me in the dream.
    The first prophet pray I was vomiting on the alter.
    The second prophet I meet in same dream annoited my head looking for sickness.
    Man of God am sick in real life.what should I do

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