Dreaming About Clothes

Dream About Clothes
Dream About Clothes


(Ps 127:1-2; Ps 126:1-6; Job 22:28; Prov 34; Prov 13:8, Ps 126;

Clothes is a garment covering our body. Our state of mind might influence or contribute to this kind of dream but more often than not, it is a blessing in disguise.

To dream about clothes is to place more emphasis on your present garments. If the dream of clothes are becoming a regular occurrence, then you should protect your coat of many colours.

Good clothes represent a garment of favour, success, restoration, fruitfulness, progress etc. Whereas Bad or evil garment represent sorrow, pain, anxiety, sickness, backwardness, stagnation and other negative symptoms.

The clothes of blessing that was given to Adam and Eve were destroyed by the yoke of sin. It is dangerous to wear a bad garment in your marriage. You cannot afford to be wearing evil garment or clothes in the dream and expect good things to penetrate into your life.

Clothes/garment is a very powerful. A clothes can send a good or bad signal to people. It can explain to people the kind of person you are. Good cloth attract favour. While bad clothes introduces difficulties and misfortunes. If you dream of torn clothes or black clothes means an arrow of poverty and sorrow have been fired into your life and destiny.

Any woman that wears a filthy garment for example should not complain about men trying to molest her sexually. Heavens don’t look at people that dress indecently.

When you dream where you are wearing new clothes,  it is a sign of blessings, prosperity that attracts favour and good things. It is also telling you that you are breaking out  from the old ways of sins ( poverty and stagnation.)



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Clothes wearing makes feel us important, attractive and helps us to move around in comfort. In dream, clothes can be very important too as they boost our confidence and reflect our personality. The kind of clothes you see in your dream determines their meanings. The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 9:8, Let thy garments be always white; and let thy head lack no ointment.

Some dreams about clothes can reflect your desire of changing your physical garments. While some dreams involving clothes might be pointing to the direction of shame and poverty. If you plan of changing clothes in wardrobe, then dream of wearing new garments represent a new beginning.

The Bible says, old things have passed away, behold old things have become new. When you wear a new and clean clothes, it indicates that God is about to change your story. Perhaps you have some person making mockery of you because of your appearance or the type of clothes you often put on.

If you love wearing clothes, there is a high chance of dreaming about clothing. If someone promised to surprise you with a gift, you may also have dreams involving clothes. It is also a good sign to wear a white cloth in your dream. Similarly, if you see yourself wearing good quality clothes in your dream foretells receiving good fortune in your current situations.

On the other hand, if you dream of wearing old or dirty garment (clothes), it symbolizes bad luck and disgrace. The clothes can put on your body by your enemy to take away your blessings, fortunes, stars, and prosperity. This type of clothes dream have been used by household enemies to delay many good things from manifesting in your life. Perhaps you have some indecent clothes in your wardrobe and if this is a case, in a dream like this it means some of your clothes have made the Holy Spirit not to come near you (Isa 59:2).

Washing clothes in dream is a good symbol. To wash clothes helps to removes dirty. In spiritual realm, if you find yourself washing your clothes, it simply you are trying to make yourself clean, acceptable to others. It also means you are tired of deceptive lifestyle. Perhaps your desire is to get some peace and healing in your relationship or marriage. This type of dream can make people start remembering you again. So therefore, it is a symbol of positive changes in your life that will happen in the near future.

Water is connected to marine spirit. It is not a good sign to find your clothes in the river. Dreams involving your clothes in ocean, however, in this case, such clothes might represents womb, star, power, investments etc. If you come across this, then it means something important has been taken away. Maybe your dream about clothes in river came at a time when you are mourning a person. Maybe it came when you loss access to a contract. Whatever might be the outcome of it, dreams of clothes means the stronghold of marine has been placed on you. This literally give them power to control you, to delay you, to cause frustrations and also give power to instigate bad events to you. I have seen some Christian who experience this type of dream and they lost their deliverance.

Dreams about finding clothes is way of searching for your garments. Perhaps something about your life has been missing or stolen and you are trying to find out the solution. Your dream about finding clothes is an indication of seeking for a way out of your situation. It can also symbolizes your desire to get at the end of your problems. If you just received a blessing in your waking life, the devil may use this dream as a symbol of losses, confusion and aimlessly. Everybody loves to find what they are looking for, but if you can’ find it, it means unending sitatuation. In this situation, you may need to pray for divine restoration and possibly favour from man. If you usually forget where you keep your clothes, your dream may be telling you to fight against forgettable spirit or low memory.



Clothes is a strong tool that makes people to identify and associate themselves with you. If you dream that you wore a black, torn, old cloth, it foretells bad omen. It means a symbol of sorrow, misfortune, unexplainable hatred and rejection.

This dream interprets that a terrible thing may happen to you. This dream may also lead to your irrelevant in your family and marriage.

Fear not, God can reverse the situation if you can pray well like a wooden lion. Moreso, when you dream where someone stole your clothes from the rope or elsewhere, probably, you dream when you noticed a blood stain, dirty stains, holes all around your clothes etc, there portends a trouble.

There is a fight you must fight to recover all your stolen clothes because this dream indicate that the enemy is working on the manipulation of your glory, finance, marriage and progress.

This is the time you must cry out to God to clothes you with fire. On the other hand,  When you dream where you see someone who does not cover himself/herself very well, it means the enemy wants to defile you and transfer the spirit of lust to you.

This dream can gives the spirit spouse enough reason to attack your marriage and finance. Perhaps you see someone wearing your clothes in the dream without your approval, it means the enemy is using your garment to prosper and using your garment to receive power, fame and money .

This is where the enemy transfer your virtues to themselves. It makes you suffer and regret. You must fight against any powers that wants to hold your virtues and replace it with counterfeit.

If you find and see yourself washing clothes, it means you are going to record better things in your life. This shows God is about to answer your prayers.

If you dream where someone is asking you to watch his/her clothes, it is a spiritual slavery.  By this, it makes you to serve or obey those who you are ahead of. Above all, it is a spiritual imprisonment.

Also if you dream where people are giving you clothes, it is a blessings of turnaround. Sacrificial giving make you to achieve your desire very fast. So when you dream where you are giving out your clothes to people, it reveals that you are going to receive outstanding progress, miracles and breakthroughs.

This is the reason why you dont stop giving out your clothes to the needy. The prayers of those people will work very fast for you when your minds are clean and the source of those clothes are not a very bad ones.

Other symbols of dream about clothes

1. If you dream of your clothes passing a night on the clothesline, if this is also true in your waking life, then it is a warning passed for you to stop it as the enemy may use it against you.
2. If you dream about buying clothes with joy, it means you are about to experience a change of story in near future. Be ready for this. From this dream you can also buy clothes for your loved ones or babies.
3. If you dream of changing your clothes, it represents the need for change and your need to fit into a new situation or role. Your desire to get a perfect love life.
4. If you dream of wearing borrowed clothes, if this is true in waking life, then it means someone is stealing your glory.
5. If you dream of wearing inappropriate clothes, it represent curse and frustration.
6. If you dream of wearing clothes with bad inscription on it, it means your life is being controlled by demonic forces.
7. If you dream of wearing torn clothes, it indicates shame and disgrace/hardship.
8. If you dream of blood stain on your clothes, it indicates unfruitfulness and tragedy.
9. If you dream of clothes burning, it shows sickness and loss of reputation.
10. If you dream of someone wearing your clothes, it means your virtues have been drawn away from you and being used by a stranger to profit him or herself.
11. If you dream of your clothes in river, it means your marriage have been arrested by marine and water demons. You need to retrieve it.
12. If you dream of being in a laundry room, it means you want to change some bad attitudes about yourself by all means.
13. If you dream of your clothes stolen, it represents shame and stagnation. Being in a helpless situation.
14. If you dream of clothes of many colours, it indicates power, glory and favour.
15. If you dream of black clothes, it indicates a bad omen of mourning, sorrow and death.


.INSTRUCTION: Burn some of the bad clothes you don’t like to wear, and buy new clothes to replace the old ones. Do this as stated and you shall see change of your status! Embark on a 3-day fasting and prayers between 12am-6pm (Nigerian Time).



  1. Every evil garment of poverty assigned against me, burn to ashes, I bind and loose any power exposing my life to troubles, in Jesus name.
  2. Every dark garment covering my glory, catch fire,
  3. Designers of grave clothes, carry your load and die, in Jesus name.
  4. Nakedness in my father’s house, my life is not your candidate, die, in Jesus name.
  5. Powers that want to hijack my glory, you are a failure, die.
  6. Every dark garment covering my glory, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.
  7. Powers that want to hijack my glory, you are a failure, die, in Jesus name.
  8.  I wear the garment of progress, joy, favour and power, in the name of Jesus.
  9. Every wrong garment that I am wearing, O God, let your angel change it to the right and proper garment, in Jesus name.
  10. Every evil garment that I am wearing that is magnetizing problems to my life, catch fire, in Jesus name.
  11. Every garment that is attracting wrong people to me, catch fire, in Jesus name.
  12. Pray seriously against bad clothes breeding failures to you.

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    • good day sir i embark on three days dry fasting but had a dream of removing out bunch of meat from my mounth and throw it in the bin,then next day my sister told me to remove my trousers and gave me a black long skirt and yellow top ,then i saw my parthner having sex with a strange woman in the dream do i need to embark on more fasting i dont know the meaning am a bit worried.

      • Any black attire in the dreams is represent evil. When you see people having sex in the dreams means your virtues and blessings are being withdrawn by the enemy. You need to pray hard so as to recover any good thing that the enemy stole from you in the dreams!

  1. I dreamt that my neighbor in my place of work was telling to give him the clothe he drop i now told that his wife has collected pls MOG what does it mean?

  2. I dreamt that some group of people where demolishing houses, i now said since they ve not gotten to our build let me removed some of my children;s clothes as was doing it, they came and started destroying and one old woman was raining insult on them that they should not destroy her buildin. And when they get to our building some side where my things are was demolished, and i was telling them that there are some houses in the front and some building and uncompleted ones that on the road why did you people not start from there and as one of them was about to demolish that one i woke up, pls sir help me

    • It means God is giving you new reproductive organs and buying baby things mean you will have your own baby very soon.

  3. Sir I dream that I saw my girlfriend mum in my dream and and she is a tailor in real life, but in that dream she’s also a tailor and I gave her one of my cloth to saw for me why that her daughter is sitting beside her in that dream but the woman reject that cloth, she said she can’t saw the clothe for me, please sir what does that mean?

  4. please sir am having alot of problems in life, family, even my relationship,I really need your help sir thanks

    • I believe it means your boyfriend is taking your purity – your virtues from you. He is wearing your white, pure clothing on his body like it is his

  5. I had a dream, that I was washing my clocth also clean every where in my house,my dad senior sister appear from no where tried to stop me doing it.

  6. Praise the Lord….I had a dream that some people in a church gave me a big long purple coat. I did not know them. They said I was given the coat as a gift for picking. But then I found myself in the bathroom getting ready to steal perfumes and stuff out the bathroom. I put it back because I realized it was wrong and I woke up

    • The enemy wants to tempt you to do wrong to defile you to have a reason to stop or steal your upcoming blessing. Don’t give In

  7. May The Almighty God Bless you for what you are doing, Sir. Thank you for the interpretations.

  8. I dreamt where I wore a white clothes and also carrying a baby girl wearing white clothes too.whay could that be

  9. Hi there please help me.

    I am Noni. I dreamt seeing my clothes being hanged on the washing line as I was entering my grandmothers place, it seemed as though they were guarded. I do not know what it means, because I have seen it several times, with different people from friends to my previous maid. But n=my maid had my clothes in the water, and when i saw her she ran away.
    Please assist.

  10. I dreamt I was using the cloth I wore for my baby’s dedication party and last church harvest cloth to mop the floor. Please can u interprete?

  11. Hello Sir, please I dreamt my niece is dressed in my new suit ( its a suits have kept for close to 5 yrs without t wearing because it is very nice but big on me) and in the dream it was perfect on her while in real life I’m bigger than her. Again I wasn’t too happy about it in the dream since it is a cloth I love and didn’t give out .
    Thank you

  12. I dreamt I sew myself a beautiful cream and black long dress, I put on a belt with the dress before I could finish wearing the dress the belt burn the cloth, but it did not burn my body. Nothing happens to me.

  13. Hi sir, I dreamt that I was wearing men’s red/black checkered shirt and blue men work trouser and I am a female. What does that mean.

    I sensed it was a man I had been with in the past,God spoke to me to change my clothes

  14. Sir I dreamt were am supposed to attain a burial ceremony with the burial unifore, but my cousins refused to give me my own cloth so why at the burial someone gave me her own cloth pls sir what does it mean

  15. Sir pls I dreamed where I was about washing someone’s clothes in dream sir I want to no what it means thanks

  16. Dear Evangelist
    I dreamt that two ladies were removing my washed clothes on the washing line and replaced them with baby clothes. I tried to stop them from leaving with them . I fought them hiting one lady and holding the other down and i was wining but i was also shouting that my sister should come and help . The dream stopped before i could take back my washed clothes.
    What is the meaning of this dream

  17. I dreamt about someone given me baby clothes.that someone asked her to give it to me.and I like I no that person that I wanted to go and thank that person.pls what does it mean

  18. I some savant of God just round up with prayer then I said I came late i realised my son put on my night dress,my late daddy was there all of a sudden they came back I was like explaining the problem my son his going through that he can’t fluently a lady just came and start talking to the WOG i could not see them again them i started to crying and saying what kind of distration is this.

  19. sir plz I dreamt of wearing a white senator cloth.. when I removed the cloth I started washing it in an uncompleted building and I was hiding while washing the cloth….pls what dose it mean

  20. Sir, I dreamt of wearing a peach beautiful gown in my dream, and it fit me too much. What is the meaning of that dream.

  21. I dreamt of wearing a peach beautiful gown in my dream.And it fit me too much.What is the meaning?

  22. Hi good day sir, have been having dreams of my things(clothes, phone) got missing Bt I do saw the person that took those things(a woman) in my dream Bt ths dreams keep occurring and things seems so hard no relationship is even working fr me fr years now that those things keep missing, now physical I’m under a severe ear pains and I had a dream of me wearing clean clothe that later filled up with dirts, tho I later washed it Bt some gaseous flame started comin out of it and the flame splashed on my hands and part of my legs, i woke wen I wanted to washed it off cuz it was gumming.

  23. Sir, I dreamt I saw myself naked in the dream and trying to cover myself with coothbin the church. Please guide me, what does this mean.

  24. I saw my cloth stained with faeces in my former school (Am now in uni) in the dream . In my dream when I first saw it. I felt irritated. I later went there to pack all the cloth with d intention of washing them.

  25. I saw myself going to wash my stained cloth buh didn’t see myself washing those cloth in the dream.

  26. I always see myself going to wash stained cloths or change a torn shoe. I always wakeup on my way going.

  27. I dreamt I took one of my garments and was ripping it into smaller parts and sharing it amongst people, but I was doing it in fear, like I will get caught. And the last piece I had, it was like i had just cleaned the house do I put down like a door mat. Please what does this dream mean?

  28. Women getting raped because they wore indecent clothes is rapeeee, as a pastor I am ashamed of you no wonder people leave the church because of small minded people like you

  29. Greetings,
    I dreamt of wearing a towel in a dream. Sometimes i’d be escaping from some strange men wearing the same white towel. Please help

    Thank you

  30. Greetings
    I dreamt that I was buying white clothes two yard and when they were measuring the clothes it was longer than two yard

  31. in adream my friend was telling me that I should give her one sweater since I had many in store,I later realized my sweater was stolen and I suspected that same friend whom is my neighbor

  32. In my shop my neighbours wife hate me with passion, intact we don’t greet each other.It all started when I got married, I noticed she suddenly developed unexplained hatred on me. But We have been a very good friends, loving each other. Last week I dreamed of having sex with her in a dream…Pls does that mean?

  33. Hello Sir, today I dreame being in second hand Market trying to buy an old suit and my brothers tell me that let it
    What is the meaning of that

  34. I dreamt someone dragged my jacket from my body, used it to clean his hands and legs then gave it back to me but I refused to collect it. I told him he can have it but he insisted I take it but I also insisted he can have it that I dash it to him and I left. Please help me interpret this dream

  35. I dream that I wore Agbada clothes celebrating my birthday. my cloth different to others people around me. I don’t understand this.

  36. I dreamed so many people including my sister wearing white clothes then i sow myself in their mixed wearing one of my simple black dress looking so unkept

  37. I had a dream when i saw my clothes at my boyfrien’s house (I left my clothes in his house) and i saw a pink jacket on top of them which did not belong to me and i didnt ask him because we have a child but i saw him having another child who seems to be of another woman and that child was giving him a problem because he was crying alot but i gave him our son to hold then i helped him soothing this baby, and it looked like the baby’s mother is dead and she has been bewitching him because i found a ball between a base matress and matress of our bed written numbers and a cross ➕ that was used to break us apart(and he in reality said he doesnt want a relationship) then there he opened up and told me that the reason he didnt want the relationship was because he was stressed that he was loosing his job so i prepared for us to sleep then i saw him having huge erected penis but we couldn’t have sex because my mom was in the room

    Read more at: https://evangelistjoshua.com/dream-about-cloth/

  38. God bless Evangelist. The anointing of God upon your life, ministry and family shall not dry. Thank you for this article.

  39. Good morning sir, I have dreamt seeing my ex husband very dejected and wearing tattered clothes and I saw him enter a church and knelt down.
    Secondly, in another dream, I saw him wearing oversized shoe and was using seatbelt to tie round his waist.

    Last night, I saw him wearing oversized clothes

  40. Good morning Sir, I dreamt seeing my ex husband looking so dejected and wearing tattered clothes and he entered a church, knelt down

    Secondly,in another dream,i saw him wearing oversized shoes and he used car seatbelt to tie round his waist

    Last night, I saw him again in my dream wearing oversized clothes

  41. Your comment is awaiting moderation. Good evening sir, I dream about wearing white ganment and white cap in the dream and I enter a church.what dose it me sir.

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