Exposed: God’s Formular For Seed Sowing

God's Formular For Seed Sowing
God's Formular For Seed Sowing
God’s Formular, Prayers + Fasting + Seed = Open Heavens
Seeds act as insurance against poverty. Seed fights against  health problems. Seed can be used as a form of ‘thanksgiving’. Seed is a spirit that heals and delivers to the uttermost. Seeds has the capacity to push over your requests to the office of the Almighty God very fast. No seed committed in the works of God never wasted. Every seed has a voice. It will speak prosperity, deliverance and wealth if not now but very soon.
Remember it was Abel’s offering that spoke to God. Cain’s offering also spoke to God. Your offering has the ability to speak aloud in heaven. Your seed has the strength to deliver your blessings. Sacrificial giving will always provoke divine blessings. Sacrificial giving stimulates God to act very fast. Sacrificial seeds increases your faith and command the dews of heaven to fall upon you. Check out those who always give sacrificially, their life never remain the same and their seed never go dry.

1. Do not promise to sow a seed and later forget it
2. Do not attempt to sow and use the seed to settle other things.
3. Do not borrow to sow
4. Do not steal to sow
5. Do not ask someone to sow a seed on your behalf and the person refuse to sow it
6. Do not sow out of your faith.
7. Do not promise to sow and use the seed to offset your debts or buy goods in the market
8. Do not sow in anger, doubt or pessimistic
One of the problems of many is that they have not known the important of seed sowing. Any seeds you spend can become a hard bone on your neck, and thereby affecting your finances through financial debts.. Unless you sow seeds there will be no harvest. Unless you sow seeds, there can’t be a lasting progress. Unless you sow seeds, there can’t be the fruit of the womb. Some people think they are helping themselves by not sowing. If you want to unlock your finances and breakthroughs, give sacrificially. Don’t give blindly. God cannot multiply anything unless you give Him something. It’s a big hinderance when you stop sowing. It can even pull you down and make you crawl through the journey of life. There are people no matter your sermon on seed sowing, they will never sow. If you are such a person, you need to change your perception. Because it may bring a problem that will swallow your money.
It is forbidden for a farmer who sows no seed and expect mighty harvest. It is ridiculous for a farmer to sow a spoil seed. Harvest comes after giving out something. You don’t sow for the purpose of today, you sow for the purpose of tomorrow! Most of the time, God will ask you to give your best in order to receive His best.
Many ignored that and expect God to answer them very fast. God spoke in mysteries. Some people sow in the wrong soil. Others sow in the right soil. When you sow in the area of your faith, you should expect a great yield of harvest of miracle. Sowing in the right soil, gives you the ability to enjoy God’s abundance of blessings and increases. When you sow in the wrong soil, it will bring no result. Take note. People dont grow spiritually when there are a low level of their seed sowing. Many would say, ”I am into a serious problem. When the problem is over, i will do that.” 
There are times, God will tell some people to sow in order to test the level of their faith, and instead, they will subtract from the seed. You must be a continuous sower of faith, no matter how small your income is. You must not be a stingy person. What matter is the measure of your faith geared together towards the seed. God gaveth His only begotten son, Jesus Christ, and today, all glory return to God.
Until you become a great sower, you cannot expect a great miracle. Members and ministers who fail to pay and respond to their tithes ,or sow sacrificially, will remain under severe attack. Prosperity is impossible without sowing a seed. Progress will be defeated without a seed. No one is forcing you to sow, but you must be a giver if you want to unlock your finances and success.
Marriage is impossible without sowing a seed of faith. Prosperity can only respond to the voice of seed sown by you. One of the top secrets of prosperity is the act of sowing seeds. You must exercise some restraints when you are giving God. Avoid any form of showmanship or pride. If you pay your tithes or even sow in the manner prescribed by the word of God,there will be great blessings. No seed is too much. (1 Cor 9:11). The truth is, there are problems that are answerable by the level of your seed.
Do not refrain from giving your special seed. Do not ever come up with the idea of borrowing your seeds. Because that will amount to serious stealing and punishment from God. Do not use money gotten through corruption and blood money to sow in God’s vineyard. NOBODY asks you to sow a seed when you have no money. You may decide to solve temporary problems by spending your seeds out of faith. But you will create more problems for yourself too. Many believers need to repent of failure to sow their seed in total faith and other special offerings to God too. God has a formular.
it is Prayers + Fasting + Seeds = Open Heavens. It doesn’t matter how many seeds you have sown in several places in most recent times, what matter is God’s timing and season. If we can think in the direction of the word of God that says sow bountifully, and reap bountifully vice versa, there won’t have been much problems. The problem of many today is within their giving attitude.
1. It saves you from death
2. Seed can connect the release of your open heaven
3. Seed prevents you from losses
4. Seed helps the glory of God to take charge of your life and business
5. Seed can open your ways and double your blessings
6. It delivers you from consistent evil dreams
7. Seeds helps you to fulfil your purpose.
8. Seed can make your enemies to be destroyed
9. Sacrificial seed can prolong your life and gives your good health
What are you believing God for? What are those things you want God to intervene between now and these ember months? Try and continue sowing a seed in faith
We thank all those that have been a partner, sower of this ministry. We are glad to see how God has been using our prayers and dream ministrations to change things in their lives. You too can sow a seed into our ministry. As you do, may God of this ministry change your story at last, in Jesus name. The God that truly call me and choose me into this global evangelism shall meet you, in Jesus name.
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  1. Hello Evng. Joshua, I was doing a personal reading and searching when I got led to your article and I must say I’m blessed. I have questions and one is: “Does seed sowing only involve giving to a ‘man of God’?”

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