Exposing Evil food Ingredients In The Dream

Exposing Evil food Ingredients In The Dream
Exposing Evil food Ingredients In The Dream

Exposing Evil food Ingredients In The Dream


Matthew 12:34-35,O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things.”

Proverbs 23:6, Do not eat the food of a begrudging host, do not crave his delicacies;



Exposing evil food ingredients is a wisest thing to know. Evil foods are those foods prepared for us in the dream. They are prepared in order to arrest destinies and plant all kind of sicknesses in the lives of people. The spiritual food that we eat are poisonous to hinder us in many ways. Many people have been caged by satanic food. Eating in the dream is one destructive dream element. The surface of the food is not the matter, the ingredient used in that food. For example, there are some people that eats their favourite food in the dream, but spiritually what they used in that food is what I want to talk here.

To stop the dream of eating, it is critically important that you must know some of these ingredients used in serving food for you. Whatever is the nature of the food, it must have one or two ingredients used in the preparation of that food. Knowing some of these satanic food ingredients in the dream, it will enable you to channel the appropriate prayers. It will enable your pastor to know the kind of fasting or deliverance to prescribe for you. Let us get this clear. Eating in the dream is a satanic bondage. It brings problems and calamity.

Food plays a very vital role in maintaining proper health and also helps in prevention and cure of diseases. Good food makes our body to function well. Eating an healthy food aids developments of the body. Food is one thing we cannot do without. We can live with water for a long period but we cannot survive without food for a long period. For example, when a woman prepare favourite food for her husband and forgets to add little  salt to it, her husband will know and he will discover something  very important ingredient is missing in his food. So what help us to know whether our food is tasteful or not, it is our tongues.

PLEASE NOTE: It is not the evil food that is dangerous. It is those demonic ingredients put together in preparing that particular food.



  1. It can make the evil food look edible and tasteful
  2. It can cause sickness and disease that medical solution
  3. It brings unanswered prayers
  4. It leads to untimely death
  5. It activates afflictions and constant disappointments
  6. It can program the curse of non – achievement
  7. It makes ones to sleep  and slumber when there is time for spiritual assignment
  8. It results to life without a purpose
  9. It makes sure you take a wrong step in life
  10. It causes people to invest in the wrong places
  11. It ensure ones experience constant failure at the edge of brekthrough
  12. It put people in serious financial debt
  13. All kinds of evil or bad thought are one of their agenda
  14. It causes slavery to younger ones
  15. It blocks the kidney or liver from functioning very well
  16. In most cases, it makes you to insult God indirectly and people that gave birth to you


Nowadays, a lot of people are eating in the dream and never know the types of food they ate. Some people are satisfied by that evil food that they ate. And whenever they wake up from sleep, they feel so tired, depressed, sad, unhappy, terribly-looking, emotional degradation.

These evil food that we are talking about is enough to bewitch you. The spirit that organises these food with their ingredients are witchcraft caterers. Witchcraft caterers has the power and control over you in the spiritual restaurant or eatery. They are responsible in going to the spiritual kitchens to prepare all kinds of dangerous and poisonous ingredients for you in the dream.

If you can concentrate your prayers on the witchcraft night caterer after eating in the dream, you are doing yourself a lot of good. These power would not give you food that are not in the first list of your favorites. They will give you that food you can enjoy, food that force you to use   toothpick and the rest. We are coming very closer to know those ingredients shortly.


Know that these demons can use or conjure the face of any person to cook and serve you food in the dream. It doesnt mean they are one. But based on my spiritual findings, some of them are. true Lets carefully look at some of them before we go to the business of the day

  1. They could be your enemy of progress
  2. They could be foundational demons
  3. They could be late people who have died long ago.
  4. They could be one of your friends who naturally did not like you
  5. They could be Jezebel spirits
  6. They could be  one of your neighbours
  7. It could be your partner
  8. They could be herbalists
  9. They could employ food cookers to spice the food for you
  10. It could be your children, relatives
  11. It could be that person that you have had confrontation with


It is my joy for you to understand this mystery behind these evil food ingredients in the dream. The reason is for you to know the kind of wickedness your enemies are planning against you. My beloved, the LORD gave me this revelation for me to let the world know about the mind of the wicked against them.

Say this prayer with power:

“Father, I neutralize every effects of satanic food ingredients in my stomach, in the name of Jesus.”


Satan is behind evil food in the dream for the following reasons:

1. To separate a person from God.
2. To carry out his agenda of killing, stealing, and destroying. John 10:10.
3. To alter the original purpose for which God created a person or thing.
4. To plant problems and afflictions in people’s lives. He could plant cancer, insanity, or fibroid. Matthew 13:25.
5. To hinder and block prayers.
6. To weaken a person spiritually.




Satanic kitchen is a a place where all kinds of demonic foods are being processed for final consumption. It is the place where all the spiritual ingredients are assembled for operation. Their agenda is not to make you happy but to make you live a difficult situation continuously. If for example, you saw one of your family relatives in that kitchen and you discover that it is a person that is closer to you in the real life, it means the devil is trying to use the person’s spirit or image to separate your spirits and imprison your destiny. But if that dream is consistent, then you will begin find ways to avoid that person.

These demons can summon the spiritman of any kinds of people, including one or two of your friends, families, relatives or even the dead persons into the kitchen to feed you in the dream. The reason they do this is to one achieve one purpose: To plant something in the body. We all know that the food that we eat goes straight into our body, process itself and comes out as waste products in the reality. But in the spiritual realm, the evil food will not come out. It can remain in a person’s life for years if adequate prayers or deliverance is not taken.


The devil obtain their food ingredients from the following sources, these includes:

  1. They gather their ingredients from satanic covens
  2. From inside the evil rivers
  3. From the satanic markets
  4. From the drainage
  5. From garbage/dustbins
  6. From smell places or polluted environments
  7. From the surface of the ground
  8. From the toilet/rest room
  9. From the graveyard
  10. They also gather their ingredients from herbalists



Leviticus 11.1-46, Deut 14


  1. Dirty water as carbonated drinks:  The person will be drinking water as carbonated drinks in the dream. This water is used to bring discomfort and anger. The dirty water can be used to cook any kinds of food. We all that dirty water contribute a risk factor to our health. So dirty water from any sources is taken for one purpose or the other.
  2. Blood: This one is supplied by drinkers of blood and eaters of flesh. They brought it to the satanic kitchen to destroy and to initiate many people into their witchcraft kingdom. Some of these ingredients I am carefully mentioned cannot be seen by your naked eyes but by the leading of the spirit of God.
  3. Sand: This sand can be used in the form of rice, beans and others. This type of ingredients can block your kidney or liver or possibly your heart from functioning properly. So when a person wakes up into stomach ache, high blood pressure and even malaria, it is the work of the spiritual sand.
  4. Cockroaches: This insect can be used in the form of fish, crayfish and others. This is programmed in order to make something to be moving around your stomach. When you discover  strange things moving in and around your stomach, then it is because you have taken insects (ants, cockroaches) as food in the dream.
  5. Dead animals: Dead animals are also used to prepare the food. If you normally eat meat in the dream, you are in serious problem.That means you are in bondage. You have to purge yourself from every evil food.


  1. Rededicate your life to Christ and stay connected to Him
  2. Repent from your sins and confess them
  3. Identify the kinds of food that you often eat
  • Get rid of the food items in your body Matthew 12: 43-44.
  • Stop to eat that particular food for sometimes until your spirit ask you to eat

4.  Destroy the evil effects of that poisonous food. Failure to pray very well, it could damage all whole lots of things

5. Use the blood of Jesus to wash away pollution

6. Charge yourself with the fire of God and stay where the fire is to retain it.

7. Fill yourself with the word of God daily.

8. Ensure your whole armor is on daily.

9.Do not be unequally yoked with the world or with unbelievers
a. Watch who your friends are Psalm 1
b. Watch where you go

10. Watch you eat and stop accepting food from people after this dream
11.. Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus.

INSTRUCTION: Embark on 7 days fasting and prayers between 6am – 6pm. Pray with Psalm 71, Psalm 59 and Psalm 64



  1. I vomit every evil food I have eaten in the dream, in Jesus name
  2. I separate myself from the kingdom of spiritual restaurant or eatery, in Jesus name
  3. My Father, break the stronghold of demons over my life, in Jesus name
  4. Evil foundation in my father’s house or mother’s house in support of spiritual food, break by fire, break by fire, break by fire, in Jesus name
  5. Evil water in my body, come out in Jesus name
  6. Satanic food ingredients around my intestine, begin to disappear, in Jesus name
  7. Every witchcraft covenant enforcing me to eat in the dream, break by fire in the name of Jesus.
  8. I shall not be a slave to the demon, in Jesus name
  9. I refuse to eat any food that will kill me and halt my destiny, in Jesus name.
  10. Every sickness introduced into my life as a result of evil dreams, die, in the name of Jesus.
  11. I close my mouth from food that will introduce bad dreams to me, in Jesus name
  12. Fire of God, go to that demonic kitchen and consume it to ashes in Jesus name
  13. My Father, begin to disgrace the powers feeding me in the dream, in Jesus name
  14. Every evil food assigned to make me poor, out in Jesus name
  15. O Lord, anoint my intestine, kidney, liver, heart to stop obeying the voice of satanic food in my body, in Jesus name
  16. Every anti-marriage food, cut off away from me, in Jesus name.
  17. O God, deliver my soul from the bondage of witchcraft night caterers, in Jesus name
  18. O Lord, If the evil foods have contributed to weak function of my organ, I challenge you by the blood of Jesus to come out in Jesus name
  19. My spirit man, rebels against satanic foods in the dream
  20. Evil food shall not take me to the graveyard slowly, in Jesus name
  21. Whatever destruction this evil food has caused in my life, O Lord, repair it by your hand of power and restoration, in Jesus name.
  22. As I go sleep tonight, I shall not have another round food eaten in the dream,but to proclaim victory in Christ Jesus.
  23. Blood of Jesus clear away any evil food particles in my body, in Jesus name.
  24. Whatever I have lost through eaten in the dream, OLord, help me to regain as I pull down all satanic powers troubling my life in Jesus name.
  25. I drink the blood of Jesus. (Declare it 100 times with POWEERRRRRRRR!)



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  1. Pls help me in prayer I always eating in my dream which I prayer and still continued pls pray for me

  2. I really really love your website but most of the pictures are very scary. I feel very uncomfortable looking at some of them.
    I believe as Christians we carry fire and power, an image of snake biting someone is very graphic and disempowering. However, I will still be praying with the prayer point as i find very useful. God bless you my brother.

    • Thanks so much for your love towards my website. We will continue to do our best to attach pictures that are not too scary to our readers. Right now, we have limited our pictures to cartoon structures. We ‘ll definitely look into it for the other to serve you better. God bless.

  3. I have been having this problem of eating food in the dream. Your website sir has helped me a lot I will be indulging in a seven day fast to never again eat in the dream. I just wanted to ask that when one disobeys God or their spiritual Parents can that be a spiritual door for the enemy to enter with any evil dream be it food in a dream or spiritual wife and so on ?
    and other question is how does one grow in the spirit and overcome the evil dreams and be free for life ?
    Or is it always constant prayer needed against the evil dreams ?
    Last question how does one after 4 years of being a Christian be free and be able to stand against the enemy in the dream ?
    I do not know if this one is right How does one worship God in truth and spirit in the midnight and throughout the day ?

    thank you Sir truly appreciate what God is doing with this website to me be blessed.

  4. today I had a fast because I have been dreaming eating and having sex with evil spirits. so after prayers I had diarrhoea does that mean some demonic food came out or what does it me.i need prayers on marine husband please.

  5. You are sent from heaven. This website has opened my eyes. I was actually looking for lion dream interpretation when I came across this website. I have just realized that i should pray hard. The devil has been working on me really hard. I see myself swimming in a big river, fighting against mermaids, eating, snakes attacking me, I see babies. It’s really scary and sometimes i get depressed bt today, i say to the devil your time is over, your work has been exposed. Please help me pray so that i can be delivered. Than you

  6. thank you very much for what you are doing. my pray is God should strengthen you more and more….. Amen

  7. Thank you for opening our eyes to see that eating in the dream is bad.I need prayer cause im pregnant and I see myself eating in the dream every night.I have started praying on my own using the prayer point you gave.Thanks and God bless you sir

  8. Very Helpful. I have been strengthened spiritually having gone through your website as well as listening to your message on Youtube. The prayer points you outlined have been of great help. I can see satan falling like a lightening!

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