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A wedding ring is a symbol of marriage. It is a sign that someone is legally married. It is a voice or ring that tells others to stay off completely from the person. It did not end there. A wedding ring is a ring of marital crown. 

The blessing of a wedding ring in a marriage brings about marital fulfilment and joy. The need for many to get married with a wedding ring has become a battle that has never finishes. So the devil knows the importance of wedding ring and as such they attack anyone who has a clear agenda for marriage. The devil himself is a destroyer of marriage. That’s why the devil has been attacking people right from Adam thereby preventing them not to get married early or to make sure that such person marries the wrong person.

WHEN you dream where someone gives you a wedding ring,  it is a sign that you are matured for marriage. Yea! It is also a sign that you are about to have a good connection with your destiny partner. When you are into a serious relationship, it means such relationship have the capacity to lead to marriage if you both of you put heads together through prayers. My prayer for you is that your marriage shall become possible, in Jesus name.
WHEN you dream where you loss your wedding ring, it means marital loss/problems. It also foretells a sign of break up, separation and divorce through misunderstanding. If you are a single person, this is telling you that that person may end up not marrying you at the end of the day. Satan is a master of loss and pain. Many relationship/Marriages are daily afffected by this dream. The devil make sure you loss everything so that you can become frustrated and disappointed in life and marriage. Everytime you have this dream shows that you have a spirit spouse or foundational problems.Pray like this; I withdraw my wedding ring from altar of darkness of my mother’s house, in the name of Jesus.
Stolen ring, burnt wedding ring, means the same.
Another challenge is that when you dream where you are unable to fix the wedding ring in a proper finger, it shows marital confusion. It means that you are going to marry the wrong person if you are not married but if you are married, it shows that there will be an increase number of marital challenges from either the man or woman.
Yes, we have similar ones again. If you dream where someone ask you to borrow  her your wedding ring, who does that? So it means the enemy is trying to steal or hijack the glory of your marriage that comes as a form of strange woman. Pray against any strange woman that wants to scatter your matrimonial home. Their plan is to make the man to divorce you while he clings to the strange woman.
PRAYER POINTS (Deut 2:4; Col 2:14)
1. Every evil wedding ring on my finger, be removed by the blood of Jesus, in Jesus name.
2. Every power digging my wedding ring inside the grave, come out and locate me back, in the name of Jesus.
3. Any mouth of the wicked that has cursed my 4th finger from wearing my wedding ring, die, in the name of Jesus.
4. Let the hammer of the Almighty God smash every strange woman assigned to hijack my wedding ring, in the name of Jesus.
5. Every stubborn witchcraft wedding ring hindering the manifestation of my earth wedding ring, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.
6. Anoint your 4th finger with the blood of Jesus.
7. Choose a date/month for your marriage. And it shall come to pass in Jesus name.
8. If you are among the 21 people that will get married this year, let your ‘Amen’ be loud and clear.
9. Cage of marital defeat assigned to frustrate me, break by fire, in Jesus name.
10. Wickedness of my father’s house covering the glory of my marriage, die with your mercy, in Jesus name.
Evangelist Joshua.

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  1. Hello, I had a dream that I had two rings, one was on my forth finger, it was gold and round. And the second one I wasn’t wearing it, it was in my hands. The second ring was a bit bigger than the first ring I had on. After awhile a lady came and took the second ring away from me and gave it to some other girl, I was kinda angry because it was supposed to be mine.

    • Please, i want to know the meaning of this dream.
      My female friend had a dream that the guy who has proposed to her was putting a ring her finger but she did not allow him to do that and withdrew her hand away.What does mean?

    • Please, I want to know the meaning of this dream.
      My female friend had a dream that the guy who has proposed to her was putting a ring her on finger but she did not allow him to do that and withdrew her hand away.What does it mean?


  3. Hey I dream of man giving me four rings off a delivery truck then my cousin and my aunt was following me want me to buy my aunt a bag of pepperiment my sister dream I was getting married and man was making the ring in a warehouse it had praying hand

  4. Please sir, I dreamt I attended a ceremony and a lot of ladies were there and we were to removeour ring at d reception be4 going in and we all removed our rings.. a lot of rings and mine was also beautiful but before I came out someone has taken mine … in fact all d beautiful ring has been removed and the one I met were not beautiful.. . Please what does this implies?

  5. Okay hi there. I dreamed I had an engagement ring on my finger. It was just there. But I had forgotten the dream until on my way home from church I looked up and seen a bill board with the exact ring I was wearing, so God prompted me into remembering my dream. Then… I look up to find the interpretation and I find your page and the first thing I seen are the hands with the exact same engagement ring! What’s that about

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