Buying Fish In The Dream

Biblical Meaning of Buying Fishes in the Dream


Mark 1:16-18, ”Now as he walked by the sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and Andrew his brother casting a net into the sea: for they were fishers. And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men. And straightway they forsook their nets, and followed him.”

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John 21:6, ”And he said unto them, Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find. They cast therefore, and now they were not able to draw it for the multitude of fishes.”

Vs 10 and 11, ”Jesus saith unto them, Bring of the fish which ye have now caught. Simon Peter went up, and drew the net to land full of great fishes, an hundred and fifty and three: and for all there were so many, yet was not the net broken.”


Dream Interpretation of fishes

The ministry of fish is a soul winning gospel. Fishing a soul is an effort to lead a particular to accept Jesus Christ as the Lord personal Saviour. To catch a fish in the dream is to win a soul or proper.

As good as the fish are, they constitute a great blessing to mankind in the spiritual world. But buying fishes in the dream is to manifest a foundation problem and curses.



There are places where people can buy fish in the physical world. These includes, market, fish store, or supermarket. But buying fishes in the dream portends a bad one. The market in the dream is a place where all kinds of demonic transactions are taken place.

It is certain that the person that you are buying fishes in the dream from has the power of witchcraft possession to work against your efforts in life. So once there is an exchange of money in the spirit, something mysterious would begin to happen. That’s why things will be difficult for the person.

For example, the hand which the person uses in buying fishes in the dream will be seriously affected and manipulated by the demons. One of the easiest way for the enemy to attack people these days is through buying of things from the dream world.

Buying fishes in the dream is generally represent spiritual bondage. Evil spirit possess the life of a person who transact business in the spirit realm.

If you are a married woman and you see yourself buying fishes from a known or unknown person in the dream, there is a demonic transfer going on.

You will attract evil spirits into your marriage and useless you there. Then if a single woman dream of buying fishes, just as Peter was frustrated at first when he could not catch any fish.

That’s how the person may find it difficult to  catch wonderful man for marriage.

Buying Fishes in the Dream

The rate at which people are buying so many things in the dream is increasing and bad. A lot of people are experiencing hard life and troubles .

Excessive buying of things in the dream can be the plans of the wicked to empty ones glory. The long term bondage is becoming a serious challenge.

Many people are buying fishes in the dream and unfortunately they are blinded spiritually about the meaning.

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Especially when  you catch them alive, it means

  1. Success in career
  2. Advancement in ministry
  3. Abundance of God’s blessings
  4. Unmerited favour
  5. Wining souls for Christ
  6. Divine visitation
  7. Marital stability, if not, relationship

The number of fishes you catch also matter a lot in determining the cause  of the dream. For example, if you catch one fish, it means one great breakthrough is coming, but if they are many, this indicates that you will encounter mind blowing testimonies.

We should also know that devil can use different kinds of things that a person likes in the real world to put someone into a big mess. They do not want your blessings to manifest. Hence, it is either you eat fresh fish in the dream or they initiate your spiritman to buying  fishes from a demonic market seller. It doesn’t matter who sells the fish to you but the fact that it is a dream, you will be visited with evil arrows.


You may have been…

  • Buying fishes from a market woman in the dream
  • Buying fishes near the river in the dream
  • Exchanging payments in buying fishes in the dream
  • Buying fish at a cheap or costly price in the dream
  • Putting money in your bag in buying fish


If you begin to notice strange or unpleasant signs in your life, marriage, business whenever you find yourself buying fishes in the dream, then your life is under spiritual attacks. The attacks can manifest in the form of argument, anger and agony (AAA). In order for your glory to make sense to you, you must pray against the habit of buying fishes from the marketplace.

Seeing yourself buying fishes in the dream is bad. If you buy things in the market, it will be easier for the enemy to hinder your progress and arrest your glory than buying it in the house.

Sometimes, what you see as a person given you fishes in the dream, it may not necessarily be a fish, but a manipulated ones  When you take it home, it constitutes a great troubles to your marriage.

However, if you are already married, dreaming of buying fishes indicates a marital problem and most times fruitless labor. This kind of dream can put a stumbling block to your financial life if care is not taken. But you can avert it, if you can pray well.

Buying Fish In The Dream
In the market buying fish

On the other hand, dreaming that you are buying different kind of fishes in the market, house, supermarket, or from your friend, it indicates curses of non-achievement and confusion, which allows a person to wander about in the journey of destiny.

When you are in the market and the seller refuses to give you back your change, that dream has to do with financial problems. It means you will be working hard in the wrong direction.


Read This:



If a person keeps buying fish in the dream, the following symptoms happen:

  • Failure at the edge of breakthrough
  • Poverty and suffering
  • Witchcraft bondage
  • Wrong investment
  • Great disconnection between a man and woman
  • Fruitless labour
  • Business failure
  • Academic failure
  • Life without a purpose
  • Polluted hands
  • Miscarriage or barrenness
  • Joblessness and roaming round in circle
  • Spirit of Go slow
  • Marital delay
  • Abiding under the shadow of demonic curse

The power of darkness allows this above spirit to attack a man and rubbish the destiny of that person. To add. buying fish in the dream has the power to  open the gate for the enemy to attack.



Give your life to Christ, accept Jesus Christ as Your Lord and personal Savior, Withdraw your spirit-man from wandering around in the market or elsewhere, Break every curse in your life, Put your finances under God’s care, be willing to forgive yourself and others too. Let God have mercy on you. Trust the Lord that your marriage or relationship will be fruitful. Win souls for Christ and work with God.



  1. Every evil net trapping my prosperity, loose my fire, in the name of Jesus.
  2. The anointing to prosper in my marriage, fall upon me, in the name of Jesus.
  3. My calling shall not turn to dust, in the name of Jesus.
  4. My ministry will not run dry, in the name of Jesus.
  5. I shall fulfill my calling here on earth, and not in the grave, in the name of Jesus.

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  1. I had a dream where we were many in the place but I was not buying a fish. There are lots of fishes on the floor supposed with ice on them to preserve them. I will pick it up, clean and put it inside a bucket to take it to the store house I took a lot and I was not tired of taking it. Does this mean anything bad or is a good dream? There was no money exchange nor did I give the fish to someone to pick for me I was doing it by myself.

    Thank you. I will like to know the meaning. God bless you sir

  2. I had a dream I was in the market I wanted to buy fish then I was going from one seller to another I refused to buy the fish then I was trying to find my way from the market going from one end to another trying to find my way out then I woke up from the dream.

  3. I had a dream I was in the market I wanted to buy fish then I was going from one seller to another I refused to buy the fish then I was trying to find my way from the market going from one end to another trying to find my way out then I woke up from the dream.

    Please i want to the meaning of this dream Thank you.

  4. I had a dream that someone give me fish in the dream.

    please I want to know the meaning of this dream thank you.

  5. In my dream am d one that is selling fish i hold about 5 to 6 fish in my hand to sold to people but dey refuse to buy it,they say my own fish is costly before i wake up

    • I had a dream that I bought fried fish in the market and I ate it immediately in front of the seller.

  6. I always see myself selling icefish in my dream and I will be making a lot of money. Please sir what is the meaning.

  7. I was in the dream and at a fish market where they sell dried
    Fish and fried yams, when I approached the seller, I took one of the very dried small black catfish and ate it while I was pricing another big black dry fish. But I woke up from the dream before paying the seller of the fish. What does that mean please?

  8. I was travelling in a bus ,and the bus was stop at the market ,and I saw a lady selling a huge fish and I bought one fish and cut the fish for meal ,I didn’t eat the fish and my dream ended just like that.

  9. i had a dream of buying of blue marlin in the market, i asked the seller how much per kg and told her I’ll buy 1kg then the guy was slicing it and give me the fish, as i count my change it was incomplete, the seller told me its because its more than one kg, i said no, i will only buy one kg, and then he took one slice of the fish i bought and give back the remaining change. What does that mean?

  10. I had a dream of wanting to buy live catfish in a basin two to be precise but other people already bought from same woman but no exchange of money before I woke up and my wife had same dream of catching catfish and we woke up same time pls what is the meaning

  11. this is the second time am dreaming of fish going to the market and they refuse selling to me, the first one someone wanted to buy it the seller told the person someone is bargaining for it the second seller just refused to sell to me, pls how bad is the dream and what should I do? God bless you sir

  12. I had a dream, I was in the market with my friend to buy fish then I ask my friend to choose one big fish to buy so my friend showed me the fish then when I ask the seller to cut the fish for me she exchange the fish and cut small fish for me I ask her if that is my fish she said yes and I told her no that she should cut the one I give her she refuse instead she say she will remove money for me for that small fish but I said no so I didn’t pay her and I wake up.
    Please sir what is the meaning.

  13. I dreamt I wana buy a fish ,but to find that the fish is headless and tailess also being expensive .I ended up not buying it.what does the dream mean

  14. I had a dream where I was holding a big fish with a man I don’t know and the man told me he will help me get plenty money if I send my fish to a man he knows for ritual money so when we got to the ritualist place , I said no and I started running away saying, father Lord pls forgive me, I can’t betray you, you are the source of my wealth and I kept running till I woke up. Plss sir I want the meaning of this dream. Thanks

  15. I had a dream where I and my elder brother and a man were padling a canoe and suddenly water started entering and the man and jumped into the river and started swimming to the shore when I woke up,pls what does it mean?

  16. I had a dread buying 3 live fishes from some one actually i suppose to buy the fishes with someone but i got it on my way before meeting him but he was not happy with me of getting the fishes rather he rejected it from me that he will not eat it i have to carry it in the bow even in that dream i was one of my dead relation when i told him that i have fishes we can cook soup with it no response from him pls help me.

  17. I always catch fish in my dreams… also see myself in the market trying to buy fish but at the end I won’t buy any fish please sir what is the meaning?

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