125 Most Common Dream Symbols And Their Interpretation


I am Evangelist Joshua Orekhie, from Lagos, Nigeria, having millions of dream meanings on my mind. This is what I do with ease everyday. I decided to write a very important topic about the most common dream symptoms and their Christian interpretation or meanings. By the grace of God, I have also decoded Christians dream interpretation in Nigeria, Africa and the world.  Some of these dream topics are sent to me from my online followers through my personal email, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. I am picking as many as I can answer within the range of 125 dream meanings. So let’s start reading them series by series. God help me.



1. Dream about stagnant water,  it symbolizes stagnancy, and evil curses are in place. It indicates unprofitable investment and struggle to excel in whatever you lay your hands on. Kindly review your relationship with God and monitor some people that are bad examples to your life. Sometimes the causes for dream about stagnant water can be sign that your business, career, marriage, or business is about to crumble. Ask the Lord to arise and help you from long term satanic bondage. (Pray and fast for 3 days 6am to 3pm). I cancel the yoke of non-achievement placed upon me, in the name of Jesus.

2. Spiritual meaning of loosing hairs, hair is a symbol of glory. As a woman, it is the glory of her beauty. In the dream world, the moment you loose your hair, it shows there is a marital turbulent. From the Biblical point of view, it shows that your glory or security, power is being removed. It is possible that a very familiar person is responsible for the stability of satanic problems in your life. In some cases, it can stand as a sign of witchcraft agent trying to steal and manipulate you upon evil altars. When a man experienced a hair cut in the dream, then it symbolizes such a man will loose his power to woman either through sex or through evil foundation. Going for spiritual warfare with witchcraft powers can save your destiny. Ask the Holy Spirit to recover whatever has been taken or stolen from you. Perhaps it could be your marital and financial keys. (Pray and fast for 3 days 6am to 3pm with Psalm 35, Psalm 18, Psalm 23). The moment you start these prayers, this constant demonic attack against the glory of your hair should stop.

3. Dream about plaiting of hair, To dream about plaiting hair could indicates a sign of bewitchment or witchcraft initiation into their host of darkness. These signs are enough to divert a person’s destiny and scatter the expectation of the affected person. For example, if you dream where your hair or another person’s hair was plaited, they stands as a means of inviting satanic arrows into your life.

When such dream is appeared, please know that evil occurrences would start taking place. Hair dream is used to enslave a person and subject the fellow to a cycle of hardship, suffering coupled with bundle of disappointments. One of the first signs to know that these dream is demonic is when you suddenly noticed your spiritual life is going down. Or maybe you have a feeling like something has stolen from you and deposited in evil altar. You must reject and cancel or break every covenant you may have entered with the marine world through relationship. If it is true that this dream type is connected to your partner, maid, it is possible he or she might be a candidate of witchcraft. (Pray and fast for 7 days 6am to 3pm with Psalm 59, Psalm 35). While confronting this dream, continue to fast till these signs disappear in your dream.

4. Dream about wedding, The symbol of wedding dream is bad, and its negative effects can affects marital dreams. If you dream of doing wedding indicates spiritual problem. It means that you are going to difficulties in settling down in marriage. Perhaps you are married and your dreams involves you being in a wedding with your husband or wife, this usually mean no harm – It could be a dream originated from the state of your mind. But more often than not, the spiritual meaning tells you that you are going to encounter marital battles. Maybe you are not marriage, and you keep seeing yourself being in a wedding, this is a marital challenge. Or you dream that your groom or bride and your in-laws are no where to be found, this shows that your current relationship may not work out. This type of dream may indicates your sluggishness in fulfilling your plans.

On the other hand, if you are sad or unhappy at the wedding, it means that you will likely marry the wrong person, which you were never in favor of. When a bachelor or spinster dreams about his wedding, it means that the problem in his or her foundation will affect the dreamer destiny. If you dreams of another person’s wedding, it means that a period of happiness awaits him. If a married person dreams about a stranger’s wedding, it means that there is a stranger who has invaded his or her home. With prayers of inquiry, you can dictate that.  If you dream of preparing for a wedding, and you woke up, if it is true that you are truly planning for a wedding in your real world, it means something evil is coming to scatter it. Call for God’s intervention by fasting and prayers for 7 days from 6am to 6pm with Psalms 25, 41, 27. Matthew 18 to bind all the evil/marine spirits or wicked elders that may be operating against your marriage.

Dream symbol and dream interpretation

5. Dream about Key, In the Bible, key represent open doors (Deut 28:6, Isa 22:22). If you dream of a key represents feelings of access, control, or freedom to do something. Key dream stand as a symbol of solution to a problem. For example, when you dream that you were given bunches of key or a single key, it simply means that God is about to answer your prayers. The meaning could reflect the presence of favour or might breakthrough will locate you soon. Keys are precious device. In the Bible, it also means open heavens. To keep receiving keys shows that you are going to experience your major testimony. Losing a key can be a bad omen. If your dream involve losing keys, it shows that you have lost your lifetime opportunities. It can also means sickness, financial problems. Similarly, if you failed to receive keys in your dream, it foretells hindrances to your making it in life.

Finding a key in your dream can mean that you have been divinely restored. As times goes on, you will begin to see glorious changes in your life after this dream state. A key can also be a warning sign to close your destiny door., It could be a divine sign to focus one thing/problem and with the right key to bring solution. However, if you see yourself giving someone keys, it therefore means you are saving a person through challenges. It is therefore considered a bad sign when you try to open a door or gate with a key and it refuses to open. That spiritual symbol indicates your inability to get solution to your problems. To see more than one keys indicates that you are going to have good lucks, and possibilities in your dealings.  Use Psalm 23, Psalm 27, Psalm 1:1-3 and John 15:1-5. Embark on 3 days fasting between 6am to 3pm, pray along with Matt 16:19.

6. Spiritual Meaning Of Broom Dream, If you sweep with a broom in a dream, it means you are trying to eliminate curses, evil deposits, bad luck etc programmed in that house. To see broom in the spirit realm, symbolizes the need to wage against witchcraft powers. In some cases, a broom dream can be a warning sign that there is demonic presence in that house. A dream where a broom broke in your hands, it means you are cursed not to use your hands to carry blessings or achieve your dreams. If you sweep dirty out of your house, consider yourself a happy person, because it means you are chasing out bad people, bad things associated with your life.

Are you trusting God for a particular thing and that thing is yet to manifest? So this dream tells you that good fortunes will locate you. However, if you see a broom tied together, it foretell unity, harmony, togetherness in your family. In the meantime, if you see bundle of room scattered on the ground, it means no peace in your family, business, organisation. It also means the devil is at work. When you see a person using broom to beat you or your child in your dream , that signifies a chronic bewitchment and destiny pollution. It shows you experience delay, sorrow, destiny diversion, fruitlessness. Such person needs to go for deliverance. It shows that witchcraft is manipulating you seriously. Kindly embark on 3 days fasting between 6am to 3pm with Psalm 133, 1 Cor 1:10. Pray to God to scatter any evil covenant or curses that are delaying the blessings of God to prosper in your life.

7. Dream About Candle, Candle in a dream is a symbol of light (Mtt 5:15, Ps 18:28). To see a candle light in your dream show you will shine forth. The light of a candle signifies spiritual power or dwelling in the secret place. A person who had candle experience in the dream symbolizes the hope that people will see your good work. There is no relationship between Light and darkness (Isa 9:2). This type of dream means you are going to make progress, encounter breakthrough and favour. And it is usually a sign of the Holy Spirit making a way for you – Career, marriage, finance etc. When dream about candle light put into consideration your relationship with God. However, if you see yourselves praying with a candlestick in the spirit realm, it shows you are about to boost your prayer life.

If candle dream is recurring is telling you that there is a secret thing you need to know about yourself or even someone. And failure to pray for inquiry, the person might quickly destroy or scatter your plans. If you light a candle, it shows you are going to prosper in your career. Don’t worry things will soon get better. It’s just a matter of time, people will celebrate with you. But if the candle struggle to indicate light, it means there is a big problem. It symbolizes bad symptoms.  It means a person is ignorant, or about to die untimely. Other signs are, sickness, prayerlessness, unprofitable investment. The inability to see with a candle can introduce the spirit of almost there but never there, fruitless efforts, shame and disgrace. Kindly embark on 7 days prayer and fasting between 6am to 3pm, including with midnight prayers. Pray with the use of Psalm 18, Psalm 26, Isaiah 60:1-2.

8. Dream About Bathing, In the physical realm, the purpose of bathing is for personal hygiene. It is a means of achieving cleanliness by washing away dirt’s from the body. In the spirit realm, if you see yourself bathing, it symbolizes purification, cleansing and good health. For example, if a sick person is taking his or her bath in the dream, it shows the word of the Lord is about to bring healing and restoration unto his path. If you dream that a person is peeping at you during bath, it implies you are being watched by enemy. This is an indication that the wall of your protection is broken and this will give rise to the spirit of shame and disgrace. A bath in the dream is a symbol of a big transformation coming ahead. You must be prepared for this testimony.

Making an effort to take a bath means that a person is inviting satanic embargo. If you are taking a hot bath in your dream, this means uncomfortably, and troubles, but also sickness, and loss of beauty are the uncommon signs. If you bath in a flowing river, you will have problems relating with marine and household witchcraft. If you are taking bath with a clean water, it indicates prosperity, long life, good health and progress. However, bathing in a dirty water in your dream is sign that your life is in a state of pollution. This show that you are experience a high level of sinful practice. Kindly use the blood of Jesus to purge out every sin in your life through daily confession. If you were bathing with someone in your dream, such dream might not be a good sign. It signify you are attached to a spirit who is bringing problems on your path. Embark on 3 days prayers and fasting with Psalm 107:20, Psalm 51, Psalm 102, Psalm 118.

Most common dream symbol and interpretation

9. Dreaming Of Seeing Chained Animal, To see animals in your dream symbolize difficulty, hardship and troubles.  Chained animals could represent some powers trying to hold you back. This type of dream reveals the activities of household enemies against your progress. Every time you see a chained animal in your dream, it is telling you that your stars have been tied down through problems, sickness, and poverty.  And it takes the grace of God to deliver you from your enemies. If you encounter two animals being chained down, kindly go for deliverance with immediate effect. Because it foretells that you cannot make progress or record good success in life.  You are feeling tied down to your circumstances and are no longer sure whether you can become somebody in life. If you are you see a goat, dog chained or tossed around by a person, it shows a particular person has been in charge of your delay, wasted opportunities, losses and that it will take some enormous effort to receive freedom. It is much more difficult to escape except the power of God come down and loose the chain ropes. Kindly read Matthew 18:18. Go on 3 days prayers and fasting between 6am to 6pm.

10. Biblical Meaning Of Tree In The Dream, In Matthew 7:17, Psalms 1:3, Gen 2:16-17, gives us a deeper meaning of what tree signify. A tree represents family life, a person. If the tree is fruitful or planted by water, then it can symbolize the visit of the Holy Spirit. However, if you dream of a fruitful tree, it symbolizes prosperity, peace, and accomplishment. It also indicates the Lord is about to answer your prayer request. To see tree in the spirit realm is a big blessing to the dreamer. But if the tree falls down in the dream, it means the spirit of death, demotion, and retrogression are moving around you and your family.

If the tree withers or dries, then it indicates, suffering, curse of non-achievement  and poverty. If you dream that the branches or leaves are being cut off, then it indicates lack of power, a stolen virtues. If you dream of sitting alone under a tree, it means that you are thinking about your life, thinking about the next thing to do, thinking how to have personal relationship with God. To dream of cutting down a tree, it means you are trying to get rid of problems battling with you from your foundation. It can also indicates loss of hope, and working without any gains. The Bible says, if it sprout again, it signifies blessings  (Job 14:7).  Embark on 3 days prayers and fasting from 6am to 3pm with your preferred fruit. Please read Psalm 51, Psalm 91, Psalm 69, Isaiah 35 and Deut 28. And God will use the symbol of tree to facilitate your marital and career fruitfulness.

11. Praying In The Dream, The Bible says, we should pray without ceasing. This means prayer is a primary assignment given to Christians by God. So dreaming of seeing yourself praying, it shows  that you are spiritually alert. If you dream about praying to God while going on your kneel, it means your wishes will come true one day. This dream reflects your faithfulness and obedient spirit to the promises of God. It can also stand as a symbol of rising up to pray fervently as the enemy is trying to send arrows into your life. When praying in the dream, it means you are going to have support of the Holy Spirit through your present issues.

Do you see a man of God praying with you in the dream? If that’s the case, it means you are likely to be blessed by the pastor. In some cases, dreams about pastor can be a warning sign to keep a distance from the man of God as he may contaminate your glory. In whatever you do in a church or outside, ensure you are always moved by the Holy Spirit. To dream of praying in the dream it also means that your challenges are going to be solved through prayers. So as a Christian, you know the type of prayers that are working for you. It could be warfare prayers, prayer of intercessory etc. If praying in the dream is recurring then it is telling you temptation are about to come but your spirit have prayed it out. If you see yourself praying for others, there may be a call to work for God as you pray meet your pastor to help you out. Please read Psalm 18, Psalm 127 and Luke 22:31. Embark upon 7 days prayers and fasting from 6am to 6pm with Acts 1, Acts 2, Psalm 118, Phil 4:6.

12. Spiritual Meaning Of Rain In The Dream, In James 5:18, Lev 26:4, I Kings 18:41-45, describe rain as an increase, fruitfulness, reaping time etc. When it comes to rain, the Bible has explained the significant meaning behind this dream. If you dream that rain fell upon you in the spirit or you were drenched by the rain, it signifies the opening of your heaven to a certain situation of your life. If you felt so happy after rain fall upon you then it symbolizes spiritual purification and wholeness. The symbol of rain dream is also telling you that you are getting to the point of bouncing back again in life.

A man dreamed where rain fall on him and in a matter of months, the miracle door of job breakthrough was opened for him. And since that time, there has been promotion for him. We cannot underestimate the divine mystery behind the rain. For instance, rain drizzling means internal peace and patience in the school of expectations. On the other end, rain drops may be connected to the plans of God towards you has come to fulfillment.

Rain showers on you indicate a release of new ideas, purpose, others could be sound healing. These represent new beginnings and success. To see heavy rainfall in dream indicates abundance of blessings with divine favour. Good rains are also signs of prosperity, financial gains and happiness.  Are you a business person? Then you will begin to experience a mighty turnaround. Perhaps your ways are not upright with God, so dreaming about rain can represent forgiveness, mercy and cleansing from the sin, mistakes or errors of your past. God may decide to summon you into the rain as it may flush out every evil deposit, and other negative attacks holding you back from your dreams. Embark on one day prayers and fasting between 6am to 6pm. Pray with the use of Deut 28:1-14 and 2 Chro 31:2-10. Be guided, if led, you can also pray it in the rain.

13. Dream About FLOWERS, If you dream about flowers, it symbolize beauty, compassion, pleasure, kindness, and gains. They are also symbols of God’s love. A dream about flowers might be an expression of your love, happiness and joy having towards others. If you receive flowers, then it signify the favour of God and man. To receive flower from opposite sex is an indication of relationship, marital love. To see flower in your dream may signify your feeling for happiness about something beautiful. It might also indicate appreciating some people, and the good things about them. This dream doesn’t always have to be connected to love relationships, sometimes it can reveal the affection you have towards friends and family members. Pray for divine helper to locate you. Read Jer 29:11-13 for days.

14. Dreaming About Fish, Fish is a common symbol in dreams, and it usually has a good meaning, but it can also symbolize some troubles and unpleasant situations coming your way. It can signify disappointment if you saw it in dirty or muddy water. Or if you were unable to catch fish or find fish in the sea. In the word of God (Luke 5:1-11,), It represents divine calling for a ministerial work either as an Evangelist, a pastor, prophet a teacher etc. The Bible meaning is explaining the need for a person to work in the vineyard of the Lord.  When God has given you a call to serve him as a minister, you won’t have peace of mind until you answer His divine calling.

You can ask God to use you according to His desire and purpose for your life,  for your blessing and elevation. Develop interest to do the work of God and register his fear in your heart. On the other hand, if you see dead fish in your dream, means failure in career, sickness, and problem in the near future. When fish are swimming in the river, it means you need to commit yourself in the area of evangelism to hunt after soul for salvation. To see fish often can represents profit, fortunes, a sign of conception. It can signify as a reward for your efforts will soon pay for you. Embark on 3 days fasting and prayers between 6am to 4pm and seek for the face of God through midnight prayers and pray with the following Bible references Psalm 73:1-3 and Psalm 126:1-6.

15. Spiritual Meaning Of Driving A Car In Dream, Do you have a car in the real life? If yes, then dreaming about driving a car might be an open revelation to you. If you dream of driving your car , it signify that you are on a very important mission that is likely to announce you mightily.  If you dreamed about a car driving towards you and crashing into you, such a dream might signify a terrible accident will locate you. On the other side, you discover your car was stolen, or you simply didn’t know where you parked it, then it is telling you that such car might not last. It could be a sign that armed robber will take it away from you. Just be very observant of the place you parked your car at all times. If you dream about someone you know being in a car accident and killed, such a dream is a very bad sign. This dream might signify dead, or the end of happiness with that person or the  dreamer as the case maybe. You have to fast and pray for 3 days 6am to 3pm using Psalm 51 and Psalm 91. But if you are driving a brand new car, praise God and pray that God should manifest his blessing in your life. In this case, do 7 days midnight prayers and sow a seed towards that revelation.

16. Dream About Water, if you dream of fetching water, it indicates abundance blessings is on your way. While drinking water in the dream is spiritually bad as it portend sickness and sluggishness. To see dirty water means there is one area of your life that sin is destroying. It’s time to plead for the blood of Jesus. When you see yourself walking on water (ocean, river etc), then it means marine witchcraft initiation. This sign opens the doors for delays through marital battles, financial struggles, confusion, fruitlessness. Clean water is a means of sanctification and healing through the Holy Spirit if you use the river water to wash your hands and legs. Keep praising God and thanking God for 7 days for your blessings to come through. Use Psalm 16, Psalm 27. Also use water to pray.

17. Spiritual Meaning Of ANGEL, The visit of angel in the spirit it indicates that your relationship with God is cordial or intact and it also means your prayers have been answered by God. To dream about angel, it means protection and a symbol of passing an important message to you which is hidden. When you see angel with white garment, the spiritual meaning often foretells peace and joy of the Lord. In Gibeon the LORD appeared to Solomon in a dream by night: and God said, Ask what I shall give thee. And Solomon awoke and behold it was a dream.” I Kings 3:5; 15 . Meditate on the experience. Pray for at least one hour asking for His will to come to pass. Read and pray with EX 3:2, Psalm 34:7 and Psalm 24.

18. Dream About ALCOHOL, If you see yourself consuming or drinking alcohol is a dream symbol of pollution, backsliding, and wayward life. Did you dream of drinking alcohol? If you drink alcohol in the real life, then it signifies you are wallowing in sin. If it happens you are not a drunkard, then it means your soul has been arrested to fall short of the glory of God. To drink too much alcohol in your dream is a sign that you are far away from God and its possible that his mercies will not prevail. Once you discover you are picking interest for alcoholic drinks, then you may need to see your pastor to conduct deliverance on you. This may not be an ordinary revelation. You have to fast and prayers between 6am to 3pm with these Bible references Rom 6:1, Rom 8:1-3, Isa 54:17. You have to pray fervently for the alcohol, beer, to come out from your mouth.

19. What Does FUNERAL SERVICE mean In The Dream, Attending funeral is bad. If you dream that you attended funeral service, it foretells sorrow, weeping and regrets. It show that whatever is your plans cannot see be fulfilled. To attend funeral service is connected to arrow of sudden death.  However, if you frequently see yourself in a funeral service then it means the enemy is challenging you with the spirit of death and hell. To see yourself in a funeral activity, it indicates there is a covenant established between you and difficulty. Sometimes a dream about death might signify a person trying to programme you to a location for destruction. If you have some health issues, or you have been concerned about your death pattern in your family, that might be the reason for having such a dream. Or Maybe you recently attended a friend or family burial ceremony. Pray to separate yourself from the demonic service, it is not of God. The people who were there only pretending to be good, but they are familiar spirit in the corridor of your family who has raised an attack of death and sickness against you, or your family. Kindly cancel this dream through 7 days prayers and fasting from 6am to 6pm. Use Psalm 118:17, Jer 15:21.

20. What Does Wedding Engagement Mean In The Dream, Finding yourself being engaged to a person in the reality, it is a good symbol that everybody wants to get involve into – marital progress. In the dream, the meaning is bad and can stand as a means of engaging with the wrong person.  For it means you’re getting involved in a relationship with a spirit spouse. The symbol of being engaged can easily invite demons to introduce lust or defilement of the spirit. This may also indicate that you have established yourself into spiritual marriage. Because of this, it can be speaking against your marital fulfillment.  To dream of being engaged to a person could indicates  marital problem,  or a relationship that is likely not to lead to marriage.

If you are a woman and received an engagement ring as a gift from someone in your dream, such a dream is a bad sign, possibly indicating struggling in settling down satisfactorily. This dream is a sign of your relationship going to end in futility because of the spiritual angle. The spirit husband will not allow a lady to get married to her preferred God ordained man. And likewise the spirit wife will strife very hard to make it impossible for a man to save money, increase in wisdom and accomplish success. When engagement dream is recurring, then it indicates a seducing spirit will engage you in serious fornication. In some cases, it can open the way for sexual dream in the near future. You must cancel every evil association, relationship that is working against your marital glory. You must fast for 7 days from 6am to 6pm, Use Num 23:23, Psalm 105:15, Isa 55:8.  You must contact a minister of God for serious deliverance. You must take time to abstain from the sin of fornication, sex before marriage, and ensure you live a holy life if you want the spirit spouse to depart from you completely. By the grace of God you will be free.

21. Dream About Excessive Bleeding, If you find yourself bleeding in your dream  or seeing wounds on your body covered with blood, such a dream is a bad sign. It symbolizes tragedy, sickness, loss and even death. During blood bleeding, there is pain and anxiety. So, in this case, a dream of excessive bleeding could also signify going through something very intense and difficult for you to handle on your own. Blood is connected to life. To a pregnant who experience bleeding in the form of miscarriage, it simply means such pregnancy will face miscarriage. If you see blood on the ground, shirt, money, it is a bad symbol. In the kingdom of darkness, it is a clear revelation that your virtues have been deposited on the evil altar for serious manipulations.

To see blood flowing from a cut or the body indicates a strong level of sickness and witchcraft operation .Excessive bleeding in the dream portends wasted opportunities and misfortunes. The woman with the issue of blood loses everything until she met Jesus who made her whole (Luke 8:43-48). When you dream of bleeding from your private part, it means your womb is being attacked; Furthermore, Once you notice bleeding from your forehead, this is a warning of some danger you might encounter soon. Dreaming about bleeding from your mouth represent the attack of sickness that may rubbish your money. Maybe you often missed period, and this dream of bleeding is appearing, then it means you are going to be disgraced before marriage. You must pray and fast for 7 days between 6am to 6pm . Ask God to deliver you from satanic covenant. Pray with the use of Lam 3:22, Psalm 27, Psalm 107:13, 14.

22. What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Masquerade, Dreams of masquerade is a symbol of ancestral captivity. If you see masquerade in your dream, it means enemy is in your surrounding. When masquerade is pursuing you in the dream, it means you are under witchcraft attack.  Dream about masquerade with cutlass, it shows that your household witchcraft has concluded death and curses upon your life and destiny.  if masquerade was able to shoot you in dream, it signify your household witchcraft plan is to kill and keep your destiny. if masquerade flog you in dream, it is a symbol of bewitchment and retrogression.

This means that your household witchcraft  want you to suffer or to stay in poverty condition. if you beat or flog or gun or kill or open mask of masquerade in dream, it means you will overcome witchcraft enemy or simply put, your enemies  will soon fall into deadly long sickness. if you see plenty of masquerade in dream means you have plenty of enemy or witchcraft are doing meeting upon you and your destiny. If you are constantly having this dream, make sure you hide your plan and secret from the people around you because if they know your plan they will surely block it beware of your family and friend. You must paralyze their power and use spiritual weapons against them. Determine to embark on prayer and fasting for  12 days form 6am to 6pm.  Use  Matt 16:18-19, Luke 10:19, Ex 14:13-14, Ex 15:3. You can go for deliverance  and prayers.  The binding forces of witchcraft connecting you to the ancestry bondage of your father’s house is broken, in the name of Jesus.

23. Dreaming About Yam, A yam in our waking life is a symbol of marital festivity, and this is often what yam in your dream means as well. If it is not you carrying yam in your dream, then you may be somebody assisting you. A marriage also represents divine blessings and favour. So if you are experiencing problems in your relationships, or even marriage in your waking life, a dream about yam gives way for unity, peace and harmony. On the other hand, when you dream of peeling yam, it indicates the dreamer is a responsible and mature person. If you dream of cutting yam into pieces, symbolizes fruitfulness and happiness. If you dream of your yam stolen means that you have unresolved problems in your own marriage or romantic relationship. Kindly use Psalm 70 and Isaiah 35, and God’s divine plans will come your way. You have to pray constantly so that your expectations would come true.

24. Spiritual Meaning Of PHOTOGRAPHY In The Dream, If you dream and see yourself in  the photograph, it means that you are being monitored by the enemy. It also means that your movement is being watched by the enemy. Or perhaps someone takes a photo of you and ran away with it in your dream, it show that enemies are succeeded in using your picture for evil purposes. The symbol of a person playing with your picture is a warning sign that you are likely to experience one of your favourite virtues being stolen. You can say this world is wicked. To see yourself in a picture, it means you are trying to analyze yourself in a better way.  If your camera, photograph breaks down in the process of using it to work it is a bad omen. It signifies a bad reputation, disappointment and loss of trust. A close friend, family member or colleague will no longer believe you again. Dreaming about taking a photograph is not always a positive sign. Sometimes it highlights the activity of witchcraft assigned against you. But this dream might also let you know who are secretly planning evil against you. Maybe you were the one taking a photograph of others in the dream then this usually means that you will be deliberately accused falsely for your work.  Please pray for protection. Use Psalm 91, 105:15 and Psalm 71 during your prayers.

25. What Does Eating In The Dream Mean? In Matt 13:25, 2 Timothy 2:21, …If a man therefore purge himself from these..Eating in the dream can have a negative effect on your destiny. To eat in the dream generally signify sickness. For example, a person who sees himself eating in the dream would find it very difficult to have financial savings and prosper with it. When you eats, it goes down into your system. In the case of this dream, it penetrates into your body to cause serious breakdown of progress and introduces delay.

Take for instance, if you come from a bad foundation, or perhaps you are from a polygamous home, there is a possibility that this dream can constitute a serious burden to the fulfillment of your dreams. This might indicates that the more you pray against it the more the familiar spirits will be waging battles against you. Maybe you see where food is  being shared to you in the dream, if that’s the case, then it symbolizes bewitchment, poison, and pollution. Do you suspect someone giving you a poisonous food? In another meaning, it also signifies that you have been initiated into witchcraft through food. If you refuse to eat the food then consider yourself a victorious child of God as it shows the Holy Spirit has saved you from danger, struggle and troubles prepared for you by your enemies.

There are many factors that can indicate you having this dream recurring. If your parents are enemies to you, or there are strong evil patterns in your family, your chances of having food in your dream is very high. Think about where you are in your life and see if there are any possible breakthrough in the near future. Eating food in the dream may also represent spiritual weakness, chronic disappointments and financial loss. If your child eats in the dream , it could indicates death, slow growth, dullness in his or her career. Eating in the dream is a gateway to demonic institute. Fast and pray for 7 days 6am to 6pm, rise up in the midnight to cast out the evil deposits. Pray with Psalm 51:7. Always cover yourself with the blood of Jesus. Use water as a form of blood of Jesus and declare this: I drink the blood of Jesus.

26. Seeing ANTS In The Dream, In Prov 6:6-8, the Bible consider ants as wise and team spirit insects. From the nature of the ants, they usually have the  ability to work in love and unity to create their home and achieve other hidden purposes beyond the imagination of man. No animal created by God is done by mistake. In this dream interpretation, we are dealing with the spiritual effect of this dream through our emotion towards it. In a dream where ant bite you, it indicates a person would experience painful situation. Sometimes it can serve as a sign that you are under witchcraft attack. Dreams about ants bite, it means that you might be a victim of unfortunate events in the future. These events could be linked to your personal life but also to your career or marriage. Either way, it will be necessary for you to pray against enemies of progress.

Do you see ants under your pillow or on your bed? If your answer is yes, it symbolizes you are going to experience a stubborn arrow from the dark world. To see ants in your home, means some demonic power has projected an invisible spirit into your house. Ants in the dream is connected to enemies of the night. To see a large number of ants means your problems are from difference sources of your enemies. Perhaps you see ants moving around your cloth or body, means you will feel uncomfortable with your present problems. However, it indicates serious oppression, embargo and rejection. Are you planning for a marriage, or you are expecting good news? And suddenly, this dream appears, then it is obvious that someone is watching you from the host of witchcraft to cause disappointment on your way. If you caught and killed ants, it means you are going to witness a great relief from your troubles and this might also be a positive sign for understanding where your problems are coming from.  If this is your dream, you may need to embark on 3 days fasting and prayers from 6am to 12pm. Wake up midnight and pray against dark powers troubling your destiny. Then use these Bible references, Psalm 2:1-12, Psalm 22;16-19, Psalm 3:1-8.

27. What Does POLICE ARREST means In The Dream? A police arresting you can be a very disturbing dream. Police arrest symbolizes restriction, blockage and satanic bondage. To some people, this dream might create the ways for armed robbery or kidnapper to hold a person to ransom. In the dream world, Police dream means evil angels, principalities, blood sucking demon. If you dream of a police arrest, it means you are no longer safe and can indicates that you will soon be arrested by the police. You might not be a thief, or a criminal. But something or a particular case might drag you to the police court. If care is not taken, the dream may hinder your destiny. If the devil cometh not to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10), then knows that the enemy is trying to stop you. The enemy can use the police or army uniform to attack your life.

When you often discover police arrest both in the dream or in the physical world, it means the followings: to keep you in bondage, to waste you, to hide you from your helpers, to prevent you from fulfilling your goals, to tie you down to places you don’t like to be. Maybe you feel someone reported you to police without any problems with the person, if you know the person then this dream can tell you to start avoiding the person as he or she is planning to expose your matter to the police soon. To see police chasing you in your dream, it means witchcraft world are against your progress. If you escaped, it means you are protected. Maybe in your dream, there is a sign where the police released you, it means you are set free from unnecessary delay. You may need to embark on 7 days fasting and prayers between 6am to 3pm to cancel any witchcraft plans against you. Sometimes this dream might you a knowledge that you are surrounded with destiny killers who are jealous or envious of your blessings. Rise up and pray with Isa 4:25-26, Obad 1:17, Acts 12:6-7.

28. Dream About ABORTION, In Deut  24:16, Ex 21:2-25 warns our parents. Abortion means getting rid of unwanted pregnancy. In the sight of God, this is bad symptom and can serves as a divine punishment. If you commit abortion in the real life for example, it sticks into the memory of God. Abortion is connected to murder. The dream could simply be a result of you having an abortion on your waking life. But more often than not, it is a dream indicating you allowing the devil to steal away your uterus and babies. You are not prepared to abort the womb and the negative voice is telling you to eliminate it immediately so as to avoid the troubles of your parents.

This dream shows that you are primary  cause of your problems in the first place, and never the devil. If your dream is surrounded with fear or tribulation after it then this means a separation from the mercy of God. Maybe you have never done abortion in your lifetime, and you keep dreaming about getting rid of pregnancy, that’s satanic trick to deceive and push you to do something against the will of God.

If you are a married woman presently pregnant, quickly bind and cast out the spirit of miscarriage because this meaning may play in that direction. Furthermore, a dream of abortion may also represent child bearing problem and misunderstanding between two partners. Perhaps your marriage is not producing any babies, or your husband is blaming you for the cause of fruitlessness in your marriage. This dream might means that the enemy has taken away the joy of the marriage. In some cases, this dream recurring might inspire you reveal to your husband the part where you have one time abort a pregnancy.

29. Dream Interpretation Of BABIES, The Bible says, children are a gift from God and they are reward from him (Ps 127:3). Dream about babies can be good or bad, depending on the outcome of the theme. For example, if you are looking for a child or fruit of the womb, and you keep seeing yourself with babies, it indicates you would soon be pregnant in your marriage. But it is always important to pay attention to your emotion after the dream. If you woke up stable and happy, then it means the Holy Spirit might translate this dream into reality. Our God is a powerful loving God. However, if you see a baby crying and you are not paying it any attention, it could be a test from God to see how serious you are. If you fail to show care towards the baby, it might indicate a prolong delay in the expectation of baby.

If you are a single woman, and you came across babies in the spirit realm, it shows that there are spirit children in place who might want to cause disappointments or shame. If you are carrying a baby as a married woman, it is an indication of your love for children. This is seen in Eph 6:4.  But to a single woman, it is not. It portends a strange woman has projected a spirit child into your life. The effects of spirit children in the life of the dreamer is to make men see all your weaknesses. In a clear term, this means that any man that sees you will see you as a married or irresponsible woman. This is a serious spiritual attack against our glorious women. Whatever the baby represents in your life, the signs usually represents something that needs divine direction.  In a case you notice in your dreams as you are holding a baby, the baby dies, I would advise you not carry any child until you heal your hands. Because it means there is an already organized demonic  attack which the enemy is trying to involve you into. Be wise.  You need to embark on 7 days prayer and fasting between 6am to 3pm. If the case is serious, you can see a pastor to conduct deliverance and prayers for you. Use these verses to pray: Jer 29:11, Matt 19:14, Gen 9:7.

30. What Does Teeth Mean In The Dream, In a general dream meaning, teeth dream is a symbol shame, disgrace and open embarrassment.Teeth falling dreams are also common in those who have lost position, health or money recently. Missing your teeth is the first thing you will notice. Therefore, teeth falling dreams also mean that you have lost something so important to you. If you dream of losing your front teeth, if you are a career person, it means you are about to experience sharp failure and demotion in your workplace.

If you found out that you have toothache both in the dream and reality, it shows your situation requires urgent spiritual help. Sometimes, it can be a dream involving your partner, friends, or even helper suddenly develop hatred for you. If you are seen brushing your teeth, it means you are about to sell your identity to the public. If you dream of all your teeth falling out, then it means the arrows of backwardness, and hopelessness have been fired at you . This is when you will see yourself as irrelevant person in the family or in the midst of your friends.

Because you feel like the power of success is no longer with you. If you lost your teeth with blood gushing out, its so bad to see yourself in such attack. It means you are going to receive attack of sickness. Any person that is a frequent dreamer of teeth would certainly encounter unstably love life, income and depression. Please take note of untimely death as one of the hidden negative symptoms. This dream case requires you to embark on a church deliverance. Many people who feel like this dream is useless, the problems have pushed them to pastors for immediate prayer attention. May God give this present day Christian with divine wisdom and discerning spirit. Embark on 7 days fasting and prayers between 6am to 6pm with the use of 1 Peter 4:16, Heb 12:2, Rom 5:3-4, Psalm 25:2.

31. Dreaming About BED, In Heb 13:6, the Bible says, the marriage is to be kept undefiled…” A bed often represents marriage, family and sickness. If you dream about bed, it can also symbolize the power of love in relationship. Maybe you saw yourself wetting the bed, it indicates shame, and disgrace in marriage and career. Perhaps as a married person you see a stranger lying down on your bed, it could be a sign of marital problem. It might be an indication that your husband or wife is committing adultery. It can also be a sign of losing your home due to cheating, infidelity. This is the time you need to pay close observation on his or her action. The purpose of bed is for relaxation, sleeping, but if you discover you are on a sickbed in the dream, it is a warning signal of sickness. Whether you are not feeling like sickness or not, pray against sickness, procrastination and faithlessness. This dream is advising you to stop worrying about things, and start actually doing something to solve your emotional problems. Or maybe you dreamed of seeing blood on your bed-sheet, that’s a signal of impending danger against you. Because red colour in the dream may explain a misfortune and lack of protection. If you were having sex on bed in the dream, it signifies your sexual immoralities have actually locked up your next breakthrough. To see ants, snake, etc on your bed, it stands that there is an evil attachment with the power of your father’s or mother’s house. Please pray against any witchcraft attacks. You need to cry out to God for healing, and restoration. Embark on 1 day prayer and fasting between 6am to 7pm with the use of Jer 17:18, Isa 41:10-12, 2 Tim 4:18.

32. BEGGING In The Dream, In 1 John 3:17, the Bible was trying to explain the reasons we should love our neighbours. The word begging means lack. It simply mean a person who doesn’t have. In our society we often look at beggars like witchcraft or demonic people. This is wrong. Seeing someone begging for money in your dream represents the need to give out to the needy. It is a time to exercise full time giving to your pastor, ministry or to a person whose the spirit of God is leading you to bless.

Helping a beggar in your dream indicates you are not going to experience lack, poverty or stagnancy again. This dream might explain that you will have your needs sufficiently supplied by God. If you dream of giving out money to beggar, it shows you are a very kind and generous person. And with this, God will use it to open your ways and change your story, in Jesus name. If you refuse to give out to a beggar means you are very stingy and greedy (Prov 11:24). Its possible you may not receive nothing from God, thus giving ways for too much of labour in the school of prayers. On the other hand, if you see yourself as a beggar moving from one place to the other, then it shows wretchedness. Have you been experiencing lack or borrowing? If your answer is yes, you need to pray for God to intervene in your case. This dream can be a stubborn hinderance to your progress. Fear not beloveth, the Lord will soon elevate you. Its just a matter of time. Please don’t give up. For you are going to be fine soon. Take 3 days fasting and prayers between 6am to 3pm with the use of the highest currency of your country. Use the money to pray.

33. Dreaming About Clothes, The Bible recognize cloth as garment. Garment is a deep reflection of someone else identity, reputation and home-front. If you see yourself wearing new clothes in the dream, it signifies blessings, divine favour and change of status. If the clothes are white, then it means peace and purity in spirit. When it comes to storing blessings in mantle, clothing material cannot be put aside. If you dream of a man of God giving you a cloth as a gift, it represents the symbol of healing and stand as a means of a provoking miracle garment. If in the dream your cloth is torn, that may symbolize that the attack of shame and disgrace coming soon. If a person torn it or stain it, then it could also mean that someone is trying to tarnish your image or reputation. This kind of dream may warn you to stay off completely from someone who does not in support of your plans.

If you dream of washing your clothes, whether in a river or elsewhere, then it symbolizes eliminating spiritual problems associated with the cloth types. It may also mean that you are making a full time cleansing from indecent dressing. However, if you discover in your dream you bought some tight clothes , then it means you will feel uncomfortable in the spirit. This can bring your destiny door to a closed; May that not be your portion in Jesus name. To wear a dirty cloth in your dream, it indicate you are irresponsible, lazy and unhealthy person. It can also bring rejection and setbacks to you. If you dream of wearing black cloth, it shows you are wearing a polluted garment manufactured by the serpent. This type of clothing material can make things so difficult for you and causes you to experience delay and promise and fail. Some clothes can contributes to incomplete deliverance. Please get rid of bad ones. Pray and fast for 3 days from 6am to 3pm using Zechariah 3:3, Deut 22:5, Gen 35:2. Ask God for mercies and forgiveness.

34. Spiritual Meaning Of Bad Dream, Bags in the dream is a symbol of responsibilities and dignity. If a man dream of holding a bag, it means he is aspiring towards greatness. When a woman see herself carrying a handbag, it indicates beauty and attractiveness to people. To see yourself or someone carrying a bag in a dream, then this is a sign that you would be embarking on a business-related trip that would turn out to be successful and financially rewarding. On the other hand, but unfortunately,  if you dream of carrying a heavy bag, this symbolizes profitless hard-work and loss of direction.  It also means you are facing some problems that are working against your plans. This signifies that the enemy has assigned a problem that will serve as a distraction to your goals.

Dreams of losing your bag, it means you will run into troubles. If you find your lost handbag, it means a divine restoration to whatever you have lost. Maybe you see yourself searching for a handbag, it indicates that you may find it difficult to locate your destiny helper. It could be that you are plagued under the curse of stagnancy and non-achievement. If you dream of buying a bag, expect to go through hard times in your life or marital journey. Perhaps you see yourself carrying empty bags portends more bad luck and disappointments assigned to disgrace you, which would make your life miserable or irrelevant in your family or among your friends. If you dream your bag was stolen from you, if you are a woman, it means you are eligible to experience betrayal, financial loss or marital problems. You may need to need to bind and cast out the spirit of losses and pride. Embark on 3 days prayers and fasting between 6am to 3pm. Use Psalm 23:5-6, Psalm 37:4, Prov 16:3. May God help you.

35. Dream Of Meeting People, Whether the person you meet in the dream was celebrity, actor, president, pastor, husband, wife, or other prominent people, the truth is, these dream indicates divine connection is organised for your sake. Get ready for the mighty blessings would soon overwhelm you. This is to letting you know that you will soon be helped by certain people you don’t know fully well. When you meet influential or public figure in dream, it means that God is about to change your status through the help of people. You may pray for God to show you the person. This person may be your lover, friend, a stranger or a public figure as the case maybe. Or  Maybe you are praying for a destiny helper and this dream type showed up then it symbolizes God has answer your prayers on destiny helper. If you are a wise person, start thanking God for the fulfillment of His words towards your life. If you dream of becoming a very important person, this signify you will soon be a great person. If you meet a celebrity on social media, if you are not married, it show you are going to pick your partner on social media. But if married, it shows that a person is willing to provide assistance to you. If you dream that you met your boyfriend or girlfriend,, it means you desire to work together to better your love life in a significant way. Go on night prayers and cry out to God for divine connection and remembrance. This is very important.

36. Dream About COW, Depending on the outcome of the dream theme. To see cow in your dream means difficulty, evil monitoring spirit, and incomplete deliverance. If the cow was chasing you in the dream, it means foundation battles and stubborn pursuer of your progress. When you see cow peaceful and calm, it means you need to be extra-vigilant and careful of some people around your environment. If you see a dead cow, it signifies troubles. But if the cow hurt you and kill it in the process, it shows you will notice sound victory over your enemies.
If you see a cow chewing the grass, it means you should work hard to feed your family. To see a black cow is a sign of agent of darkness assigned to come after you at your unguarded hour. Maybe you see yourself milking a cow, it foretells fruitfulness and healing from sickness. If you found a cow defecating in public is a sign of experiencing losses, curses and slow progress in your house environment.  A dream in which you see yourself catching cows moving on its own, it could portend some negative circumstances. It could be an indication of making troubles. These self-imposed problems could expose you to satanic bondage for long. If that’s the case, kindly go on 7 days fasting and prayers between 6am to 12pm with the use of James 4:7, Luke 4:18-19, Eph 6:12.

37. What Does CROCODILE Mean In The Dream?, If you are presently facing difficulty, dreaming about a crocodile could be a warning. If you see a crocodile that is simply “laying around” with nothing to do, this represents a warning that someone is trying to have a negative impact on your income or your overall happiness. If a crocodile chases you, it symbolizes major stumbling block from your ancestral or household line. However, if the crocodile catches you after a chase and bites you, you can expect serious poverty, starting a thing and not finishing it, and other negative signs includes, spiritual blindness, fruitless efforts, evil diversion. If the crocodile that appears in your dream is dead, this means extreme success beyond anything you can imagine. A crocodile dream may also warn you against someone who is giving you bad advice or leading you into making bad decisions. This dream also  involves a warning of hidden danger and transfer of foundation problems towards you. If you dream that you step on the back of a crocodile, it symbolizes some kind of trouble in the near future and that you may have trouble getting out of it. If this is your dream, be careful about revealing your secrecy to people. A  dream in which crocodile torn a person to pieces can sometimes represent your feelings about a person who is about to die. If you know a person at the sickbed, kindly pray against the spirit of death and long term infirmities. If you see yourself surrounded by crocodile, it means the eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood have set themselves to waste you before your time. Rise up 7 days midnight prayers from 12am with the use of Isa 49:25-26, 2 Cor 10:4, Josh 1:9.

38. What Does Crying Mean In The Dream? In 2 Kings 20:5, God listened to the spirit behind tears. John 11:43, Crying symbolizes inner spirit speaking. While in Rev 21:14, the Bible says, God wipe every tears of sorrow, death, pain etc. If you are crying in a dream, it signifies mourning or expression of grief. If see someone else crying in the dream, it indicates destruction, judgement or condemnation. Tears  of sadness connect to loss and regret over something important. If you had tears of joy, it is an indication that good news is coming. If you experience a dream about crying, it is time to pray against misfortunes and weeping right now.  This dream is also telling you that someone is planning evil against you and the person wants you to weep again.

Dreams about crying can signify the release of negative emotions caused by some events in your life. If you were crying over something important, it is possible that enemy is bringing shame and disgrace to you. If the reason for crying in the dream  was something meaningless, it means you stand a risk of falling, or depressed. It can also means a fear of losing your job, marriage, money, house, family etc. To wake up and still be crying in the real life, it means what you are passing through is serious and its serving as a sign that a person is lying down in the hospital or a person is in critical state. The crying dream may manifest as a result of your relationship, your endless waiting of God’s miracle or your inability to move forward. A dream where your child or children are crying profusely, it signifies the enemy is troubling the destiny of that child. If one experiences this dream frequently, it may be telling you to take such child to a pastor for protection prayers. Maybe you saw your mother crying, or weeping over her children, then it means the mother is about to lose one of her children. Death will never be your portion, in Jesus name. God will protect your family.  Kindly embark on 3 days fasting and prayers between 6am to 3pm and pray against every plan of the enemy to cause you to mourn and die the death of others.

39. Dreaming About FATHER/MOTHER, In Eph 6:1-3, The Bible says, Children obey your parents in the Lord, Honour them and that it may be well with you and live long. If you dream of your parents supporting marital plans, then consider this dream theme to be a pleasant one. If you are into a serious relationship and you re getting ready to marry the person, this dream may serve as a deep reflection that you will have the support of your mother or father towards your marriage or any good things. But if you dream where your mother is saying no, then it means your mother is likely to take the role of choosing a life partner for you which may end up marrying the wrong person. If you dream of your late father or mother talking to you, then it shows the spirit of death is likely to control your destiny.

With my many years of experience in dream interpretation, I can tell you that dream of seeing your late parents could mean the spirit of premature death is hovering around the person. Sometimes dream of seeing late parents can bring debt, joblessness and introduces a slavery spirit. Maybe you see yourself refusing to obey your father or mother, according to Bible passage, it means you wont prosper or live long.

May that  not be your portion in Jesus name. To see your mother taking good care of your symbolizes success, prosperity and long life. If you see in your dream your parents fighting each other, it means there is a stubborn battle in your foundation. To see your mother performing wicked act against you in dreams means your mum is likely to be a witch. If this is true, you need to employ the service of your pastor to assist you in this regard.  Perhaps you see your father dating another woman, it can describe the points that your father married another woman with children outside. As a Christian, you need to go on 3 days midnight prayers and let the spirit of God have mercy and forgiveness on your father or mother if they are alive.

40. Dream About DATING,There is nothing too bad if you see yourself dating the opposite sex. But it is however bad when this is usually done in the dream. While dating is a romantic relationship between a man and woman established for the purpose of intimacy or marriage. If you dream of seeing yourself dating a strange person, know that you are involving yourself into demonic agent. Maybe you are dating a person physically and in the dream, the person’s face is being indicated to you, then it is possible that your affair may not see the light of the day. It is also possible that the devil might be using his or her face to deceive you and confuse you. Kindly pay close attention to your emotion behind this dream theme especially how you ‘re feeling with it. Dating is also connected to getting to know someone. It does not necessarily mean that if you dream of dating him or her, such person will give you access to love him or her. If you were happy dating this person, then it shows a great connection. But in the dream, it could be a pointer to early stage to spiritual marriage. But you must be very prayerful so that you may not experience long term delay in searching for the love of your life.  When there is rejection from the sides of your man in your dream, especially when it is reoccurring dreams this indicates a serious break up and emotional imbalances.

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  1. Please evangelist help me to understand this dream. My late grandfather sent me to buy buy him groundnut and he gave me money to buy it for him, when I was going my late grandma and two aunties asked me to buy same for them which I did. Please what could this mean ? Thanks for your time.

  2. Sir pls I saw myself walking along the road all of a sudden I saw dead bodies littered everywhere, all cross pass them and the next thing I saw myself buying something I brought out money to pay.i found out that the money i was holding was full of dirty ,it was covered with mud dirty water.after then I saw some celebrities. I was was kind of happy that they will pay for but in the dream they where just smiling at me.they did not pay.i gave the person the money that was selling something in was cleaning the money then I work up

    • Good evening sir
      How is the work of the ministry? Sir I dreamth of seeing plenty cockroaches on the wall of an apartment, I was suppose to rent in the dream, I went with my mum and the agent that was suppose to give the house out to me. I rejected the place immediately. And made way to leave, the house was like still under construction. There was an underground road and the agent asked us to follow the hole, the agent was calling himself my father, but my dad is late and he didn’t look like my father, so he went in and asked me to follow him, but I refuse when one of the workers there said they were going to close the entrance of the hole once we are inside. I said no and left the way I came, on going back to my house, I picked up quarrel with a man I didn’t know. And another came and was advicing that it is not my level to be quarreling on the road, that everybody knows that the guy is a mad man and loves to implication people. And that was how I woke up. Please what does it mean? God bless you as I look forward to hearing from you soon sir.

  3. PlZ I need interpretation on a dream I had, I saw myself in dream washing away my menstrual blood and also urinated and there after I threw away d menstration and urine by myself. Plz d meaning

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  5. God bless you Pastor, I had a dream few weeks ago, my Pastor appeared to me and said I should fetch in a river like half a bucket or so, I went inside the river with a bowl and a bucket, after fetching like 7-8 bowl and pouring it i

  6. I had a dream few weeks ago, in the dream I saw my Pastor instructed me to fetch water like 7-8 bowl and pour it inside a bucket, he said I should give him the water and that he want to use it to help one man, he even pointed his hand toward the man sitting down, his last word was that this water is not an ordinary one that it’s a blessed water. same day again he appeared the second time at the exact spot, he said to me again go into the river with a bucket and a bowl and fetch water and when am done fetching it I should drop it inside his sienna bus, I now ask him Pastor won’t the water pour away if you are driving?, he said to me no it won’t that he drive slowly since the place is not far, when I woke up in the morning I explained it to my wife, and she said to me ah she had a dream too, her own was that after church the same Pastor told her he was going to his farm, rice, cassava farm and wife now told him she knows how to plant/sow rice, she now follow him to the farm, that was her own dream, can you interpret the meaning please?, God bless you

  7. Hello sir
    Had a dream yesterday and i saw myself standing the and watching the whole cementary/graveyard, so suddenly i saw an Angel of the LORD ascending in form of cloud , so He came with a big like broom or big brush sweeping and brushing off one particular grave, and i sense the this particular grave has been there for a long time , i was looking at him but he just never talked to me but after the cleaning is done , he descended and disappeared right away
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  9. Good morning sir, I had a dream and in my dream I saw that I was charging my phone outside a building because there was no light and when the light was restore I make up my mind to go outside there to remove my phone so I can have it charged inside but to my surprised the phone have been changed by another person living his own with my cover. my own senior his own or better than the one behind. why I complain a woman said she knows the person who changed it and she will help me to get it back. while I was waiting I woke up. I want to have more light to the dream sir. Thanks sir.

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    The person performing the deliverance got to me. And I was shown a thread, and something hung up, the person cut the thread and said,” your destiny was tied” but now you are free, and I shouted hallelujah then I woke

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    I dream that I am blind
    I dream of being in my high school.

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