Dream About Rats

Dream about rat


Psalm 113:7-8, ”He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth the needy out of the dunghill; That he may set him with princes, even with the princes of his people.”

Rat dream can be very disturbing, especially when feeling depressed in your waking life. It can represent a number of spiritual meanings.

Dreaming of rats is mostly a bad omen of jealousy or envy, and poverty. Rats are mostly attracted to dirty surroundings. So if you see the animal often in your dream, then it represents the yoke of disfavour and loss of opportunities.

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When rats are appearing too often in your dream, then it is telling you that a big loss is about to occur in your life. The lost could be financial, marriage, other includes, lost of trust, loss of properties. The appearance of rat movement in your house, or even office can administer some fear to some people. In some cases, it can transfer the curse of non-achievement and limitation.

Rats dream can also symbolize destructive and evil monitoring spirit. While there are some demonic rats whose aims are to steal your money, infest on them and tear your documents. No matter what you do to prosper in life, the bad spirit tormenting the rat will frustrate your efforts and negatively influence you to take a wrong course of life.

When a family is under a generational curse of poverty and long term delay, dreaming about rats could become the most prevalent animal dream. It is possible for the dreamer to keep experiencing problems in accounting for money spent, or repeating a thing over and over again.

To see lots of rats in your dream, it is a representation of sickness and hard battles. It also symbolizes the number of household powers that are after the progress of your destiny. Dreaming about rat could be a warning signal that you need to take care of your properties.

Alternatively, if you keep seeing rats either in your house, it indicates the enemy has infested the spirit of struggle and misfortunes into the house. If you saw rats in your office, then please watch out and be vigilant. It means wicked powers are trying to cause you to make a costly mistake that will lead to your sack.

If you are bitten by a rat in your dream, the spiritual effects is that you will become weak to overcome some certain burdens and problems militating against you . All you need to do is cast your burdens unto Him and He will settle you for good.

The meaning of rat in your dream means the followings:

  1. Procrastination
  2. Financial wasters (Isaiah 54:6)
  3. Spirit of  greediness.
  4. Lack and limitation

Wherever you find the above things, the spirit of poverty is present and at work. To remain at a point of stagnation and profitless hard work may jeopardize your goals.

On the other hand, if you see rats chasing you in the dream, that’s a bad dream. This clearly indicates the powers in your father’s house has placed an embargo on your life, marriage etc. Are you planning to travel out? Are you marry?

Then this type of dream indicates your plans is likely not to come to pass, this means that there are going to be setbacks and disappointments on your way. But if you are the one chasing the rats, then it is a symbol of victory over stagnancy and evil family inheritance tormenting you.

The meaning of rats in the dream has been programmed by the devil to curse the hands of many people. That’s why a person can have millions of money today and within a short time, the whole money is gone, leaving the person with nothing.

Seeing rats in the dream is not a pleasant experience. The presence of rat in ones dream mean a bad omen. The spiritual meaning of rat mean a devourer. Its a robbery spirit as explained in Malachi 3:8

When it comes to spiritual meaning of rats, there is lots to say. Seeing rat in the dream can change a man’s destiny from riches to wretchedness. It makes a person to become a slave and their source of income are always on the altar of poverty and limitations.

Every animal has its own spiritual meaning of dreams. Rat is a common animal that mean so many things in people’s dream. A dream of rat is a spirit of loss. Rat is generally used in the dream by the devil to establish the spirit of hardship, debt and sickness.

By their nature, rat exploits human food through eating and contamination. Rats are usually seen in a dirty environment, including houses. They invade people’s house to seek after things they can eat.

They live with humans and eat people’s food. In the realm of the spirit, they always have a different mission but to steal and pollute people’s food.

A physical rat is different from the spiritual rat. The physical rat is always after food, while the spiritual rat is on a mission to cause sorrow and suffering.


Rat dream is a symbol of sickness and disease because its an animal that carries the loads of bacteria or disease in their body. A dream about rat occurs when a person is planning to be attacked by the devil but in others may interpret as failure at the edge of breakthrough.

The witchcraft power uses the dream of rat to steal people’s blessings and cage them. It is tragic when a rat steal your money in the dream.

Sometime the enemy project many rats into people’s house through dream as a means of satanic hijackers of their virtues. Ordinarily, rat would not come to your house and take away your important documents, money etc except they are witchcraft rats sent to make you cry.

It is very difficult for a person to know which powers are attacking them through the process of rat dream.

Some spiritual rats can cause a man to borrow for the rest of his life. Some spiritual rats can bring down a man to a zero level.

The reason the enemy often engages them spiritually because they are household animals. Rat is a scary animal to many people.

These are spiritual rats that are dangerous to reckon with the physical if you are not too strong spiritually.

It’s true that the spirit of rat can influence a person’s destiny both physically and spiritually. To be quite honest with you, spiritual rat involves radical prayers and fasting.

Nothing may seem to be happening in the physical after having the dream, but it’s evil effect will surely affect the source of your income.

This demonic dream can slow down your progress and frustrate your efforts. The powers can influence the rat to monitor and transfer your wealth to the demonic bank.

The Bible says the following, “But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way” Matthew 13:25. The evil tares has now become an heavy burden to many people.

Dream about rat

DREAM ABOUT RAT – Spiritual meaning

The meaning of rat in the dream was clearly indicating a spirit of poverty and lack against you. However, many people have remained poor or begging as result of this dream.

Any contact with rats in the dream without any resistance on your part automatically opens the door of demotion and profitless hard labour.

Many people are not fulfilling their destiny because  they have been programmed to remain in one spot. The spirit of rat is tormenting many people.

Those demons can deal with any person in the dream and if the person cannot resist the dream, the person would finds it hard to excel.

This spiritual rats suck people’s prosperity and when they have no power to deliver themselves, they received the spirit of lack, want and poverty.

What does it mean to dream of many rats around you in the dream

Many rats in the dream symbolizes the spirit of satanic oppression. If you see many rats around you signifies there are enemies around who are planning for your destruction. If the rats invade your house, it is attributed as sickness, anxiety and shock.  This dream can be a wakeup call to pray against household witches and wizards.

What does it mean to dream of chasing rats? 

If you dream of chasing rats, it symbolizes battle against Beelzebub spirit. To chase rats in the dream ,it indicates a situation of chasing away problems. This dream is a sign that a bad spirit is trying to penetrate into you, but the power of God didn’t allow the enemy’s agenda to come to pass. When you dream of chasing rats, it is of no doubt a symbol of victory over stubborn challenges and demonic operations.



  • They are household powers
  • They are idolatry powers
  • They are marine powers
  • They are envious witchcraft
  • They are ancestral powers
  • They are unfriendly friend powers
  • They are dark powers
  • They are monitoring powers
  • They are financial emptiers


Whether you accept it or not, the devil is desperate in making sure that you don’t prosper with your hands or certificate, the world is a battle field and you must fight it hard to gain your financial  freedom. In the realm of the spirit, anyone can attack you with the spirit of rats in the dream.

Nothing messes up lives like financial loss. The most humiliating, frustrating and killing captivity is poverty. It is hardly bad for a person living a life without any money to start, fulfill and complete their task. Money is important but when rat is seen in your dream, then your destiny is attacked.

Failing to pray when travelling to your village from any location of the world especially during festive period etc, then you are inviting the spirit of poverty as your family or other people in the village may not be happy that you are wealthy or progressing more than their own children.



The fact that you are dreaming about rats indicates loss and disappointments. The dream about rat is a dream when a person can not account for all his money spent in the past.

A  dream about rat is a dream when a person’s life is attracting wrong people. A dream about rat is a dream where a person is not accepted at any  job interview. A dream about rat is a dream of holes in a person’s cloth or shoe.

A dream about rat is a dream where a person locks the door of his prosperity against himself. A dream about rat is a dream where a person is spending or investing on a wrong investment. A dream about rats is a dream where a person has no money to give out.

The Bible says,, “the devil (rats) only shows up in our lives to kill, steal and destroy” John 10:10. Therefore whatever the rat bites or steals from you in the spirit will be manifested in the natural.

When the spirit of rat (poverty) is attached to your life, it is almost impossible for you to save money and enjoy your glory. If you are a person and you are yet to complete whatever you have started, then your life is not going anywhere.

It is disaster for a person to save money for something when he always wanted to withdraw his money for needs. People operating under the spirit of rat are financial wasters.



If you’re experiencing dreams where rat is chasing after you, then someone has cursed your finances.  This means that the spirit of poverty is after you.

A situation where someone is rich and yet he is extremely poor. If a person is pursued by rat in the dream, he or she will find out money will not stay in his hand.

This set of people struggle and work hard and there is nothing to show for it. Every good opportunity coming on their way would be blown away by these strange powers.

When a rat or lots of rats are chasing you in the dream, it means you will struggle to prosper and if you manage to get hold of prosperity, the spirit of wasters can swallow your prosperity and put you back to the department of stagnation.

A lot of people are not suppose to be poor or beg for bread, they are created to have abundant wealth, success, breakthrough, but they still find themselves in the camp of poverty and lack. When you dream about rat pursuing you, it means the spirit of financial loss is at work in your life.

There are lots self- deliverance powerful prayers to destroy the yoke of poverty in your life and make you discover your God given prosperity, success, blessings, breakthrough, wealth.



By their nature, rat is always known to steal in the reality. Any human agents assigned to use rat to steal from people in their dream, that portends an unprofitable works.

The Bible says “You shall not steal” (Ex 20:15). It is a command and warning to those witchcraft power troubling the peace of people’s financial glory and blessings.

To steal, it means to come secretly and gradually taking something that does not belong to you. But when you notice that rat is stealing from you either your money, or other important document, clothes, shoes etc and  whenever you wake up from sleep, you had a feeling of rat or something has been stolen  from you, it means great loss is coming.

The loss can easily manifest in the areas of marital failure, inability to finish works, rejection, promise and fail, and sickness.

When something is stolen from you in the dream, it means such things could be so important to you and which can disorganize you as a person.  It is a known fact that the enemy is using rat dream to plant great loss for people.

Spiritual rat is called ‘the thief’. The devil attack people with the ability of making it in life. But his only intent is to ‘steal, kill and destroy’. He steals money and material property but he also steals spiritual things.

The devil and his agents want to steal your peace, joy, testimony and the Word of God from your memory. He has no mercy for you. He does not care if you become poor so that he becomes rich through your loss.

If any rat steals from you without any remorse or any desire to pray against it, the demon of loss will imprison your financial glory.  A dream of rat stealing from you is a confirmed spiritual attacks.

As a child of God, if you steal from others, demons will steal from you too. If you are not a faitful sower or tither and you are happy with it, then the enemy will steal from you. The devil can steal your health, peace, joy, satisfaction, works, marriage, etc.

“Will man rob God? Yet you are robbing me. But you say, ‘How have we robbed you?’ In your tithes and contributions” (Mal 3:8)



Since rat in the dream represent the demon of loss, and when you dream of dead rats, this signifies a victory over your enemies and financial freedom. This kind of dream can prepares you for great financial recovery when you get your focus and dream in place (Exodus 14:14).

Dream about dead rats represent a sign that God has answered your key prayer points. At such moment, the Bible says, He shall supply all your needs and you shall recover all what the cankerworm, palmerworm has eaten from your blessings.

A dream about dead rats is a dream of bye-bye to poverty and other sharp afflictions in your life. Through this dream, God has decided to work with your financial blessings and other common desires in life.

When we see dead rats in the dream, we mean all your stubborn pursuers are dead. When we see dead rats in the dream, we mean all garments that represent poverty in your life has been torn away.

The dead rats promotes you to the highest level in life, because every obstacle preventing your greatness has been cleared away or laid to rest.

On the other hand, if you kill a rat or rat in your dream, it mean God has anointed you to destroy your enemies. If there is a person that is always blocking your ways in the reality, the person may just been dead or lose his or her position.

This rat dream may also point to your household and witchcraft powers sitting on your breakthrough. It may also interpret that God has exposed the secret works of your enemies against you.

Dead rats in the dream is one of the greatest deliverance (Oba 1:17).  This means that whenever you go for deliverance in your church and your faith is at optimal, you will surely receive your deliverance. Because God has killed your enemies making life so miserable and difficult for you in the spiritual realm.


Other possible dream of people…

  • Seeing  rats in the kitchen, office, house in the dream
  • Rat biting or licking your body
  • Seeing black rats in the dream
  • White mice going into your body
  • Seeing a rat running away
  • Eating rats in the dream
  • Rat flying in the dream
  • Seeing rat or rats in your luggage or bags
  • Rat crawling around your body in the dream
  • Caught a rat and tied it up or cut it to pieces
  • Rat tearing your clothes, bags, and money
  • Chasing after rat in the dream
  • Searching for a rat in the dream
  • Rat stepped on your toes
  • Eating a food eaten by rats in the dream
  • Rat sitting on your chair eaten with you
  • Playing with rats in the dream
  • Seeing rats with their pup or pinkies
  • Noticed rats biting your shoes
  • Seeing rats hiding in your shoes in the dream
  • Rats were chased by animals in the dream
  • Rat was talking with me in the dream
  • Buying rats in the dream
  • Rat delivering new born babies
  • Seeing thin rat in the dream
  • Seeing fat and stinky rat in the dream
  • Rat in a pot of soup in the dream
  • People selling rats in the dream


The above dreams portends a very terrible revelation. If you have been experiencing any of these dreams, then it means a covenant of loss, debt, financial sickness would have formed against you. As a person, you need to break whatever covenant that is against your prosperity. The promises of God must be fulfilled in your life and you shall count your blessings and name them one by one.

The only solution to recover your financial blessings is through prayers and fasting. Congratulations to those who have been taking our warfare prayers on this blog. If you want to be great and come back to your original state, you must realize that seeking first the kingdom of God its the surest way to recover all. Giving to the needy is another way of recover your finances.  Cry unto God for divine intervention. Judges 6:7. Obey God’s laws and commandments. Joshua 9:23.



Say this after me:  “Dear Heavenly Father, I ask for forgiveness for stealing from You. I vow that from now on, I shall pay my  tithes to a local church. You evil spirit of foolishness and ignorance, go away in the name of Jesus! Begging, go away! You evil spirit of stealing, go away from my financial life in the name of Jesus! I hate you, poverty! I resist you loss in my life! I repent from any desire to become rich on behalf of others. I repent of covetousness. I declare that I am satisfied with Your provision.

I am determined  to be generous with others. I want You to work with the glory of my hands. Please provide jobs for me and prosper my career. Bless the work of my hands. Change my hearts and give me the power to love others, Oh, Lord! I destroy every connection I have made with the evil spirit of poverty. I destroy every covenant that was made against my  glory l and spiritual wealth. I trust You Lord for prosperity, peace, joy and protection. I receive the eternal abundant life of Jesus! I vow to give You alone all the glory! In Jesus name we pray, amen!”




  1. My financial harvest manifest by fire
  2. I shall not labor in vain in life in the name of Jesus
  3. Within 24 hours let my finances appear by fire in the name of Jesus.
  4. Every power seating on my finances, be unseated by fire and die, in the name of Jesus.
  5. Any power assigned to withhold my financial breakthrough and celebration, you are a failure, die.
  6. Anti-prosperity powers assigned against my breakthrough, your time is up die now, in Jesus name.
  7. Spirit of profitless hard work, my life is not your candidate, die by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  8. Covenant of poverty of my father’s house break by the blood of Jesus.
  9. Covenant of hard labor of my mother’s house break by the blood of Jesus.
  10. Every covenant of profitless hard work in my foundation, break and die, in the name of Jesus.
  11. O God, after the order of Joseph, arise and use me to rewrite my family history.
  12. Wasters, devourers, emptiers, and spoilers assigned against my life, your time is up, die by fire.
  13. Any power that has stolen, exchanged, or destroyed my harvest, release my harvest and die.
  14. Every door that has been opened to devourers in my life, be closed by the blood of Jesus.
  15. Every power assigned to embarrass, disgrace, and put me to shame, die by fire.
  16. Powers militating against my fulfillment and uplifting, die by fire.
  17. Everything in me cooperating with anti-harvest powers, come out and die, in the name of Jesus.
  18. I refuse to work like an elephant and eat like an ant in any area of my life, in the name of Jesus.
  19. I shall not labor in vain in the mighty name of Jesus.
  20. Any power, personality, or spirit that wants me to labor in vain, fall down and die, in Jesus name.
  21. O Lord, contend with every power contesting with me for my divinely assigned seat, in the name of Jesus.
  22.  You my stolen or destroyed harvest be restored by the fire, in the name of Jesus.
  23. Every obituary of my financial glory in the spiritual realm, backfire, in Jesus name.
  24. Evil materials injected into the star of my dreams, be neutralized by the blood of Jesus.
  25. Spirit of stinginess; disappear from my life, in the name of Jesus.
  26. Blood of Jesus, sanctify me afresh, in Jesus name.
  27. Anywhere my names is called for poverty, backfire, in Jesus name.
  28. My stolen wealth, come back to me, in Jesus name.
  29. Wherever your money is buried, recover them by fire, in Jesus name.
  30. Declare this, My FINANCES shall not die but live to fulfill the glory of God

If you have any dreams, please don't hesitate to share it with me on my Youtube. I will be happy to proffer solutions to your dream requests.

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  1. I really loved this interpretation. I bless God for your wisdom and pray the blessing of the Lord God Almighty on your ministry in the name of Jesus.

    Thank you.

  2. I was full of thought as i dream of a dead rat, but am nown happy to know the meaning, Thank you sir nd bless God for his wisdom givin onto you and may he empower you to nd supply you with blessings through your envangelism…

    Bless God almaighty.

  3. I dreamed I seen a rat appear in my room. And as one appeared, two appeared, and as I cried out for my husband (God) they all were in the middle of the floor of my bedroom in a pile, unable to move but biting their own tails and they were screaming. Then we ( me and my husband) began killing them. I just need to know is this meaning.

  4. I dreamed about finding and killing rats in my room. Then suddenly when I found one rat i put it in my mouth to protect it. Then suddenly all the rats that I found are dead and each spaces in my room I found several or a dozen more dead rats. When I continue my search, I felt panic and disgust of what i was seeing. Then I remembered that I have a rat in my mouth and spit it out. As i looked at the rat, it was already dead but it gave birth to pups. I just need to know the meaning of dream.

  5. I had a dream that a rat was crawling in my back and I am crying and screaming omg omg .. and finally got it off my back and I started scratching all over my arms,and had like a nervous break down and notice the rat remained there on the floor in front of me trying to get off the shirt or scarf that I had on and in a moment I had the guts to grab a big rock and smashed the head of the rat. What does this mean ?

  6. I had a dream where I was folding laundry in my bedroom and my dogs were watching me. Then I saw this very large black rat run away from me and out of my bedroom. What does this mean?? After reading this article on it I am very worried

    • That rat is not just an ordinary rat according to your dream details. When a black rat ran away ran away, it shows that such rat is an agent of darkness sent to monitor and put problems in your marriage and finances. You have to pray and fast. You need to sanctify and purge your house with the blood of Jesus.

  7. I dreamt of rats chasing me in my dream trying to bite me n in my dream that bite was an evil bite that will kill me,I ran but it couldn’t bite me till I woke up, pleas what does it mean

  8. I had 2 dreams, the first was a rat came out of nowhere from a disgusting alley and bit my arm, I was driving on a motorway and the motorway was blocked off, so I had to take a narrow path off the motor way. Then I heard a rush of water but couldn’t see water, I looked and I saw dead rats underneath a construction site. Piles upon piles of dead rats. It was yuck.

  9. I woke up this morning and my family brought to my notice that a hole was being dug Infront of the door leading into the house. Before I got out of bed, I had a dream that a rat was in my home and I woke up from the dream. What is that all about?

    • Devourer just have had access to your house. You need to Spiritually close the hole and drive out anyone that has entered

  10. God bless ur calling sir, I’m actually battling house hold wickedness. I have been using your deliverance from mother’s curse prayer points for the past one week plus.Few days ago I dreamt of chasing a rat,and just this night again I was killing them effortlessly in another dream. Thank God for His deliverance

  11. Thank you evangelist for this clarification. I had a dream this morning about seeing a rat in a big sink, there was water and some other things inside, as I put my hand, I could feel something very soft,I waited for the water to drain out, I saw a rat sitting down, i shouted to my late mom that there is a rat,my mom saw it, took it and put it on the floor and she killed it, then she threw it out.

  12. I dreamt that I saw a black rat in my bedroom and I was looking for sth to kill the rat, I even called for my elder brother to help me kill it but he did not answer me so I find a way to kill it myself after going out to find a stick to kill it, on getting back I could not see the rat again. I think it has ran away or hide in another place after that I noticed they av defecated on the concrete that is on top of my wardrobe, so noticing this I planned to set a trap that will kill them I mean get the poison that will kill them. Please sir, what is the meaning?, what am I going to do abt?

  13. I dreamt of seeing rat droppings then after a while i saw a box moving the was a light in it and a baby girl but i didnot see the face of a baby the rat was pushing the box under my cupboards where i put my clothes i tried to wake up and see what was going on it was difficult as if i have a shot breath i called the name of Jesus that was when i was able to move

  14. I had a dream I was in bed with my fiancee then a grey big rat crawl in to my bedroom window and on to my bed and crawled all over me when I started yelling for my fiancee the rat run to him I woke up yelling for my fiancee.but at this I was by my self in bed.but one thing is was weird the rat had no face.i don’t know what this mean?

    • This is victory over demonic activity. You will see financial favours or ideas that will lead to properity

  15. What does it mean to see a rat, we were chasing it, a cat from nowhere came and caught it and started to tear it down, what does that mean sir

    • The rat in this dream context is a witchcraft spirit trying to attack you. It was an evil spirit sent to monitor and hijack your glory. However, if the rat jumped on your cloth as written on my WhatsApp then it means this evil spirit is trying to glue himself with you so that it can continue to harm you and divert your own blessings. The truth is, these demon hiding under the cover of rat has been exposed; This should be a light! However, the cat here stand as a man of war contending with the powers that are contending you at the hours of the night. Indeed, it was a fierce battle between you and the devil but at the end the victory is yours, in Jesus name. This dream explains more in Isaiah 49:25-26.

  16. Had a dream that me and my Husband was in our new house. I was in the bed and I begin to get very sick. So sick that I begin to vomit. But before I did I felt my stomach and I had 3 holes one each side of my stomach and one in the middle. I begin to throw up e dead white mouse/ rats. They wasn’t that big. Please help me

    • Devoures can operate through sickness but the vomiting is deliverance. You must pray against it.
      The Pastor has lot of prayers he has done.
      God really bless the man of God

  17. I had a dream that I was looking in my closet. I had a stick in my hand. It was understood that I was looking for something that I need to find and get rid of because the way I used the stick in my hand was to move things in my closet around to find whatever it was in there that had to go. I continued to move things around. I saw this black circle like image in the corner. I did not know what it was but I kept moving around the things surrounding it. I eventually took the stick in my hand and poked this round casing with something black in the middle of it. Once I poked this round image, the black things in the middle began to move and eventually the black things started moving and then they came out of this casing. I knew then they were rats,big rats. They began to claw out of this casing and them began to craw in my direction….then I woke up.

  18. I killed a rat in the natural.
    It came out from behind my stove like it was looking for food.
    I didnt have any rat or bug problem.
    Not sure where it came from.
    I know the weather where I live is getting a little cool.
    Poured scalding hot water on it.
    It screamed and started trying to run.
    When it saw me coming after it.
    It started to try and jump at me.
    By the power of God and Holy Boldness I killed it with a broom by beating it down.
    I Knew it meant something in the spirit realm just didn’t know what.

    Thank You So Much For This Post.

  19. I recently had a dream that I was showering and as I looked up I saw someone looking at me it freaked me out. And I then realized it was what appear to be my father in law and as he crawl out of the hole he brought rabbit size rats I couldn’t tell if they were dead or alive I ran out of the bathroom calling my husbands name where he came to my rescue and cover me since I was naked and there were a bit of roaches crawling on the wall too. Please explained.

  20. Hello,
    I had a dream that I was in a room, it was all black but there was one candle that was lit and it was flickering . There were sooo many rats but they were all dead. There were holes in the walls and rats were coming through but they were dying. They were big, fat black rats. What does this mean?

  21. In my dream this morning I was busy doing something that I cannot remember now and a rat or mouse suddenly from no where jumped on my hand and started biting me. I tried vigorously to shake it off my hand but the rat held on desperately and strongly. I continued trying to shake it off till I suddenly woke up.
    In my real life, I have been having issues in my carerr. Just this January I unceremoniously left the place I have been working for seven years because I was tired of the lack of growth and excessive demand of the job. I am now doing freelance work as a civil engineer. My extended family are counting on me for financial support but I can’t meet up because I usually don’t have. I live from hand to mouth but at work I am a star, always one of the best in my proffession.
    I got some insight from your interpretation and I followed the prayer points. Do you have any farther advise for me?

  22. I just thank the Lord for insight and ask him to bless evangelist Joshua even the more sure enough was on time advice I woke from having a dream about two rats first they were mice I was determined to find answers my mom is an evangelist herself and I know that’s my calling also of that nature moreover it just wasn’t the right time and all the other advice I came across was indeed helpful but I needed that spiritual help on what this dream meant and so much happe ed in the dream I don’t know how to sum it all up but I just thank God for bringing me here demons have truly been denounced out of my 24 year old life the assignment of the enemy has been destroyed in the name of Jesus I’m beyond greatful now I can sleep after these helpful scriptures I’m gonna look into I just ask god to increase his knowledge and too truly bless you because 2 years later it’s steal helpful and truly is a blessing stay encouraged and keep it up thank you Jesus!!!

  23. I had a dream that I was throwing up, black slimy dead rats….and then their bones. !!!
    I am not sure what this would mean?
    Thank you

  24. This has brought alot of revelation to me I had dreamt of so many rats had invaded my house and would chase them away then was able to kill several by cutting them into 2parts till they doe on seeing that all others that were remaining alive they feared and disappeared and was so disturbed till I read the above,
    God bless you

  25. Pls pastor I had a dream of rat crawling around my belly and I caught it.please sir can you explain that to me .thank you sir.

  26. I dreamt someone gave me a live rat to swallow and I woke up immediately after I swallowed it.
    I’m so afraid now, pls help me Sir.

  27. Sir i had a dream of seeing 2 rats running inside my house and i chased them out and locked the doors and widow so that none will enter again.but there where big rats 2.but this happened after a household wicked person came to my house.

  28. Good morning sir
    Thank you for the insight u gave by the explanation of rat dream.
    Pls, I dream were I enter my house about 3 rats were feeding on their fellow death rat, ad I caught the 3 rats by the neck and threw them away outside my root. Then on returning to my room I saw more rats, both the baby rats ad their mother that gave birth to them, so I begin to chased them in other to kill them, I succeeded in killing some of the baby rats, (not all) both the mother rat run away and I went looking for it so that I will stil kill it, then I woke up. Pls sir what does it means. Am stil on the deliverance program which will be concluded by today midnight been Thursday

  29. Good morning, pls I need help, in my dream, I saw a rat lying on its back and it’s kids forcing themselves inside a whole. What does it mean

  30. Good Sir. May God continues to bless you although am a Muslim and I have been following your interpretation on dreams which have been helpful to me because am gifted to always remember my dreams sometimes I don’t. But the dream of rats still socked on your interpretations and I will like to ask for more meaning to my dream. I dreamt of seeing my step mother plan to deficate some where though I was moving just not to try to see her then suddenly I saw many big rats runs out of different holes but I believe I chased them and suddenly many smaller ones came out again try to scared me which I believe I resisted and though can’t pick cause within is like i see some dead. Although when I woke around 4am I started to prayed and it’s begin to rained. I would be glad if you can share more light on this to me. Thanks

  31. The dream was a rat and turtle fighting, like stuck together. Somehow it jumps on my hand. I try to kill the rat. I try to separate the rat and turtle but they are stuck together. And threw the rat and turtle on the floor. I kept walking and I saw the rat and turtle fall on the floor. The rat ran. And turtle just stayed there on it’s back. I ran after the rat but I couldn’t see it anymore, so I saw a tub full of turtles and I kept looking to see the rat so I could kill it and I never saw it again.whats the meaning of a turtle and rat together?

  32. Hello i has a dream the all kinda of animals where in clear cages in this store all along the inside outline of store i walked uo to the rat area because i like hooded rats they are cute.but these rats were hevey and the eyes were ugly. There were a tone in the glass tank tunnning to me i tried to pick one up that came to me but it was too hevey.that one walked away another can i tried again was to hevey. They were all running around in the glass tank.

  33. I dreamt of a big rat,I tried chasing it with a chair but won’t go away,and try to chase me to my bedroom but I started shouting blood of Jesus but all this while my bro. In-law was on seat but couldn’t help.as I was shouting blood of Jesus I was about to lose my voice and I woke up.

  34. I dreamt some people were chasing a colourful snake in a river and it came out through my side and I cut it’s tail with cutlass. The snake the went to hide in a cage full of rats. I started killing them one after the other and before I kill them, they beg me not kill them but I do kill them. I killed about 27. Pls what’s the meaning
    Thank you

  35. I had a dream, I was sitted in a Church program. I was holding a dead rat and there a man going round with a bag and people dropping dead rats. When he came closer to me I stood up and dropped the one I was holding too. Does it mean a sign of victory?

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