Spiritual Meaning Of Urine In The Dream

Urine dream

What does urine mean in dream?

Isaiah 36:12, NIV, ”But the commander replied, “Was it only to your master and you that my master sent me to say these things, and not to the people sitting on the wall–who, like you, will have to eat their own excrement and drink their own urine?”

Urine dream is usually symbolic  of something  that needs to be put in check, particularly in the areas of health, marriage, career, workplace and social interactions. The burning sensation of passing out urine while in a dream state can be attributed to emotional issues. Often, urine dream is occurring at a time when you are nursing a feeling of being in a wrong relationship or marriage that takes off your peace.  Spiritually, however, the picture of  urine can indicate several meanings to the dreamer. It is true that when you are feeling the urge to pee, your emotions will change negatively, you will be uncomfortable. However your pee in a dream can cause fatal health issues.

To understand this context better, the feeling you had about urine when you wake up from such dream may tell you more about what that dream meant than any dream dictionary expert. Were you happy to release your urine? Did you actually feel better after urinating? Consider why this feeling might have come up for you. When considering the spiritual meaning of your urine dream, be mindful of your health and spiritual growth.

Urinating is a natural part of life where our body get rid of wastes and other unwanted materials.  The important of urine  cannot be over-emphasized.  It helps to regulate the body mechanism. but the spiritual meaning  can either be a good or bad theme depending on the context.  The good side is to be FREE from satanic burdens. While the bad side is carried out by the devil to manipulate you due to your sinful life. It will portend a serious bad signal if a day passes by without a person urinate. You can now know the differences.

The power of God upon our lives have been very wonderful and mighty. However, one doctor says, it’s a good development for a person to urinate atleast 3 times in a day. Going by doctor’s statement, frequent urination is having an urge to pass urine more than usual .  The next question, however, is: Do you normally feel embarrassed when you dream of urinating?  The dream of urine is connected to our emotions. This statement is purely true.

According to a recent research, women who are nearing planning to marry have this dream of urination (Pee). They ended up meeting shame or frustration with their men because of one challenge or other. The devil has been on guard to capture most women who are peeing naked outside. Get this meaning clear.

The reason is, when a woman is ripe for marriage, she feels she is going lose her pride and attractiveness. Women also have the fear of getting old, which becomes more prominent during singlehood. Since our urine is regarded as a symbol of sin and loss of greatness then this dream should not be taken for joke.

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Quick facts

Urine stays in the urinary bladder until it reaches a point of fullness and an urge to urinate. At this point, the urine is expelled from the body.

For this purpose of this deep revelation, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I will teach us the comprehensive spiritual and biblical meaning of urine dream. How it affects us as a person, physically, spiritually etc.

Ezekiel 16:49, ”Behold, this was the iniquity of thy sister Sodom, pride, fulness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her daughters, neither did she strengthen the hand of the poor and needy.”



Spiritual Meaning Of Urine In A Dream

Having the picture of urine in your dream can affects your lifestyle. To dream of urine in a dirty toilet is spiritually bad, which can be very harmful to your relationship to God and loved ones. If you dream of urinating in a dirty toilet means the attack of sin has been fired into your life. This type of dream can make you lose important people, a situation where people would not be able to gain access to you. It also means that power of sickness and infirmity have been programmed to waste you. Dream of urine is dangerous especially when you wake up unstable. With constant dream of urine, there will not be stable affairs.


When there is an urine on your body, the urine may bring foul smell odour, in a spiritual perspective, it invite the spirit of evil smell, rejection and hatred. Dreams of urine could represent the cost of making a compromise that is not satisfying for you or is bringing your life out of balance.
While you are in the midst of change or progress, the situation may feel like you are loosing something.  To dream of urine on your bed indicates spirit of marital shame is affecting you.

However, if you are not marry, it portend a long time struggle for good people to come closer to you for helps. Women who have given birth or in pregnancy in the past are at a greater risk of miscarriage. To dream that you are urinating in public symbolizes a lack of privacy, shame and disgrace. This type of dream can be a sign of warning. Perhaps that something negative might come to bring embarrassment and setback to you. Kindly reject it. It’s not your portion, in Jesus name.

To dream that someone is urinating on your body  means that you are feeling the emotional burden of this person. They are dumping all their feelings on you. However, the dream symbolizes satanic agenda to pollute you and cover your glory in bondage. If you dream that you accidentally urinated on yourself or wet your pants, then the spirit of mistake and errors from your foundation are attacking you. You will no longer command respect, honour and honour. This kind of dream can make people lose confidence and trust in you.  Are you expecting good news from someone? Pray that it did not fail. Because the devil did this in order to put your life at risk.

What Are The Causes Of Dreaming Of Urine?

There are many different causes of a dream of urine, but here we will highlight the spiritual symtoms. Urine dream is a symptom of a serious challenge.

  1. Foundational witchcraft attacks.
  2. Eating polluted food in the dream.
  3. Unsettled marriage.
  4. Excessive drinking of alcohol/smoking.
  5. Unstable relationship.
  6. Adultery/fornication.
  7. Unbroken curses.

Definition of Urine

According to healthline.com, ”Urine is composed of fluid and waste products that your body doesn’t need. Your kidneys work as filters, removing excess water and cellular byproducts from the bloodstream. This waste is sent down to the bladder as urine.”

Dreaming of urine may be a reminder that something is not done right. When you have such a dream, be sensitive to your body, how you’re growing through experiences or challenges, or pushing beyond your usual limits to discover new territories or ways of doing things. A brief explanation of that interpretation:

We received a mail of a woman who had the dream of  frequent urination, but finding ways to know its interpretation. The meaning was revealed to her then that  the enemy  is trying to drain out her marital virtues and we also told her that if care is not taken, she might lose her marriage to a strange woman. She confirmed the revelation as true. We prayed together and such dream experiences stop and her marriage was gradually being restored.

Seeing blood in urine in dream can be alraming. While in many instances the spiritual meaning is sickness and death. This  type of dream can indicate an imminent danger. Unlike in the waking life when a person pee out blood, it is usually a cause of kidney or liver disorder. But in the spirit world, it is terrible.  Another reason for dreaming of urine may stem from your holding on to old habits, behaviour and attitudes that no longer important to you.

Begin to think of this negative symptoms so that you may change the problems hindering your destiny. An animal urine in your dream is a usually a sign of bewitchment and bad luck. It is also possible you dream of goal, dog, rat etc urine on your body, documents, cloth etc. However, if you discover such experience then it means a spell, curse and jinx. If you dream of finding a place to pee but you did not see, it means you are facing big problems that no one is willing to help you out.

But if you eventually pee after long waiting then it means fulfilling your heart desire in life.  This dream may also indicate that you might be trying to separate yourself from certain people that are great hinderance to you. If you see other people’s urine on your body, if you are a woman, it means infertility, poverty. But if you are a man, it signifies the picture of demotion, self-pity and financial sickness.

To clean a toilet full of feces in your dream means that such person has been programmed to do a work with no gains or enough profits. The enemy use this dream to mess up the person’s destiny and promote slothfulness. The Bible says, Psalms 51:7 – Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

To queue up waiting to pee or urinate in dreams can be reflection where a person is in serious bondage, waiting to be delivered with no right pastor to save him. When such dream is frequently common, without any doubts, deliverance should be the next option. If you see some people attending many deliverance programmes without any solution is because the demons in them is powerful.

Urine dream has disgrace lots of people. A person who dream of peeing would wake up bedweting, that alone is to tell you that the attack or dream is not ordinary. There are some dreams you should never take for granted. Strong spirits are behind many dreams. It could be good spirits or bad demons. An urine dream can be an entrance to satanic attacks. Majorly, people explained to me that sickness is usually one of the key symptoms. You can imagine a man or woman being disgraced in the dream by urinating. This stubborn foundational spirit disturbs people.

Spiritual Meaning Of Urine: Foundation

Dreaming that your urine is painful means a discomfort and emotional problems. This pain may also affect you not to fulfill your purpose.  Perhaps you feel unprepared for the task at hand and are afraid of getting ridiculed. These dreams are often an attack from the devil for you not to enjoy your life, health. In most cases, the roots of your problem is from your foundation. This dream can be a symptom of a more serious problems.

While it is true that dreams about pee can illustrate anxiety, loss and foundational problem. Symbolically, urination is the release of urine from the urinary bladder through urethra. This might indicate significant changes in life that one is finding hard to cope with. But more often than, ones foundation can influences a person to pee in the ground. Perhaps you have known that once you are plague with attacks in your father’s house, you stand a chance of having this dream being in your memory over and over again. It is true that one you urinate in the dream, virtues will go. This could be very discouraging and frustrating because you will try to gain control and there will be no help.

Different angles to this dream of urine

  1. Dreaming about a dog urinate. means evil tares
  2. Dream about a baby urinating . means covenant between you and spirit spouse
  3. Dream of urinating in a gutter. means frustration and aimlessness
  4. Dream of floor soaked with urine. means polluted environment, sin and strange curses
  5. Dream of peeing on your legs means bad luck, stagnancy and misfortune
  6. Seeing urine on your pant means embarrassment and infertility.
  7. Dream of holding your urine means unstable emotional life, unprofitable works, lack of direction.
  8. Dream of feeling pain during urination means sickness and acute health problem
  9. Dream of someone releasing urine on you means covered with evil veins
  10. Dream of urinating on the bed means marital and financial problem.
  11. Finding a baby urine on your body means bondage and slavery.
  12. Dream of smelling urine on the floor means death and loss.

Many young adults bed-wet or urinate in the dream do not even realize they are doing it until they notice their body is  seriously wet with urine. The attack of excessive urine in the spirit realm is a way of letting you know that your virtues are gradually taking away from you. These are things that satan is using  to cause emotional troubles and bring their victims under their observation.

In order to know you are being attacked by witchcraft through this dream, the first sign to notice is your body chemistry. For example, if your body is weak, it means manipulation. Even if you notice that you find it so difficult to pass out urine in the waking life, it is also a way of the enemy to destroy your health with sickness that will swallow your resources. While it is important to check the background of your life, there are situations where you can’t even understand the purpose of your life.

What does it mean to dream of baby urine on your body?

The spiritual meaning of a baby’s urine can have several interpretations, depending on your actual feelings. However, if you are a single woman, obviously, this dream can mean marital hinderance. It shows that such woman will experience marital unstable, and disappointments. If the urine is smelling , that means bad luck, curses have been issued against you. That urine of a baby is spiritually done to mess up your life.

It shows that you have a spirit husband who is having or bearing children with you. It further highlights the severity of marine attacks. Moreover, if you also encountered this  as a married woman with children, then you should start praying against powers using your children to trouble your life and marriage.

Baby is very important in marriage, but in dream, a baby urinating on your lap, hands, room etc portend a dream of pollution, tares, destiny diversion. If your baby diaper is filled with urine, if you have a baby, it indicate the intention of the enemy to hijack the star of your child. But if you don’t have any child as of now, you should know that a certain strongman is blocking your destiny.

Meaning in focus

  1. Unfruitfulness.
  2. Financial turbulent.
  3. Promise and fail.
  4. Frustration and hindrance to be noticed by men.
  5. Beauty is spiritually covered with evil veins

What does it mean to wet yourself in a dream?

Wetting yourself in dream have a significant mental impact causing a great deal of embarrassment and stress particularly in adults and older children. Whilst bedwetting is capable of destroying the reputation of a person. Moreover, it is not common for an adult to release urine in the day and dream, but more often than not it is a dream of pollution. It is important to stress that a when you see yourself wet the bed, a strongman has been plagued to torment with the spirit of mistakes and poverty. If you see yourself wet other people’s bed, it means your presence is causing touch challenges for others.

Many people have lost their lives due to bladder problems.  When this dream of urinating is discovered in their dream, it become less important to them. A person can have bladder issues when he is usually confronted with this dream. The implication of having the spiritual dream of urine can sometimes be dangerous and can also lead to many other health conditions when it’s not managed properly with deliverance prayers.

To pee in a dirty toilet in your dream may indicate that your sin is really destroying many things in your life. This can open the door of evil smells, sickness and anti-marriage spirit. Dirty toilet is an unkempt toilet environment that oozing out armful odour. If you urinate in a clean toilet this dream refers to bringing out evil deposit programmed in your body.  If you see a toilet full of  urine in a dream it therefore means operating in a bad location.

Do you drink urine in your waking life? Have you been living on urine therapy? If your answer is yes, then this type of dream is for you. However if you dream of drinking urine, it means you are going to be disconnected from God. Check if your purpose of drinking is for health purpose then this dream means the presence of dangerous sickness attack has been fired into your body.

Even though they are not visible to you, but it will surely manifest. When a person is cursed to drink urine, or you see a person drinking urine in the reality, first, you will be shocked, and secondly, you will assume the person is running mental problem.  If you go to the hospital, you will find out that some people are in a critical urinary tract problem. Some cannot pee, some pee with the help of machine. May that not be your portion, in Jesus name. So drinking your urine or other people urine is demonic and contamination of soul, body and spirit. This resultant effect will always be sickness, mental illness and long term infection and moving objects in the body. For example, if you see a person packing your urine to the herbalist in dream or even physical, it indicates attacks on your fertility.

If you dream where you are using other people’s urine to bath, to masturbate, to rob your body in the dream, it means you have been plagued by wicked forces to act that way.  Sometimes, the urine dream experience can foster the easy passage of evil spirit to attack you more.  This dream also symbolize the action of the enemy to capture your star and frustrate your efforts in life. If a person is drinking the urine of a goat, dog etc, it will take the grace of God to get the person delivered. The person will be in trouble and if care is not taken, its spiritual life will be almost zero.

The kidneys make urine by filtering wastes and extra water from blood. Holding urine in your bladder for a longer period can be painful and harmful to your health.  If you are holding your pee, it indicates heavy burdens, discomfort mood, strange occurrences in your life.  But if you are unable to locate or find a place to pee means long term bondage, lack of good health, emotional problems, lack of focus and joy. If you are urinating blood in the dream, this means tragedy, death and calamity. Financial problem is also another interpretation.

Dreaming of your own urine smelling foretells a serious illness, but it can also be the omen of problems in your marriage or in family in general. If in your dream your urine is reddish, this means you are closer to the grave, Going for urine test in a dream can indicate a possible personal damage ahead due to an event that will catch you by surprise. To have your urine mixed with sperm means infertility and blockage in the organ.

As a young person, if you urinate on the floor, you don’t any interpreter to tell you that you are covered with shame. Shame is a very strong emotion that can tells you that you are irrelevant. When a married person found himself or herself releasing urine in the dream in a disgusting way means there is problem somewhere. Floor urine will activate the problem of marital challenge and social relationship. If you urinate on the floor, means your reputation is destroyed and your respect has been eroded. When discovery your urine on the floor, your close person may be plotting to see your sudden downfall. When a child urinate on the floor, the mother cleans it up. It can also be a reflection of how you allow others to take advantage of or abuse you.

Bible Verses Assignment: Please read the following:

  • James 4:7 Prov. 18:10, II Cor. 10:3-5
  • Eph. 6:10-18 Rev. 12:11 ,I John 4:4-14
  • Luke 10:19 Mark 16:17, Col 2:14-15
  • Isa 54:17, 2 Tim 1:7, 1 Cor 10:13


What does it mean to urinate in the public?

To dream of urinate in a public domain, it means lack of protection. It also mean that every other information has been known by the enemy. Dreaming of passing out urine in the public means the garment of shame and mockery has been put over your body.. Check if you are living a sinful lifestyle at the moment. For example, some people will be made to come and make mockery of you. They will also come to sympathize with you. Because this type of dream will drive away your confidence, faith and power.  When a person disclose a sensitive information, it is to hear the part of your story. Some people like to use the story of people to attack me. That’s the essence of this dream meaning. For instance, maybe you feel humiliated about the treatment or punishment meted to your loved ones.

There are plenty of reasons that urine may get rid of your blessing, and it almost always has a negative connotation according to most dream meanings experience. If recurring urine related dreams do occur, a great way of making sure that they stop is to reevaluate the way you live your life, and see if you uncover any ugly habits that you wish.

In some cultures it is a taboo when a man is peeping at a woman’s urine. If you are a woman and dream of a man peeing at you this means that you are spiritually defiled. Another meaning indicates that your body chemistry is attracting unreasonable or immature men in thinking to sexually harass you. When occurred in the reality, it a big offence that can take a person to jail especially when the woman is married. Also, if you see a woman urinating, means you have  spirit wife who sexually arousing you. You need to be very careful so that you did not fall into the hand of marine witchcraft women. Furthermore, if you are not free within your spirit whether as a man or woman, you may need to purge your mind with the blood of Jesus through prayers or betterstill, you go for deliverance.

How to overcome the dream of urine?

  1. Be a friend of JESUS.
  2. Repent from your sins and deal with them.
  3. Surrender your life to Christ, if yes, then rededicate yourself to Him.
  4. Go for medical checkup to see if there is any sickness in your body.
  5. Pray against distressful condition or emotional problems.
  6. Break every foundation ancestral bondage of evil inheritance.
  7. Watch your body thoroughly with the blood of Jesus.
  8. Deal with the powers that wants to disgrace you.
  9. Live a holy life. Do not backslide again or go back to your old life.
  10. Go for deliverance so ensure you did not experience another round of affliction.


INSTRUCTION: Embark on 7 days fasting and prayers between 6am to 6pm. Enter into midnight prayers. Lay your hands on your reproductive organ and pray. If possible, pray on your urine .


PRAYER ASSIGNMENT: Cancel the arrow of long term afflictions for 7 days.



  1. Powers, hampering my destiny, fire from heaven, destroy them, in Jesus name.
  2. Every sorcerer, drinking my urine to deactivate my glory, die by fire, in Jesus name.
  3. I break the power of all unrighteousness curses placed upon me, in Jesus name.
  4. Any situation in my life that has turned to a laughing stock, Father, change my story, in Jesus name.
  5. Throughout the day of my life, I will not live an embarrassing life, in the name of Jesus.
  6. Whoever that wants me to encounter delay in destiny, shall be utterly frustrated, in Jesus name.
  7. Every secret of my life that is exposed to my enemies, be closed by fire, in Jesus name.
  8. The glory of my life, hear the word of the Lord, be restored unto me, in Jesus name.
  9. Every spirit of unprofitable relationship affecting my marital prospects, die by fire, in Jesus name.
  10. By the hand of God, break my stubborn attitudes in my relationship, in Jesus name.
  11. O God of times and season, break pattern of long term sickness and infirmities in my life, in Jesus name.
  12. Every curse of praying under closed heaven, be broken forever by the blood of Jesus.
  13. The arrows of the devil fired into my organs to withold my fruitfulness, go back to sender.
  14. O God arise and destroy the terrible spirits holding my destiny in captive, in Jesus name.
  15. Every demon multiplying themselves daily in my foundation, die by fire, in Jesus name.
  16. Every evil generational punishment and embargo placed on my destiny and marriage, break by fire, in Jesus name.
  17. Let the blood of Jesus protect me from all evil occurrences, in the name of Jesus.
  18. Every season of demonic attack in my life, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus.
  19. Any evil objects moving in and around my body, hear the word of the Lord, be arrested by fire, in Jesus name.
  20. Blood of Jesus sanitize my body and me whole, in the name of Jesus.
  21. My organ, reject every handwriting of marital challenges, in the name of Jesus.
  22. Any herbalist, any person any where using my urine for evil assignment, run mad and die, in Jesus name.
  23. Any personality that is happy that I am in the problem of childlessness I turn your joy into sorrow in Jesus name.
  24. I bear in my body the mark of the blood of Jesus, let sickness and troubles flee from my habitation.
  25. O Lord deliver me completely  from evil animal spirit in the Jesus name.
  26. O Lord, destroy the strange powers that does not want me to celebrate, in Jesus name.
  27. Every spirit from the family side of my wife or husband assigned to use this dream to block our womb, die.
  28. Satanic voices speaking into my organ for ineffectiveness, backfire, in the name of Jesus.
  29. Every power making it difficult for me to obtain favour, be destroyed by fire, in Jesus name.
  30. Thank you Jesus for answered prayers.

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  1. I’ve had a recurring urine dream for years now that doesn’t seem to line up with the common meanings. It’s more of a me looking for a clean place to shower and I’m in a hurry but everywhere I turn seems to be an overflowing urinal or a shower stall with sewage backing up from the drain. I never have any shoes on and everywhere I walk has urine on the floor. Nearly everything I touch has sewage filth on it and I simply can’t find a clean place to shower. There are always other people around and they don’t seem to be having any problems or even notice me but I’m in a hurry and can’t get away from this darn urine.

  2. But Evangelist please tell me if you urinate in the midst othe women you know at church. And they don’t see you only you that sees them.And you hide as you quickly release yourself from the urine that has been stack inside you. In the clean funny toilet that is on the ground. On top of a huge stand.

  3. I had a dream that my boyfriend urinate on my legs on public place where everyone was seeing on us . Please give me the meaning of possible

  4. I had a dream that my boyfriend urinate on my legs on public place where everyone was seeing on us . Please give me the meaning if

  5. I saw a dream last night that I was passing urine some where which look like a bowl or a basin but the bowl was filled and start to run over, then I realized myself inside the house so I went outside to get a bucket to collect my unrine so that it will not spoil the house but as I was about to rush outside I realized that the bowl was a Bible this is piles at the top of many other books then I was so regret about that and only the Bible was contaminated by my pee so I went outside to take a bucket to squeeze the pee into the bucket and wash the Bible in the water but as I came back to the house it look like a church the pastor was there in the podium looking as though ready to deliver speech then I was more ashamed and suspect that he has taken the Bible with the pee in it but as I rushed in the pile of books with the Bible at the top was already unpiled by someone but I did find my Bible I took it and rushed outside again I squeeze and lots of per was collected from the Bible then I finally washed the Bible in the water.
    When I wake up in the morning I am so worried about my dream and I asked forgiveness from God. So I don’t know the meaning of that dream am God fearing and which part and manner have I dishonor God I don’t know but one thing for sure I know is that am not perfect. Please do you Know the meaning of the dream

  6. I dreamt of passing urine by the roadside gutter I beg someone to stay at by back to cover me from been seeing by people. when I woke up the first thing was to pee

  7. For two years my husband left me with excuses that I’m badluck to him 25 yes of marriage with grow up children I’m believing God to restore my marriage

  8. I dreamt a man urinating on me after having sex with me and there was a old woman watching and an old friend at school masturbating.Help me know the meaning please

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