Why Satan Is Gaining Authority Over Christians And Churches Today



Dearly beloved, Calvary greetings to you in Jesus Name. Once again, I am back with a REVELATION MESSAGE capable of giving you powerful insights into the spiritual realm for you to know what is happening to you in the physical realm!

We are talking on the reasons why Satan is still having Authority over many Christians even though they are in the Church singing, rejoicing and sharing testimonies everyday!

Note, this is a deep revelation I received from the Lord as I searched the scriptures. I also compared this research with the visible or practical happenings in the Church of our generation.

The Bible says if you know these things, you will be happy if you do them! John 13:17. It is very disheartening to see so many Christians with great titles, preaching, singing and dancing in the Church, yet, they are in the hand of the devil like a paper without weight!

For Your information, the devil is waiting for so many Christians to finish from this earth, to come and meet him in hell. Now, the REASONS WHY SATAN AND HIS AGENTS ARE HAVING AUTHORITY OVER MANY CHRISTIANS AND CHURCHES TODAY ARE :


1. INCOMPLETE REPENTANCE!  Do you know that many people who claim to have repented and accepted Jesus Christ have not done it GENUINELY? For instance, you cannot say you have repented of your sins and you are still living in your old sinful life. See the example of genuine repentance in Acts 19:18-20. When these people repented of their sins in Ephesus after hearing the message of truth from the Apostle Paul, they brought out all their magic arts and burnt them! That is genuine conversion. They did not hide anything. The devil cannot have power over these types of believers! They are covered by the blood of Jesus.

2. UNBROKEN GENERATIONAL CURSES! This is another problem. There are some curses generated from our Ancestors which have given Satan legal ground to lay claim on your destiny. For instance, the curses of Idol worship engaged by our forefathers! Read Ex 20:3-5. Here God states very clearly that anyone who worships Idol, the children’s children to the fourth generation will suffer the consequences of it. And this truly came to pass in the time of Jeremiah when he wanted to marry from a particular town, the Lord forbad him from doing so because the Ancestors of that Lady worshipped Idol. Jeremiah 16:1-4, 10,11. You see, God is still the same today. Truly, there are some families that their Ancestors had done a lot of sacrifices to demon Idol , poured libation on the ground and handed over their Succeeding Generations to evil powers with a lot of blood covenants. In short, you need to go for DELIVERANCE or engage yourself and your family in hot deliverance prayers that will set you free from the Authority of these evil forces or else nothing tangible will work for you!

3. CORRUPTED MARRIAGES! Another thing that is giving Satan upper hand in the lives of some Christians is their MARRIAGE! The Bible says marriage is honourable but the bed should not be defiled. Heb 13:4. In the beginning God created a man and a woman. They were to live together until death would separate them. There was, and still, there is no provision for divorce and remarriage! Today, this biblical injunction has been set aside by many Christians and Christian Leaders! Today you see many Christian Leaders who have divorced and remarried and they are preaching powerfully on the Altar and people are still under them listening to them! All these kinds of Christians and churches can never be free from satanic Authority and manipulations!

4. LACK OF HOLY LIVING! Even if you claim to be born again, speaking in tongues, seeing Visions very clearly, prophesying accurately and highly Committed in activities in the Church and you don’t believe in total holiness, you will never be free from Satan’s control. The Bible says without holiness No one will see the Lord. Heb 12:14, 1Pet 1:15,16. Holiness is the Nature and a Great attribute of God! Note, Holiness is of God while Defilement is of the devil. D Bible also says nothing that defiles shall enter heaven! Rev 21:27. Holiness must start from your heart and spread to your physical appearance, including your dresses and Your character! So if you don’t want Satan to have Authority over you, You MUST embrace the holiness of the Bible and begin to dress well.

5. LACK OF SPIRITUAL TRANSPARENCY! You see, there are some Christians who appear humble and innocent in public but what they do behind the Altar will baffle you greatly! They are some Christians who go as far as meeting Herbalists or fetish priest in search of solution to their problems. There are also Leaders who are using evil powers to perform miracles on their people. But they look very innocent, sincere & humble to the public view. These kinds of Christians and Leaders are fully in the hands of Satan for manipulations and control. Don’t be carried away by the multitude of people they are gathering. Pray to God to open your eyes to see their secrets! If you see it you will be dumb folded!

6. THE USE OF SATANIC ITEMS! You see, they are some Christians who are very low in understanding deeper spiritual matters to know that some of these fashions in the markets are produced in the deep Sea and brought for sale in the physical world for the purpose of defiling the people of God to disqualify them from going to heaven! It is unfortunate. Items like Jewelries, ornaments, earrings, bangles, chains and all kinds of RINGS!

These things are in the Bible but the devil will not allow them to read and believe, rather, they have chosen to believe what their pastors and Bishops say more than what the Bible says! Pls read Gen 35:1-4, Ex 33:1-6, Isa 3:16-23, Eze 7:19-21, 1Tim 2:9,10. Note, any Christian using these items mentioned above can never be free from Satan’s control and manipulations! The Worst thing is that you will not be allowed to pass through the Gate of heaven after death! Why not forsake all these demonic items and be free to live a holy life and be qualified for heaven!

7. LIVING ABOMINABLE LIFE! There are some Christians who are living in ABOMINATION and they don’t know. For instance, in Deut 22:5, the Bible says men should not wear what belong to women and vice versa! Jehovah God says all those who go contrary to this commandment are ABOMINATION before Him! But today, if there is any of God’s commandments that has been brutally and outrightly neglected, rejected and set aside by the Church worldwide due to demonic civilization, is this very commandment!

Today, it has become a norm and globally accepted that women can wear men’s clothing and vice versa and they feel comfortable! Remember, God has not changed. Ps 119:89, Mal 3:6. What He described as ABOMINATION over 4,000 years ago is still ABOMINATION till today and for EVER! Don’t let anybody deceive you with sugar coated mouth that it doesn’t matter! It matters a lot.

The salvation of your soul is at stake! Don’t make a silly mistake of your life! Mind you, all the Christians that live like this, Satan’s hand is upon them, believe it or not! They are all heading to eternal destruction in hell fire! Pls, if you have any relative living like this, help him or her!

He or she will NEVER forget you in heaven! And if you are in a Church or Ministry where True Holiness of the Bible is not emphasized, you better run away from there before it is too late for you. I would like to draw the curtain here. You are free to ask question if you want to know more. Thank you and remain blessed and rapturable in Jesus Mighty Name! Amen and Amen!!!


Take these prayer points

  1. Every beast assigned to change the law of the Bible shall be disappointed by fire, in Jesus name.
  2. The gate of hell shall not prevail against our churches, in Jesus name.
  3. No false prophets shall deceive the ignorant of men, in Jesus name.
  4. I receive the spirit of righteousness and holiness, in Jesus name.
  5. I bind every seed of sin in me, in the name of Jesus.

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