When Problems Becomes Stubborn

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It is very certain that there is no one without one problem or the other. It is not everyone who got their problems solved. So many people are into problems they did not understand the origin of their problem. So many go to church, so many go to native doctors and other strange places just to get their problems solved, but all their efforts proved abortive. It is as if God is not with them no more. They cried several times and continued. God has secrets which He will not reveal to everybody.

When you are fully broken, you dont have to pray to God much before you begin to see dramatic things in the spirit realm. Psalm 25:14 says, “The secret of the LORD is with them that fear him; and he will shew them his covenant.” In Jer 32:27, Behold I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: Is there any thing too hard for me? It is possible for a believer to have problems, but he or she should not allow the problems to overwhelm him or her.

No matter the problem whether big or small, God’s children will always overcome. It is when a problem gets hold of a believer that there is actually a problem. Problem can disorganize a person. Problem can make a wealthy man to become poor. Problem can make a healthy person to become sick. Problem can make married woman to look for child. Problems are powerful enough to land people in the graveyard.  Some people are bothered so much about the way people are looking at them because of what they do not have. They have the problem of inferiority complex. They cannot achieve success just because someone said. If you allow what people are saying about your problems to bother you, you will be killing your faith and possibly allow the problem to kill you. The reason many people are in a tough condition even when they have been praying is because they bothered so much about the problem, not about what God is saying to them in the word of God.

When a problem kills you, the best anyone can do is to attend your burial ceremony or to send money to the family for funeral. If what people can make you to worry so much, you are likely to die young or become hypertensive, thereby adding more problems to your problems. Many people have committed suicide, others are currently thinking the bad thing they can do against themselves.. Some are even ashamed of their problems and suffer in silence. Some prolong their problems by talking about it to the wrong people. Some prolong their problems by thinking about it. The Bible says, God keeps watch over all his children. There is nothing that happens to you that has not happen to someone before. The problem that is about to destroy you through your constant worry is a testimony to another person. Many have encounter serious problems more than you do but today, they are free forever. To make the matter worst, some choose to hide their problems.

There was a man who has been suffering from an long infection in the body. This infection has grown all over his body to the extent affecting his inability to impregnate a woman. In the marriage of 8 years of no child, this man has been blaming his wife for not bearing him a child. When they went to the hospital for test, it was discovered that the problem of infertility is from the man. He hid the problem and refused to let his wife know he was the cause of everything. In life, it is better you expose your problems to those you can confine with. It is better you share your problems with confidential people than roasting in silent. Do not allow what people say to discourage you from seeking help.

When a woman fails to tell her fiance that she has committed series of abortion in the past, she is hiding her problem from the man. which can affect their marital capacity. It does not matter what people say as long as God solves your problems. You should not worry over situations and circumstances. If you do, it is a sign that you have accepted defeat. The Bible says if you faint in the days of adversity, your strength is small. Joel 2:21 says, fear not, O land, be glad and rejoice: for the Lord will do great things.

When you are rejoicing, God will do great things in your life. This means, worry, anxiety and grumbling cannot make things better. So why are you engaging in them? Make up your mind that you will refuse to worry.

Blind Bartimaeus was told by people to stop shouting, that Jesus was not going to hear him. The Bible says he shouted even the more, if he had listened, he would have missed out on the opportunity of getting healed. He concentrated on God, not bother about what people were saying and how they were looking at him. so if you look at the children or servant of God, you will discover that they faced series of problems and today we are celebrating them that they were able to confront their challenges.


  1. Through the weapon of prayers and fasting

  2. Be still and know that the Lord is God (Ps 116:7)

  3. Decide that you will not fight the problem but you will find solution

  4. Read the scriptures daily Col 2:14, Gal 3;13

  5. Pray with boldness and assurance that God has answered you

  6. Confess that the problems are solved




1.Bring quality repentance to God.
2.Confess your sin to God and sin of your father’s house.
3.Cover yourself with the Blood of Jesus.
4.O God arises for my help,Where my ability as failed, arise for my help.
5.Persistence problems in my father’s house in my blood system die, in the name of Jesus
6.Every wicked tree of infirmity planted in my family, be uprooted by fire, in the name of Jesus
7.I shall not die in this situation, in the name of Jesus
8.Any problem that have covenant with night in my life die, in the name of Jesus
9.Problem of evil name, assigned to turned my life upside down die, in the name of Jesus
10.Problem expander in my father’s house, die, in the name of Jesus
11.The enemy shall not celebrate my down fall this year, in the name of Jesus
12.Any problem, assigned to add problems into my marriage, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.
13.Any power that is using my late father/mother to punish me, die.
4.Inherited problem organise.
15.Power, that is using my past to attack my present – die.
16.Foundational bondage assigned to mess up my life die.
17.Powers that want me to die in my situation – die.
18.Notable problem in my father’s house – die.
19.Powers, that is rejoicing over my problem – die.
20.Family cage in my father’s house catch fire.
21.Family reproach problem in my blood system dry up by fire.
22.O God, I thank you because, you will answer all my requests today.
23.My father, arise and take over my battle.
24.Every wicked power, that fought my parents, and is now fighting me – die.
25.Foundational problems in my father’s house; be uprooted & die.
26.Ritual power done against my life from the womb – die.
27.Any power, handing me over to problem in my father’s house – die.
28.Serpent’s powers, bitting my marriage, die – violently.
29.Serpent’s power bitting my helpers- die.
30.Candle’s powers, using to bury my glory catch fire.
31.Arrow from the grave programmed to cause insanity in my life, back – fire.
32.Goliath that killed my late fore fathers & mothers, I kill you before you kill me.
33.Idol power, assigned to naked my life – die.
34.Incantation power, assigned to scatter my house – back fire.
35.Any sacrifice, done to vandalize my life – die.
36.Any herbalist, hired to destroy my life, die in your wickedness.
37.My glory, buried in the waters, appears.
38.Any herbalist, that’s using my cloth to cause problem – die.
39.Any scarify, done to damage my life, catch fire.
40.Any herbalists, using my picture, calling my name in other to harm me die by fire.
41.Any problem of No solution – die.
42.Anyone that knows the history of my problems shall witness my testimony.
43.O God of Glory, trouble my trouble in Jesus name.
44.Thank God for answering your prayers.

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