Nigerian Food Eaten In The Dream
Nigerian Food Eaten In The Dream

John 6:35 , ”And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.”

Nigerian foods are so delicious especially when they are served in the reality. They are rich and healthy.

When prepared well,  Nigerian foods has the ability can satisfy ones stomach. In every culture, they are known for their peculiar food nature. Whereas eating in the dream is not.

For example, in my part of the world (Edo), we are known for pounded yam and ogbono soup. Whatever food we consume in the physical realm has a negative effect when eating in the dream.

The number of people that have started eating some Nigerian foods in their dream is enough to put almost everyone into satanic bondage.

Food is one way the devil is using to destroy the destiny of people. Our brethren have continued to write us that they keep eating some Nigerian foods in the dream, these are: Rice, Beans, Vegetable soups

Nigerian Foods Eating In The Dream
Nigerian Foods Eating In The Dream

Some people are fond of eating their food favorites in the dream. It is dangerous to be eating some  Nigerian foods in the dream not prepared in the physical realm.

There is no way a person that eat in the dream would not be affected by the symptoms of this dream.

Dream has become a dumping ground for those who have been initiated through evil food. This has been the plans of the devil to feed more people in their dreams with all kinds of Nigerian food that has been decomposed and damaged for many years.

Many people who fail to overcome the habit of eating local foods in the dream have lived  to regret the moment of carelessness and ignorance. They have continued to lavish in poverty, sickness,  shame, demotion, spiritual weakness and bad experience of life.

It is very easy to stop eating some Nigerian foods in the dream but it is very painful when the evil foods have refused to be purged out of your life and destiny. A person can be eating eba and egusi soup in his dream between 5 to 10 years and such spiritual food would remain in his body casuing so many problems.

The devil is not stupid. The devil cannot be feeding your stomach with some foods in the dream and you conclude that it is a good dream. If the devil know that you cannot pray against such dream, he will continue to allow you to be eating that kind of foods in the dream that will silently put you in serious affliction and bondage of the wicked.

In conclusion:

Eating in the dream is demonic. That foods must be avoided if you must obtain total deliverance from evil initiation and programmes. You need to be prayerful and watchful of the types of foods you eat in the dream.


With the help of this article, I will try as much as possible to break down the meaning of some Nigerian foods eating in the dream.


Let’s look at some of the Nigerian foods


This is indeed a strange dream. To eat pounded yam in the dream is to eat or swallow troubles and evil loads. To take  egusi soup is to eat spiritual failure and sickness.

Can you see demonic plans for people? So eating pounded yam and egusi in the dream means evil plantation against ones health and progress.

Psalm 55:22, ”Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.”

This kind of dream would allow people to face troubles. Anywhere they go, it will be one bad news or the other.

Some wicked spirits normally convert pounded yam into a stone, and while others changes the faces of Egusi soup into an unclean water.

The effects of this dream are felt by victims even when they cannot see the source of their problems. On the other hand, if you eat only pounded yam and you did not remember the kind of soup you took in the dream, shows your destiny have been stolen.

If you remember taking only Egusi soup in the dream and fail to remember the pounded yam, it means such a person’s life has been diverted. Am I making sense to you



This is one of Nigerian staple food which is very rich in protein as well. Moi-moi is a cooked bean source. This is another bad dream.

Eating moin-moin as food in the dream deactivates the aroma of success and restoration. The devil uses this dream to steal the virtues and opportunities of their victims.

When you eat moi-moi often in the dream, you will not enjoy your life and people will start avoiding you. By satanic conversion, they change the outlook of moi-moi to the waste product of human which is shit. And shit spiritually can pollute and encourage sin. Beside being a bad dream, it is also known to attract problems to people. You need to cry out to God to cancel all witchcraft plans against you.




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  1. I have eaten Eba and okra soup in dream, what could be the meaning of such dream? And how to pray for total deliverance

  2. I have been eating in my dream, how can I stop…. last month I dreamt where I plugged out three African star apples and someone was seriously chasing after me and stopped in my front then I woke up, among the three African star apples, one is the biggest

  3. What does it mean of dreaming of seeing a flying hawk got burnt and fell down. I pressed the stomach and water was coming out of it. Dead!

  4. once a while i do dream of eating okro soup and tuwo. when i had dream i do notice disappointment or delay please i need ur prayer

  5. I ate semovita and oha soup prepared by my mum and in that. Dream it was very delicious and i finished it pleas in dont know what it means pls help me

  6. What does it mean to eat Eba and ogbona soup mixed with okra, with a friend (female) i eat till i almost finished it,

  7. What has eating in the dream got to do with new life in Christ Jesus. Don’t you know that he that is born of Christ overcomes the world?

    Truly, you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Jesus is the life, the truth and the way.

    • Being born again does not mean you wont experience spiritual problem. In fact the devil is after devoted children of God to manipulate. The different is the ability to stop the activities of devil in your dream world through prayers. Remember Jesus was also tempted by the devil but He didn’t fall to the gimmicks of the devil, instead he overcame the devil.

  8. Sir please I saw myself having a lot of starch, a friend ask me for some starch I say no that it will not be enough for me to sell to my customers please siron what does it mean

  9. I dreamt where i paid a woman to prepare roasted akara for me n i ate n give to others to eat n i was saying that this roasted one is batter than fried one

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