What Does It Mean To Have A Male Child in the Dream?

Having A Male Child In The Dream
Having A Male Child In The Dream

Please sir what does it means to have a male child constantly in the dream.


It is the joy of every mother to bear children, including the male child. Having a male child in the dream is a symbol of blessing. The dream of a male child can mostly occur when a woman is in serious need of children. The blessing of a male child in the dream include fruitfulness, marital joy, celebration etc.

This dream can stand as a message to the mother to exercise a little more patient. At the hospital, when a woman gave birth to a male child, there is a relatively happiness in the home. Know that there is no child that is not good before the Almighty God. They all have their primary assignment here on earth.

Having a male child is not a bad dream. Some possible signs that the dream is good is when the woman wakes up free, calm and peaceful without any cause of fear or sorrow. High expectation can also cause an expected mother to dream about a male child, That forms the basis of her prayers to God and her eagerness to receive quick answers from God.

Having a male child is different from giving birth to a male child. When you keep seeing a male child constantly, it is a good sign of marital blessing and favour. If you dream that you are giving birth, it portends a good or bad sign depending on the context of the dream.

You can only have a male child when you posses, own or accept the child. But giving birth is not. You can only give birth when you produce the baby from your body say Cambridge dictionary.

Talking about a male child in the dream…

For example, When you see yourself having a male child in the dream, if you are an expected mother, God is opening your eyes to see His next plans for you. Most times, this dream could indicate that God has made you whole, Its just for you to get the signal and start claiming the blessings that attached to this dream.

But if you are a single who have a male child in the dream, That’s a bad sign of setback and spirit children. Spirit children can easily possess the destiny of children in the dream if the woman is not prayerful enough, it can jeopardize her marital  destiny.

God’s agenda for you is not to have children in the dream where you are only struggling to settle down with a man physically. His purpose is for you to locate your destiny man in the real life, then thereafter, He continue to do the rest things concerning your marriage and children on your behalf. This can be achieved through prayers , fasting and immediate understanding of signs and revelations.



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Constant dream of a male child….

  • It means  something great is coming
  • If you are an expected mother or mother, it portends great joy about to flood into your home
  • It means God has placed a boy in your womb
  • If you are pregnant, it means you will deliver that baby safely
  • If you have a plan to abort the baby, and God is showing you its a male child through dream, then it means that baby will be so great and powerful. Killing it will resort to your untimely death!
  • If you are a widow, it means your son will achieve his destiny
  • It means God is using that baby boy to speak into your life challenges
  • It means sorrow and bitterness is about to be deleted from your faculty


A married woman having a male child in the dream is a reminder of her potential fruitfulness. The Bible says, Psalm 128:1-3, Blessed is every one that feareth the Lord; that walketh in his ways. For thou shalt eat the labour of thine hands: happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with thee. Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of thine house: thy children like olive plants round about thy table.”


15 fact of single woman having a dream about a male child

This fact is designed for singles who constantly dream about children

Satanic plans..

  1. It steals your blessings
  2. It militate against the plans of God for your life
  3. It makes people or family member to grumble against your lateness to marriage
  4. It removes your garment of favour and replace it with sorrow
  5. It does not give you a guarantee of a successful courtship or marriage
  6. It allows the marine spirit to cage you
  7. It doubles problems or afflictions in your life
  8. It compels you to ask God too many questions
  9. It makes you look more older than your age
  10. It breaks your vision and rubbish your life
  11. It delays deliverance of the fruit of the womb
  12. It explains to the man that you have given birth before
  13. Your man looks at you like a woman that has been married
  14. It brings multiple frustration and disappointments
  15. It invites insults, temptation and other secret sins



  1. Give your life to Christ
  2. Repent from your sins and confess to God that you have sinned
  3. Break every curse of late marriage or marital problem
  4. Lay your right hand upon your womb and declare I shall be fruitful in my marriage
  5. Ask God for forgiveness and mercy
  6. Pray against powers fighting against your marriage



  1. Every power that does not want me to have a male child, die, in Jesus name.
  2. I bury every expectation of the enemy to plant what God has not ordained in my life, in Jesus name.
  3. Blood of Jesus, break powers of marital covenants working against my marriage, in Jesus name.
  4. I receive the power to bear children, in the name of Jesus.
  5. Spirit of loneliness, leave my life, in the name of Jesus.
  6. I shall overcome every trial and temptations fashioned against my marriage, in the name of Jesus.
  7. I secure my marriage and children, in Jesus name.
  8. Every spirit child imposing as my children, die, in Jesus name.
  9. Male child shall not be absence in my home, in Jesus name.
  10. Every covenant or agreement between me and spirit spouse to bear me a male child in the dream, die, in Jesus name.

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  1. I am currently in a relationship (courtship) but had a dream of having a beautiful male child whose name in tge dream was emmanuel…i was happy including my mum and every memeber of my family…i even wanted to breast feed the baby but my mum said i should not wake the baby up, because the baby was sleeping… sir what could this mean?

  2. Afternoon man of of God I have recently been dreaming of a baby boy who’s praying in tongues and I truly don’t understand what my dream mean

  3. Good morning man of God. Please I would like to know the meaning of seeing someone give birth to a male child in the dream. I would appreciate if I get a response. Thanks

  4. I dreamt first dream having my a make child and then he died but after ward I saw him alive,second one I dreamt with of same age with first one like two years but this one was very stubborn so I kept holding him,what does this mean? God bless, thanks.

  5. I had a dream where my wife put to birth a baby boy and it all happen in our home and in the same bed we were sleeping, the baby was okay and my wife was sound but placenta didn’t come out so in that dream i was shouting let’s go to hospital so get the placenta out. Though there was joy.

  6. Good day the great man of God of our time, pls help I dream of having sex in dream ,my sperm was split out

  7. I don’t have children. But I had a dream that a boy, maybe 9 or 10 years of age was attacked by his two dogs. He lived across the street from me. He kept screaming for help, but I couldn’t help him. I could see his mother sitting in the window of their house. I knocked on the window and told her, her son was being attacked by his own two dogs. By that time, the two dogs had drug the boy down the street. One was a huge white dog, the other a small red pit bull. 4/1/200 is when i had this dream.

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