These are some of the most frequently asked questions from our  brethren. We gather and bring them to the public for knowledge and understanding of this website.


1.   What’s the official name of the website?

It is


2.   Is it a ministry or an online?

This is an online ministry set up by the direction of the Holy Spirit.


3.  What’s the purpose of this ministry?

Our purpose is to preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. To deliver the people who are in satanic bondage through the power of prayers and to interpret the dreams of many. To also edify the body of Christ across the world.


4. When was it established?

This ministry was established 2010 and got its government document to operate in 2016.


5. Where do you worship?

I worship in Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries. The big idea is to preach the gospel of Christ across the world through the power of the internet.


6. Do you have a connection with any MFM Pastor?



7. Are you a pastor?

No, I am an Evangelist (Jeremiah 1:5). But you can simply call me Brother Joshua


8. Do you intend to start a church soon?

Most definitely, if God say yes!!!


9. Can we come to visit you for counselling? And where is your branch?

This is strictly an online ministry. We do most of our counselling and prayers online and which has been very impact and glorious. But most times we accept visitors as led by the spirit. Our branch is online.


10. Are you affiliated with any church? If yes, who and if no, why?

No, we are not affiliated with any church as at the time of writing this message. Maybe in the future!!!


11.  How do you treat cases that require personal ministration or physical contacts?

We refer people to any Bible based deliverance church. Most times, it is Mountain of fire


12. Where do you based?

Nigeria with office in the city of Lagos


13. Are you Dr. D.K. Olukoya?

No. He is my spiritual father.


14. How can we purchase your book?

The book will be coming soon. Kindly exercise a little more patient. Update will be shared to our newsletters subscriber. I urge  you to sign up today.


15. Do you accept advertisement on your website?

Yes, we accept ADVERTS. Kindly read our adverts terms and condtions


16. Are you willing to minister in our church?

Yes, if invited and led by the Spirit of God


17. How can we support this ministry?

Kindly check our donation tab


18. Why do you locked your content from your website?

We decided to that against plagiarism and maintain our uniqueness. We normally unlock it every 3 days of the week.


19.  Can we share your contents and backlink your articles?

The answer is yes!!!


20. Can we use your articles for ministration?

Yes, you are free. You can write us to seek for grace and permission. You can reach us through:


21. What’s the best time to call your prayer line?

Early morning and night from 10 pm (Nigerian Time) GMT + 1


22. I have a prayer request to send across.

We are working on the prayer request form. It will be running on the website very soon. Meanwhile, you can forward your request to us here:


23. I have dreams to share. How can I send them across to you.

Through: or link us up on our whatsapp: +2348099828623


24.  Why do some people dream and forget it?

God  gave man the power to monitor and study the movement of their dreams. The reason people forget their dreams when they wake up is because the devil has stolen them. The Bible says while men slept, the enemy came to tares. Sometimes, it could be emotion, worry or tiredness before bedtime. The devil has cheated many Christians due to ignorance.


25.  Is it true that some dreams can predict the future?

Oh yes! Dream is the picture of our destiny. Without a dream, a man is bound to fall without rising up. Permit me to say dream is a spiritual mirror! So dream gives a man the outlook of his future. Since God uses Daniel to interpret the dream of Nebuchadnezzar, and since then our dream is considered to be the right channel to know what is about to happen whether good or bad.


26. Do dreams have significant meanings?

Yes they are. It happened in the life of Joseph and Daniel. These men knows that dream plays a  very significant role in our lives. Even our Lord Jesus knows its important.


27.   How can our state of mind affects our dream life?

To a very large extent, they can affect the department of our lives. For example, if a person thinks about having sex before he or she sleeps, chances are that such person may dream of having sex. The interpretation of this dream has no spiritual meaning because it is influenced by the state of mind. Our daily life can affect the scope of our dreams.


28. Do you think it is possible to connect and talk with dead people in the dream?

It is very possible. The picture of people that we engage with in the dream should be taken seriously. A living person can easily connect and communicate with the dead spiritually. But the Bible says, there is no relationship between – light and darkness. It is also possible for the dead to hold the destiny of a living person. The dead does not come with a good intention but to steal, kill and destroy.


29. Are your dream interpretation based on psychology, people’s emotional feelings or the Bible?

The Bible says for as many that are led by the spirit of God. In Daniel 2:22, the Bible says, he revealeth secret things to people. A person who is gifted spiritually will interpret his dream in the basis of the Bible. God exposes some dream meanings to me which I shared to the children of God.  Many dreams that I have been interpreting has been confirmed by the children of God. Deep and mysterious meanings…



Do you enjoy it? If your answer is yes, more FAQ’s will be posted as generated from our followers.