Evil Idols Of My Father’s House

Evil Idols Of My Father's House
Evil Idols Of My Father's House
In Genesis 31:30-35, ”Rachel had stolen the idol of her father’s house which Jacob had been looking for. In Gen 35:17-20, Rachel died during childbirth because she attracted a terrible curse to her life by stealing household idols.”
Bible Verses: 1 Cor 10:14-22, 1 Samuel 1:11
Evil idols by our forefathers are one of the oldest image used for worshipping gods. Evil idols are revenging and they are crying at the souls under their custody. In some houses in Nigeria, evil idols are still much prevalent today and has become a great hinderance to people’s progress and blessings.
The anointing of hard labour without good result for their efforts has become a trend in that family line. The moment such people are planning to survive their stronghold, they cry against their progress. Before you say Jesus Christ is Lord, they disappoint such persons  plans and destiny.
Some wicked idols plans terrible affliction, bondage and death whenever they discover their victim is about to escape or get to their point of breakthrough. Tell me the person that comes from the house that worship idols, it is possible to predict the future of most people from that family line.
Various kinds of persistent struggle, failure, sickness, rejection,, financial limitation and marital wastage has continued to be part of their destinies. It is hardly to see people or family from idolatry homes that prosper, marry, and do better things in life. Some that manage to succeed, they barricade them at their comfort time.
There was a certain time I went to a particular family house in Benin City, Nigeria to see a friend. I was shocked the way and manner these people worship their family idols in broad day light. If a particular idol of a family line is broken today by the blood of Jesus, you will see the sudden breakthrough and progress that will happen in that family line.
Many people from idolatry homes needs complete deliverance. And this explains why people are struggling, losing their precious things, meeting lots of disappointments on their way.
To others, they sweat profusely before they succeed in life and if you look at them their struggle has yield no result. The battle against the evil idols of your father’s house is not a case you treat with kid cloves but a serious spiritual battle.
I pity some people who believes these powers don’t exist and these enemies are feeding fat and rejoicing at their ignorant. Over the years, some families held crusades, organise Christian programmes, vigils to fight and break the evil idols of their father’s house that is messing up their destiny.
In fact, the more they pray is the more the evil idols cries out is the more they attacked them at will. These wicked people would tell you that it is the oldest religion of their forefathers and declare that nothing in this world can break out their idolatry powers from this race. This is the areas Christians needs to rise up to these great challenge to this evil idols powers. There is no time for soft Christianity.
Many lives have been frustrated, destroyed and others wasted. Many are currently under the plague of these wicked evil idols of their father’s house and they are daily crying for helps. There are some violent prayers dedicated for this.
You don’t go to war with an old or expired weapon. As a solder in Christ, you must increase your spiritual power armed with rugged deliverance prayers to break you out of this inherited evil idols.
Many pastors have had their ministries folded up and more are still folding up due to powers of their father’s house. Many ladies are opposite of marriage, that is, having the challenge of meeting a lasting man for marriage.
It is a serious problem. There are some parents who cannot enjoy the blessings of their children due to this militating factors of the evil idols of the father’s house. To be free from them, you must surrender your life to Christ. Repent from your sins. Break yourself from evil idol tying down your life and destiny.. Let me stop here!!!!



  1. I disconnect my family and I from any covenant with Baal, in the name of Jesus.
  2. Every angry altar of my father’s or mother’s house crying against my breakthrough, die, in the name of Jesus.
  3. Rage of powers worshipping the evil idols of my father’s house, die, in Jesus name.
  4. Every voice of the wicked idols of my father’s house that says I will not prosper until my family worship or bow down to them, catch fire, in Jesus name.
  5. Every evil curse connecting me to family idol, break, in Jesus name.
  6. Every evil powers of my family idol hunting for my life, die, in Jesus name.
  7. I break every evil dedication between me and any altars, in the name of Jesus.
  8. I neutralise all the sacrifices and ritual that has been offered to Baal by my father’s house, in the name of Jesus.
  9. I command the evil bloodline flowing from my ancestors into me dry up now in the name of Jesus.
  10. Any problem that wants to become a god in my life die, with your evil assignment, in the name of Jesus.

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  1. Powerful book Sir ,indeed this things are working and are causing big hindrances to our future,I thank God for the access to these powerful teaching,Great work.

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