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Daniel 2:3 
And the king said unto them, I have dreamed a dream, and my spirit was troubled to know the dream.

There’s a couple of reasons why you might be having dreams involving someone. The first most common reasons is that, its to pay close attention to that person in your waking life. There are some spiritual properties when you deliberately refuse to share the dreams, revelations or visions about someone to them. Dreaming about someone who was involved in a fatal motor accident. Maybe your dream could be pointing to a certain tragedy, calamity or even untimely death that attacked or struck a person in the spiritual world. It might also be a dream from God to pass a very important message to the person.

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If that’s the case, it is symbolic in the eyes of Jehovah that He wants you to bring the dreams, visions or revelations to the awareness of the affected person. However, if they are your close or good friends, or even your family relatives, it is better to inform them about the dreams on time before it strikes one of them. The implication, however, is that, if you fail to tell the person the bad dreams or possibly pray to cancel such a horrible revelation on their behalf, there are many cases which I have received recently indicating that the dreamer may be the one or his family that is likely to be affected by that same dream he or she refused to share. This is a serious situation.

For example, just because you had a dream of a person in a critical condition might be telling you to render your quality help. On the other hand, if you fail to let the dream out to the person in concern, God might used the dream to punish you, to delay certain things from you (Gen 37:5). Sometimes these dreams are shown to you either as a warning, instruction, advise or it might even tell you to avoid the person, to help the person, or to intercede for such a person. In the case where you dream of someone you don’t understand t all, it might be a revelation to be very careful in engaging in such a person.

Specially when you dream about someone, it is very likely or possible that you were thinking so much about that person when you fell asleep. This creates a state of emotional display in your dream. In such a case, it has no significant meaning since it just a mere a state of emotion. In a clear term, this person may appear as an angel or a full representation of evil spirit. If the Lord wants you to pass a message to the person, you might dream of the person. Whereas, seeing a favorite person or a peaceful personality denotes the peace and calm in your life right now. Whenever you have the dream of others, try to write down everything that you can remember from the dream. The exact situation and occurrences in the dream will help you to figure out the type of person he or she symbolizes.

Different Dream Interpretations About Someone

  • What does it mean when you dream about someone you love?
  • Dream of someone gossiping about you
  • Dream about someone hating you
  • Spiritual meaning of someone eating with you
  • What does it mean when you dream of someone fighting you
  • Dream of looking for someone
  • Dream about someone’s death
  • Seeing yourself talking someone in the dream

What does it mean when you dream about someone dying? – Spiritual Meaning

The dream about someone has the ability to affect the dreamer’s life. To see people dying in the dream is one of the most common dreams that people experience. This type of dream is telling you to cancel the yoke of untimely death and other satanic attacks on the life of the person or possibly on your own life. In some cases, to dream about someone’s death, this could be a sign or opportunity for you to intercede on behalf of the person. In many occasions, you feel like you are starting to lose your blessings. This can be terrifying or dangerous if you fail to take action towards the dream. When this dream occurs, it may indicates a signal that someone is about to die. It could means that someone is in a very critical condition or a particular person is likely to give up soon. Maybe after the dream experience about the death of someone, you actually woke up feeling fearful or disorganized in your spirit, then it is a symbol that a very bad situation will hit you or a loved ones..

If you always feel like fearful, it shows that the enemy has already concluded the works to bringing the manifestation of calamity, tragedy or even sorrow.  However, if you continue to ignore this dream situations in your current life , your enemy might use it to attack you at anytime. So, you need to be prayerful, and scatter all the concluded works of darkness against your life and loved ones . Also, When this dream occurs, it may also mean that you are having problems with your destiny. When a person is having problem with his or her destiny, he or she cannot do something he naturally loves to do.

While death of someone can represent a terrible affliction or a time to pray against bad news, this is how the enemy plans to invade people. If you dream that someone died on the road, or was shot by stray bullet, then it may tell you to stand in gap for the person. It doesn’t matter at this time if it is a known or unknown person, the fact is that a person is dying. Sometimes you may be so attached to someone that you dread losing them to death. This is not strange thing in the spirit. It is very normal to fear the death of the person you love. But as long as you keep seeing people dying in your dream, it signifies the end of blessing, end of joy, end of prosperity etc. It is very easy to believe that the person you see in your dreams is real or not associated with you. It is actually possible that they could be real because you may have seen them at random in your real life. At the same time, they are not someone with mystery. That someone in your dream takes spiritual discernment for you to know what they represent or their mission. Or what was their mission? Or what resort their miserable death? If you were unable to get the face of the person in your dream, it is highly possible that they were actually an evil person to you.

The moment you explain this dream to them or cancel the dream on time, then it means no evil will visit you.  But if the person died mysteriously in the dream, it could mean a true revelation that a person is likely to die soon as a result of serious attack . If you saw many people dying in your dream, is a warning that you are going to experience setback and difficulties by attaching yourself with some set of people.

By seeing someone dying, it also means that you might suffer losses which you will not be able to overcome. This can be in your business, relationship, marriage or related to your material possession. It can also be in your personal life, maybe in your love affairs, since it will be emotional in nature. Whatever the nature of your loss, be prepared when you experience this vision in your dream. If the reason for someone dying in the dream was something meaningless to you, then it could be telling you to be very vigilant.  Sometimes dreams about someone dying can be provoked by someone ‘s death closer to you.

A dream about the death of someone is bad enough to prevent a person from fulfilling destiny. Dead people can be disgusting to see in your dreams or reality. When you have a dream about a person dying or you see a dead relative, it may indicate that the spirit of premature death is hovering around you. Always observe your feelings critically whenever your dream involves the death of someone, however, if you feel bad, then it is a sign there may be loss of expectation, inability to access destiny people for helps. It may even be difficult to have a stable blessings and spiritual lifestyle. You may have uncontrolled fears or negative emotions surrounding a certain situation. Sometimes, you may fear that a friendship, job, finances or relationship is ending.

On the other hand, maybe the person you dreamt about is an evil personality, a person who is interested to see you die,  so if you see his or her death in your dream, it simply shows you that the Lord is actually dealing with your battles of life. In addition, when your enemy died in the dream, consider yourself a blessed person,  it represents a resounding victory over death and hell. Despite all these meanings, it is also advisable you go for deliverance. Deliverance is one of the best things to enroll yourself for at this point.

This is because the death of someone in the dream could also be translated to loss of womb, and other signifies the seed of demotion, joblessness, poverty, disgrace, crawling, meeting the wrong people, a separate entity, or the end of good things in marriage etc.  You may be saying there is no evil that will happen to me, you are right, to be on the safer side, it is better you control this through deliverance programme. I know what I am saying. As a Christian reading this, let God be there to remove all ordinances of death upon your life and loved ones.

Dreaming About Someone Repeatedly

Dreaming about someone repeatedly is a common situation. This person might be someone you love, hate, or a person whose identity is not known to you. When you keep dreaming about a particular person over and over again, it could be a serious warning for you to pay attention to, especially if he or she is a known person. It could implies that such a person is very important to you. Depending on the outcome of the dream. Your emotion being attached to the dream matters a lot to determine the actual meaning.

However, if you keeping seeing someone frequently, especially a person planning to do you harm you, steal from you, barricade you, or a person trying to capture or kill you, the important aspect of this dream is that God wants you to rise up and pray against demonic powers. If you dream about running towards a group of people it could be taken as a good sign, this symbolizes protection, unity or working as a team towards the fulfillment of your dreams.

For example, if you dream about a known person willing to help you, teach you something, to show you the way, etc, then it indicates your time of favour has come. If you are a young person and having dreams involving a person trying to scatter you plans, then it is a sign you are about to lose opportunities and resources. This may not be the signs to carryout some projects involving money because you might lose that money. In some cases, such a dream symbolizes that you have enemies against your progress. If you dream about your childhood friend over time, this may mean that you are longing to see him or her again. It may also symbolize the strong feelings this person has built around you when he or she was with you.

Your reason of him or her featuring in your dream could be a point for you to re-establish relationship with him or her, or to stay away from the person completely. I believe through prayers, the Lord might show you the purpose why you keeping seeing this personality in your revelations. Also, there may be someone in your waking life now who might arouses those dreams within you. If you dream of someone who have hurt you in the past, it indicates your spirit is yet to be disconnected from the attachment with the person. This might constitutes symbols of backwardness, stubborn delays, rejection, constant disgrace, financial problems etc. Perhaps you might just be missing the person for what he or she has done for you when both of you are emotionally in love.

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