Dream Of Writing Exams


Writing exams in the dream is not bad, but it depends on the outcome of the examination. If you write exams and pass in the dream. It means success in life, marriage, career, business. If you are unable to complete your exam questions or someone angrily take away or tear your paper, it means there is an obstacle hindering you from advancing in whatever you do. If you fail woefully in the dream, it indicates failure, setback and backwardness etc. Pray and fast. If you always see yourself  repeatedly in the secondary, primary school, it represents  constant backwardness,  failure, spiritual dullness. And inability to move forward in life when others have gone too far in life, marriage, career etc. If you assume this kind of dream don’t make any impact in the life of men, may God give you wisdom in this area. If you are not yet born again or you have backslided, kindly repent your sins so that God can accelerate your path of destiny. Take 3 days fasting from 6am – 6pm. Deut 27:15-26


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1. I break every curse from my ancestory operating in my life by reason of my past sins, in Jesus name.

2. I bind every spirit of setback in my life, in Jesus name.

3. O Lord, fast track my destiny to the point of fulfilment, in Jesus name.

Evangelist Joshua.



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  1. I’m always having a dream when i am about to write an exam that i wrote in the past but I always wake up be they can start the exams I have never seen the the paper no the question

  2. I’m always having a dream when i am about to write an exam that i wrote in the past but I always wake up be they can start the exams I have never seen the the paper no the question.what is the meaning pls

  3. I dream of being in eaxam room but I had no stationery and if one offered me one,it will have the other part written or dirty or destroyed which means not good for exam,by the time I found good one,there will b no time ,invigilator will have no time but collecting the scripts, what does it mean?

  4. What do I do?. I dreamt of taking an exam in my secondary school but the course which I write in the dream is a course I am to write in a few weeks time now in my final year.i don’t understand

  5. I often see myself with my former secondary mates either in classromm or exermination hall pls what do I do

    • Please, I always see myself in exam Hall with my secondary school mates. Other will be writing but I will not know what to write and I will be begging my neighbors to write from theirs and they will not allow me until the exan is over.

  6. I dreamed of writing exam before I can write two students gave me the ansas to copy wat does it mean

  7. dreamed qhen I enter exam hall late, few minutes to go, o was given paper to write in a separate chiar only me. I was aakng the invigilators to help and let me mingle with other writing inside they refuse, and all of them writing the exams, has expo with them, and they all wrote well, I did not write well, next tin, I wake up

    • i had this dream twice were i saw my self writing a very difficult exams and some one gave me all the answers to the question and even wrote the answers for me and the invigilator allowed me to summit the answer sheet. when i woke up i prayed and i trust God that all the difficulties in my life are over. amen.

  8. I dreamt of writing an exams,at first i cud nt write den my friend told me to copy frrom her,dn later d invigilator entered d hall collected my script n said i am writing rublsh n he explained to me wht to rit,bt der was no tym.den i started to rit bt was nervious bcs time was no longer on my side,i wrote a little bt Cud not finish it den i wokeup. Wht dz it mean pls

  9. I dreamt that I bought some things like a bar of soap where I usually buy things for my business but while I was heading in to our country capital city. My old friend of primary came and grabbed it. So I went back to the buyer wondering that he had spies in his place but he looked busy to answer me.

  10. I’m done with my university but I always dream when I’m still in secondary school writing exams, the questions will look strange and I will copy all answers from the person sitting close to me… I need reply please

    i recently wrote to you as an orphan that i want to get money to pay lobola and be married through your prayers i managed to pay lobola to the child of a church elder our wedding is 25 may i thank you so much the God you pray is a living GOD GLORY TO GOD EVANGELIST JOSHUA i now request your prayer for my wedding

  12. I dreamnt supervising my class waiting for someone to cover so i could go write my exam. i was full force in confidence but when i was on my way i woke up.

  13. I often dream of writing exams in school but couldnt finish till time was up and the envigelator came for my papers and at the same time having sex. What does it mean ?

  14. I dreamt where I entered exam hall so late.so,when I entered,a student that has finished her paper handed her own paper to me for me to copy but an invigilator came and seized it.I was saying after all, this exam is not promotion exam then i woke up.what’s the meaning pls

  15. Sir I dreamt today that I was in school writing a course I did in my first year and I wasnt served answer sheet on time before I got up from the… I slept back only to see my self in my father’s house in the Village, where I was been asked to paint the house on behalf of a painter that has been paid already.

  16. I had a dream and I was given lots of examination questions to answer,while others got one and some had already finished.
    A girl was assisting me as it appeared I didn’t read for the exams but she was taken away from me.

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