Dream of Being Sick

Dream about being sick

DREAM ABOUT SICKNESS – Sick in the body

What does it mean to sick in the dream?

Being a sick person is to loose the key to divine healing. Sickness is a property of the devil. Its not usually a good sign when a child of God is severely attacked by illness. To dream of being sick can be connected to constant loss, delay and wasting of financial resources. In some cases, it can lead the dreamer to being sick in the waking life. Perhaps you are wondering why the dream of sickness is re-occurring when you are hale and hearty. It is possible that this dream could also indicates a signal of an impending danger coming to you or your family. The danger could be an attack of sorrow, sickness unto death, outbreak of disease etc.

We usually see people being attacked by common illness such as diabetes, malaria, typhoid fever, excess sugar, high cholesterol etc.  In our waking life, our body is a great enemy of sickness. Thus, it prevent us from moving forward. God did not design our lives in sickness. The Bible has talked against sickness as it is being originated from Egypt and therefore encourages us to walk in divine health. So dreaming of being sick or ill is a warning sign that your spirit-man is already weak to fight back the enemies. Any child of God that often experience various kinds of sickness in the body, such a person is plagued with evil deposits. Take for instance, when a chronic illness befalls a person, it naturally becomes lazy to move around, and the ability to lose appetite easily.

Sometimes dreaming about sickness could be an indication of a satanic trap being set for you. It could be that someone or something is trying to hurt you. It would be good if you are vigilant and less trusting people who seems too close to you, or people who are against you. Perhaps you had serious confrontation with someone that led to the exchange of curses or insulting words. However, it might not be a good period to conceive, make plans or do a major investment because the dream could also be a great loss in your finances and it will definitely affect your progress.

If you dream of being sick, it could mean that you are emotionally depressed, frustrated, or someone decided to deal with you.  Things might not be going very well  and you might not know how to solve the problems you are currently experiencing. The attack of being ill in the spirit realm can indicates an embargo against your goals.  Perhaps the problems confronting you at the moment could be something minor but it could be taking lots of your time and efforts. Focus on what is making you sad, and avoid people, things or a situation that is not making you happy. If you happen to be a pastor and you experience this type of dreams, it is a sign that your anointing is gradually fading out. You are wondering why people are leaving your ministry, or you simply lost your spiritual gifts.

Spiritual Meaning of being Sick in the Dream – Dream Interpretation

Frequent dreams of being sick is passing a message about something that is not right. This dream can even indicates that it is time for you to go for a medical check up whether you are sick or not.  It can also point out that something needs to be urgently fixed, such as your health, relationship, children needs, jobs etc. Quick actions needs to be taken before it can cause some damages to your life, or even position to break you down. You might desperately want healing and are currently trying to go to the hospital for medical attention.

In this case, if you are planning to see your doctor and this kind of dream manifest, it is a signal that you are under severe attack against your health. Do you currently nursing a sickness? Or you usually feel an object moving round your body.  There are lots of people that are very sick both spiritually and physically. It is very easy to see such people finding it hard to excel, prosper, or marry because of heavy load of infirmities in their body.

To dream of being in a sickbed, it is bad. It means that your enemies have paralyzed you to one spot. So in this case, you are not going to enjoy divine health and peace of mind. It can also indicates that misfortunes and death awaiting your destiny.  If you are planning to do something important and your enemy keep showing you bad revelation, kindly see your pastor for deliverance.



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