Dream of Fetching Water From A Tap or Well

Dream of Fetching Water From The Tap or Well
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John 4:14, ”But whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life.”

Revelation 22:1 , “And he shewed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.”


Dream of fetching water from a tap or well  means a source of blessing and prosperity. Water is essential part of life. The Bible says, the spirit of the Lord moved upon the face of the water.  Our dear Lord Jesus used the word living water in the Bible to mean restoration.

Water offers many ways to sustain our life. One of these ways are flushes out toxins from the body. Well water and tap water have different taste. Sometimes their source varies. If you dream of fetching tap water in the dream , it means fruitfulness. Tap water  in the dream is crucial for spiritual grown. The purpose of fetching water  is  majorly cleanliness and for other domestic uses.

Fetching water from a well through the dream also portends a flourishing blessings. When you fetch well water in the dream , it means there is going to be a  turning point in your life. If you discover  that you unable to fetch the well water in the dream, then it means there is a problem.



  • It indicate a life of peace and comfort
  • It shows that you have overcome your problems
  • It means that you are not alone in that battle Isaiah 43:2
  • It implies that any seed you sow from now shall greatly be rewarded by God Eccl 11
  • It means a change of garment from suffering to a garment of honour
  • Water flows around, it means your blessings will be in abundance like Abraham
  • Clean water purifies and saturate, it means you will no beg for bread
  • If the dream is constant, it means your sins are forgiven Eph 4:32
  • It means for you to be stronger in your present battles, very soon the living water shall flow over your soul


Dream of Fetching Water From The Tap or Well
Fetching Water From The Well

Different between tap water and well water.

Well water is extracted from the ground. While the tap water is regulated and controlled by the government or individual. Tap water is safe to drink because of the regulation and testing. Well water can be contaminated if not properly maintained. Tap water allows the owner to maintain it. Well water is exposed to any kinds of animal creatures.


In the dream..

  • Fetching dirty water from a tap or well
  • Difficulties in fetching  well water or tap water
  • Having no one to assist you in fetching the water



If you dream of drawing or fetching  dirty water from a tap or well, it means the source of your glory have been polluted and manipulated. This dream is not only bad, but has a way in creating a stumbling block to the source of your income. Fetching dirty water can also indicate that you are under a curse.

If you are a pregnant woman that encounter this kind of dream, it is a bad sign that you may have problem during delivery. If you are an expected mother who dream of fetching dirty water from the tap or well, it symbolizes unfruitfulness and sin. Fetching water also indicate a particular sin that is affecting your life. If you are such a woman, you need to undergo a deliverance .

As a single lady, if you see yourself fetching dirty water from the tap or well, this is a sign that you are been hindered from marital breakthrough. Dirty water here means obstacles, delay, curses, bad words etc. God expects us to fetch clean water that will promote the well-beings of our life. But if you are planning for marriage, pray against bad luck at the edge of breakthrough.

The Bible talks about cleanliness in Ezekiel 36:25, ”Then will I sprinkle clean water upon you, and ye shall be clean: from all your filthiness, and from all your idols, will I cleanse you.”  This means that if you are fetching clean water in the dream, you will be made a whole. On the other hand, when you dream of fetching dirty from a tap or water, it means the following:

  • Backwardness
  • Almost there but never there
  • Moving round in circles
  • Financial problem
  • Crying


To dream and experience some difficulties in fetching tap or well water, it means you are going through hardship and pains in life. This is a sign that the devil has stolen the instruments of your greatness. To experience difficulties in life is to pass through series of disappointments and frustrations.

When you dream where you are about to fetch clean water from a tap or well  and your friends or people around the place discourages and telling you that the water is bad, know that you are surrounded by enemies who does not want you to progress. If you manage to fetch the water, congratulations to you.

Some people will continue to be known as enemies of blessings. Why? Because they don,t want to help. The Bible talks about being our brothers keeper. If you dream where there is no one to assist you in fetching or packing the well water or tap well, also know that some people who have the power or means to help or assist you will suddenly back off from you.

Some people may want to assist you in carrying the bucket, bowl, but if they suddenly leave you in the tap or well side, it means your helpers have rejected you.

The Bible (Matthew 11:28-29) says,  Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.



Proverbs 5:15, ”Drink waters out of thine own cistern, and running waters out of thine own well.”

It can be used…

  • To satisfy one’s taste
  • For cleaning
  • For washing
  • For bathing
  • For flushing
  • For watering crops
  • For developing building
  • For cooking and other domestic purposes



In the process of fetching the water, and you discovered a strange animal inside the well, this is a sign of  demonic attack from the household.  It means the environment in which you are fetching the water from is not a good place for your destiny and blessings.

For example, if you dream that you are fetching water from the well of your house and you noticed a strange animal or human being, you don’t need anyone to tell you that you are living in a house of satanic bondage. The house may look good to you, probably  because of the people that stays there, but spiritually, some things of the house are programmed for evil by any tenants that make use of such thing. It become more terrible when the demons are after you. So fetching water from the tap or well when negative condition is attached to it, is considered to be a bad dream.



  1. Father, let the living water flow over my soul today, in the name of Jesus.
  2. I withdraw water from the tap of my glory, in the name of Jesus.
  3. Any evil landlord or tenant storing my virtues in the well, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.
  4. My water of greatness, flow towards me, in the name of Jesus.
  5. Every dirty and polluted around my body, be washed away by the blood of Jesus.
  6. I rebuke every stagnate water fired into my water of destiny, in the name of Jesus.
  7. I drink the water of prosperity, in the name of Jesus.
  8. O ye heavens, release the rain of my turnaround, in the name of Jesus.
  9. Every power assigned to place my destiny in a dry land, die, in Jesus name.
  10. Every tap of fruitfulness that has been destroyed by the hands of enemies, be restored back, in Jesus name.
  11. I reject every flood of darkness assigned to sweep away my goods, in the name of Jesus.
  12. Any polluted water that I have drank in the past that is affecting my health, be restored by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  13. Lord, let my life experience the overflowing of your grace in my life, in the name of Jesus.
  14. Every power that wants to stop my tap from running, die with your enviness, in the name of Jesus.
  15. Father, let the fountain of living water never run dry in my life, in Jesus name.
  16. Lord let your spirit begin to move in my life, in the name of Jesus.
  17. Holy Spirit, let me receive  your help in the days of my trouble, in the name of Jesus.
  18. Every evil pipe connecting my destiny to the spiritual world, break by fire, in Jesus name.
  19. I will not carry any useless burdens that does not belong to me, in the name of Jesus.
  20. As river never dries, my life will not experience dryness, in the name of Jesus.
  21. O God, I am thirsty of you, satisfy me now, in Jesus name
  22. Demonic powers walking around the river to put a full stop to my life, I command the river to swallow you, in Jesus name.
  23. Every local demon in my environment secretly sitting on my breakthrough, be exposed by fire, in Jesus name
  24. Every stream of wickedness flowing towards me to destroy me, turn back by fire, in Jesus name.
  25. Any internal enemy fighting against my rising, be judged by fire, in Jesus name.
  26. Any power pouring hot water on my destiny, be disappointed by fire, in Jesus name.
  27. My destiny, jump out from the river or ocean of bondage, in Jesus name.
  28. I will laugh last to my enemies, in Jesus name.
  29. Father for me when I am weakened or frustrated, in the name of Jesus.
  30. I cancel every evil spell caste upon my life, in Jesus name.
  31. The water of holiness wash me today, in the name of Jesus.
  32. Every power pouring cold water on my body spiritually to give me sickness, dry up, in the name of Jesus.
  33. Whatever has been thrown into the well water, I retrieve it back, in Jesus name.
  34. In the presence of my enemies, I shall have enough of God’s treasures in my storehouse
  35. No power shall hinder my helpers.
  36. I will resurrect again in Jesus name
  37. The period of financial scarcity in my life is over in Jesus name
  38. My Father, get rid of any spiritual water that I have used in the dream
  39. Those waiting for me to share my story to them, remove them from my presence O Lord
  40. Rain water shall fall on my plant, in Jesus name.

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  1. God bless your good work Sir! pls in my dream, it’s as if there is water scarcity and I got to a certain place and in that house they have water so I saw some women washing near the tap water and I beg them to let me fetch water and they said no that they only have limited amount of water that they are using so I begged them still that If it’s just drinking they should allow me fetch since I av no water at home and they said I should fetch it so I saw myself open the tap and fetch the water and in the dream I carried an orange plastic bucket that has cover so I fetch the water and cover the plastic and carried it on my head then I woke up. I just to understand the part where I had to beg to fetch the water. kindly throw more light on this sir. God bless you.

    • Yeah this season is the water scarcity and now everyone is going about the country searching for water to fetch pray you meet your helpers in time so they can allow you to fetch in abudance cus the first helper does not have it so much but will bless you with some to survive the season and when it comes be alert not to squander it knowing fully well its limited and thank GOD for everything.

  2. IN my dream I have already fetch some rubbers of water to my house by while trying to fetched the last one from the tap rain started falling so I had to stayed under the rain till its filled up and poured out, Bt wen trying to take it home I discovered that a closed by river had over flowed and started releasing water to the dry land and it s comes wt speed to cover the road of wch I supposed to crossed home so I had to leave the container of the water and look fr where to stand till wen the rains stopped fr me to take it home Bt while waiting I woke up.

    • Pray hard cus when the blessing comes in abundance ..battles will follow from people around pray hard for GOD to make your family beneficiaries of your wealth..pray for GOD to remove all the blockages and conspiracies when the time comes

  3. Peace be unto you in Jesus name, am so happy for the prayer i see here after my dream of fetching tap water. God bless you and your partners. Amen

  4. What does it mean when you hold a bucket and looking for well to fetch water in your dream.i dream holding a bucket and i was looking for a place to get water then i wake up

    • Pray to GOD to show you who your are and direct your path to destiny so you won’t be confused whereby doing another man’s task..so that your talent can bring you blessings..GOD bless you

  5. I dreamt i was fetching water from a tap and other people were standing immediately my bucket filled the tap stoped running i asked one of them it seems your hand entered the water i was fetching bc i felt as if someones hand touched the bucket she said no her hand didnt enter my water so carried the bucket and put on my head already there was a cloth rolled that is on my head to avoid direct contact of the bucket with my head. Immediately i put the bucket filled with water on my head i woke up

  6. I Just want to say thank you for each time I come searching on how to pray I find so much relief and answers to my dreams.
    The Lord who shows no partiality, do indeed bless you and your Ministry in Jesus Mighty Name.
    Is it possible to have your books shipped to my country Kenya?
    I would love to have A copy of the dream code interpretation.
    Thank you Sir.
    Lord bless you.

  7. God bless you sir for your good works…I had this dream last night, the consciousness was that I have been fetching water from a clean tap, and all my buckets and drums were already overflowing. I was woke up with a big smile on my face and I was also laughing seriously in that same dream.

  8. God bless you sir and more anointing to you.pls sir i always dream about fetching water,its either i fetched little or non.last nite i dreamt that i was fetching water from a tap outside my formal house but when the bucket was yet to full a strange creature like snake block the mouth of the tap.i manage to remove it and the tap stop running.pls sir help me.

  9. God Bless You Abundantly,after Praying With You From Your Prayer Above,i Start To See Breakthrough In My Spiritual World.Amen

  10. Fire greetings in the name of JESUS . I would like to have a clear interpretation of my dream. I dreamt another man asking me to give him water but i gave him dirty water

      • I dreamt of where alot of people were fetching water from different taps but same place but I had my own pipe where water was rushing alot of people were waiting for mine to be filled they were dragging the pope I refused giving them the pipe so i filled one of my yellow 20kg container when I turned around I couldn’t find one of my container I refused dropping the pipe until I find the other container.i kept on looking for it I couldn’t find it.. but when I came back to the spot my one filled container was still there untouched and most people had already left…i wasn’t happy one of the container got missing..
        Please help me interprete ..thank you
        Also had a dream where I said I want to cut my hair for me to start growing a new one..when I went to the saloon the barber was giving a good cut all of a sudden he gave me a very low bad cut infront of my hair I shouted and screamed in that dream .I said lemme go to a better saloon but in that dream didn’t go then I woke up…

  11. I dreamed where I entered into a house and the house was so scaring, so I was so afraid. so I saw one lady coming out from that house and she sent me to fetch water for her, while am fetching the water I discovered that there is a dirty water on the ground, and it disturbing me from fetching the tap water. so I managed to fetch it without letting the dirty water in it, so i took it to that lady and saw a mask on her face it scared me, so i told her to removed it that it scaring me and she did, then I gave her the water and she complains that the back of that bowel of water i fetched for her is dirty and she is cleaning it so wake up..please what does it mean.

  12. Being in your position is difficult (I mean the last man on que ) it makes people envy…pray that GOD. Should have mercy on you not to be at the right place at the wrong time cus when if president buhari throw you a bag of dollars on obalende main road it will be difficult for you to pick a single note from it …its a parable …GOD bless you

  13. By the time GOD start blessing you..sexual temptation,deception will comes in and if care is not taken it will affect the blessing ..just like a friend who had loads of money and cars ,venture into business and everything collapse ..no he is a pastor…what would have saved the situation earlier by turning to GOD.

  14. Hello man of God.. Am from Kenya.
    Today at midday as I was praying, fell asleep. During that time I saw my self giving orders to my house help, then I picked some bottles to go fetch some water. I went quite some distance towards the near valley where the river was.before I got to that river, some meters away, I met a young man who volunteered to accompany me to the river. I accepted and we moved together.
    On arrival at the river banks the young man suggested I fetch from the well.. Spring from the rocks, explaining how clean and sweet the water is.. Even the river water was very clean. Clear crystal. I abide with the order of that man and went to the spring. There was a pipe connection from the rock hence it was easy to fetch.. I fetched my three bottles, one cork bottle dropped down the stone and the young man helped to pick it for me… He also requested I drink some water and that’s when I discovered how sweet it was.. I finished my task but before then there came 3women..whom one of them overtook me, and fetched before I fill 3rd bottle.. Lastly I carried my filled bottles and went my way up. What could be the meaning

  15. Had a dreàm that I was bathing close to a well in my uncle’s house were I use to live when i wasn’t married,(but now i dnt live there anymore)then suddenly my mum came and asked me why I was bathing with a well water,then I told her that’s the water I wanted to bath with.then she left so I decided to fetch again the second time then I saw a big crocodile.that is when I started running. To the room so while running I again saw a baby crocodile on the floor also following me towards were I was going.

  16. Hello evangelist, l greet you the name of our lord Jesus Christ.please help me understand this dream. I was watering crops in the garden with a horse pipe and later l dreamt a spiritual husband abusing me.

  17. Good day sir,i am praise,with all humility,pls help me with the meaning of this dream.
    I dreamt of walking into a building to fetch water(tap water)and d bucket was transparent,i saw a guy seated there,wen i had fetch upto like twice, he said i shudnt come again dat do i wanto finish their water and was smiling,,
    But in d dream,i was glad dat i had fetched.
    Godblessyou sir

  18. good day sir, please I dreamt firstly where I noticed water flooding in my room, and I was trying to clean it with my rag

    then ysternight I dreamt when I went to fetch water but the lady refused selling water to me that it’s late already, there another borehole bedside ther.. I went there and all of a sudden there seem to be a prayer going on there and I join in worship and prayer.. then after I asked d guy to come n sell me water after d prayer before I now woke up..

    please help me interpret

  19. Hallo sir, had a dream that I was at my grandmothers home. Dirty water flowed from the house via a certain pipe and it collected outside the wall of the house. i passed and went to fetch water from a certaon tap nearby. I filled my cup and drunk the water. It was refreshing as I was very thirsty.
    The same night I dreamt of trying to climb a ceetain ramp but the ladders were not as strong and their was dirty water below. So I was climbing very slowly and carefully lest I fell in the mucky water.
    The same night I still had a dream that I took my two children somewhere there were shanties. I was looking for a lady I knew to offer me a place to wash my children. To get up to her house I had to climb a ladder. Below the ladder there was dirty sewer water. I was climbing up slowly not to fall in the mucky water. I woke up. What could this mean? Considering I have been hungry for God lately and increased my search for God through reading the Word and prayer.

  20. Dear Pastor
    I had a vision whilst praying and I saw myself washing utensils and tap water was running on my hand.

  21. I just woke up bcos of d dream I had now. I fetched water from d tap n went n poured it in a container then d second one as I was climbing d stay case getting closer to where I will pour it, d pan fail of my head n d water splashes on d ground, pls explain d meaning to me.

  22. Good day sir. In my dream I saw my girlfriend carried a bucket of water the I went help her carried it down,after that in the same place, I started angry with her where has she gone since, to my surprise I heard and saw some one laughing the person look exactly as my girlfriend in front of me, hence, I started scaring, rebuking and try to escape both of them. Please the dream is not clear to me. Seeing two similar faces of the same person wearing different clothes and speaking differently. Thanks

  23. Good morning Sir, I had a dream of a bucket of soaked clothes but fire wants to burn the bucket up and I tried to put the fire off. I also dream of playing and running with someone I don’t know and before you know it I fell but immediately stood up. Pls sir what is the meaning of the dream

  24. Good day sir, please I had a dream that I was trying to fetch water from a very deep well, and there’s a man sitting beside me by the wellside saying even if I fetch water from the well, he will still put his hand in it, I ignore him, and put my fetcher in the well, I tried so hard to let my fetcher pack some water before pulling it up, but it seems I had to bend a little farther to get the water, so I decided to pull out the fetcher, while pulling up, I noticed it was heavy, but no water, except the fetcher brought another empty fetcher, I wanted to try again, but I felt so dizzy and angry, then I look left n right if there will be any one to help, but no one, then I woke up. I knew this is a bad dream and prayed .but I. Just need a clearer interpretation and what to do sir.

  25. Please sir, what is the meaning of dream of carring water on my head to the house of a guy who has just ask me for a relationship that will lead to marriage?

  26. Dear Gods Servant Evangelist Joshua. I thank you immensly for your benevolence in helping to provide devine interpretations to dreams that are hard to dissolve. While i was on a 40 day dry fast. I encountered series of dreams too had for me to dissolve and am yet to see positive manifestations. No.1, I had a dream where a vioce commanded me to see and i looked up and what i saw boldly written is ‘Isaiah.49. and i woke up. No.2, I saw where three (3) horses were arraigned as if to race and the commander said to me ” It is your horse climb and run and with speed recover all and i climed and it was a white horse and i woke up. No.3, I saw someone walk to me and said ” Government just paid me the money they owe me, if i give you #250m will be able to be returning #2m every month? and he gave me a gun that i should shoot any theif that want to rub me” and i woke up. Long before these encounters i was doing well and i had a dream where we were in quee fetching water from the tap and when it got to my turn i put


  28. I dream now and while on the dream I saw two people returning from the well saying no one knows were the fetching burket is. When I got to the well I saw the burket but it seem this same burket can’t fetch me water. Standing on top of the well seeing the water but couldn’t able to fetch a drop of water and some part of it seems dirty too. When I looked at my right hand side I saw a pastor asking me to fetch him same water too but all I could is to raise a song while still on top of the well hunting for the water. This was the song. Holy Spirit have your way. Second song was Holy spirit have mercy on me. While dining this songs the pastor was there singing too. Man of please help me to interpret it so I will know exact what to do about this dream.

  29. Bless you sir,
    I had a dream that I went give my dad a cup of water and some accidentally spilled on him and he was angry saying he doesn’t drink cold water and I should know that. I went to now collect hot water from the tap and he began calming down but I woke up before actually giving him the actual cup.

  30. Sir please I am a lady of 29yrs yet to marry. I dreamt of fetching clean water from a well. But at a point, it it changes to a thick dirty water when a woman and daughter I saw as my enemies came at the spot. Plz I need a serious prayer and God intervention in my life.

  31. I had a dream where I was fetching water to fill the church though the water is a well water and not too clean, in that dream I still filter fufu and the charf of the fufu was all over the entrance and I was telling one woman that I know that is the children that littered everywhere she should come and clean it. Finally my husband to be came to see me in that same church and told me that particle of the fufu(cassava) was all over my body and was I cleaning it on coming outside the church I saw plenty people washing their clothes. Please does it mean

  32. I dreamt of where alot of people were fetching water from different taps but same place but I had my own pipe where water was rushing alot of people were waiting for mine to be filled they were dragging the pope I refused giving them the pipe so i filled one of my yellow 20kg container when I turned around I couldn’t find one of my container I refused dropping the pipe until I find the other container.i kept on looking for it I couldn’t find it.. but when I came back to the spot my one filled container was still there untouched and most people had already left…i wasn’t happy one of the container got missing.. Please help me interprete ..thank you Also had a dream where I said I want to cut my hair for me to start growing a new one..when I went to the saloon the barber was giving a good cut all of a sudden he gave me a very low bad cut infront of my hair I shouted and screamed in that dream .I said lemme go to a better saloon but in that dream didn’t go then I woke up…pls reply to my mail ..God bless you..i really need help in this dream

  33. i dreamt a friend was going to marry wen i get to the venue all a sudden the marriage was changed to me,i was the one going to marry,i was giving a suit which to me did not suit me,i sat down and notice my legs where dirty so i went to the backseat, rinse my shoe and leg with water,that was wen I remembered my new girlfriend which our relationship just started few weeks ago and I immediately remembered I wasn’t with any money,I left the venue without seeing my so called bride,I av this eye problem physically, so while going someone asked me wat are we to do about the eye and I told him I don’t know,so I woke up. I love my new girlfriend very much I wish to marry her I just hope she’s the one for me because am scared of loosing her to someone else. I later dreamt my friend also loved her and he said he loved her in the presence of my sister and my sister asked her if she do, she reluctantly said she loved him too in my presence and she immediately left the room,don’t no if am just paranoid and fearful of loosing her or she’s just not the one
    I dreamt I asked my friend who his mum rented an apartment in our house to fetch me water from a tap,I was there also but when fetching someone came with a pot and put it in the tap while my bucket was almost filled,I notice and was angry when I saw some dark coals from the pot in my water,I poured it away and started fetching over again,then a mentally detained man came with a bottle to fetch,I just moved my bucket to d side while he finished fetching I returned my bucket to the tap and continue bfor I woke up,,but before all this my friend gave me a ring that I put on my finger,, I told him its too big but because the ring has some keys,its like a keyholder,I gave him then he told me its not too big that I should try it on,I was about collecting it back wen I woke

  34. I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.For long time I have been hindered to get married to my long time boyfriend, within these recently weeks I decided to pray and fast for my awaiting marriage only, last night I woke up for midnight prayers, then went back to sleep. I dreamed that I was in the village with well, I firstly fetch water alone then went home, next day I came one side of the well was chipped and water was mad, I fetched it that but into my bucket water turned clean, I took it home and there I found my boyfriend sitting in my home with his older sister waiting for me with a cake. I couldn’t make any connection of how I was gone to fetch water and found the surprise visitors

  35. Good day sir my name is Esther I had a dream I saw myself drinking water and a woman was standing close to me trying to stop me, to use a cup instead of drinking direct but I refused and drank from the container. Then this same woman took the next container to drink from another container without a cup but that container had a smaller quantity of water then I took another container to drink more water I woke up.This is the second time I am having this dream, Please sir what doesn’t this dream mean.

  36. I greet you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I used to experience eating in the dream and then it stopped. But recently it started again. I even dreamt having sex with a guy that I like and he likes me too but we have never slept together because we are Christians from the same church. Now this guy told me he likes me alot even though I am actually older than him and he knows it. He said to me that age is just a number and that being a child of God filled with the Holy Spirit,he respects that. So he spoke of wanting to get married but not exactly saying that he wants to marry me although all the signs and actions showed that he is saying that to me. But never spoke out to me that I want to marry you. then suddenly one day, he said marriage is tough and that he is not ready for it, the same guy who was saying he wants to get married this year. He said we should just be friends but then we go out and spend time together like we are dating. I can see that the guy is crazy about me but then something is always holding him back, because sometimes he tells me how much he likes me but then he is a child of God and im a cell leader in church so we don’t act on our feelings. I was hoping that we will get married but then last week he told me that he is not ready for a relationship. On Wednesday 13th November 2019, I was going through the internet asking questions about meaning of dreams. Because I had dreamet eating a roasted chicken and shallowed it then I woke up…I was feeling so down that day as if somethig had left my body. Then I came across your site Prophet Joshua. Going through the site, i came accross 3days prayer and fasting 6am to 6pm which I decided to start on the following day Thursday. As im writing this,today is my day 2 of fasting and I also printed the prayers to pray between midnight and 2am. I pray that God delivers me. Please man of God, Pray with me because I believe that God annointed you to help his children who are faced with such challenges of eating in dreams or sex in dreams. I want to get married, I dont want to grow old alone…its not fun. May God use you to deliver me even though we are miles and miles apart but I believe life is spiritual and there is no distance in the realm of the spirit. my email address cnagawa2012@gmail.com

  37. dreamt I went to fetch water,I was carrying it on my head as am trying to step out the water fell down, this happened about five times the lady giving me water was very rich she was asking me is it that you can’t carry the basin cause it was very big .the water was rushing very well but each time as I try stepping out it fell .fifth time I carried the empty bowel crying to tell my mum about it

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