Dream About Swimming/River

RIVER/FLOOD/WATER (Mk 16:17-18; Luke 10:19; Matt 18:18; Phil 2:10; Eze 29:1-3; Isa 59:19; Ps 107, 25-3;

      River/Flood/Water are a collection of satanic trap organize to dislocate people in their place of their blessing.

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Many people are controlled by the water spirit. Many are facing lots of difficulties and prolong troubles without solution. Many people are suffering in this area. Some are attracted by idols and others by marine spirit.  The concept of water and river in the dream has established their roots in many people’s lives. There are families where their primitive practices are connected to the idols and waters. This practice has brought many people into bondage. In some families, marriage have become a difficult thing;  a lady of 30 years, 40 years, for instance, would not experience early marriage except for the water spirit to attract the wrong men, but the goods ones will be chased by the water spirit in her. By the time you look at the entire lineage, you will discover that almost everyone is struggling with marital issues or poverty. This is to show you that the ancestral and marine spirit have destroyed your foundation. If you have been praying for breakthrough and prosperity and nothing is happening, you need to take much concentration into your background and deal with the seed of poverty and late marriage that has placed over everyone in your ancestry.


Swimming in the River has to do with the disturbance of water spirit troubling your life. This dream shows that you are possessed with the marine spirit through the support of the ancestral and evil covenant being entered into by your ancestry. This river is a network of satanic bondage that has subjected your spirit into their control. The moment you are swimming in the dream, it is an indication that you are under the soul tie covenant with water spirit and a relation with spirit spouse. If you are from the offspring of parents who were offering sacrifices to marine powers or an idol worshippers know that your goodness and fortunes are hidden under water. The offspring of ancestors would make you experience difficulties in your progress in life. Such a dream would result to progress aborted at the edge of breakthrough. This dream may eventually gives birth to anger, frustration, discomfort, affliction and bondage. Those who always battle with this kind of dream finds it difficult to prosper in whatever they do. Some have series of marital problem. Some people’s glory has been caged somewhere long they have this dream. To pray becomes a problem. To gather money is a big threat to their financial life.


Washing your Clothes in a flowing river/sea,  this is a symbol of spiritual cleansing, purification and deliverance. It shows that you are washing every dirty or cursed placed upon your garment. It may have look that you are disappointed or rejected by people, a new garment of restoration would cooperate with your destiny when in use. If it happens that your clothes were carrying away by river, it foretells that the water spirit has retrieved your cloth of favour. This dream may activate the beginning of hardship, depression and spiritual attack in the key areas of your life.


Rivers taken away your valuables, this foretell loss, devourers are after your glory and finance.  When you dream  your child was taken away by water, it is telling you that your child is dedicated to water spirit. That child needs deliverance. There is connection between the child and water which means that your child has been covenanted by ancestral altogether. If the child becomes an adult, that child will become so stubborn and also struggle with marriage and finance. If it happens that you have no child currently, it means you have spirit child and there will be problem for marriage and child bearing.


Dried water/river, this is a spirit of desert and dryness. This is a disturbing dream. It means that all your plans would not work out as planned except by prayers and fasting; and that dryness in your life would be revived in Jesus name. Where you dream and found yourself in the river and the water got dried in the process, or the water stop flowing towards our direction, it means the anger of God has descended on the water to perform your deliverance.


Meeting in the River,  when you dream where you see something entering inside the river to the point of attending meeting, you need to do serious deliverance. It means that all your hopes and dreams would be dash. And you will have everything crumble before you. A water spirit has been living inside you for long without ypur spiritual alertness. This wicked spirit controls your possession and progress, if there is any, from the water. This dream may take you from grace to grass. Reject it.


Flood entering your room, Flood is a sign of spiritual attack to waste people. This dream foretells troubles and spiritual attacks. It means that the wicked spirit does not want you to experience and comfort in your home. Pray that God should raise a standard against them.


Fetching water from the tap, clean water indicates purification. It shows that your life will flourish and bring stability of mind and be alive to your responsibilities. If it happens that you are fetching water from the stream or river,  it is a sign of struggling with hardship and financial progress. Please, rebuke it in Jesus name.


INSTRUCTION: Embark on a 3-day fasting and prayers between 6am – 6pm (Nigerian Time).

PRAYER POINTS: O Lord, Forgive me of all my sins and have mercy on me. Break the backbone of every witchcraft militating against me,  Set ablaze the territory of marine spirit, break every covenant of your ancestors affecting your life,  Command your spirit-man to jump out and escape from the cage of marine kingdom, I bind the spirit of stagnation. I shall not borrow to eat. I cover myself with the blood of Jesus.


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  1. I have been battling with spiritual marriage which has led to the collapse of my marriage, I can’t do anything and be successful, I beg people before I eat,my life is a misery.I am a graduate in Ghana but haven’t landed a job sins i graduated,I miss all the beauty of life leaving my husband and daughter,I miss them and please remember me in prayers,I dreamt only yesterday dat my clothes had fallen into a river but was quiet a dirty water,I was furious and entered to get all my things I saw my daughter’s hat and dress also part but glory be 2 God a man came by a helped me get all my dresses none was lift in because I swam beneath to make sure none was left in d river.Please explain and help me in prayers

  2. U kn what I think? I think people we blacks need to wake up we shld understand that is the Creator how can u call water evil?u claim you know God? You still are a slave for believing the slave masters teaching and their own white god,believe it the bible is a contradictory book wch is not of the Creator but manmade,live free respect nature then you start to expirence the Creator.never believe water is evil,for know living creature can survive without water,water is the 1st thing you use when you wake up in the morning,you shld understand that in the beginning water was before you came,water the Creator are one,for his spirit was upon the waters before creator ,understand that water is the foundation of this earth,now come to the sirit beings/ existing before man,they are of different grades in work/activities, (The good,The bad,Th urgly) so is physical man life’s…now don’t mistake nature process with misfortune for life here is mystical. When issues with the spirits living in the waters arise one shld 1thenheck the lineage of his family,there is always a reason for every thing…then start to seek settlement/before division if you don.’t want to continue the line(because that what is all about.always go spiritual to get solutions on matters of the spirit. For every thing was created for a reason who are you to qus !!

  3. have bin disturbed by spiritual husband having sex in a dream swimming DAT prevent spouse from coming when dey come disappointment. please help me

  4. Swimming in d dream
    Gave a woman ring in d dream
    Sex in d dream
    And I do ejaculate
    And wen I woke up ve weted sir
    Pls I need hrlp

  5. Good day sir, i always dream of seeing myself beside a river either walking pass it or fetching from the river. At times, i try crossing over to the other side but I will be chased away by a huge snake even when some guys try to cross over they couldnt or At times been surrounded by tanks of water. In reality, I don’t even have a man of my own,pls I need help.

  6. Thank you for your article,and your time.I read exactly what I go through.I swim in the river,I eat in my dreams and I have all sort of troubles with men.Please pray for me.

  7. Some of you will see bad things in the dream but you will not say anything or go for prayers because you feel too big don’t let it to be too late before going to a man of God for prayers and deliverance and also fast about it. And beware of the kind of men of God you go for prayers some of them will even add more to your problem because they are not called by God. May God see us through

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