Dream About Owls

dream about owls

Revealing Dreams About Owls

Almost everyone can give various dream interpretation of owls. Why is it so? Because owls are very scary animals. They looks like ugly demons. Their head and eyes appears to be very scary. They could turn their head at 360 degree.  Owl is a mysterious bird. For example, when an owl begins to stare at one either from a tree or elswehere, the first prayer that most people would take is, ‘You evil bird, hear the word of the Lord, I command you to die, in the name of Jesus“. If am right with your guest, then dreams about owls suggests to be a bad omen. Their meaning ranges from death, sickness, weakness, difficulties, error, disappointment, sorrow to failure.

Owls are noctural creatures that operates mostly at night. They are often used by agent of darkness to carryout one demonic operation or the other. However, some owls can be associated with secrecy, misfortunes and chain problems. In the dream, seeing an owl means the current pursuits would end in sorrow and setback. To see lots of owls often in your dreams, it symbolizes fear, danger, evil spirit, destruction, disappointment.

If you see owl hoot (sound) signifies an evil call of affliction. The hoot of an owl can stand as a barrier to people’s life opportunity and progress. If you see an owl, especially whenever you are expecting something good, you need to pray against the evil bird. Because it’s appearance is to cancel and abort that upcoming blessings.  Owl can see clearly and observe things or people at night. And spiritually, this is a sign of evil monitoring spirit. Someone may be trying to carry evil mission against you at night. You need to protect yourself from night raiders.

Are you planning to marry, move forward, get your promotion? Then seeing owls in your dream means those things which you have in mind is likely not to work out. Why is it like that? The owl which is the devil is making it hard for you to experience celebration and testimony. The presence of owls can also signify a time to go for deliverance or for one to protect himself from the arrow of the wicked through Psalm prayers.

If owls are attacking you, it can indicate some demonic attacks /operations at work. The owl here represents a person who’s firing destructive arrows at you – An enemy of progress.  However, if in your dream, you killed owls means victory over the power of darkness. Sudden breakthrough will come. Similarly, if you feel calm after the dream means your prayers against witchcraft powers are actually working. They must die. Don’t give up in your prayers and current pursuits in life. I see success coming thereafter.

Many people would dream about owls and they became poor. Many would dream of owl attacking their eyes, the person would stop discerning things but where he will easily be deceived. Some would see owl looking at them from a distance, in the following days, the person will almost die through an accident or through an illness.  For others, whenever they sees owl in the waking life, I can tell you that their ways will be satanically blocked. While some would experience heaviness as if they have lots of demons in them. There will be no peace and joy.

To see owls, spiritually, it’s a warning of alerness. An owl is also a thief of the night. Maybe you see an owl chopped off your eyes or the eyes of someone in the dream, then that’s a bad sign of death, blessing terminated. If an owl constantly staring at you then it means you are about to be attacked. If you are about to marry and you see owls means stubborn restrictions to your marriage. By nature, devil loves to puncture breakthroughs.

On the other hand, if owl is flying in the dream, indicates devil is presently lurking around you. The owl flying means the devil is block your plans and expectations. However, if you see the owl chasing you in dream, it means you are experiencing stubborn foundational attacks. You need to follow it up with prayers

If you hear the sound of an owl, means your ear will stop hearing good things. The reason why some people don’t celebrate is as a result of this. Be watchful as you pray and fast. In the spirit world, anyone can be a suspect. Continue to pray against their witchcraft network. One day, you will come out and testify to the glory of God.

Owls are very powerful symbolism and thus, seeing them in your dream could mean that they are bringing some important messages to you – Good or bad. Owls as symbols are connected to distraction and bad news. They are often carry hidden secret. They see hidden things in the dark. In many cultures, especially in Nigeria, they are considered as a symbol of witch. They are not only a symbol of death, but also of symbolic of a ill-luck.

In some cases, Owls can appear in our dreams to help us confront our fears and overcome it. In dreams, an owl can be a good as well as a bad omen. Sometimes they could be a sign of grief, losses, illness, misfortune and difficulties. They can also indicate a witch or evil personality in your neighbourhood. Sometimes an owl appears in your dream might remind you to sharpen your spiritual eyes to see hidden things.

Funny enough, everything that has negative tones, but surely have a glimpse of the positive side. The owl in your dream might also appear to remind you to wake up and embark on midnight prayers. Midnight prayers are one of the best season to wage war against the activity of darkness.  An owl in your dream tells you to be at alert and be watchful in every side of your life. Dream about owls also warns you to becareful of bad friends.

Isaiah 34:14,  The wild beasts of the desert shall also meet with the wild beasts of the island, and the satyr shall cry to his fellow; the screech owl also shall rest there, and find for herself a place of rest.

Micah 1:8, Therefore I will wail and howl, I will go stripped and naked: I will make a wailing like the dragons, and mourning as the owls.

Dream About Owls Attacking – Other Symbolism and Meaning

👉An owl represents wisdom, independence, loneliness, discernment, leadership.

👉Owls can be an evil spirit disguised as a guardian spirit.

👉The owl represents a creature that travels between worlds, between life and death, the underworld and the outer world.

👉To see an owl attacking you in dream means demonic attacks of misfortune, illness, death, oppression.

👉If owl attacks you in dream, could symbolize enemies who are annoyed about your progress in life.

👉To see a snowy owl in dream warns you against hypocrite and deceptive people with evil mindset. E.g, false pastor, unfriendly friends.

👉To see a dead owl in dream means you will hear a strange news about someone demise.

👉A dead owl in dream foretells a period of hopelessness, delay, obstacles and difficulties ahead.

👉If you kill an owl foretells the end of demonic oppression and attacks which gives you victory and success.

👉Being happy after killing a big owl portends a good omen of success, breakthrough and progress on the way.

👉To hear an owl hooting in dream is an omen of evil call of death, disappointment, bad luck, difficulties, sorrow.

👉An owl in your dream suggests fear, threat, danger, evil, and blockage of good things.

👉To see two owls killing each other, means God is causing a terrible war in the camp of your enemies.

👉If you see someone killing an owl, then it’s a sign that an enemy behind his/her problems will die.

👉To see yourself flying like an owl in dream, spiritually, it means you are heavily possessed by witchcraft.

👉If an owl loose feathers means the enemy will confess his wickeness to you.

👉To see a silent owl in dream represents a dangerous person/enemy. Be very careful of those who don’t talk.

👉To dream of an owl falling on the roof of your house, it means you will encounter spiritual problems very soon.

👉To dream of an owl resting on a dead tree symbolizes death, difficulties, danger and misfortunes. Pray against it.

👉To dream of an owl resting on a tree reminds you to pay more attention to your health and you may get sick.

👉If you see an owl bite you, symbolizes serious illness to come. It means you will not live long in good health and prosperity. The bite signifies financial and marital troubles.

👉To see owl flying in the sky indicates evil conspiracy/operation at work in your life. Scatter them with the fire of God.

👉To dream of an owl flying over your head means you have an enemy waiting to mess up your day.

👉To dream of an owl flying towards you means the angel of darkness wants to give you a false counsel.

👉To see a white owl in your dream, means a successful move to protect your reputation from bad friends.

👉The white bird means difficult period will soon go away . Keep praying.

👉A dream of holding an owl in your hands indicates that you are not afraid of any demons. But if you don’t have the Holy Spirit in you, the bird will attack you severely to the point of crying.

👉To see an owl turning to an animal, means that a wicked person is hiding his true idenity from you.

👉If a prisoner dreams of an owl flying towards him, he will be sentenced to life imprisonment.

👉To see an owl landing on your bed in dream, it is a sign that your partner is possessed by witchcraft. It portends unexpected attacks against your marriage.

👉If the owl is sleeping in your bed, it means your life is in danger. Spirit is sleeping and waking with you in your house. Chase them away before tragic things happen.

👉To see multiple owls landing on your bed, it means some wicked people are gathering to destroy you.

👉If an owl attacks you is a sign that someone close to you will try to harm you. Be very vigilant. After having this dream, someone will like to make trouble with you. Try to avoid it.

👉If you dream of seeing or hearing owl means the enemies are plotting to place you in embarrassing situation.

👉Both the owl and the barn owl in dream advise you to be alert and open your eyes, it is possible that someone tries to deceive you or to promise something that he or she cannot fulfill.

👉An owl in the house predicts family arguments (troubles) and chasing it away might cause things to work out for the best.

👉To see a dead owl, denotes a narrow escape from desperate illness or death.

👉To see an owl, foretells that you will be secretly maligned and be in danger from enemies.

👉To hear the hoot or screech of an owl omens ill health or bad news about a friend or relative.

👉To dream of a black owl is an omen of failure or disappointments.

👉If you drove it away, you can expect an improvement in your circumstances.

👉If one sees himself fighting with an owl in a dream, it means facing a fight with someone.

👉If an owl falls inside his house in a dream, it means news of someone’s death or downfall.

👉An owl also represents thieves hiding in the darkness to steal blessings.

👉To see an owl attacking you in dream foretells sickness and poverty, disgrace and sorrow.

👉After dreaming of an owl, one will not have any hope of being prosperous in life.

👉To see an owl staring at you in dream means a witch from one’s village trying to monitor your next plans.

👉To see owl following you in the dream, it means an angel of misfortune is following you anywhere you go.

👉To see black owl in dream foretells fear, trouble, death, sickness, bad luck, confusion, sadness.

👉To see an owl hit by a car means a person will never achieve his purpose in life because of delay and obstacles.

👉 If you dream of an injured owl foretells delay in plans or career you presently pursue.

👉If an owl speaking to you in dream, it means someone will reveal a mysterious message to you. If you spoke back to the owl in dream, this can warn you against falling into the trap of the devil.

👉If you see owl outside your house means to be watchful of your surroundings. The enemy is lying in wait to bring you misfortunes and setback.


  • Every evil owl that is after my life and destiny, catch fire, in Jesus name.

  • O God, arise and trouble those using owl to trouble me, in Jesus name.

  • Witchcraft owl whispering my names to the marine world, ROAST!!!, in Jesus name.

  • You owl from the pit of hell, I command you to release my blessings and die, in Jesus name.

  • All my blessed trapped in the spirit realm, be released by fire, in the name of Jesus.

  • Every evil call of misfortune assigned against me, backfire, in the name of Jesus.

  • Night bird causing go SLOW in my life, I destroy you today, in Jesus name.

  • New battles assigned into my life by agent of darkness, die, in the name of Jesus.

  • I cancel the manifestation of bad news in my life, in the name of Jesus.

  • I refuse to mourn any person and people will not mourn me, in the name of Jesus.

  • Every satanic plan against me, blood of Jesus, cancel it, in the name of Jesus.


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