Dream About Meat

Dream About Meat

  1. Do you know that meat can leads you to satanic bondage?
  2. Do you know that meat-eating can arrest your deliverance?
  3. Do you know that buying meat in the dream is a sign that your destiny have been stolen and transfer?
  4. Do you know that frequent dream about meat reinforce poverty in your life?
  5. Do you also know that buying and selling meat can bring failure to your business, ministry and marriage?

Isaiah 49:25-26, “But thus saith the LORD, Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered: for I will contend with him that contendeth with thee, and I will save thy children. And I will feed them that oppress thee with their own flesh; and they shall be drunken with their own blood, as with sweet wine: and all flesh shall know that I the LORD am thy Saviour and thy Redeemer, the mighty One of Jacob.”

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Meat in the dream is another area of dream that must be seriously look into. Eating meat in the dream is like eating the flesh of human beings.

The background of this dream has caused the destiny of many people. The demonic spirit that brings the picture of meat to you in the dream, such spirit wants to initiate into witchcraft kingdom.

Meat in the dream is a bondage that comes to a person  due to satanic attacks. The moment you begin to eat meat in the dream, then the devil is trying to imprison your life and covenant your destiny.

The enemy can do all kinds of things to someone who just finished eating meat in the dream.  Spiritual meats are those unclean meats obtained from dead humans and animals.

A lot of  negative things are happening to those who dream about meat. For example, when a man who is supposed to go for a job interview and encounter meat in his dream,  then something mysterious would happen thereafter. The Bible talks about eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood.

Who are they? They are blood sucking demons who are specializes in destroying destinies through accidents, sicknesses and untimely death. When you buy meat in the spiritual market in the dream, then something is wrong somewhere. That means you are inviting problems into your home.

Meat dream is a bad dream. The Bible says, the dark places of the world is full of the habitation of wickedness. When you cut meat in the dream, it is very unfortunate that you have been associated with the wicked.

Evil spirits will never depart from you when you eat meat in the dream. Sometimes the person who force meat into your hands represents the agents of witchcraft. Whether you eat, buy or sell meat in the dream, they mean one thing which is satanic bondage.

You cannot prosper when spiritual meat is in your belly. You cannot be strong spiritually when meat is seen in your dream. When a person begins to encounter meat in the dream, such a person has enemies after his destiny.

Many people are going about with loads of spiritual meat in their lives. It is very difficult to see this meat in the body. The dream meat will hinder people from moving forward.

You can decide today to  stop this kinds of dream in your life. If demons can use someone’s flesh as pepper soup, then you must sit right and deal with them prayerfully.

Otherwise, you may be putting your life in danger.


INSTRUCTION: Embark on 7 days fasting and prayers between 6am – 6pm



  1. Domestic witchcraft that has caged my destiny, be destroyed in Jesus name
  2. What the enemy has stolen from me shall be recovered 100 folds in Jesus name
  3. Eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood assigned to waste my life, eat your flesh and drink your blood in Jesus name
  4. The devil shall not use my destiny to gain power in the kingdom of darkness, in Jesus name
  5. I decree, my destiny shall not be diverted in Jesus name.
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  1. man of God two days ago I dreamt of a masquerade chasing me and wanted to flog me and while the others were doing some funny things which I don’t understand.
    pls I want to know the interpretation.

  2. Pls help me interplate. My dream I dreamed I was ta my fathers old farm which he sold many years ago but in my dreams my siblings wants to sale it again and was stopping them.so wen I went outside the house to go around the farm I saw beautiful nice buildings belt clean new buildings it was amazing and I decided to take fotos to show my family. But as I worked around I found myself upstairs with strange people who looked like government workers analyzing which looked like exam papers as worked by I saw them gathered outside and my sister joined the group I was trying to tell her she wasn’t part of that group she sat down and as I paSsed by the stood up and started clapping so I passed and saw nice cars parked on a road which looked like a road under construction but I didn’t know which road it was despite being familiar to that place so wanted peep into one of the cars thinking I might find some money but a dog barked at me so I left and found my self at this small mud house so I said I don’t want to stay here anymore as I turned to leave I saw my niece’s friend asked her she she has started working but she said she had to get married first .
    But I left that place and went to visit my niece I found her eating t-bone meat and we start eating together but I wasn’t sure if I should it but I eat it.pls help me interplate this dream.

  3. I had a dream of seeing some people in my house but d one I noticed most vis my shop neighbour, we r joking and some old came in with an old cooking pot (clay pot), my neighbour started sharing meat which I took and eat but before I took it I thot to myself in d dream is holy ghost telling me something, no sign and I started to eat

  4. Informative and loved the way you have brought up the site. I have bookmarked the site for future reference. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  5. I’m not the evangalist. Just a regular person but from m understanding, your prosperity has been stolen. You could’ve been a very wealthy person as you saw the cars and everyone was clapping for you but all of a sudden a dog was barking at you, trying to stop you , the dog is your enemy. And then all of a sudden you were in a mud house with someone eating. That wrong. Eating is wrong regardless of what you eat. So be very prayerful and fast. Break the evil alters from your fathers house, from your fathers farm. Break the alters of stagnation and put to fire its demons. Go for deliverance if you can. Ask God to remove break every covenant made against your life, every covenant that is holding you back. Break the evil alters that monitor your movement. Pray to God earnestly. I hope everything goes well with you. This battle we face is not easy. Its the war of two worlds and it can feel very lonely sometimes.

  6. I had a dream I was in my village house I saw a dead man woke up from d grave and I and my brothers where scard I went to his corpse took his phone and saw his picture his mother wrote rip on it I then said ha this old man is dead he woke up came to me collected his phone and went back to lay down,so me and my brothers came out of d hux as we were coming out we were admiring the house we came out saw a woman who looks not too well he told me these mangos are due to pluck that I should pluck I started plucking I plucked two one very rip and one very big show rip and she told me it rip inside and I replied I don’t like the very rip ones so I ask my brothers to pluck na after we plucked d mango on our way going we say one woman selling meat I told them to wait I want to buy meat and I went to price the woman refuse to agree to my price I was standing there I was confuse cause she is the only one selling meat there so she gave the meat I had already priced to another woman she later took it and gave it back to me she said I priced better and she wants to sell it cheap to me that she likes selling her meat cheap so I was still there with her when I woke up

  7. I dream about meat in my dream the dream was about me getting some cut up chicken in a plate to bring to church

  8. I hv dream but unusual dream.. i put a slice beef in a paper bag then 10 bags. I give a bag to person who hard life… i will be rich after give 10 bags. What is means?

  9. Pls I seriously need an urgent interpretation to this my dream sir.I dreamt that I was eating something like a fried chicken and some of the meat was already getting routy like Margot on them but the meat was not smelling so I started washing the meat to mk it look clean and eatable and later I saw my self holding a Bible, dressed like somebody coming from a church then I saw my self again passing a small church with just the pastor and with about 4 or 5 member so inside it just like a one room church setting the pastor was now telling me that is this not u? I have been telling ur brother’s that dey should tell u that u are going to die and they didn’t so I started crying in the dream in that dream it now my brothers were attending the church as I was crying I was now calling my brothers name like trying ask them y they didn’t tell me wat the pastor told them but my brother where just going their own way they didn’t answer me and didn’t turn their back y I still crying telling the pastor that they didn’t tel me the pastor told us to dance in the church I did not want to dance but I was asking my self in the dream is if bcos of wat the pastor has told me that will not mk me to dance so I starting dancing as I was dancing a woman was at my back holding me very closely and dancing with me later I saw a lady telling me that we don’t use to beluve in prophesy that I should go and do a three days dry fasting that while doing the prayer that I should put 10 naira note on my forehead that after I have completed the fasting that I should come For deliverance so I was now asking her if i can take only water during the fasting which she disagree and said no so I thank her and left as I was going I hurriedly enter a bus inside this bus the person sitting close to me was wearing black d conductor was also putting on black the driver same and and it was like there was another person sitting at the front too that was still putting on black and the driver was asking them how much is the money bcos they where with a black bag full of hard currency so I started feeling uncomfortable in the bus and was asking myself wat kind of a bus have I entered and I was now contemplating to come down from the bus and then the driver parked den I woke up

  10. Gudmor. Sir, pls I just finished a 7days fast and prayer… About buyin(pricing) meat in the dream.. After d fasting program, I had a dream where I saw two of my Cousins who gave money to me… I prayed nd thanked God for that, but d followin night I had another dream where I saw cooked meats.. Funny enough d person that brought it was my father… Though I am not sure I eat it… Sir please I need an urgent direction..may God continue 2 bless u sir.

  11. Good morning Sir, I had a dream that I was in the market with my elder sister selling things when one woman came and gave me a portion of cooked meat as payment for what she bought from me yesterday and in that dream I was holding the meat on my hand and i was trying to remember selling anything to her but I still cold not remember selling anything to her.

  12. l need prayer on demonis attack, family course, financial stagnation since four years, l want almighty God to break the yoke

  13. I dreamt when I was conducting delivery of a friend of mine and when I was carrying the born baby it started reading English words pinned on the wall

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