Dream About Hair

DREAM ABOUT HAIR (Lev 19:27-28: Ps 55; Mat 15:13)‎

 There is a clear definition of hair in the Bible. It was Samson that has his hair manipulated by his wife called Dellilah (Judges 16).

The head is the symbol of glory. Delilah’s action was to attack the glory of Samson and render him powerless. A lot of people need to break the spirit of head manipulation in their dream. This is the spirit that disgraces women maritally and render men useless. God created the hair as a design to our head. The Bible declares in 1 Cor 11: 15 that the hair of a woman is a glory which is used to protect her image, to serve as a beauty to her. However, the enemy has manipulated the hair of many people in the dream. Witchcraft barbers and hairstyle are all over the place in the dream. They bewitch and manipulate people; they use their glory to destroy their marriage and good things. How can the devil cut the hair of a woman in the dream and whenever she wake up, she would notice a sign of hair cut in the reality – It’s a true life story. If you don’t believe in this dream maybe because of your doctrine or profession, you are gradually sinking in ignorance. When you experience hair cut in the dream, quickly rise up and pray. Declare war against the hair manipulator in the dream. This is the strategy or strongest asses of the enemy to put a woman in marital problem. This dream clearly mean you have been possessed by witchcraft or marine powers through intiation. It is a sign that the devil has placed your hair before satanic altar. You will  have to withdraw your glory from their evil altar. Cover your head with the blood of Jesus. Declare to the devil: “They will never succeed over your case.”‎
Signs that the Hair manipulator is in charge
1. Marital problem
2. Marital disappointment
3. Unstable relationship/marriage
4. Depression and unhappiness
5. Lack of spiritual power
6. Lack of concentration and orgnaisation
7. Inability to identity the partner for marriage
8. Constant loneliness
9. Self-declaration against marriage
10. Ability to make you a widow etc
11. Financial disgrace
12. Lack of confidence and faith
13. Confusion etc
There is a good news. The good news is this. When you always see gray hair growing in your head or in another person head, everyone pray for long life. So this dream is a true reflection that you are going to be strong, versatile, healthy, successful and to see your children’s children. Isn’t that good enough? This is a special favour from the Almighty God. This is a dream that has the backing of God guiding you and your family. Just as Solomon’s wisdom never mislead him, God is bringing you an unending flow of wisdom to rule your world. Pray that God should perfect His plans. ‎
1. Hair manipulator, hear the word of the Lord, die, in Jesus name.
2. Every witchcraft power from my mother’s house working against my glory, die by fire, in the name of Jesus.
3. Arrow  from the water fired into my bed, backfire, in the name of Jesus.



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  1. Man of God I heard about loosing /plating hair in the dream so can you explain about seeing myself in the dream relaxing/retouch my hair and is grown to other level becoming long

    • Good day Kefilwe, Plaiting hair is a witchcraft manipulation. If a woman plaits or looses her hair in the dream, it means attack on your marital glory. It is a sign that the devil has stolen your marital blessings. Retouching belongs to the class of hair. So you have to fast and pray against witchcraft agenda against you. Read Ps 35, Ps 21. Say, Every power assigned to mess up my life, die, in Jesus name

      • Man of God I always see my wig not my real hair falling in the dream.what could be the meaning and I saw this dream a day after I prayed head ,hand and legs prayer.

  2. Please man of God what of if as a man you see your self in a dream plaiting a woman hair what is the meaning

  3. Pi thnk God for this article have just found it when i looking for meaning of dream av just dreamed from of being plaited my hair so badly such that i cld not go to look even for a job the way i was plaited and have just woken up in a state of going to look for new hair to be plaited.pls pray for me for im facing constant disapointment such that i cannot stay in any relationship for one mnth nd i always meet wrong marriage parteners.

  4. Man of God I had a dream last night a white unknown woman just started fixing the braids in my hair into a style of her own doing. When she was done I turned around and she was a black girl who looked like someone who had braided my hair before at a hair salon. Then I saw lots of grey hair showing at the back of my head. Please what does this mean

  5. Man of God. This is the third time I am having such a dream. In all these dreams, I was unplating my hair which had been plated. Every time I unplat, I can see that my hair has grown long. What is the meaning of this dream?

  6. Man of God l dreamt that my hairs was completely shaved this morning by younger sister’s daughter. please pray for the complete recovery of my hairs.

  7. I had a hair dream that wasn’t listed above. I dreamt that I was washing a young girl hair in the bathtub. I did not recognize the girl in the dream and she was wearing her clothes. I turned on the faucet, grabbed a container to catch the water and poured it on her head. The girl had her head down waiting quietly. By the time I poured the first container on her head and turned around. I realized that the bathtub was overflowed with water. The color of the water was blue. I turned off the tap and a bit of water spilt on the floor. The girl remained quiet fully submerged in water.

  8. Man of God, I had a dream last night that my hair was falling off itself while its no more gaining stand on my head. Some sort of Hair ratches or disease somehow.

    Whtś the meaning and i need prayer point for that

  9. Hello, Joshua. I just wanted to share with you that I believe your dream interpretation about hair. I dreamt that I was losing hair slowly. Everything you said about the head manipulator causing marital problems is true. The night before I had the dream, my husband and had fought very hard with one another. I often struggle with submitting to his authority. I ask for prayer in this area so as to fulfill God’s purpose. Thank you.

  10. Man of God I saw a married lady I know in her saloon,but she is not a hairdrsser in the physical.she removed wig from her head and put it on mine everybody where desiring the wig including me. Then a mascurade passed us and we started running.

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