Dream About FOOD


John 6:35
And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.

Psalm 146:7 
Which executeth judgment for the oppressed: which giveth food to the hungry. The Lord looseth the prisoners:

A healthy food and drinks can protect the human body against certain types of diseases, such as obesity, cancer, high blood pressure etc. But if you see yourself eating and drinking in the dream can represent the symbol of bewitchment and sickness. However, dreaming about eating a sharing food can symbolize the food of sorrow.

Eating in the dream is poisonous to your destiny. Such demonic food can affect your health, marriage, finances, progress, business, spiritual growth etc. A child of God who often eats various kinds of meals in the spirit realm may start to experience early symptoms such as difficulties, promise and fail and slow progress. In the spiritual world, the food that you ate has been influenced by the enemy of your soul to harm and paralyze your destiny.

One of the ways the enemy divert destinies is through food in the dream. If you think that the consequences of eating in the dream are only limited to Africans, you are mistaken. The enemies have continued to deceive many. That’s why the devil is getting at them unaware. A lot of lives have been caged and manipulated by coming across foods in their dream.

Other dream activities about food

  • If you dream of finding food, it symbolizes hunger and lack. Pray for divine abundance and satisfaction.
  • If you dream about a lot of food on the table, it means you are eating and dining witchcraft caterer planning to bewitch and pollute your life. Be wise.
  • If you dream about someone offering you food, if you woke up happy, it indicate the Holy Spirit is using someone to supply you good things/gifts. Be expectant.
  • If you dream of searching for food, it indicates lack, poverty and struggle.
  • If you dream about selling food, it indicates demonic manipulation. It means a person is in the cage of the wicked where his progress has been hindered.
  • If you dream about sharing good food, it indicates a sign to help others.
  • If you dream of picking food on the ground and you eat it, it symbolizes foundation curse where it translates to begging, ancestral debt and stagnancy. Pray against it.
  • If you dream about storing food, it means saving your income. It shows you are a good financial manager. Storing things can represent your blessings.
  • If you dream about eating leftover food, this indicates slavery and unfulfilled promises. If someone gave you the food, it indicates the enemy is trying to use your virtues for sacrifice. Be prayerful and never eat leftover again in your life.
  • If you dream of eating high carbohydrate food, meat, other high cholesterol food, it reveals for you to mindful of the way you eat. Whether you slim or fat, it is test that determines if you truly have fat in the body or not.
  • If you dream of seeing cockroach in your food, it symbolizes poison. And it can also tell you to keep your house clean.
  • If you dream about eating food with worms, worms are irritating, isn’t it? Then it spiritual meaning symbolize chronic illness that may lead to death. It can also make a person not to be smart, wise and productive.
  • If you dream of your dog not eating his food, it indicates battle, insecurity and fear. If you have a dog in your waking life, you need to take care of that hungry dog.
  • If you dream about eating Nigerian food, If this type of dreams is frequent then it can indicate spiritual problems. If you are abroad and you dream of eating Nigerian foods, then it is a wake up to visit your home.

Other dreams have been fully interpreted below. Kindly scroll down to find and get the ones that best suit your dream case!!!

Scriptural and biblical meaning of food in dream in positive meaning.

1 Corinthians 10:31
Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.

Genesis 9:3 
Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.

John 6:35

And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.

Matthew 4:4
But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

1 Timothy 6:8 
And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.



Dream about eating food is a very dangerous satanic bondage. It is a gateway to long term problems. In dreams, eating too often can make a person not to prosper despite his efforts. When you are eating food in the dream, you will not achieve anything. To eat food frequently on the table in dream represents dangers related to impotency. It may be a sign of witchcraft initiation. Perhaps, someone is not happy to see your progress.

In physical world, the important of food cannot be overemphasized. Every man needs food to growth and strength. In general, food consists of essential nutrients, such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins which are consumed to provide nutritional support.

A lot of men and women are struggling with deep problems because of the type of food they often eats in the dream. Since food is connected to the body, so dreaming about food might be a warning to pay attention to your health and career. To see yourself begging food indicates suffering. In the spiritual world, your reputation has been destroyed and such dream is coming as a shame.

On the other hands, eating poisonous food in the dream indicates devil’s plan of destruction and manipulations. It is possible to be held captive by the devil. In some cases, eating food with strangers, or eating food alone could be another way a person becomes a victim of multiples curses carriers.

Alternatively, to eat food prepared by a person in the dream, it means that you are inviting a serious problem in the next few days. It also foretells that the demons want to render your life useless through poverty and retrogression.

To eat expired food in a dream puts your destiny at risk. It might not necessary mean you will fall into chronic sickness. But it portends a sign that you are near to untimely death. For example, when a person is suffering from foundation problems, he will start experiencing eating food in a dream.

We eat food whenever we are hungry, but in the dream, the enemy gives you food to destroy your destiny. A person might be a great lover of food, but when such person begins more frequently in the spirit world then it indicates the person will be extreme poor and empty.

Many people under generational curses finds it hard to avoid eating foods in their dream. If you have observed properly, you will discovered that most people dreaming of eating food especially when they are close to the point of their breakthrough.

No matter what food you saw yourself eating, they are demonic processed food that projects evil deposits in the body. A person that often sees himself eating food in the dream can never be victorious over enemies.

Sometimes eating food in the dream can stay for long in a person before it will eventually be dragging the person into the yoke of backwardness and stagnancy. For instance, if you eat food shared to you by your friends it can arrest your glory and make you slavery. In Africa, it is a taboo for a graduate man to be answering yes sir to his juniors.

Furthermore, if you discover your prayers against eating in the dream has not stop then you may need to go for deliverance. In this kind of case, it shows your situation is very critical. As a believer, whenever you start to fret and get weary over any situation, begin to ask God for His mercies.

For a woman, dream about eating food indicates fruitlessness and hard life. For a man, its symbolic meaning includes: troubles, debts and backslidden.  In demonic world, eating food is the defilement of the flesh same as having contacted wrong spirit.

Nowadays, a lot of people are eating different  African foods in their dreams and never know the types or the implication of food they ate. Some people naturally feels cool, stable in their spirit. While lots of people wake up feeling so tired, depressed, unhappy, terrible-looking. This demonic food we are talking about can steal a man’s virtues and cause him to regret for taking a wrong step.

To eat food in your waking life is good, but if eat it in the dream it become a warning signal against wasted efforts. If you refuse to eat food in the dream, then your time of victory has begun.

This also means that it’s time for all your hopes to come true, so thoroughly think about what you want from life, and what actions you should take in order to move towards your dream. Alternatively, if you refuse to eat any food, it represents you avoiding certain things.



If you dream of eating food with late people this is a bad omen. It indicates the spirit of death. If the late person is asking to you eat then it shows something evil is about to happen. To dream that you are are eating with the dead relatives, this is a bloodline attack.  It means that you will not enjoy good health. This kind of dreams may also tell you that you are close to your enemy.

If the dead is a stranger to you, you may have serious problems in rising up in life . To eat food with the dead can be an indication of a curses still working against you.

It is useless to wait for progress in life, without going to a deliverance to break and scatter the tie between you and the dead. If you are angry after eating food in your dream, then the enemy has actually attacked you. Sometimes dream of being hungry indicates your desire for a good life , but no one to favour you.

When a believer is not consistent in serving the Lord fervently, not regular in church attendance and healthy fellowship with other Christians, he will be exposed to eating foods. Moreover, carelessness in the area of prayer will make one to be weak spiritually and liable to fall.

To see food in your dream indicates a tempting situation. If in your waking life, you are currently in temptation, then the dream symbol warns of frustration. When you dream about eating decayed food, it can mean that you have been polluted. This indicates multiple problems.

If you see yourself eating foods in the dustbin (garbage), then it is a sign of a danger ahead. If you wake up having stomach rubbing, then it might indicates the arrow of sickness. Address this situation by going into prayer and faster so as to purge out the evil deposits.

In your waking life, maybe you have been eating smelling food, maybe you are eating food full with worms, or maybe you dream where your enemy is cooking food for you. This dream can tell you that there is a serious demonic cage of your spirit man. If someone gave you deliberately to harm you then it is an indication that you are going to lose your blessings, happiness and position.

If you cannot remember the type of food  eating in the dream, this may be dangerous to your life and destiny. It is important to know the food because it might give you a knowledge on how to be very vigilant when you come such food meals in your breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you eventually can recall the food, then you have try to avoid such food for sometimes. This is true especially when your feeling is telling you that the enemy might such food to cause infertility.

Just as you dream about your native food, you may also be having a recurring dream about stolen food.  A stolen food in this context can represent power and focus. But if you discover that someone is stealing your food in the dream, put into consideration the kind of person.

For example, if the person is known to you then there is possibility that such person is being by witchcraft to cause weeping in your life. However, if such person is unknown (a stranger), this can signify the plan of the devil to steal your joy. If you have a dream that you are eating food in a restaurant,  you may want to re-examine how you feel about yourself in your waking life.

To find yourself in a restaurant eating food, this means a sign of bewitchment of star. If you are a Christian, this is also a bad omen that your enemy is planning to steal way your salvation. Some foods about eating can make a person waste and squander his divine opportunities.

A lot of people are able to do so many things but no power to fulfill them. They keep toiling around in the same spot. Most people who usually come across food in their dream finds it hard to get a relatively peace, satisfaction and deliverance.

That’s why we are having the high rate of people under the cage of stagnancy and setbacks.  There is no problem seeing food, but there is a big problem when you eating these foods in the dream. Why? Because they are demonic food organised to bring you down.

If you dream that someone is forcing you to eat, look at your life to see if someone has been trying to intimidate or bully you in some way. This action tells you that a person is trying to manipulate you, and destroy your reputation. Perhaps there is a person you wanted to avoid but yet the same person keeps disturbing or breaking into your privacy.

If you dream that you are the one forcing someone to eat, it means the enemy is influencing you to perpetrate witchcraft against someone. If this is frequent, pray for divine protection. To give a person is quite different when you are forcing the food. If you give food to someone who is hungry this is a good omen. This usually means the Holy Spirit is teaching you to feed someone.

Perhaps you have people close to you who are very hungry. This dream might reveals for you to make someone happy with the words of your motivation. If you dream the person didn’t eat your food, then such dream portend hatred, and rejection. The spirit of darkness in you is turning your good to others against you. You need to pray hard for divine favour and love.

The symbol of food shopping in your dream might indicate your interest to go out for a shopping. Usually, when people dream of eating in a shopping, it can introduce them to meeting the wrong people . If you are a woman and you dream of a man taking out you for a food shopping, you need to be very careful with the man.

If you eventually eat together , then it indicates a problem between you and him. This type of attack can bring a sudden separation because, in the spiritual world, this person might be carrying the identity of the spirit husband in order to initiate a covenant with you.

For example, if you recently received a promotion, this dream can reverse it. If your current relationship is doing well, during the symbol of your dream, it can turn out to cause unwanted pregnancy.

You may love the person based on his presentation, but be very careful with his tactics so that lust will not lead you astray. The man may have good intention to marry you, but such dream can also indicates that both of you may not be compatible until divine intervention come to restructure your current relationship/marriage.

Alternatively, If you dream that you are going out for shopping with your dog, it symbolizes your relationship with the marine spirit. No matter how much you love dogs in your waking life, such dream can crumble your hard work and ministry.


Wedding is a very important event around the world. In fact,eating food and taking drinks is one of the beautiful things about good wedding. This is true especially when most people goes to wedding to eat and drink. In dreams, this symbol is disturbing.

If you usually eat food in wedding, this is an indication of satanic bondage. One of the early signs gives ways for problems between both of you. It also means you are about to lose a personal connection or relationship with a dear person.

If you are in a relationship, the dream indicates your marital may not work. But if you are married, it could also symbolize sickness and false accusation. For example, if you find yourself eating bread, rice, beans, cakes, yam etc in another marriage in dream, it signifies stubborn marital problems. Perhaps you are finding it difficult to marry despite your heavy presence in other people’s wedding. Once this dream is disturbing you, it will significantly influence your marriage negatively.

To eat remnant food in the dream is bad, this represent poverty and suffering. If in your dream someone gives you a spoiled food, half food, or food without meat or fish, it indicates the enemy is trying to manipulate your destiny.

It can also mean marine covenant and inherited problems. If you eventually eat it, then it means your star may have been stolen. In order words, this means you will not have the chance to succeed in life. A situation where the destiny doors is closed. The spiritual symbol of eating remnant food includes, curses, slavery and hardship. Your family might have rejected your choice of partner and this might be worrying you.

Perhaps the person sharing food at the wedding didn’t remember to serve you food. If you dream about a person not serving you food foretells a period of regret, disappointment. Of course, this might not be the type for favour. This dream indicates that you are facing series of promise and fail, a situation where everyone virtually not helping you out.

Such a dream indicates that you will not be extremely successful at what you do in life – but you won’t feel complete. However, it warns you that in any relationship it is necessary to calculate all the consequences. That’s why all believers should have personal encounter and relationship with Christ so as to be able to fight against the wiles of the devil.


Pregnancy is very important in marriage, and the symbol of pregnancy is the birth of a child. In dream, this is usually not the case.  To eat food in the dream as a pregnant woman indicates a number of negative meanings. Depending on the outcome of the theme.

When you are eating food in the dream, you need to be prayerful as the enemy may plan to abort your pregnancy. Food is very important, and the nutrient of food is derived when eating it.

Finding yourself eating food together with people as a pregnant woman, this may also be a warning of potential danger or evil attachment. If you are eating food with strange people, examine your waking life and see if there is anything your dream may be alerting you to.

As a pregnant woman eating food in the dream is typically associated with miscarriage and stillbirth. The food which you ate is a spiritual poison meant to destroy your chances of delivery. This dream may occur due to devil’s plan to influence someone to give you food.

If this is true that someone is trying to give you food in your waking life then you need to avoid it or don’t eat it. The pregnant of women are opened, if you begin to experience sharp pain in any part of your body then you need for divine protection.

Doctors will tell pregnant women not to eat any kinds of food except the prescribed ones by dietary. However, if you are eating more in your dream than physical, this is passing a serious message. No doubt, it is a warning sign about a wicked person trying to bring down your pregnancy, or your hope. May that not be your portion, in the name of Jesus.

If you eventually gave birth to a baby successfully in your waking life, then they may try to confront the baby with attacks. Perhaps there’s something you want to do, but can’t find the solution for it or the courage to do it. Maybe a person has vowed that you will either not conceive or bear child.  If you are a food-seller in your waking life, this type of dream signifies business setback. Eating food in the dream is also a covenant of  fruitless efforts on your part. You need to pray hard.



Dreaming about buying food is demonic. If you buy bread, it symbolizes sorrow. If you see yourself buying fried akara (bean cake), it indicates witchcraft initiation. If you dream of buying dog food, it portends financial waste. If you dream of buying snacks, then it is telling you of chronic illness. As a Nigerian, you may have seen yourself buying garri (cassava flour) in the market.

Perhaps you have a good plan to buy wonderful things for yourself, lover or children. Then it can indicate happiness especially if you woke up from this dream happy and joyful. But in large view, the dream of buying food in the market can be a satanic trap to take away your virtues and sell it out.

If you are a woman who often dream of buying food dream shows that you are going to experience loss. Buying food in the dream in negative spirit is fully connected to persistent frustration and confusion. If you find out that the food you bought isn’t good, it indicates collective captivity.

If you are a food seller and people were buying things from you, then it is a symbol of profit, reward and prosperity. If you are a business person then it indicates favour and connection.

But if you are not a business person, this also tells you to venture into a business might be a great dream for you. However, If you feel fearful after buying food from someone you didn’t know, then the dream is a sign that something bad might come to attack you. Stand firm and fight back.



Psalms 51:7,  Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.

Some dreams about vomiting food might indicate the dream could having health problems or a spirit of death if such dream is frequent. Perhaps your dream is reminding you to take better care of yourself and pray aggressively for your recovery. In biblical way, a person vomiting in his dream can also be connected to a person suffering from unclean spirit. The blood of Jesus is what you need to cleanse your life completely from all filthiness.

Once a person is vomiting food frequently , he or she can never remain the same, even if the person takes drug to address his illness. You may be facing a prolonged period of sickness and a similarly lengthy time to recover. If you notice that you vomit any kind of foods, then a door of trouble has opened to magnetize you for manipulation.

If you have any trouble with someone, they may be represented in dreams about food vomit. To vomit out food is to take out food disturbing your body metabolism. In some cases, to having this is to get rid of something in your waking life. Maybe to separate yourself from sin or from some people. The thing could be causing serious havoc to your life and destiny.

Closely examine your life and look at the things you don’t like, the time to get rid of them could be just now. The person who vomit may not much strength, in this case, if you vomit food and you wake up bad then it may represent loss of virtues. What are your virtues that are most important to you.

Maybe instead of vomiting food, you see yourself vomiting blood and other strange objects, then it is a warning of disappointments, delay and untimely death. If in your dream you see your loved ones vomiting, then it is telling you that such person needs prayer of healing. If the person is so close to you, and you notice he or she is healing, he should be mindful of his health.

If you dream of taking medication to stop the vomiting in your dream, it is a good symbol of healing of yourself. Such drug could be prayer. If you are sick in your waking life, it is a quick signal to start taking your medication. Very often, this dream can be attributed to a person being manipulated. It can be one of the agenda of the enemy to make lose everything that is important to him.

If, for example,  you find yourself eating food where you vomited everything, it is telling you that you are the problem of yourself. Perhaps the problem that is troubling you is as a result of your mistake. You need to start correcting all your errors of the past.

If you can see the vomited food, this foretells happiness. In Biblical meaning, it symbolizes big deliverance. The visible substances might be a spiritual property causing problems in your life. If you vomited rice, then it indicates success.

If you are a doctor, you probably deal with sick people frequently. It is therefore natural to see someone vomiting in his or her dreams. Such dream could be telling you to improve on your public service in addressing sick people on time with the eagerness to give them the best medication.



If you are dreaming of expensive food, it may indicates your desire to eat expensive food, which isn’t a bad omen. But there is a big problem when you start eating expensive food. That’s not a good financial management. Generally, eating expensive meal in your breakfast, lunch or dinner in your dream can indicates  setbacks in your life.

If a man buys you food on his own wish, then you can be lucky to gain the love of the man. But if you buy expensive food based on your high taste, you may be planning to lose every connection with such a person.

Eating expensive food in  dream is an indication for you to think about your finances expenses. This dream might be telling you to eat less and start saving for the raining days. To eat a whole plate of food means that in reality you have to make considerable efforts to avoid some people.

If a stranger ask you to eat a highly cost food, if you eat it, it shows that there is going to be soul tie between you and the person. This also means that you might not escape this spiritually, but just to pray for God to bind and cast out the agreement once and for all.


  • The first thing to do is to plead the blood of Jesus over your life. Perhaps you can say, blood of wash me, blood of Jesus saturate me, blood of Jesus cleanse, and blood of Jesus deliver me. You can declare this more often especially any time the dream about food is prevalent.
  • Learn warfare prayers and scriptures. If you combine these powerful tools, you have every chance to ensure your total victory over eating food in the dream. It doesn’t matter how long you have prayed, fasted, no. What matters is the kind of prayer that best suit your type of case. Even a single prayer or a Bible verse might perform great deliverance.
  • Learn to cancel bad dream immediately. Once you keep seeing yourself eating food in your dream, immediately start to nullify it  by the blood of Jesus. If possible, send the arrows back to the senders. Don’t give up please. I believe one day you shall surely overcome in the name of Jesus.
  • Never underestimate the capacity of any dream. To underestimate spiritual food is tragedy. Every dream, no matter how funny it may appear to you, it’s effect quickly change a man’s glorious destiny to a state of poverty and reproach.
  • Cast out demonic spirit and pray before you eat any food. If you must eat any food, it is very important to pray before you eat it. Whether the food is prepared by you, or someone else, you need to cast out some unclean spirits that may have infested on the food. Any person who has a trace of marine spirit in her cooked food for you put your foods in danger.
  • Make positive confession every day, if you woke up from a horrible dream where you keep saying, this dream will not prosper in my life, that’s a positive confession. However, if you keep making negative confession such as, this dream is the reason why I am passing through this attack then you just give your enemy the power to do more. Be wise.

Instruction; Embark on 7 days prayers and fasting between 6am to 6pm. If yours is eating food in the dream, then include it with water. Observe the kind of time this dream normally occur. For example, if the dream occurs more at night, then bring out water, read Psalm 70 into the water every night for 7 days, the same method applies to morning and afternoon. If it happens you want to observe the fasting and this method together, then you can do the water method at night irrespective of  the time you normally have a recurring of this dream.



(Pray all prayers in the name of Jesus Christ)

  1. I repent and confess all my known sin to JESUS CHRIST.
  2. I thank You Jesus for saving me and my household from wild troubles.
  3. Lord, grant me the power to command, bind and cast out all unclean spirit in my life, in the name of Jesus.
  4. Every satanic power controlling my dream life be overthrown by fire in the name of Jesus.
  5. Holy Spirit, uproot and flush out of my life anything my God did not approve, in Jesus name.
  6. Oh Lord, release your axe of fire and uproot out evil food and drink out of my body
  7. I set my self on fire, Holy Ghost fire, take over my life (5 minutes). (you may vomit).
  8. Use your hand like cup: Drink the blood of Jesus to your satisfaction. (5 minutes).
  9. Every evil food and water in my body, Holy Ghost fire, blood of Jesus, uproot and flush them out, in the name of Jesus.
  10. Every evil food and drink I have accepted in my dream, I paralyze your effect in my body, in the name of Jesus.
  11. Holy Ghost fire, blood of Jesus Christ, challenge and destroy evil caterers attached to my life, in the name of Jesus.
  12. Owner of evil food and their food in my body, I set you on fire, burn to ashes, in the name of Jesus.
  13. Lay your right hand on your stomach: Every evil property in my stomach, I set you on fire, in the name of Jesus.
  14. I call back all my possessions and I possess them back, mention all.
  15. By the power of God, I return and walk on the high way of breakthrough and testimonies, in the name of Jesus.
  16. Open your mouth wide: Breath in and out aggressively (you may vomit) (5 minutes).
  17. Lay your belly button and say this, I release myself from every problem that came into my life when I was in my mother’s womb, in the name of Jesus. (5 minutes).
  18. Every physical and spiritual poison in my body, receive fire, dry up and die, in Jesus name.
  19. Dream attackers, eat your own flesh, drink your own blood in the name of Jesus.
  20. Oh Lord, turn their food and drink against them that want to feed me in the dream, in the name of Jesus.
  21. I cancel by the blood of Jesus, any effect of negative dreams over my life, marriage, health, business, finance, etc in Jesus’ name.
  22. Every food orchestrated by devil to make me rise and fall, die, in the name of Jesus.
  23. I refuse to eat food of sorrow, regret and pollution, in the name of Jesus.
  24. Any power storing evil food into my body, be evacuated by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  25. I reverse every evil manipulation carried out against my destiny using demonic food, in the name of Jesus.
  26. Every curse of thou shall beg for food, be broken in my life and on my family line, in the name of Jesus.
  27. Every anti-favour food eating in my dream, come out by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  28. I break every anti-marriage and anti-curse, in the name of Jesus.
  29. I bind every spirit of abortion and miscarriage, in the name of Jesus.
  30. I vomit out any evil food that I may haven eating in my dream, in Jesus name.

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