Biblical Dream Interpretation And Their Meanings



This website, Evangelist Joshua Orekhie has biblical foundation for dream interpretation. Christian dream meaning is  a way of revealing the outcome of our dreams. To interpret the dream of the children of God, the Holy Spirit needs to be involved.

Anyone that reveals your dreams with his own psychology thought, not supported with scriptural verses, such a person’s thought should be ignored. Their meanings are from the pit of hell, ready to confuse your destiny the more.

Christian Dream Interpretation is quite different from the dream meaning of the psychological people. We are the children of God and everything about our lives should be Bible based. Raw and blunt.


Dream interpretation belongs to the Almighty God. God gave this spiritual gift to a few people who has passion or special call for dreams like Daniel and Joseph (Joel 2:28).  God use dreams to speak to people. While Satan also use dream to torment the children of God (Matthew 13:25).


Even our own subconscious mind also speak to us through dreams (Proverbs 23:7). Do you know that dreams have been in existence before the creature of man?  Let’s go together in this journey.  Sit down and don’t rush reading this article. It promises to bless you and expose the truth or mystery behind the christian dream meanings. My years of nursing this spiritual gift is a proof to the world. 




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  1. I was with a lot of women.. my mother was there… we were getting ready for something.. I was playing about what I was wearing… and it was a super tight skirt and was see through when I put it on.. my mother was like u play too much.. then I laughed and I changed… I had on a red shirt. Black skirt… and red shoes… I went to change my shoes and put on some black over the knee boots… I think I was giving my son a bath before that tho… but I walked in the church and there was a long line.. Line of deliverance.. The Apostle of the church was praying over people and delivering them.. there was a man in front of me who was being prayed over… he got distracted and went upstairs and somebody else said something about it.. When it was my turn Apostle left and he was supposed to come back but he didn’t.. then the person who was right there when Apostle left somehow ended up in the car with me there was some type of centipede that was on the front window… it was kind of colorful then a plant appeared and I tried to kill the centipede with water.. maybe the plant appeared after I tried throwing water on the centipede… then I woke up..

  2. I had a dream of eating a bowl of cereal. When I was almost done I saw some parasites in the bowl at the bottom. I shook them out and they crawled on the walls and such. Similarly I had a dream about buying a fish dinner to eat. When I opened it to eat the fish was rotten and full of what looked like black maggots.

  3. I prayed the sinners prayer before going to bed. Shortly after I fell at sleep, I was being chased in my dream. I was running and the surface was like a clay court and I ran through this open gate to where the clay ended. But, to get to the grass. It was a little hill but when I try t and tree I had to climb up so I grab the grass for grip to help me climb up but I sled down and the person chasing me was still after me and coming closer. Then a very bright,golden hand reach down from heaven to grab my hand. I stretch my hand to grab the bright golden hand from the heaven but I remembered the Bible verse that says even Satan can transform himself into an angel of light. So I pulled my hand away from the hand reaching from heaven to grab my hand and I woke up.

  4. i dreamt that there was a witchdoctor a woman combing my natural hair and my was very long. this woman had a tray of vegetables and i suspect she wanted to give me. but a small girl appeared from somewhere and asked for the vegetables which she was given. seeing the woman had turned to attend her i ran away and i woke up

    • Your hair is your glory and your covering. It is a clear attack on your glory and destiny.
      This is my interpretation of your dream, but let´s see what Evangelist Joshua says.
      God Bless you.

  5. dear Pastor
    i dreamed that i was being chased by a wild pig more like a hog, a black one. i managed to escape to a tall building and the pig was being distracted by some people i don’t know. but standing on the tall building i wanted to place my leg on a step but it turned out that is wasn’t a step. the platform crumbled under my feet and i quickly withdrew my leg…then i saw the pig underneath still looking for me. i managed to escape to the other side and i looked back and saw the pig eating and being distracted. then i got up

  6. Greetings Pastor
    I always dream of masquerade chasing me but I always escape.
    Another one is that I saw two big ceremonial pot one bigger than the other in a family that i am engaged into. Pls what is their meaning?

  7. I dreamt of a meteor of fire hitting Earth, and I had my daughter in my arms and there were bright red lights coming down from the sky what do you think? this means?

  8. Hi, I dreamt I could choose any spiritual gift from my Father’s table. I sat up and reached for the gift of faith and said out loud “I will take the gift of faith” and brought it to my heart with my hand. Then woke up.

  9. Our MD has been implicated in so many allegations and process of having him removed or suspended has been implemented. Now we are just waiting for the Chairman to convene the Emergency Board meeting and for him to pass on the suspension letter from the Minister of Civil Aviation to my MD. But early this morning at 5.45am, I dreamt that my MD had resigned and the copy of his letter was given to one of the staff. So I was excited and woke up and find out that I was only dreaming. Thanks

  10. Elle. God has shown you the gift he has deposited inside of you dear. You have the gift of faith… Work with God with it and you shall move mountains.

  11. I had a dream where my late mother is sending me to go and give an empty blue bowl to one woman what I did,before that I was in a hall with my child and son army where looking for me with a torch we hide under a blanket and they pass away before.Then I saw my class made in dream where I cut oof his private part and testies and tied it in a wrapper round my waist then as we were working the wrapper loosened and feel down and the cut off manwood was dried and very long,then I saw maggots on my boddy which I was removing and even when I was carrying water I saw them in the last two bucket of clean water and on my hands which I trow and carry new clean water without maggots inside,what is this,this in advance

  12. what is the meaning of buying yam and picking cola-nut pods under a cola-nut tree having the mind to sell them because the were many?

  13. Gooday Sir, please i had a dream that my husband came back home with a friend. In the dream, this friend told him to leave me and marry someone else. My husband was considering marrying another lady. I was angry at my husband’s betrayal. I walked to my husband friend and rebuked him, telling him that he had no right to break my marriage. The more i spoke to both him and my husband they mocked me, and i felt bad. All of a sudden i got a prompting to preach. I got up and started preaching to them. As i preached to them about Jesus, and the reality of heaven and hell, the friend became sober and told my husband to forget marrying the strange lady and go back to me his wife. Before i had this dream, this September,my husband has been cheating on me for 10 years. I travelled with my son for the holidays and since i travelled he has not been calling me. But when i woke up from the dream. He called me and promised to be calling me on daily basis. He called me for only two days and stopped. Ngozi PH

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