Biblical Meaning Of Flood In The Dream
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Biblical Meaning Of Flood In The Dream

Isaiah 59:19 says, So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.

Flood is an overflow of a large amount of water beyond normal  limits, especially over what is normally dry land. In the realm of the spirit, flood means spiritual attack and the rage of the enemy against a person.


To see flood in the dream connotes trouble or a person is planning to attack you. The force of flood in the dream means danger and satanic invaders. Bible has not described flood as a good dream.  There must be strength to eject demon and close every entry point the enemy is using for attack.

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During the season of Noah, those who perished in the flood died because they refused to acknowledge God or seek His forgiveness (Genesis 6:7).

God commanded heavy rain that flooded the most stubborn and wicked people who refused to obey God’s servant by entering into ark of protection.

The Bible says, the flood took away “people and animals and the creatures that move along the ground and the birds”—everything that breathed air (Genesis 7:23).  The attack of the flood in the dream is an indication that you have enemy planning to destroy you.

When flood enters a home, or a building, it steals away the treasure of a person and make sure a person start from back to square one. So this become harder for a person to succeed. These powers keep attacking them as long as they are getting frustrated and disappointment about the heat of the attack.

However, this kind of dream has a source with the marine spirit. Water in the dream gives a desire of the marine kingdom. And once there is consistent dream of flood attack, it means there is a certain power from the kingdom that want to initiate and cage your destiny.

One of the effects of being under the manipulation of flood attack in the dream is a big hinderance to dryness, stagnation and profitless hard labour.

The ability to encounter flood in the dream implies that you have relayed your secret information to your enemies. Know that your enemy can never attack when they have yet to obtain sensitive information about you. The same scenario applies to armed robbery.

Just like the days of Noah. When God told Noah to tell the people to enter the ark: Some obeyed, others mocked the God of Noah. And those that refused to enter into the ark trigger the Almighty God to waste them with the flood of destruction.

In the same vein, if God has been telling you to do a particular thing or probably he asked you to preach to others, but you refused, I pray you did not see the anger of God through flood in the dream. So you can see the destructive pattern of the flood. Take note of that as well.

Biblical Meaning Of Flood In The Dream
Trapped In The Lagos Flood

Some people today are offended by God. We have others who are currently under God’s punishment. Such people never for once had a peace of mind because of the gravity of the sin they committed.

Some have disobeyed God point black and others have blaspheme against God. To such people, It’s as if the more they pray, the more is the  problems.

Every time you dream about flood, check the Biblical meaning for it. The Bible says, Isaiah 54:9 – For this [is as] the waters of Noah unto me: for as I have sworn that the waters of Noah should no more go over the earth; so have I sworn that I would not be wroth with thee, nor rebuke thee.

On the contrary, If you found yourself in the flood, That is a clear meaning that the enemy has captured you, arrested you and locked you up in satanic prison.

For flood to carry you or your belongings away, it means a big loss is planning to locate you. But with prayers, such loss will not manifest in Jesus name.

Flood is one of the major tools the enemy is using to attack a lot of people today in their dream. Flood did not attack Noah’s ark nor wiped out his animals and  other family members because God’s banner of protection was upon them all.

If you are seeing flood in the dream, means there is a problem. If a baby is crying in the flood, means a loss of a child or difficulties in child bearing.

Dream about flood comes with fear of drowning. The Bible says, fear is originated from the pit of darkness. No wonder it says, God has not given you the spirit of fear but of sound mind. The meaning of flood in the dream is not a dream any kind of person should crack out with his or her brain.



  1. Satanic attacks
  2. Bad news
  3. Loss
  4. Armed robbery attack
  5. Sorrow and weeping
  6. Bad luck and frustration
  7. Depression
  8. Excessive worries
  9. High blood pressure
  10. Sometimes disobedience to God’s instruction and warnings
  11. Thou shall not excel
  12. Misfortunes
  13. Disaster and tragedy
  14. Satanic threat

For example, if you see flood covering street and other major roads, this is a symbol of the enemy trying to hold the areas in ransome. Whenever you experience this kind of dream, it means the devil is looking for a person or vehicle to attack during the flood situation. Beware  if you are among!

Seeing flood carrying people or your children, it;s a bad sign. It means the enemy is trying to use those people for sacrifice. If this dream happens during the ember months, it then means a road accident that will claim lots of lives. But if you pray well, it will be cancelled in Jesus name. All this dream can place you in a tight corner forcing you to count your losses instead of blessings.



  •  Wrong location
  • Inability to forgive people
  • Engaging with demons in fights
  • Dealing with a witchcraft possessed person
  • Refusing to confess and repent from sins
  • Evil foundation
  • Evil dedication to river
  • Bearing names having a linked with the water
  • Bathing in the river
  • Consulting false prophet or witch doctor for miracles
  • Prayerlessness
  • Operating under the curse or covenant
  • Committing adultery and fornication
  • Difficulties in obeying God

Recommended Prayers



There are powers which are initiator of flood in the dream

  • Marine powers
  • Serpentile spirit
  • Foundational powers
  • Witchcraft powers
  • Familiar powers
  • Unfriendly friends powers
  • Family idols powers


  1. Surrender your life to Jesus. You need his power to break evil connection with the water
  2. Confess your sins and those of your ancestors
  3. Break all links and contacts with the enemy’
  4. Raise a standard against them
  5. Be obedient to God
  6. Live a holy and righteous life
  7. Barricade yourself with the blood of Jesus



1. I break and cancel every inherited curse in Jesus name.

2. Lord remove from me all the curses placed upon my ancestral families as a result of their evil associations’ involvement.

3. I break and cancel every curse placed upon me by my parents.

4. I break and cancel every curse, spell, jinx, hypnosis, enchantment, bewithed, incantations placed upon me by my involvement with evil associations.

5. Lord, raise a standard against my enemies through this dream, in Jesus name

6. I break every covenant with water spirits and the yokes attached to it.

7. I break and cancel every covenant with any idol and the yokes attached to it.

8. I break and cancel any evil covenant entered into by my parents in my behalf and all the yokes attached to it.

9. I command the fire of God to roast the forces of hindrance and obstacles and paralyze the power in Jesus name.

10. Lord let the Holy Ghost effect immediate break-through in every areas of my life in the name of Jesus.

11. I confess that my deliverance shall remain permanent never to be reversed again in Jesus name.

12. Begin to thanks the name of God for this section…

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 Bible verses to study: Deut 20:16-18, Revelation 20:11-15, Nahum 1:14, Genesis 6:5, Romans 6:23, Psalm 135:6, Geneis 7:16

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