31 Prophecies For The Month Of March

31 Prophecies For The Month Of March
Receiving Prophecies

31 Prophecies For The Month Of March

Many people are not ready to follow prophetic directions/instructions but they want a prophetic word. For example, when Elisha met the old woman in the time of famine, he gave her an instruction and a direction to follow which made her survive the famine. Just as Elisha did, I am going share with you some prophecies for the month of March.

Frankly speaking, everyone has a purpose to fulfil in life and in order to fulfil your purpose, there must be a special prophetic word or declaration to you from above. God can use any anointed servant to God to fast track your destiny through prophesy.

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In addition, Prophetic words are as powerful as prophetic instructions and prophetic directions.  Why? Because  the book of Amos 3:7 said, ” Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.”

A lot of people have been going to churches to receive prophecies. It is very unfortunate that the prophetic words are yet to manifest in their lives. Immediately, they conclude that God has no agenda or word for their precarious situations. Do you know some prophetic words takes time to manifest?

Any person operating on prophetic instruction with strong believe and practice go very far as much as people who are faithless. Jesus met a man who was born blind and He gave him a direction and an instruction which brought about his healing(John 9;1-8).

We can also see in 2 Kings 5:1-7 when Elisha gave a prophetic direction and instruction to Naaman the Syrian to go and wash in the river Jordan and he received his healing .

The anointing of God in prophecies has the power to change lives over night.  God has anointed some men of God to release the seed of our prophetic words. When a man is blessed, the man carries the grace of God that disgrace demons and releases him to supernatural breakthrough.

It is part of divine revelation to publish prophecies for my online brethren each month. This month of March prophetic declaration is loaded to bring good tidings and perfection in our lives. I also decree that every hopeless situation in your life will be over, in Jesus name!

Despite  the ways things are on the reality or in the spiritual realm, it is possible that your life will make a meaning and be a source of testimony to others. It doesn’t matter how your life is presently, what the Lord is looking at is your glorious destiny.`

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Read the following encouraging Bible verses: 1 Corinthians 14:3 , Isa 40:31, Isa 43:2, Prov 3:5-6, 2 Cor 1:3-4, Isa 41:10, John 14:27, John 16:33, Ps 27:1, 2 Tim 1:7



  1. The month of March is your month of marching to greatness, promised land, and stardom.
  2. The spirit of late marriage is arrested this month, so receive our marital keys, in Jesus name.
  3. Every home under the attack of foundational problem will backfire, in Jesus name.
  4. Those that gossip you and remove your name from promotion list shall celebrate you.
  5. Anyone set for marriage, as the Lord liveth, whose I am and whom I serve, your season of settlement has come this month, in Jesus name.
  6. Whether they like it or not, your enemies from their coven will declare ”Let’s release him/her now before the Lord kills us ooo !”
  7. Throughout this month beginning from now, every issue in your marriage shall be mercifully corrected by the Almighty God.
  8. In your dream, they will be disappointed and as you are waking up shame and disappointment is their portion in Jesus name.
  9. By the decree of heaven, may the Lord hide your end from your enemies lest they harm or kill you before your time in Jesus name.
  10. The problem in your root will not cage your progress, marriage and joy in Jesus name.
  11. Any man or woman that says they must harm you, they must delay you, they must disgrace you, they must cage your womb, they must bring you down, they must put hardship and poverty in your life, they will end up in the grave, in Jesus name.
  12. I decree that your family shall experience peace, love and the joy of the LORD.
  13. Every bad news prepared for you shall be cancelled by the blood of Jesus.
  14. Those waiting for you to be their slave before they can help you, within 72 hours, the Lord will change your status like Joseph, in Jesus name.
  15. Whatever is standing between you and your destiny helpers or between you and my your marriage partner causing frustration in your life shall give way, in Jesus name.
  16. Every mobile curse pursuing you from house to house, church to church, job to job shall break by fire, in Jesus name.
  17. Every expectant mother in the house praying for fruit of the womb and babies, rejoice now, the Lord is answering your prayers this month, in Jesus name.
  18. I destroy all evil patterns working for others to eat. You must eat the fruit of your labour this month in Jesus name.
  19. Whatever is your heart desire, whatever pains or agony that you are nursing right now, I declare by the anointing that breaks the yoke that the Lord shall meet you at the points of your needs in Jesus name.
  20. By the blood of Jesus, receive the grace to walk in righteousness, holiness and heaven conscious, in Jesus name.
  21. Everyday of this month shall be for outstanding testimony, celebration and progress.
  22. I decree that every impossible situation shall become possible to the glory of God.
  23. All through the month of March, you shall continue to sing a new song and dance your dance.
  24. Throughout this month, you will not bombard God with lots of complaints but with praise reports.
  25. By the reason of the glory of God upon your life, multitudes shall come and celebrate with you this month.
  26. No power from the pit of hell shall conclude your case, it is not over until you testify in Jesus name.
  27. Whatever they have written about you in their evil world and secret cult, catch fire, in Jesus name.
  28. All of a sudden, you ‘ll become a financial giver without sorrow!
  29. No power will cover your star again. You will stand out in your family, community and the world at large in Jesus name.
  30. Every appointment with death and strange sickness concerning your life and that of members of your  family is canceled, for no one shall be buried in your  household this year.
  31. I decree in this month of wonders, receive the anointing of ”Come and see what the Lord has done in my life.”

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  1. God is good ithank God for this ministry I pray more grace. More anointing in jesus name Amen, more prayer for me and my family God bless

  2. I give thanks for you, James, for being a blessing in sharing your dreams and visions about prophetic market moves. I was clueless about financial things before coming to z3. I FAZ, well, simply because your 2014 dream about it led me to Z3. I knew in my heart that even though your prophetic dream seemed strange and unheard of to me at the time, I felt without a doubt it was a word from the Lord. So what I received in returns from that dream in the form of what z3 has offered me spiritually, opening my eyes to so many other things that I had been clueless about, it has been priceless compared to the monetary return I”m looking forward to from my FAZ investment, with which I plan on sharing to bless others for the Kingdom of God.

  3. Good morning Evangelist, please when are u having the next fasting and prayers again, because i nist the last one.

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