Spiritual Meaning of Dream About Pregnant


Deuteronomy 28:4, 11, Blessed shall be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy ground, and the fruit of thy cattle, the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep.  And the Lord shall make thee plenteous in goods, in the fruit of thy body, and in the fruit of thy cattle, and in the fruit of thy ground, in the land which the Lord sware unto thy fathers to give thee.

Pregnancy in the dream is generally bad. While it could be a good sign for every expected mother. Having a baby is one of the common prayers of every woman. And in fact, baby is the soul of marriages.  If you are a pregnant woman at the moment, dreaming of pregnancy can portend a positive meaning to some extent. But if you are not pregnant, and you keep seeing yourself being pregnant then the spiritual meaning is marital problem.

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Upon my 25 years or so in interpreting dreams, It is however shown that lots of woman are daily affected by the attack of this dream. Physical pregnancy and spiritual pregnancy are a great topic on the mind of millions of women. The physical pregnancy is done when a woman carried a pregnancy in real world, whereas the spiritual one is the pregnancy carried in the spirit world for one purpose or the other.

The spiritual meaning of a single woman being pregnant, constitutes the followings, sickness, infirmity, lack of focus, misfortunes and depression. The Bible says, any plant my Father has not planted in your life should be uprooted out, in Jesus name. There are negative effects when you are impregnated by man.

A single lady that is seriously pregnant in the spirit realm will have no strength to rise up, to move forward, to become adorable to man, because of evil burdens that she is carrying in the spirit realm. One of the purposes of the enemy behind this dream is to bring no remedy to your search for a Godly destiny husband. The moment the enemy were able to see yourself pregnant, it shows that great havoc is coming against you. This attack may cripple your dreams of getting your marriage done on time.  It is high time you pray against every power bringing confusion into your life.

Actually, being pregnant in a dream could be a sign that a married woman or a single lady is about to get pregnant soon. Maybe she is pregnant and she does not know, and she doesn’t want to tell you, so a dream like this can compel her to run a pregnancy test. The earlier you know that you are pregnant, the sooner you start thinking about your next action. If you want to find out what the spiritual angle of being pregnant in the dream mean to you, you should continue reading this article. Take a glass of water while reading…



Pregnancy dream can also symbolize sickness, unexpected pregnancy, a spiritual attack on your marriage. In the interpretation of the dream, your feeling about your relationship with a man or your husband should be taken into consideration. If the dream makes you sad, unstable, it represent the sign of break ups, being hurt or disappointed by a guy for allowing you to take a decision against your wish.

However, if the dream of pregnancy makes you happy, it represent the symbol of hope and the coming of good things, such as marriage, stable love life and fruit of the womb.  On the other hand, If you are pregnant, or thinking about eventually being pregnant, dreams of bleeding pregnancy  may reflect your fears and anxieties. It can also mean a person is likely not to conceive or carry baby in future. The bleeding aspect is lost of virtues while in expectation for miracles. I pray for you, may you not experience child problem, in the name of Jesus.

It is a wonderful feeling for a woman to carry a pregnancy for her husband. These little bundles of joy automatically bring a smile on your face. Seeing them as an expected mother in the dreams may signify joy and happiness in life. However it is important to know the circumstances, feeling that surrounds you while the dream occurs.  It doesn’t matter how long you have been looking unto God for a child, it will surely come to pass in Jesus name.

If you are a single woman, widow, dreaming about being pregnant with a baby boy, girl or twins specifically could either be an emphasis on the symbol of the child when married or, more likely that you have spirit children. Spirit children opens the attacks or network of satanic delays in everything. If you find it difficult to give birth in a labour room, it shows you will experience troubles and unrest. But be careful the kind of places you go to when looking for a child, because there are fake miracle house every where.

When you see others being pregnant especially your friends, family relatives, and however, if you can recall the identity of such person, this usually indicates shame and embarrassment will surrounds her. This is true because such a woman is yet to be married. Sometimes, the spiritual meaning can be extended to you if care is not taken. But if you cannot get the face of the person,  it is therefore explaining to you that a stranger has been assigned to delay your womb and hinder your marital glory. In most cases,  these are signs of anti-marriage forces.

Possibly, if the dreamer is not pregnant , it may be a warning sign about you losing the trust of your lover, parents, friends, or it may indicate that you are attached to a spiritual marriage. And spiritual marriage is the haven of bad occurrences in the affair of most women today. While praying for a fruit of the womb, and you dream where you did an abortion, in general, it implies that you have been cursed not to have a child or a fruitful marriage. It is a dream which activates sorrow, weeping, long staying in the wilderness. Perhaps, you are moving closer to your menopause season and you are still expecting a child. By the mercy of God, this year will not pass you by in Jesus name.

You have been visiting the hospital to run a pregnancy test which is good. While taking a pregnancy test in a dream symbolizes your fear, hopes of becoming pregnant. It shows your eagerness of having a child by all means. Eventually the doctor told you that there is no hope for you having a child. This can be threatening and frightening as a Christian despite your prayers and fasting. I have a good news for you. That doctor’s report is changing for your good according to Jeremiah 29:11. Or you dream that the pregnancy test show positive, then it is a good news! Alternatively, this dream may also be a message for you to hold on and never give up.

A frequent pregnancy in your dreams could appear as a message that something has been programmed in your body.  It may interest you to know that evil pregnancy is carried out in your dream by dark powers in such a way to harm you and cause problems in your marital life. If you are not even sure that you are pregnant and you woke up with the consciousness that something has left you, you may need to go for deliverance.


Dream About Pregnancy or being Pregnant: Spiritual Meaning

If you are not pregnant or have recently divorced thus your husband left your children behind, a frequent dreams about being pregnant or pregnancy could stand as a point or gateway for remembrance. This is usually not a demonic dream meaning, but a way of establishing a feeling for your  children or on your divorced husband.  The direction of the dream could leave you worried, frustrated, or even make you feel guilty. It could be that you are feeling that you are losing part of yourself as a woman or mother. Don’t worry, you will soon be fine.

Sometimes dreams like this often come after a long depression, series of unstop period or devastating loss. Again, the dream about pregnancy or being pregnancy under a fearful or a severe state is a bad indication that often attracts bad luck, setback and mostly disappointment. In a mean time, there are times when people would see you and conclude that you are married somewhere to a guy and whereas you are not.  In addition, it is important to note your own emotions when you get these dream of seeing yourself being pregnant.

In the wake of things, pregnancy dream could demonstrates the need for you to destroy all satanic networks against your laughter season. It indicates a thing that drive a married woman happy, however, if such dream leaves you with pains, then the enemy is trying to hinder you marital happiness. Often times, you only dream about having your pregnancy as married woman when you are not pregnant, this may indicate your anxiety and fear.

Perhaps you are worried about your long delay in getting pregnant.  If you are pregnant in the real life and dream that you deliver your child, it means successful delivery. If you manage to deliver babies  through operation, stillbirth, then it is a reminder or a sign that the enemy is trying to make things difficult for your marriage. You may be doing some activities that may be too dangerous to your body and the unborn baby.

The dream interpretation of this article could scare some women that are presently in committed relationships, into thinking that their protection or relationship is about to die untimely. This may not necessarily be the plans of God for you. As a married woman, your dream of pregnancy could be an indication that you are pregnant or good things is trying to be planted in your home, this is faith in action. Sometimes dreaming about giving birth could portend that a new seed of restoration is coming or it could mean the emergence of spiritual battles .

Dreams about going into labor can sometimes signify something good or an appearance of bad events, like the fact that you are in great expectant of the fruit of the womb or baby then it implies that God is working out your babies for you. But they can also reveal a sign that you are getting close to your delivery date. If your dream is not connected to abortion or miscarriage, this indicates that the God of Hannah has answered your prayers. One of best signs to know that the dream of pregnancy is relatively bad for single ladies is when they wake up unstable in their spirit. The spiritual aspect of this dream can endanger your dreams of getting married, being blocked by spirit husband.

Unwanted pregnancy is a spiritual problem that affect women psychologically. It is a spirit that brings shame and reduce the dignity and trust of the affected women.  Feeding a baby in the dream is different, but if you see yourself being pregnant, sometimes, it could mean there is an evil plantation going on or possibly someone is talking evil about you. It can also symbolize sudden rejection, lack of trust and discouragement to move on.

To see yourself or your sister being impregnated by a guy through rape or sex then it means a related attack may try to resurface in the reality. Or maybe a man is likely to impregnate you before your marriage. This is a big sin in the eyes of God.  It is however a bad omen if the dreamer is a single woman. Having a revelation that somebody has given birth, it could be a good or a bad revelation depending on the marital status of the woman. If you dream that your mother got to know about your pregnancy, that’s a big problem between you and your mother will manifest . Similarly, it therefore means you are going to break the love and trust of your mother towards you.

Sometimes dreams of being pregnant have nothing to do with physical pregnancy. Instead, this type of dream may symbolize the dreamer has  been pregnant in the spirit realm. So if you find yourself being pregnant, feeding baby, a baby pooing on your body, or giving birth to a strange creature, then they are all indicators that you are operating under the manipulation of witchcraft powers of your father’s house or mother’s house. In most cases, dreams of being conceived spiritually in the dream can override the good meaning behind it.

As you can see, there are different meaning about this dreams, so it is important to pray very well before analyzing the dream in details in order to extract the hidden meaning that surrounds it. It is possible to dream of a pregnant man, it is possible to dream of a pregnant goat, dog, frog etc, and it is also possible to dream of a little baby being pregnant. Of a truth, some dreams look so funny and crazy, but I am telling they have their own interpretation.

Dreaming of a pregnant animal can be a pretty serious lesson to learn for example. For example, if you see a pregnant goat, it means that the dreamer is about to become pregnant. The good news is that, God is using this dream animal to reveal to you that you will conceive very soon. However, if you dream that a man is having sex with animal, watch out, it means that you are likely to marry the wrong man who is after sex before marriage. That’s not God’s agenda for your life and you must take concerted efforts to say no to it.

When you dream about some woman getting pregnant, the first thing that comes to your mind is that perhaps that woman might get pregnant in reality. While this may be possible, such a dream could also mean something else and depend upon the current situation of that someone; an interpretation can be made. If you dreamt about your friend getting pregnant, it could also symbolize a subconscious desire to see your friend happy with her new born baby. At times, it is very difficult to analyze the meaning of dreams, and while most of the things do not happen as we see them in dreams, we do not realize the importance or significance of dreams.








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  1. i got a dream i was pregnant for my boyfriend,however in the dream we were getting married but the congregation was in full black i was the only person in the church in white..what does this mean

    • I use to dream am pregnant in my dreams for sometime now, while in real life and feeling sytom of pregnancy and feeling some fetal movement in my tommy and I’ve done test am seeing negative…..sir what does dis mean

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  5. I was pregnant with twins in my dream. But the doctor keep telling me it was just a baby I was confused and I told the doctor I wasn’t married that how can i get pregnant without a man. Later the doctor told me there was no baby there at all. Then I became worried wondering where the babies went to.

  6. Sir, I’m a married woman and I have with children,my husband and I have put stop for having children,but two days ago I dreamed that I got pregnant for one man in our office,the following day I dreamed again i saw myself as pregnant women,pls sir what is the meaning.

    • Man of God I had a dream yesterday where I was pregnant and in that dream I was in my friend place with the mum and she was talking to me about their people marrying each other that they don’t marry outside their village and in that dream I was laying on the floor so I woke up man of God please help me with prayers

  7. I am 48 years old and had an operation to stop me from giving birth. This night I dreamt that I was pregnant and before I could give birth I lost my birth waters. The labour pains began but there was no one to take me to hospital. Even my husband Sat on a stool and watched. I was worried that the baby would get infected because the lack of waters. I planned to go hospital but I woke up before going to hospital. I woke up with an emptiness.

    Please pray for me. I need deliverance.


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