Share Your Dreams: I Found Snake On My Shirt

I dreamt people telling me there was a snake on my shirt, I removed the shirt, I removed the shirt and the snake fell down it was then killed and later discovered it had bitten me on four spots. Evangelist, what does the dream mean?

–Annastasia (Zambia)

The most dangerous enemy is the enemy of the serpent. Serpentile enemies hide and attack their victims. They bite people when their victims has no divine protection. Ephesians 6:12 says; ”For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”. The bite of the serpent invites affliction, bondage and sickness. Serpentile powers are hidden enemies that are more brutal than the open enemies. This enemy fight against people who are completely harmless. When you dream of a snake on your shirt, it means you have an unfriendly friend who is taking time to study and monitor you wherever you goeth. Killing the snake is not the problem, the most devastating effect of the serpent is that, it has bitten you which has causes evil loads on you. Killing the snake shows you are going to witness deliverance with a servant of God.


The enemy uses some small techniques to initiate the attack of the serpent What are these techniques?

  1. Bad confession (Num 14;28)

  2. Provoking God (Matt 18:10; Ex 23:2021)

  3.  Evil friends

  4. Smoking

  5. Masturbation

  6. Greediness

  7. Alcohol etc




  1. It leads to untimely death

  2. It injects spiritual poison into your body

  3. It bring sluggishness

  4. It gives you the ability to fear and worry

  5. It destroy the blessings that you are about to receive

  6. It kills marital fruitfulness

  7. It serves as anti progress

  8. It multiplies your problems (They make sure deliverance did not work out for you0

  9. It introduces spiritual weakness

  10. It arrests your financial blessings

  11. It gives the unfriendly friend the chance to deceive you

  12. It places you in satanic bondage

  13. It causes pollution, contamination and manipulation

  14. It connects you to the marine world

  15. It establishes ancestral and marine covenant with you unconsciously

  16. It indicates disobedience to the word of God. etc



1. Confess your sins to the Lord.
2. Command the satanic fear to be removed, in the name of Jesus.
3. Nullify the poison effect of the serpentile enemies
4. Be filled with the Holy Ghost
5. Pray that whatsoever the enemy has destroyed in your life before you found Christ should be repaired.



1. Serpent powers of my father’s house, die! In the name of Jesus.
2. Serpent powers of my mother’s house, die! In the name of Jesus.
3. I fire Back, every arrow of the serpents, In the name of Jesus.
4. Serpent poison or venom in my body, come out now! In the name of Jesus.
5. Every incubation of the serpent’s egg in my body, catch fire and burn to ashes, In the name of Jesus.
6. Dream serpents DIE! In the name of Jesus.
7. Serpents from the waters, assigned against my life, DIE! In the name of Jesus.
8. Every secret covenant with any serpent power, BREAK! In the name of Jesus.
9. Environmental serpents scatter! In the name of Jesus.
10. Every dream animal assigned against my destiny, DIE! In the name of Jesus.
11. Serpents of infirmity DIE! In the name of Jesus.
12. O God arise! and let my stubborn pursuers scatter! In the name of Jesus.
13. Serpent power of my place of birth, Die! In the name of Jesus.
14. Inherited serpent, DIE! In the name of Jesus.
15. Power to kill serpents and scorpions, come upon my life now! In the name of Jesus.
16. Powers that are assigned to arrest or stop you in your tracks.
17. They are powers that want to waste the glorious destiny that God has for you.

Evangelist Joshua,

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