Secret About Market In The Dream

Secret About Market In The Dream

MARKET (Ps 18; Ps 30; Ps 109; Lev 25:35; Isa 58:7; Lk 14:13-14; Matt 25:34-40)

      Market is generally known as a place of buying and selling goods. Through the market, you can purchase things with your money in exchange of what you want. The crowd of people that besiege the marketplace every minute is enough to conclude that market is a secret place of making lots of money. The picture of market in the dream create a problem for the dreamer. By dreaming about the market, you will much more likely to operate in the secret place of the witchcraft territory.


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Secret about market in the dream. 

This market dream indicate serious mental disturbance. Any transaction that takes place in the market dream indicates a sign of witchcraft covenant. For example when you buy things in the market, you have established an agreement between the seller of that product in the dream. Whether the person is known or unknown, you will become a slave. If it happens that you sell goods in the dream, this dream stands as a form of failure in marriage, career, business etc.


The word secret means

  1. Darkness
  2. Witchcraft domination
  3. Troubles
  4. Unending afflictions
  5. Wrong location
  6. Lack of focus
  7. Prison


What secret for a person to dream about the market

  1. It means the spirit of curse
  2. It means the spirit of spiritual stagnancy
  3. It means marital problem
  4. It means a life is in bondage
  5. It indicates a life without a purpose
  6. It means a life of poverty
  7. It means a life of spiritual blindness
  8. It means a life if aimless and setbacks
  9. It means a life full of confusion and disappointments
  10. It means a person is engaging with the devil


There are various market many people often go to in the dream. This market is a den of enemy. When you dream where you are wandering around the market, it means the spirit of aimlessness is working against your goals in life. If you fail to deal with this dream, it will not allow you to live your life the way you want.

The problem of people seeing themselves in the market are likely to what is written in the book of Lamentation 1:5-6, ”Her adversaries are the chief, her enemies prosper; for the Lord hath afflicted her for the multitude of her transgressions: her children are gone into captivity before the enemy. And from the daughter of Zion all her beauty is departed: her princes are become like harts that find no pasture, and they are gone without strength before the pursuer.”

Take this prayer

Market in the dream is evil. It is a dream that locked up your destiny in the cage. The attack from this dream can come from the areas you do not expect. Going naked in the marketplace contributes to another factor of shame and disgrace. The devil is developing spiritual market to dump people in the secret location of stagnancy. If you are not noticed, appreciated by people, the consequences of this dream can also add to that problem. Spiritual market destroy the expectation of people in life.


Negotiating for goods in the market: This further shows that you have no direction or a sense of purpose in life. If you are a businessman/woman, this portends that the enemy will make sure your business did not to prosper or receive good patronage from customers anymore.  You can destroy their stronghold through prayers and fasting. What do you expect from such a person or business?

There will be no business growth and profit maximization. The person will continue to experience poverty, dryness and disappointment in all areas at the edge of breakthrough. Satanic transaction takes places in the dream, to attack their victims.


  • If a person stole your money or goods in the market, it means the enemy is trying to steal your goods or money before you get home. This was carried out in order to disgrace and embarrassment you. If you steal other people belongings in the dream, it means you are inviting serious case with the police.
  • If you notice a person or group of people destroying your shop in the dream, it is a sign that armed robbery is planning to hijack your goods at the shop. If you can pray well, it will not come to pass in Jesus name. If your shop caught fire, it means tragedy, sorrow and loss.
  • If you see a mad person in the market, it means the spirit of madness and curse will manifest. Madness is associated with a level of attack. If the mad person embraces you in the market, it means you are going to have problem of poverty and suffering. Reject it
  • If a pregnant woman is going to the market to do one thing or the other, it means the spirit of witchcraft will possess the destiny of the child. If the woman delivers that child successfully in the reality, such a child should be taken to pastors for anointing impartation  and long life.




Lord Jesus, I am not a candidate of satanic slavery. I break myself from every curse of my foundation. Poverty and hardship is not my portion. Disappointment and financial setbacks are over in my life. My destiny will not expire at the wilderness of darkness, in the name of Jesus. Every covenant of my father’s house with Satan, be broken, in the name of Jesus. Powers assigned to exchange my money in the witchcraft market, die, in the name of Jesus. I shall prosper and move forward. My business will not suffer defeat and low customer. Any agents of bad luck concerning my marriage, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus. Doors of favour, open unto me, in the name of Jesus. Every curse operating against my head, die by power in the blood of Jesus. ALL BLOODLINE curses, break, I break all curses of thou shall not excel, I release myself from family curse of almost there but never there, generational curse, I break your stronghold,in the name of Jesus.


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  1. I had such a dream today for the first time and I am currently pregnant.Wanted to wave it off as one of the symptoms of pregnancy but on a 2nd thought I have to enquire.

  2. I had this dream last night,.please I really need your prayers in my marriage and business. God’s favour upon my life and family.

  3. Hello Evangelist,
    I have this dream of market. I wanted to buy from pepper seller she gave me ridiculous price so I didn’t buy, the same for garri seller. We abused each other, and I left in anger looking for somewhere else but I woke up. Pls tell me what this means. Thank u

  4. Goodmorning. I had this dream of buying some food items(red oil,fish, leaves) at the market, though i was seriously pricing for the sellers to reduce for me and i didnt buy much because of lack of money ,previous nights ,have been dreaming of my husband spliting firwood in the dream and my eldest daughter eating yam and oil in the dream. I fasted for 4days and engaged in mid night prayers as well. Please, say a word of prayer for my household. God bless you.

  5. good morning man of God,I have had this dream on three occasions where I find myself in the market having problem with the market guards they were telling me that market have closed, and I should leave and of a truth they was no one in that market except the security guards and i, the second I saw a woman either she was trying to take the shop where I’m staying or i can’t remember clearly. then the third one I was about going out almost at the gate of exit but I did not see myself outside before I woke up, though when I had this dream I engaged myself with your prayer point concerning market dream, sir please say a word by the power bestowed on you as anointed of God by the holy spirit and I shall be delivered.

  6. My dear, i thank God for this opportunity, pls help me i have been seeing myself frequently in the market buying one thing or the other in the dream, and also cooking in dream i just don’t know even when i wake i will either go to the market to buy some food item but will end up buying rubbish and at the end i will what my husband will not like. So please i need u to help me pray for me and show me a way out pls. Thank u

  7. Hi man of God. am happy for having known the truth about this destiny destroying dreams. I have been praying against these 3 dreams persistently but they can’t just go.
    1.eating in dreams.
    2.going back to my childhood home, former school though am already working. the market.
    Am worried coz things are not OK on my side, financial problems, heavy debt bearing in mind that am married 6 years and yet my husband has never gotten a job. please help me pray.

  8. I’m so grateful for this, its really helpful. I pray God continue to lift you higher and give you more anointing to function more. God bless you Evangelist Joshua

  9. Hello man of God I dreamt that I went into the market then saw a particular goods but didn’t buy it then later I saw people buying that same goods,i changed my mind to buy it but unfortunately it has finished they are selling something else so I left the market.

  10. Good day Sir, I dreamt that I was sent to the market to the market to buy garri, rice and malt. On getting there, the seller did not have, she took the money from me and gave her sales girls to help me get the items while I waited…please pray for me I have been struggling financially for a very long time.

  11. Good man of God. For the first time I dreamed about market. My collogues and I were visiting another country and there. We went to a market where they selling things mostly cloth (for bed and table/chair), from my native country. I recognize the sellers from my childhood. I did not buy an anything. One of my collogues sager she did want to save for her pension this where I wake up: What does this dream means?
    I used to dream about.
    1. Eating in the dream.
    2. Having sex
    3. Being burned in the dream( not my whole body)
    4. Baby, Baby breast sucking.
    5. Fly
    6. Falling

    Please Help me. I’m a bon again Christian, I pray and fast

  12. have been eating in my dreams for quite sometimes now ..I feel something in my troth after each dream..I just the dream to stop

  13. Hi man of God, my name is Linda Koroma , I can not remember my dreams, if I have to, by the special grace of God. I will either be eating or something terrible like I will be with Dead people, that’s lot i can not explained everything.

  14. Sir, indeed God is using you, more grace and inspiration, pls I had a dream that I want to buy something in the market, on reaching there, below and behold I saw my picture and my baby placed on sand borad, i begin to ask questions and one of my aunty answered me and said my picture has hank since, pls tell me what to do, I need your prayers. thanks sir.

  15. What’s the meaning of buying clothe and returning it back to the market and I was told that the owner was not there but register it on a desk for the owner for exchange and somebody then said let me exchange another for u but I refused dt I will do it myself whenever I come.

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