How Satan Deceives People Under The Sun

How Satan Deceives The People Under The Sun

How Satan Deceives People Under The Sun

This is a revealing and insightful message. Many people living on earth today are under the deceptions of Satan and they don’t know it! In Rev 12:9, the Bible says Satan is deceiving the whole world! Just Imagine! If Satan and his cohorts can deceive all these ones all over the world, it then means you and I need to be careful and fully armed  with prayers through the power of God, if not we will be useless in the hands of the devil! Truly, Satan is ruling the world and he is daily deceiving lots of people under the sun. He tactically deceives people with lies and fake promises. For example, when Satan promises to offer you some blessings and you know very well that he or she is not genuine, the next action is to rebuke his anointing over your head and disappear from his or her presence.

Many bad things are happening under the sun. Father deceiving children. Mother deceiving father. Pastor deceiving the brethren. Brethren castigating the church. People are gradually killing and burying the truth just because of personal concern and gains. The Bible says, the truth shall set you free forever. I would like you to understand that there can never be a lasting blessing that comes through deception. You may be enjoying the blessings now, but it is not guarantee that such blessings will do another wonders after now.

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Take these prayers against satanic deception

  • Every fake revelation, vision assigned against me, expire, in the name of Jesus.
  • Every fake anointing of the false prophet upon my head, dry up, in Jesus name.
  • I receive all my blessings collected by false prophets, in the name of Jesus.
  • Every coven of the underworld against my prayer life, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.
  • Adulterated oil against my destiny, dry up by fire, in Jesus name.
  • I break myself from every sexual covenant with other men of God, in Jesus name.



Satan cannot give you a miracle for free, he must collect somethings worth more than that from your life. This is the picture of how Satan go about deceiving the children of God under the sun. Now we are going to dig deep to know how he is deceiving people today which include both Christians and Non-Christians!


Let’s go!



1. FAKE PROPHECIES and VISIONS! This is one of the major areas the devil is deceiving people today. Jesus warned that if care is not taken, the very elect will be deceived. Mt 24:11,22. The rate at which fake prophecies and visions are gaining ground today is very alarming and unprecedented! Satan is using this avenue to lure millions of souls into hell fire. Today people are hungry and looking for prophecies and visions everywhere. That is why we always caution people that whatever prophecy or vision that is given or received should be compared with the word of God before it is accepted. Note, as we have genuine prophecies and visions from God so also there are  countless of fake and counterfeit prophecies, dreams and visions all around us. They would brainwash you and make you fall into their words of deception. Be Warned!

2. FAKE CHURCHES AND MINISTERS! After God has established the true and old time Church to prepare people for heaven, Satan also has come out to establish fake churches and anointed his fake ministers for the sake of deceiving humanity into hell fire! For your information, the number of fake churches and fake ministers have out weighed the True Church! For instance, anywhere you see one true Church, you will see about 100 fake churches there! And all of them are portraying that they are serving the living God and claiming me to do what God has them to do. That is why you need to pray more to get the Spirit of discernment to be able to distinguish between the good and the bad ones, the original and the counterfeit. Beloved, fake churches and counterfeit ministers are so numerous and rampant in our society today simply to deceive people and carry them to hell fire for ever!

3. FAKE POWER DEMONSTRATIONS! This is another dangerous method Satan has adopted in his bid to deceive humanity on a large scale! And truly, millions of souls are being deceived today through power demonstration by these fake Ministers. For your information, all these counterfeit ministers get their powers directly from Satan! And that is why they are directly under the supervision of Satan as to the kind of messages they should preach. You hardly see or hear them preach about salvation or holiness. They specialize on prosperity, success, breakthroughs, victory, healing and deliverance! Their single message which is being emphasized over  ”God is concerned about your heart and not your physical appearance”! In this way they are deceiving millions of people and they are busy gathering their money smiling to the Bank every week. In this way Satan is happy, Lucifer is enjoying their service because all these souls belong to him for eternal destruction and the innocent members don’t know this! May God have mercy on our generation!

4. EMPTY POPULARITY! This is a dangerous method Satan uses in deceiving many Christian Leaders and Leaders in the corporate world. The devil will do everything to make you popular and famous to the detriment of your spiritual life and your relationship with God. That is why about 90% of popular Ministers of God have made shipwreck of their faith. There are many of these popular Ministers who are known all over the world but they are not known in heaven. God doesn’t know them. Their names have been removed from the book of life. But people are bowing down to them with great respect and high regards on this earth and they are not known in heaven! Pride and lack of humility with secret sins have removed their names from the book of life long time ago! D devil has made them so popular and comfortable in sins that they have forgotten about heaven. This is a very pathetic situation. Some of them started very well any way. The same thing is applicable to those in corporate or Government positions. D devil is using them to accumulate wealth to themselves and their coronies without the fear of God. Note, any money you acquire from Government illegally which is not your own, Will surely be accounted for on the day of judgement! They are using their popularity to suppress the ordinary citizens today. No body may be able to challenge you now but your judgement is set, waiting for you on that day.

5. DEMONIC EMPTY PROMISES! Beloved, do you know another method the devil is using to deceive people, especially Ministers of God, is through EMPTY promises! The devil can come to you in a vision and tell you that he will make you great, wealthy and popular! And you know human beings are hungry for these three things – Greatness, Wealth and Popularity. In this way many Servants of God have been deceived to go through the short cut and have destroyed their relationship with God. That was how one popular man of God Man of God was terribly deceived! There are thousands of them of course. The time this man of God realised the deception, and he wanted to come out, the devil told him it was too late. And this is a man of God that is pulling thousands and millions of members all over the world today. The devil promised him in a vision that he would make him great, wealthy and popular. The time he saw the personality visibly and discovered that it is not Jesus Christ the Son of the living God, and wanted to come out of the alliance Satan threatened to deal with him if he tried it to pull out. The devil told him that all the popular ministers of God on earth today are serving him, that he is the one controlling them! That is how this great Pastor is serving this powerful demon with all the members under him! It is a pathetic situation. That is why you have to pray very well before you join any Church and become a member.

6. WORLDLY LIFESTYLES – This is another terrible way Satan is deceiving humanity especially Christians of this generation. The devil has made many people to change their lifestyles to comply with the new generation. Millions of Christians have changed to the lifestyles of the world! The Bible says that which is highly esteemed by men is an abomination before God! Luke 16:15. The lifestyle that has now become a global issue that every body is keying to it, it is an abomination before God. For instance, worldliness in the Church today has now become a worldwide phenomenon. Yet it is an abomination before God. Check it in Rom 8:5-8, 12:1,2, 2 Kings 9:30, 1 Timothy 2:9,10. This is one of the greatest avenues Satan has been deceiving human beings especially Christians in this 21st Century. Check your lifestyle and see, is it the lifestyle of the world or the lifestyle of the people of God? Also read 2 Cor 6:14-18. The new generation lifestyle has sent millions of souls to hell fire and they will be there throughout eternity! In short, there are so many other ways Satan is deceiving human beings today. Pls share this message with your neighbors if you love them. Thank you.

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