Remembering Everything In My Dreams
Remembering Everything In My Dreams

In Daniel 2, the Bible says Nebuchadnezzar had a troubled dream of which he has been looking for who to interpret his dream, he could not see. Others whom he has counted on disappointed him.

In vs 17, the mystery of Nebuchadnezzar dream was revealed to Daniel in a clear vision. It was his interpretation that saved him from troubles.


Remembering everything that took place in the dream is a good way to know every picture that present itself in our dreams. It is a common practice to see people trying to remember what took place in their dreams. To remember our dreams takes divine support. God ensures that His children remember their dreams.  There are several things that has been deleted from the memory of many people. For example, when such person wakes up from sleep, he forgets some important things in the dream.

To remember everything in the dream is to guide you how to pray. Prayer is another instrument of revealing the mysteries behind our dreams. Dream is a picture of our destiny. When a person remember everything that occurred in the dream, the person is likely to win the battle of life.

A lot of people did not know that forgetting everything that transpire in the dream its like forgetting their destiny. Te devil who is a master in stealing would always steal some segments of their dreams.  If you must do exploit in life, you must remember everything within the scope of your dream. To remember your dream is one thing and to pray concerning that dream is another thing. People who remember their dream and immediately channel it into prayers are considered champions in life and destiny.


Remembering our dream gives us a clear picture of what is meant to happen. Losing our dreams takes us to the road path of darkness. To remember your dream is a means of freedom. It is a good thing to remember our dreams whether good or bad. But when you fail to remember your dream, there is a chance that you will have no clue of whats about to happen to you in the next minutes.

To remember your dreams requires spiritual alertness. The devil can steal glorious dreams and replace it with nightmares. That is why you see some people dream life is always bad. It is the work of the devil. (Matt 13:25). If devil is unable to steal your dream, afflictions would reduce and the devil would be kicked to the Red Sea. Some people got into accident and die when they could not remember their dreams.

Some people go ahead and marry their enemy when God had shown them the kind of person to marry in the dream. Ignorance is the strongest tool in the hands of the devil. I pray that if you have forgotten your dream, you will remember them in Jesus name. If you can try to remember your dreams, it means God is about to reveal secret things to you. When you remember your dream, the devil cannot attack you and go scot free.

Most people dream from the beginning, but towards the middle or the ending part of the dream is being pulled out of their memory by the devil

Since dream is the picture of our destiny, it is important to write down every dream that transpire in our memory when we sleep. With full understanding of your dreams, the devil knows that you are on your way to freedom! Because the spiritual cataract that is blocking your eyes (vision) is being pulled away in Jesus name.

Remembering your dreams without interpretation is as bad even when they are good. Sometimes, you need an interpreter like Joseph to do justice to your dream.

Every time you pray towards that good dream, you command the host of heaven to act immediately.

Forgetting your dream is a destiny destroyer! That’s why Jesus said anywhere you find them, chase them out! There is no devil that can hold your glorious dream ransom (Jude 6). The devil saw that as long as you remember your dreams, they believe you have received the light of God towards your destiny hence they scatter. The bible says, He separated light from darkness.



The failure to remember the dream of your childhood is a problem. If you go back to the Bible, you will find out that we should remember the days of old days (Deut 32:7). The dream of your past is very important to God.

Your past constitutes your foundation. When you forget to remember some of the dream of your childhood days, you have given the enemy to attack you from your past (foundation). Every secret lies in the dream of our childhood.

There was a lady that wrote me recently; she had a dream when she was 10 years old. She was expressing how her mom took her to a place and wash her head in the river. But she was unable to complete or remember other parts of her dream. She could not understand her life. Now things were so difficult for her. Every opportunity bypass her. She was tired of marital problem.

I told her to ask her mother where she took her to for dedication when she was little. She told me that her mom refused to explain to her. Meanwhile her father is dead. Before she called me, she always dream of a flowing river. She has gone to deliverance programes that comes through prayers and fasting.

The dream of her past was hunting her. She could not understand her dream. But by the time we prayed together, she was delivered from the bondage of her past and everything was revealed to her.

So many people are like this young lady; so silent about their dreams, waiting for one pastor to lay their hands on them.

A person could be praying and fasting for a particular thing; When he discovers the hidden dream of his childhood, immediately changes occur in his prayers.

Some powers have really fought with the dreams of so many people from their childhood. This is why they don’t have the picture of their past anymore.

Until the dream about your childhood is revealed, it might be difficult to experience total victory. As far as the devil is concerned, he will continue to attack the foundation of people through dreams. If you want to destroy your enemies, you would need to know his secret (Dan 2:22).

The blessings that are stolen from you in the dream are because of your ignorance. You maybe pastor or believers, but if you don’t remember your dreams, it will affect your foundation and destiny.

If you look at those who dream and have them come to pass, you will discover that they are at best to know everything that transpires in their dreams.


It is also possible to have sex with a known face but when you wake up, the memory about the person would be lost. Yes, it is possible to be a prayer warrior and yet be ignorance about your dreams.

That you know to preach is not enough reasons that you will escape from bad dreams. Otherwise you cannot understand your dreams when you pay less attention to it.

One of the reasons many people die or suffer today is because of their inability to remember their dream and pray concerning it. Once the person fails to remember the complete dream, he will lose direction in life and could easily be attacked.


What are the factors that makes someone not remember his or her dreams

  1. Sin
  2. Bad foundation
  3. Curses
  4. Evil covenant
  5. Visiting strange places
  6. Prayerlesness
  7. Less concern for Bible reading
  8. Inherited evil pattern
  9. When a mind is troubled
  10. Lack of  good sleep
  11. Having a bad meaning of names
  12. Dealing with strangers
  13. Marrying who God has not ordained for you
  14. Disobedience to parents and God
  15. Spiritual bath
  16. Pollution
  17. Constant sickness and disease
  18. Excessive eating
  19. Over working that leads to stress
  20. Wrong way of sleeping



Some character should also be remembered in the dream

  • The cloth of the person
  • The face of the person
  • The structure of the person
  • The environment where that dream took place
  • The agenda of the person
  • What the person gave you?


Questions to ask after the dream

  • Why this person is not reveal to me?
  • Why must I forget my dream?
  • Why some parts of my dreams are not clear to me?
  • What is the plan of this person?
  • Am I safe to interact, engage with the person?
  • Why must my dream incomplete?


God is planning to show many people the revelation of their destiny, but the devil did not allow them to remember everything they need to know about their dreams. Dream is one of the ways God reveal certain things to us. He make sure He reveal to those things to us in a time when our minds are relaxed so we can get the true picture of the message. GOD tries as much as possible to expose something to us in the dream.


What does it mean if you always fail to remember some or everything that transpire your dreams

  1. Your destiny would be exposed to attack
  2. You are blind spiritually
  3. Your spiritual life is poor
  4. Satanic imprisonment
  5. Your expectation does not come through
  6. People find it difficult to help you
  7. Dealing with your enemies as friends
  8. Road accident
  9. Incomplete deliverance
  10. Sudden loss
  11. Backwardness
  12. Last minutes disappointments and frustrations
  13. Marital and financial attacks
  14. Attacks from your place of work
  15. Being the right place at the wrong time
  16. Punish for what you did not do
  17. Grade A affliction
  18. Poverty becomes unbrokenable
  19. Making mistakes that destroy good things
  20. Anxiety and pain
  21. Profitless hard labour
  22. Strange people in your dream


According to Lamentations 2:19, “Arise, cry out in the night: in the beginning of the watches pour out thine heart like water before the face of the Lord: lift up thy hands toward him for the life of thy young children, that faint for hunger in the top of every street.”, dont just wake up and forget to address your dreams in your quiet time.

If you forget to remember some of your dreams, you will definitely become a prey to the devil.  For example,  when you dream where someone gave you something and you did not remember the person’s face, then you are in big troubles. So make up your mind to remember everything in your dream through prayers and fasting. If you refuse to know what transpire in your dreams, you will be an example of satanic attack.


It includes both bad and good

1. It commands the heaven to acts on time
2. If it is a bad dream, such prayers neutralizes its immediate effects in your life
3. It blocks the ways for the devil to attack you
4. It delivers you from spiritual problems
5. It scatters the works of the devil
6. It establishes goodness and success
7. It will cancel that bad news planned for you on that day
8. It frustrate the devises of the enemy
9. It will protect you from trouble
10. It command your destiny to be awakened


To forget your dream is dangerous as a believer. If you can remember your dream and fails to pray, you are in the same category of those who has challenge in remembering their dreams.

The devil has cheated so many believers, including pastors. How can God show you something in the dream and you said it doesn’t matter? Its time to open your spiritual antenna to know deep things about your dreams. For example, when you dream of praying, you will prevail over the enemies. When you dream of masquerade pursuing you, once you stand up and pray it out, that powers would be impotent over you. And when you know your dream, you will become the Joseph of your dreams.

The more you determine to know the meaning of your dream, the more the devil will begin to trembles over you. Its not just enough to forget your dreams, you must also know who and who was involved in the dream. You must get to a point where enemy has no hiding place in your dream.


It is time to understand that you may have the need to know your dream, but the devil may not allow you to know their secret plans. There is no dream that has not got an interpretation in the deep.

Until you discover your dreams, you cannot know the mind of God or that of the devil. There is always a message for every dream. Whether it is good or bad as the case maybe. Every dream has a meaning! And every dream has spiritual backing.

Brethren, it is a tragedy when you don’t dream at all. A person that does not dream is as blind as ever. Many of us have dumped our dreams in the dustbin thinking that they are not important.

There are things for you to discover in your dream that you might never recover from the days of your life. There is something behind that evil dream. Evil dreams are from the pit of darkness.

If you must do well and dominate in life, you must know and monitor your dream. Some people are still praying when God is telling them to deal with their dreams holistically. Some people are closing the chapter of their dreams when God is telling them that their deliverance lies in that dream.

Some dreams forms the basis of our prayers. There are many believers who just ignore their dreams, yet they want God to answer them. It takes an effectual person to stand enemies in their dreams. Many are obviously warned or instructed in the dream, but their ignorance puts them where they are today (Hosea 4:6).

When you cannot recall your dreams, the devil can easily control your life.




  1. When it is hard to remember your dreams, it is time to pray hard.
  2. When it is hard to remember your dream, its time to repent from your sins
  3. When it is hard to remember your dreams, it is time to  cry out to God to restore your dream life
  4. When it is hard to remember your dreams, it is time to put your secret lifestyle in check
  5. When it is hard to remember your dreams, it is time to deal with these enemies
  6. When it is hard to remember your dreams, its time to go for deliverance






  1. Holy Ghost destroy every power wasting my dream life, in the name of Jesus.
  2. I recover all my stolen dreams, in the name of Jesus
  3. Any power attacking the source of my destiny – dream, be destroyed by fire, in Jesus name.
  4. Every power assigned to sit on my dream life, be unseated by fire, in Jesus name
  5. My divine message embedded in my dream shall not be aborted by the devil, in Jesus name
  6. Every satanic robber stealing from my destiny in the dream, return it and die, in Jesus name
  7. All my pending dreams, be delivered by the blood of Jesus.
  8. Every dream of sorrow, be converted to joy, in Jesus name
  9. Every bad dream that I had when I was 5 years old and now, be erased completely from my memory, in the name of Jesus.
  10. Every bad dream that I had when I was 10 years old and now, be erased completely from my memory, in the name of Jesus.
  11. Every bad dream that I had when I was 20 years old and now, be erased completely from my memory, in the name of Jesus.
  12. Every bad dream that I had when I was 30 – 50 years years old and now, be erased completely from my memory, in the name of Jesus.
  13. Every spiritual erazer fashioned to wipe out my dreams from my memory, I challenge you with Holy Ghost fire, burn to ashes in Jesus name.
  14. You my forgotten and stolen destiny dreams in satanic archives, hear the voice of restoration fire: arise and locate me now in Jesus name.
  15. I break every curse issued against my dream life in the name of Jesus.
  16. By the power that made Daniel to recall all the forgotten dreams and visions of Nebuchadnezzar: O God arise and restore my stolen dreams in Jesus name.
  17. Holy Ghost fire, circulate all over my body. I drink the blood of Jesus (Physically swallow and drink it in faith. Keep doing this for 21 times).
  18. Every dream of masquerade attacking me, ROAST BY FIRE, in Jesus name.
  19. Every setback and satanic prepared for me in the dream, be destroyed by fire, in Jesus name.
  20. Every dream of snail…..(mention others), you are a liar, I shall move forward, in Jesus name.
  21. Every dream of nakedness……(mention others), you are a failure, shame and disgrace is not my potion, in Jesus name.
  22. Every good dream that have been stolen from when I was 5 years – till my preset age, be restored back to me in full, in the name of Jesus.

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  1. I sometimes remember and forget some dreams unless i think very hard and later remember the dream mostly about myself or close family and friends..

  2. Revelation starts and immediately the message is about to b delivered it cut off,and immediately sleep clears off and I’m awake.

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