The Rage of Household Wickedness


SCRIPTURES : Judges 15:1-13, Genesis 37:7-27;6-7, Genesis 50:20; Micah 7:6-7; Matthew 10:36


Who Needs This Message?
1. Your greatest adversity is from within your own immediate family.
2. Constant dreams of being in your father’s house or mother’s house, particularly the one where you grew up.
3. Seeing things that are important to you either laying in your father’s compound or buried there such as your spouse, children, and documents of advancement such as diploma’s foreign citizenship papers, and work permits. Also seeing graves dug for you there and evil registers bearing your name there.

1. Everything that household wickedness powers have stolen or destroyed in my life and in the life of my family be restored now in the name of Jesus.
2. I scatter the evil network of my household witchcraft by the thunder of God.
3. Every weapon of household wickedness singling me out for attack, turn against your owner.
4. I paralyze all evil legs and evil hands walking about for my sake and the sake of my family.


1. These are close enemies
2. The enemy outside often succeeds because they have assistance from those inside.
3. All families with great potentials have at least one agent of darkness hiding in their midst with the demonic assignment to kill, steal, and destroy. John 10:10.
4. In all families you have monitoring powers and at least one monitoring agent that passes information to the enemy to be used against family members.
5. Our fiercest battles come from household wickedness powers.
6. Household wickedness powers are very clever and know how to masquerade and hide their tracks. They laugh with you and yet they are behind your problems. Today their masks will be torn off. They shall be exposed and disgraced in Jesus name.


Household wickedness powers come in different shapes and sizes. They are:
1. Polygamous witchcraft agents that are mocking you like Peninnah did to Hannah the mother of the prophet Samuel. 1 Samuel1:6.
2. Wicked Parents like Rebecca who colluded with Jacob to steal his twin brother, Esau’s, birthright.
Genesis 27:6-29 . Your parents can cart off your virtues and squander them on themselves, leaving you with nothing but to struggle through life. They take your intelligent brain and give it to their favorite child and give you a dull one.
3. Wicked grandparent like Athaliah, who killed her own grandchildren because she wanted political power. 2 Chronicles 22:10.
4. Wicked siblings such Cain that killed his own brother Abel and Rachel who treated her sister Leah cruelly.
Genesis 4:8; 30:14-16. They are like Joseph’s brothers who their determination to destroy his colorful destiny first buried him and later sold him into slavery in a foreign land. They have the same plan for you that Joseph’s brothers had for him when they said, “Let us kill him and see what will become of his dreams.”
Genesis 37:28.
Prayer: Every power, spirit, or personality saying about me, “Let us kill him/her and see what will become of his/her dreams,” fall down and die now, in the name of Jesus.
5. Children who are wicked to their parents after all the resources invested in them. They are like Absalom who tried to usurp his father David’s throne and brought him so much pain and shame. 2 Samuel 15:12-31. He even went as far as sleeping with his father’s wives in public. 2 Samuel 16:22. They are like Noah’s son Ham that exposed his nakedness rather than cover it.
Genesis 9:19-27. They are like Lot’s terrible daughters who got their father drunk and slept with him to accomplish their evil agenda.
6. They are the wicked cousins challenging your authority and carting off precious things from your life in your dreams. They are the Korah, Dathan and Abiram who challenged Moses’ God given authority out of envy. Numbers 16:28-33. Today the earth will open up its mouth and swallow them up just like it did to Moses’ wicked cousins in Jesus name.
7. That wicked strongmen in your family that has sold off every one’s virtues in your family for his sole benefit. You must withdraw the mandate given to him to do that and close the doors against him to shut down his operation. Pray like this:
Every stubborn strongman trading with my goodness, submit you power, and die.


1. Resident wickedness powers. These powers tabernacle in a particular family doing havoc.
2. Acquired wickedness power. These powers acquire powers from outside the family and use it on other family members. For example, they consult sorcerers, enchanters and hire other satanic intermediaries to perpetuate evil.
3. Parental wickedness Rebecca in the bible was a wicked parent to Esau. Genesis 27:6-29.
4. Sibling to sibling wickedness for example Cain who killed his brother Abel.
6. Prayer: Every Cain in my family you will not sacrifice me.
8. Marital wickedness from current or ex-spouses. Some carry their wife’s pregnancy to the coven. Others donate their spouses to secret societies bringing about untimely death. Others use their spouse to do voodoo to get rich. Yet others steal all your virtues.
9. Polygamous wickedness. They specialize in satanic manipulation of glory and exchange of goodness such as changing the sex of babies and exchanging the brains and virtues of their step children.
10. Donation wickedness
a. Members of a family donate other members of the family to witchcraft covens.
b. Body organs are also donated and lives are cut short as a result of the activities of eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood.


They use familiar spirits and invoke ancestral spirits to terrorize their victims.
2. They distribute evil loads such as sickness, insanity, reproach, shame, failure, retrogression and backwardness, demotion, poverty, and untimely death.
3. They send evil arrows to destroy lives. These include the arrow of accident, insanity, miscarriage, poverty, affliction, shame, stroke, and paralysis.
4. Evil surveillance. They monitor people for evil and abort breakthroughs.
Prayer: Evil eyes monitoring my life, go blind by fire.
5. They manipulate of personal effects such as placenta, menstrual pads, clothes, hair, and blood.
6. They issue evil decrees on family members such as decree of death, failure, and poverty.
7. They use cobweb attacks to block progress; divert destinies; introduce poverty; and put embargos in place.
8. They use demonic reverse gears to put a person’s vehicle of destiny on reverse, so that instead of going forward, the person goes backwards, losing many years.
Prayer: Demonic reverse gears installed to hinder my progress, roast.
9. Evil vehicle and drivers are used to divert destinies and take family members on unprofitable journeys in their dreams. This introduces serious errors and mistakes.
Prayers: a. I separate myself from every witchcraft vehicle. I set the
vehicle and the driver on fire.
b. I turn back from every unprofitable journey.
10. They pronounce curses on people and hire enchanters, witch-doctors, diviners and others to do the same. Parental curses are quite rampant. Even siblings cannot be trusted.
1 1. They carry out evil exchanges. They take away good things from you and replace them with worthless or inferior things. For example they can exchange good health for sickness; glory for shame; riches for poverty; male children for female children. Pray:
What God has for me, let it be mine, let no man steal it in the name of Jesus.
12. They carry out various attacks in your dream
13. Evil summon to wicked meetings where evil verdicts are passed on people.
14. Attacks by witchcraft animals such as crocodile, cows, snakes, cats and dogs.
15. They feed people in the dream.
16. They initiate and renew evil covenants through eating, swimming, and having sex in the dream.
17. Constantly taking you back to your father’s house to ensure backwardness.
18. Placenta manipulations. You have parents and grandparents that ate the placenta of their children. Others have theirs buried under wicked trees making such lives unstable.
19. Satanic initiations.
20. They initiate family members particularly children into evil associations such as witchcraft, familiar spirit, marine, occult, and other evil societies.
21. Evil programming. They program terrible things into people’s lives such as insanity, slow progress, demotion, slippery blessings, rising and falling, and untimely death.
Prayer: Every wicked power assigned to bring me down, I bury you now.
22. Evil deposits and evil plantation. This could be physical through incisions and or spiritual through dream attacks and evil spiritual marks.
23. Evil altars and priests. Pray like this:
Every altar that is strengthening wickedness in my life, expire and die by fire.
24. They issue evil decrees, verdicts, and pronouncements backed up with demonic powers.
25. Enchantment, divinations, and sorcery such incantations, evil candles, incense, and demonic sacrifices.
26. Satanic burial. They can bury your destiny, business, marriage, and your body organs including your manhood to make you impotent.
27. Satanic delay of goodness. They seat on your promotion and goodness and confiscate your documents of advancement and even pollute them.
28. They cage lives. When you are caged your real life cannot manifest. You become a shadow of what God created you to be. Pray with holy anger:
The fake me go, the real me manifest by fire, in the name of Jesus.
29. They put evil marks of hatred and “touch not” on you to create problems for you.
30. They use your life to prolong their lives so that you die and they live. Please pray the following prayers like a mad prophet.


. I will not die another man’s death.
. Say again: Any power, spirit or personality using my life to renew his life, fall down and die, in the name of Jesus.
. I reject evil transfer in the name of Jesus.
. I refuse to be a sacrifice in the name of Jesus.
. Any man or woman that wants to use me to save or elongate their life die.
. I refuse to pay for what I did not buy in the name of Jesus.
. Every wicked agenda of household wickedness powers for my life, scatter by fire, in Jesus name.
. Every source of household wickedness assigned against my life, be exposed and
be disgraced by fire, in the name of Jesus.


When you are under the attack of household wickedness powers, you will experience the following:
1. Backwardness – instead of progress you are tied down in your father’s house. If you are seeing animals that are tied down in the dream, that is you.
2. Bad luck
3. Circular problems
4. Oppression and torment
5. Rising and falling – Repeated progress failure
6. Unexplainable poverty – you will be in America for 30 years with not a penny to your name. Pray with holy anger:
Every power that wants me to die in this condition, you have lied, die.
7. Demotion
8. Presence of evil load such as poverty, rejection, affliction, shame, sickness, etc.
9. All round failure.
Prayer: Every power saying over their dead body will I prosper, it is now time for me to prosper therefore fall down and die.
10. Evil patterns
11. Diverted life – You will be traveling on the opposite road from the one that God has ordained for you to travel in life.
12. Vagabond anointing – You will be roaming around in your dreams.
13. Stubborn blockages and embargoes.
14. Profitless hard work

1. Repent from and deal with all known sin
2. Surrender your life to Christ
3. Pray inquiry prayers to discover the source of your problems
4. Pray down fire and thunder, after the order of Elijah, to discomfit household wickedness powers and their meeting places.
5. Pray to break foundational yokes and evil ancestral transmissions.
Prayer: I bind and break every evil foundational yoke working against my life in Jesus name.
6. Pray prayer of restoration to recover all that household wickedness powers have stolen and destroyed in your life.
7. Barricade your life with the blood of Jesus and the fire of God.


Songs: 1. There is power in the blood 2. Enough is enough, Holy Ghost arise O enough is enough. 3. Come by fire Come by force fight my battles for me
1. Every gate and door of attack opened into my life, be closed by the blood of Jesus.
2. By the power in the blood of Jesus, I release myself from all problems originating from parental wickedness, in the name of Jesus.
3. Every power that does not want me to raise up my head, die by fire, in the name of Jesus.
4. All effects of strange touches upon my life, be removed by the blood of Jesus.
5. Let the effect of every food I have ever eaten, both in the dream and in the physical be purged by the fire of God and flushed out by the blood of Jesus.
6. I destroy the hand of every witch doctor assigned by anyone to be working against me.
7. Household wickedness powers assigned to rubbish my life, die in the name of Jesus.
8. Every evil pit prepared for me by household wickedness powers swallow your digger.
9. Every evil hand of unrepentant household wickedness upon my life, catch fire.
10. Blood of Jesus remove, cleanse, and purge the effect of every demonic access to my blood.
11. Every evil arrow fired into my life to return me to square one jump out and backfire, in the name of Jesus.
12. Blood of Jesus wash away every witchcraft handwriting in my life, in the name of Jesus.
13. By the power in the blood of Jesus, I destroy every power cutting off my expectations whenever good things come near me, in the name of Jesus.
14. United powers troubling my star, your time is up, die, in the name of Jesus.
15. Every satanic plantation in my head and in my heart, be uprooted by fire.
16. Every power using my placenta against me, fall down and die.
17. Every problem that came into my life through the blood of my parents, die now in Jesus name.
18. Everything representing me in the spiritual world, I withdraw your representation and I command you to die now, in the name of Jesus.
19. I withdraw every mandate given to any power, spirit, or personality to destroy my life.
20. Every altar of household wickedness speaking hardship into my life, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.
21. Satanic keepers of my instruments of promotion and advancement, release them by fire in the name of Jesus.
22. Blood of Jesus deliver me from every power determined to destroy me because of the wickedness of my ancestors, in the name of Jesus.
23. Every evil yoke kept in place in my life by household wickedness, break by fire.
24. Household wickedness powers carry your load and go ( name the evil load one by one such as: sickness, poverty, sorrow, loneliness, demotion, and backwardness.)
25. I decree by the power in the blood of Jesus that my life shall disappoint my enemies.
26. I declare by the power in the blood of Jesus that powers mocking me shall gather to celebrate me this year in the name of Jesus.
27. I command all my blessings confiscated by household wickedness to be released and rush back to me now.
28. Every good door in my life closed by household wickedness powers, open by fire.
29. Father Lord, today, I refuse to let you go unless you bless me.
30. Every power that wants to counter attack, regroup and reinforce against me as a result of my prayers catch fire and die in the name of Jesus.

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  1. I say Amen to these prayers points. Household wickedness must back fire this week in Jesus name Thank you apostle, these prayers are profitable to my advancement.

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