The Rage Of False Prophets

There was a call which was placed to me by a woman a week ago. She told me of a prophet who promised to help her spiritually. She told the prophet that she has a serious problem. The prophet told her what is your problem? She told the prophet that at the age of 37 years no man could walk up to her for marriage. The man of God said,”Is that all? She said yes. “Your problem is spiritual and we must tackle it physically by prophetic. I have solved many women’s problem through this method” This woman did not quite understand that line of words.  So he asked the woman to lie down on the floor, and the woman obeyed. By the time he began to prophesy on the lady, he was seen touching the sensitive part of the woman. The woman became so weak and she could not say anything. That was how the so called prophet finished this woman with sex. So this woman asked me on phone, “if the man of God is genuine.”‎ I told her he is not only a false prophet but an agent of the marine sent to imprison her and  establish a soul tie covenant with her.

The truth is; There is no genuine prophet of God that will perform strange things on you out of Biblical demonstration. There is no true prophet of God that will ask you to go naked.There is no true prophet of God that will administer all kinds of incisions on your body.

There is no true prophet God that will ask you to come and see him (a woman) in an hotel. There is no true prophet of God that will ask you God is asking him to marry you when he is married. There is no true prophet of God that will make you a baby factory machine. There is no true prophet of God that can take you to a strange rivers for spiritual bathing. ‎There is no true prophet of God that will touch the sensitive parts of a woman as a form of fruitfulness or breakthrough. Read 1 John 4; Matt 7:15; ‎


Who is a prophet?

  1. A prophet is a man or woman with insight into the purpose and the will of God
  2. A prophets are oracle of Jehovah, the voice of God in warning, rebuking and correction
  3. A Prophet is a person that foretell events, they see in the spirit. They are role model for holiness and closeness to God.


The Bible warns us serious about the rage of false prophets. There are more false prophets every where. Many of them are on Television. Many of them are on the street. Many of them on the social media claiming to be whom they are not. Many of them are distributing fliers and tracts.

False prophets are the agent of witchcraft. False prophets are a tool in the hands of the enemy. Some go about preaching all manners of messages with the aims of getting money. They do this, in order to earn respect, power and fame in the society. Some false prophets are seen washing their faces somewhere in order to see vision and prophesy with signs and wonders. Followers who have no spiritual discernment and revelations are deceived by this false prophet.

This prophet would tell their victims to sow a seed before they can pray for them. By the time you call a man known as a prophet. When you tell him: Who is your father in the Lord, he cannot point to anybody. Which church do you attend? He cannot tell you. Where do you got born again? He cannot tell you. Have you attended Sunday School? There is no answer. Who taught you the Bible? He cannot answer you. Can you tell us one of your teachers so that we can go back and answer the person. There is no answer. He just appeared! He just carried his Bible and start to call himself a prophet.

When you look at that kind of people you are looking at a false prophet. Without a father you have no feather to fly. Without a father you have no direction.  When a person cannot tell you the church he got born again. When a person cannot describe to you his salvation experience. When a person has no idea about sanctification and heaven.

When a person does not know about the baptism of the Holy Spirit. He is talking, and walking miracles. These are the characteristics of a false prophet. Many people have been deceived. So many useful lives have been destroyed by false prophets. So many people tare in the bondage because they passed through the false prophet.

Some people are still with the false prophet as we speak. I feel sorry for some people who are rushing from prophet to prophet, mountain to mountains, rivers to rivers. When you are too lazy to pray, when you are too lazy to study your bible, when you are too lazy to rebuke some strange prophetic, you become a slave to prophet. Matt 24:11-24. They shall show great signs and wonders. They shall deceive the very elect. All over the world, what the false prophet are teaching the children of GOD is that thing that will secure their ticket to hell fire.

False prophet can be programmed to tell you lies, they can see lies for you and confuse your life with fake revelation. Ezek 14:9. If the prophet be deceived, the Lord has deceived the prophet. if you are here you have somebody that you are consulting apart from your bible, holy spirit, The Holy SPIRIT will program lies to the prophet you want to see. and they will deceive you.

Anyone who is looking for ministerial power without paying the price.  He wants to be an over night prophet. Anyone who  want to be a prophet and he does not know 20 bible memory verses off hand, he is a false prophet. Where in the bible is it located that a prophet must sleep with you. Where is it found in the bible that a prophet that drink alcohol has the power to see.

The Rage of false prophet are too much and they are destroying people. Many young ladies have lost their virginity in the house of false prophet. Many young men have lost their glory because of the false prophet. People are loved to preach love than judgement. God and man were friends before, sins brought separation between men and God. How can u call yourself people that there is hell fire. If you handover yourself to them, they will manipulate you. The prophet of God will receive vision and dreams of the Lord. A true prophet of God will not be given revelation that is contrary to the scriptures.




  1. They will tell people what they want to hear
  2. They present the truth mixed with errors. They exploited the biblical teachings. They talked on things that are not in the bible God said, I see revelation
  3. They have no mentors
  4. They produce very strange disciple
  5. They teach sugar coated messages
  6. Their fruit always appear good, but inside it is bitterness.
  7. They are trained professionally to talk more on prosperity, but little or no effort in salvation.


INSTRUCTION: If you have been deceived by one false prophet or many, kindly embark on 3 days fasting and prayers between 6am to 3pm. However, if you know his names, you can call his name while praying and separate yourself from him spiritually.




  1. Occultic powers assigned against me die, in Jesus name.
  2. Satanic vision, satanic vision against my life die, in the name of Jesus
  3. Any power going from shrine to shrine, I command to be disgraced, in the name of Jesus.
  4. Every spirit of false prophet following me like a shadow, be bound, in the name of Jesus.
  5. The evil connection between me and the marine world is hereby disconnected, in Jesus name.
  6. I refuse to fall under the tactics of fake man of God, in the name of Jesus.
  7. O God, reveal the full identity of this man of God to me and what he represent, in Jesus name.
  8. As from today, I will no longer be deceived by strange prophets, in the name of Jesus.
  9. That evil hand laid on me hypnotize me, wither by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  10. Fake hands of the enemies upon my destiny, wither, in Jesus name.
  11. Everything stolen from me by a false prophet, I receive it back, in Jesus name.
  12. O Lord My Father, show me the right church to go, in the name of Jesus.
  13. Every effort of the false prophet to deceive me and extort me shall backfire, in Jesus name.
  14. My destiny shall not be exchanged by having sexual contact with this man of God.
  15. I bind and separate myself from the evil spirit that control this man of God.
  16. Whatever this man of God is using me to magnetize me to his church, Father, destroy it.
  17. My legs will not take me to a place where the blessing of God will stop working for m.
  18. Every arrow of the false prophet fired into my head to deceive me with fake miracles, backfire.
  19. O God, have mercy on me and deliver me from every strange prophet, in Jesus name.
  20. Father, loose me under the evil authority of this man of God, in the name of Jesus.
  21. Every ritual done on me to steal all my greatness, be returned back to me, in Jesus name.
  22. Whatever I have collected in the house of the false prophet, I depossess them spiritually and physically, in the name of Jesus.




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  1. I’m sorry to hear what you are writing on this about false prophets I actually pray on this because you are saying & then contradicting at the same time because someone doesn’t go to church there a false prophets who saids that we are not in 1950 we are in a world generation of 2018 & you just contradicting what you said if a prophet can’t tell you what church there were in is a false but then say you feel sorry for people going to church & being false prophets lol you are not making sense there is Children of god who get delivered & don’t trust this world no more you are literally saying god don’t do miracles & wonders now that’s crazy lol you are saying truth with lies right here so if someone don’t go to church & pray everyday & read the Bible & say there sins everyday & is trying to change there life for good there a false nope I’m sorry your trying to say truth like the Beginning of this post but then comes all lies nowadays you can’t trust no one a real child of God who truly has God inside of his heart don’t need to read the Bible everyday to no good & evil & don’t need to be all day with read the word of God all day because is writing in his heart & intentions you are just writing this post to say that what everyone receives is lies in there everyday life & im going to ask how you know you ain’t a false prophets? Exactly I’m going to pray on this & ask the lord about this because we are ALL including you living in a sinful world & are still SINNERS in are everyday life until then you can’t say those things & judge I’m sorry looking at carefully what you posted about sleeping in hotel or cheating all that truth but hen you go with lies yes there’s a lot I mean a lot of false prophets but because they don’t go to church hahaha that’s we’re the devil is saying he got saved & is all lies the true savior that I know don’t really go to the false church they have God in the temple of there hearts & a covenant with God May God bless you in the name of jesus

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