Prayers When Vomiting In The Dream


Dream about vomiting is a step to deliverance. The children of God are in the best position to tackle this spiritual dream with prayers and biblical verses. A dream about vomiting can sometimes be influenced by the devil as a way of attacking people.

The Bible says, Proverbs 23:8, ”The morsel which thou hast eaten shalt thou vomit up, and lose thy sweet words.” So, this means that when you eat food given to you in the dream, you will vomit them and when you vomit them then you are likely to lose out your virtues in the process.

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Generally, if you vomit under a happy mood, it means what the enemy has planted in your life has been or would be uprooted. This result to breaking away from the yoke of spiritual bondage. It is a part of victory over enemies. Those things you took out in your dream were actually the object hindering your blessing.

If you can remember or trace those thing you vomited out, you could start praying against that thing. In addition, this dream will give you an outlook of what has been tormenting you. Fortunately, you can experience this dream and when you wake up, you feel restored, excited, or even happy. Why? According to your emotion, the most troublesome spirit troubling you has finally been laid to rest.

For example, when you dream of vomiting things and you woke up happy, peaceful etc then it means a sign that God has fought your battles and whatever you have loss has been restored. Don’t get it confused.

Meanwhile, If you are reading this interpretation and you often notice strange movement in your body after several vomits then you need to know that a certain arrow has been deposited in your body.  And through prayers, you can know which arrows;

On the other hand, if you dream of vomiting under a sorrowful mood then it means something is wrong. It shows that there is an evil plantation in your life that need to depart from you completely in order to experience peace and restoration.

Biblical Meaning of verses (Matthew 3:10, Matthew 13:25, Matthew 15:13, 2 Timothy 4:18, 1 John 3:8)

For example, if a pregnant woman usually vomit in the dream, it shows that such woman will experience a notification of miscarriage and sometimes difficulties in childbearing. The Bible says in Matthew 15:13, ”But he answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up”. Whatever power that is causing you to vomit your virtues shall be destroyed, in the name of Jesus.

VOMITING in the dream can be demonic when you encounter the following.

  • Vomiting blood in the dream
  • Vomiting your intenstine.
  • Vomiting out sand, cement
  • Vomiting ants, cockroaches
  • Vomiting mucus
  • Vomiting knife

The frequent vomit in the dream is a sign of loss of virtues. This is a situation of  your glory be stolen by wicked powers who want you to suffer. May that not be your portion in Jesus name.  To dream of vomiting uncontrollably breeds an attack of sickness and infirmities.

Whenever this kind of situation is reoccurring in your dream life then you need to go for deliverance. When a person is operating on the spiritual angle of this dream, he or she cannot enjoy divine health, sound mind and peace of mind. There is a great problem awaits you when this dream is not spiritually put into check.

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Dream About Vomiting – Biblical & Spiritual

If you have been dreaming that you are vomiting and woke up very bad, then it shows that you need to pray against foundational powers. It is very important to consider what the enemy is trying to achieve through this dream. This dream also mean that the enemy is attacking the warehouse of your destiny and thereby wasting them away. The symptoms of this dream vomit is associated with, sickness, stagnation, promise and fail, spiritual dryness, memory loss, academic failure, marital problems etc. However, if you’re experiencing any of the symptoms described above, you are attacked.

When we vomit in our waking life, it give us an indication nothing is bad with our health. In most cases in dreams, it means there are powers that are trying to pollute you. One of the most hopeless thing is for a believer is to be vomiting during fasting and prayers. The devil knows that the moment a person is vomiting in the dream expectations and blessings will be hindered. To vomit in a dream can be a warning sign that a terrible thing is about to happen in your body, marriage etc.

This is  so bad because the enemy uses this dream to steal, kill and destroy lives. A person can vomit a live cockroach, ants, and could mean good and to another person, it could be so bad. What matters most is your emotional response to this dream in your waking life. How do you feel when you vomit out that thing from your mouth? If it is bad, then you need to start pray against it before it  become something that is so hard to deal with it through your personal prayers. The biblical dream meaning shows that you should able to uproot whatever the enemy has planted in your life. The Bible says, while men slept, the enemy came to sow tares. What’s that tares they sown? They were that evil food that you ate in the dream that is triggering most of your spiritual vomit.


To some women, a vomit can stand as an early sign of pregnancy. It is impossible that, not every woman is capable of having vomit as a sign of being pregnant. But more often than  not, pregnancy is a blessing. To vomit in the dream during or before pregnancy is a condition that affect the expectation of a woman. However, some women experience problem with their husband or in-law whenever this dream is into play. The Bible often use fruit to describe the goodness of our lives. However, the Bible was not mistaken when he says, you will be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth. From these verses, we could understand that fruitful is the key to marriage. But there is going to be problem when an expected mother is having the dream of vomit. That shows such woman has some demons to contend with in battles before her conception season. Dreaming of vomiting  during pregnancy can also be a negative sign of evil occurrences, which is most common experience for most women. You need to pray for God to scatter the expectation of the enemy concerning your homes and relationship.

Dream About Vomiting

Spiritual meaning of vomiting blood

If you dream of vomiting blood means a great danger.  Generally, the sign of blood in the spirit realm indicates the power of covenant with the devil. So when you vomit blood, then it means the enemy is operating on your organ. The symptom of this dream are usually bad luck, unfruitfulness, struggle, rejection, bondage etc.

This become so worrisome when a pregnant woman is experiencing excesses vomit. However, if you are a woman and you keep seeing yourself vomiting blood, you need to rise and up in midnight battle and destroy the ties between you and the underworld. So what does this dream mean in clarity? It means that the blood sucking demons are seriously manipulative your glory. These are people that are far behind their destiny as long as they are vomiting out bad or unclean stuff in dream.

The source of this dream is from the kingdom of darkness. This dream means there is a mark of sorrow and misfortune placed upon your life. If you are always manipulated through the vomit then you need to go for deliverance. A born again Christian  that vomit in the dream shows that he is losing his salvation and repentance .

The interpretation of this dream is also telling you to break every covenant established with your ex, spirit spouse, formal place, formal school or village etc. If you vomit in a flowing river then it shows you are being influenced by water demons. Sometimes the home in which you emanated from can easily be the orIginal source of this dream attack.

If your friend, child, or other family members, vomiting blood, this can be a quick sign that there is a curse of the wicked operating in any of these ones. So it become so hard for such a person’s glory to be strong and prosper. If the person is a sinner, it will give the enemy the freedom to waste and dump him in the pit of stagnation. I want to ask you, can you associate a person vomiting blood in the waking life as good?

One of the risks associated with vomiting that it can make you even more burdensome and ill if you’re already sick. This is because it makes you lose your prayer life and interest for midnight battles, including going for deliverance programmes, too quickly.

If you’re not already affected with symptoms that are listed above, here are the most common:

  • Temptation to sin
  • Painful and emotional problems
  • Fighting the wrong battles
  • Body weakness etc


Then let’s go to another dream interpretation…

Dream of vomiting ants

If you dream of vomiting ants, this indicates that God is trying to release your virtues from the bondage of the ants. The ants are spiritual powers that sucks people destiny from the womb, thereby preventing them from moving forward. One of the symptoms of ant being a person’s body is to destroy a person’s internal organ from functioning effectively. Ant bites so hard, so when you dream of vomiting ant or group of ants, you should start thanking God now as it mean that God is about to deliver you from your enemies that torment you. If you can pray well, the deliverance will be certain and achievable, all to the glory of God. In addition, a dream of vomiting ant means an end of pains, anxiety, hardship, poverty, stagnation. With prayers, you will surely testify.

What does a dream of vomiting white foam mean?

It is very important to remember the objects, or other strange things behind the whitish vomit. To vomit white stuff means deliverance from occult. However, vomiting whitish substance is an indication that the hand of God is performing surgical operation in your life. The whitish thing is a reflection that your deliverance is taking place.

On the other hand, if you fail to claim your victory over this dream, the devil may convert it to a problem and when this is done, it will be too hard for you to conquer them.  Many people have been rejected, and some are ignorance about their blessing behind this dream. When you vomit whitish things causes unwanted things in your life, including sin to be taking out by the blood of Jesus. For example, if your friend etc vomit a red thing is a sign of sorrow but when he dream of vomiting whitish foam then it shows the mercy of God has reached him. This can also be a breeding ground for progress and fruitfulness. Be observant whenever you vomit. The good or bad side of this dream determines what you brought out from your stomach.


That’s so irritating, isn’t it? If you dream of  eating another person vomit, it indicates that you are being programmed spiritually to eat left over. This is not a good sign as a child of God. It means you have been bewitched, or even cursed to things that will defile the temple of the Holy Spirit inside of you. When you eat the vomit of others, it indicates a troublesome sign of sickness, affliction and stubborn stagnation. Most times, it can lead a person be a slavery enslave people, and this can hinder dreams and progress. You need to vomit the evil food given to you by others in the dream.

On the other hand, if you dream that a person/animal is eating your own vomit, haa!, you need to use the blood of Jesus to barricade your vomit. That vomit is part of your own virtues. And once a strange person or animals feeds on your vomit, then you need to take recovery prayers as it mean the enemy eating your blessings. Yes! Because failure to recover your lost virtues from them, it will surely mean that the devil has successfuly taken something important from you and this may crumble many things in your life. I believe when you vomit in your waking life, you will be so eager to see what you vomited out, right?


1. Make Jesus your friend.
2. Challenge your body with the fire of God
3. Drink the blood of Jesus to flush out every stranger in your spirit, soul, and body.
4. Pray the attached prayers to uproot evil plantations.
5. Barricade your life with the blood of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Ghost.


INSTRUCTION: Embark on 7 days fasting and prayers between 6am to 3pm. Take a bottle of water and start to declare the blood of Jesus into and drink it every day. You can use it up immediately or continue using the water for the 7 days. If you want to use it to bath, you are still connected. Take the follwoing verses: Oba 1:17, Joel 2:25-27, Psalm 18:44-45, Psalm 35:8, Isaiah 41:10-12, Isaiah 49:24-26 .


  1. Father, wash my intenstine with the blood of Jesus.
  2. I plead the blood of Jesus over my life, in the name of Jesus.
  3. Father, purge out everything that you have not planted in my body, in Jesus name.
  4. Blood of Jesus, flush out every poison in my system, in Jesus name.
  5. My blood reject every covenant of sickness, in the mighty name of Jesus.
  6. I vomit and kill every evil water flowing in my body, in Jesus name.
  7. If my stomach is lying down on an evil altar, be destroyed in Jesus name.
  8. Foundational food inside my body system, I shake you out, in Jesus name.
  9. Any wicked hand that has been tormenting and oppressing me through this dream, wither and die, in the name of Jesus.
  10. O Lord re-arrange my destiny to fulfill my divine purpose, in Jesus name.
  11. Every stranger that has been hiding in my body, enough is enough, be evacuated by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  12. Blood of Jesus purge my body organs, in Jesus name.
  13. I curse every satanic priest standing at any evil altar to eat food poisoning, in Jesus name.
  14. I drink the blood of Jesus !!!
  15. Mark of unfinished battles upon my star, clear away by fire, in Jesus name.
  16. I reject and vomit by fire, every idolatry food upon my destiny, in Jesus name.
  17. Every evil food that is operating on my destiny, I vomit you out by fire.
  18. Anything prepared for me to eat in the dream, die by fire, in Jesus name.
  19. Any foundational power cursing me to vomit my virtues, die by fire, in Jesus name.
  20. I refuse to vomit out my divine babies, in Jesus name.
  21. Negative effects of this dream is hereby cancelled by the blood of Jesus.
  22. I release myself from the strongholds of my father’s house in the name of Jesus.
  23. I will not vomit what will make me a fruitful woman/man, in Jesus name.
  24. I break every curse of witchcraft against my health, in Jesus name.
  25. Blood of Jesus cut off my destiny from evil ancestral blood line, in Jesus name.
  26. Strange hands of the wicked disorganizing my body system, receive frustration.
  27. I recover whatever I have lost both in physical and spiritual, in Jesus name.
  28. Every witchcraft drug causing me to vomit, be nullified, in Jesus name.
  29. Strange battles after vomit in the dream, go back to the sender, in Jesus name.
  30. The source of this dream should dry up by fire, in Jesus name.
  31. Every charm killing my star before my destiny helpers, in Jesus name.
  32. Any strongman that would not allow me to enjoy the glory of God, die in Jesus name.
  33. I vomit by the blood Jesus any spiritual water bird, frog, toad, salamander, lizard, snail, cat, dog, alligator, crocodile, serpent, turtle, tortoise, connecting my life to marine habitats, in Jesus name.
  34. I command long term affliction in my life to go forever, in Jesus name.
  35. I break every ancestral embargo on my life, I break you, in Jesus name.
  36. My body will not be used for witchcraft purposes, in Jesus name.
  37. I am totally set free from the evil powers of my father’s house in the name of Jesus.
  38. I vomit by the blood of Jesus, every plan of the wicked against me, in Jesus name.
  39. I cancel by the blood of Jesus, every serpent moving around my body, in the name of Jesus.
  40. By the blood of Jesus, let every unclean power inside me to come out, in Jesus name.
  41. Evil dedicated altars saying no to good health in my life; catch fire, in Jesus name.
  42. Strangers from the water troubling my dreams, fade away by fire, in Jesus name.
  43. Any poison of witchcraft causing vomit in my dream, be purged out by the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus.
  44. Every evil food that has turned to poisons in my body, be neutralized by fire, in Jesus name.
  45. Let owners of evil load carry their loads, in the name of Jesus.
  46. Every witchcraft power using this dream to manipulate me, die, in Jesus name.
  47. I vomit out every strange thing troubling my glory, in the name of Jesus.
  48. Angel of God, hide me from my enemies, in Jesus name.
  49. I command all hidden affliction to be destroyed, in Jesus name.
  50. Blood of Jesus, Fire of God flush out marine waters from my body, in Jesus name.
  51. I shall not die but live to declare the works of the Lord, in Jesus name.
  52. Every power using this dream to sacrifice my virtues at the evil altar, die by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  53. Holy Ghost appear and break every curse of sudden death and sickness, in Jesus name.
  54. You powers biting my organs, receive mysterious arrow of paralysis, in Jesus name.
  55. Whatever has been programmed into my life through this dream, be cancelled by the blood of Jesus.
  56. I decree that my glory will not die, in the name of Jesus.
  57. Arrows from the blood sucking demon, fired into my body, backfire, in Jesus name.
  58. Any objects programmed into my body through my dreams, come out by fire, in the name of JESUS.
  59. Thou power of God, saturate me today, in the name of Jesus.
  60. I release myself from every stronghold of the wicked, in Jesus name.
  61. Jesus Christ, break my yokes, in Jesus name.
  62. Fire of the Holy Ghost enter into my body and possess me  by fire, in Jesus name.
  63. The expectation of the enemy concerning this dream will not come to pass in Jesus name.

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