Practical Prayer Assignment For March: 31 Days Midnight Prayers

Practical PRAYER Assignment for MARCH: 31 MIDNIGHT PRAYERS


Midnight Prayer in the Bible

Luke 6:12 
And it came to pass in those days, that he went out into a mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God.

Lamentations 2:19 
Arise, cry out in the night: in the beginning of the watches pour out thine heart like water before the face of the Lord: lift up thy hands toward him for the life of thy young children, that faint for hunger in the top of every street.

2 Samuel 12:16 
David therefore besought God for the child; and David fasted, and went in, and lay all night upon the earth.

Power of Midnight Prayer Testimony

Judges 16:3
And Samson lay till midnight, and arose at midnight, and took the doors of the gate of the city, and the two posts, and went away with them, bar and all, and put them upon his shoulders, and carried them up to the top of an hill that is before Hebron.

Job 34:20 
In a moment shall they die, and the people shall be troubled at midnight, and pass away: and the mighty shall be taken away without hand.

Basic Scripture: (Paul and Silas demonstrated practical midnight prayer exercise)

Acts 16:25-28
And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them. And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one’s bands were loosed. And the keeper of the prison awaking out of his sleep, and seeing the prison doors open, he drew out his sword, and would have killed himself, supposing that the prisoners had been fled.But Paul cried with a loud voice, saying, Do thyself no harm: for we are all here.

Isaiah 45:7 
I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.

Midnight prayer is a very important spiritual exercise for Christians. The power of midnight is still  not clear to many people. There are people who do not know that midnight time is an hour where strange spirits and the angels of God moves in full operation. Midnight prayer is the  most difficult to cultivate. The benefits of spreading your prayers at midnight season are awesomely great. A person who always convert his midnight into prayers will surely win. Our practical prayer assignment for this month of March will gives us the the opportunity to reactivate back the spirit of our midnight prayer encounter. The Bible tells us a praying spirit was found in Shadrach, Mesach, and Abednego.  The power of God gives them more confidence and anointing not to bow down to King Nebuchadnezzer’s order (Daniel 3:17-18).

The Bible says while men slept, his enemies came to sow tares. In the process where man had slept in the middle of the night, his enemies came to attack him mysteriously. This is a true fact to the situation of many Christians today.  If you read the above verse, you will understand God separated light from darkness to demonstrate His mysterious power upon mankind and the earth in general.  If there is anything Christians should not take for granted in this endtime, it is the power of Midnight prayer.

During the hours of the night, lots of people have been wasted;  One of the most spiritual instruments that God has given to man, but neglected by Christians is midnight prayer.  Midnight prayers are being carried out at 12:00 am through 3am. These are very sensitive hours where evil powers are in operation. Many people wonder why they commit themselves into fierce midnight battles but still have attacks. The Bible says, pray without ceasing. This means that if you cease, something bad will happen, because we have a ceaseless enemy who does not sleep, but moving around seeking whom he may devour.


Have you ever asked yourself this question: ”Why do men receive arrows at the hours of the night?” The simple answer is that, your enemy has done much of their sleeping during the day, while the night is for their demonic assignments. As a Christian, it is important that you live a life of vigil (night prayer). There are battles of life you can never overcome without constant praying at midnight. There are some favour  or deliverance you cannot get without taking midnight prayer as your favourite spiritual tonight. And there are also some powers, principalities, spiritual wickedness, that you may never be able to dismantle unless through constant midnight warfare.

There is nothing many people can achieve unless they stay long alone with God through their midnight battle cry. At midnight hour, God visit his people. At midnight time, its a season where battleline are drawn. At midnight time, its a season where most demonic dreams takes place. At midnight hour, it is a time where many destinies are cursed, exchanged and manipulated upon.

At midnight hour, Its a time where evil animals are available to work against destinies.  Satan has placed serious limitation on some Christians never to rise up and organize vigil. He tries to ensure they did not show any remorse at all for midnight prayers. If peter and Silas had not prayed and praised at midnight hour, there would not have been a record of freedom at the prison. That’s why any time spent praying at midnight is never wasted, but an eternal investment. Because there is always a unique blessings awaits any Christian who is fervent in his or her midnight prayer engagement. When the devil see a Christians weakness in his or her prayer life, he rejoices.

A person who takes the hours of the night very serious has nothing to fear. A person who takes midnight prayers has its priority never feel defeated by the devil. A person who loves to engage spiritual wickedness at night is fully supported by God during warfare battles. Though, he may look as if the devil is wining, but it is actually the person that has overcome the devil through the blood of the lamb.

If you must control the activities around you and dismantle their evil altars, and demonic plans, then, you must learn to wake up in the midnight to fight against the powers of darkness. For example, look at the activities of the witches and wizards. Ranging from evil birds, evil cat, evil rats, evil gecko, evil cockroach, evil ants, evil snakes, evil owl etc. These are agents of darkness possessed by the spirit of witchcraft to kill, destroy and confuse the destiny of their victims. Maybe you can’t even remember the last time you wake up to do a vigil. Maybe you are the kind of person that naturally hate praying at night. Maybe you don’t value it because of your inability to wake up on time for the resumption of your work the following day. Whichever might be your reasons, you must try to discipline yourself so that you won’t allow some pastors to be feeding on your ignorance.


  • Laziness and procrastination.
  • Over feeding.
  • Less interest for midnight prayers.
  • General body weakness.
  • Bad foundation of your house.
  • Your husband/wife can contribute to it.
  • Having sexual immorality.
  • Sometimes your nursing child.
  • Pregnancy is one of the leading causes;
  • Environmental power (evil landlord).
  • Keeping bad friends.
  • Cohabiting.
  • Restriction placed on maid not to pray at night.



  • Discipline yourself by setting your alarm.
  • Remind yourself or spiritman that you will rise up and pray tonight.
  • Don’t sleep on a comfortable bed if you are usually prone to sleep.
  • Communicate your plan for midnight prayer much earlier to your husband.
  • If you cohabit with an unbeliever, then start by praying silently.
  • Reduce your late night food. Take your dinner before 7pm.
  • If your is as a result of bad environment, you can start by taking quite prayer.


Time: 12:00 am (midnight) to 12:15 am everyday for 31 days.

INSTRUCTION: In this special midnight prayer session, you should take the prayers very aggressively. However, this is not just an ordinary programme. But an ordained prayer activity from God. If you are not fully ready for it, it is advisable not to start yet.  The prayer points are produced  by the Holy Spirit to bring deliverance, healing, restoration, fruitfulness, breakthroughs etc. The moment you start it also ensure you finish everything.

You should try not to miss any night please. Kindly discipline yourself and try to avoid unnecessary excuse that is not so important to God. May the Lord strengthen you and give you awesome anointing to start and end it well. Please pay attention here: On day 15, you will start to pray over your written prayer requests. While on day 31, you  will write out the day or year you want the Lord to fulfill His promises in your life.



  • Praise and worship God
  • Repent from every known sin.
  • Confess it out to Jesus for your salvation.
  • Forgive those that have offended you.
  • Ask for the fire of the Holy Spirit to come upon you.
  • Take authority over the spirit of prayerlessness
  • Take this midnight prayers as if you have never prayed at night.
  • Ensure you pray in the spirit, not just for praying sake.



                                                     DAY 1

  1. Blood of Jesus wash me (Pray it as many times as possible)
  2. Blood of Jesus saturate me (Pray it as many times as possible)
  3. Blood of Jesus cleanse me thoroughly (Pray it until your spirit tells you to stop)


                                                     DAY 2

  1. My Father, I am sorry for the sin that I have committed intentionally or unintentionally in my past and even in my present, in Jesus name (Pray it for 5 minutes).
  2. My Father, I am sorry for the sin that I have committed through my mouth, hands, mind, attitude etc in Jesus name (Pray it for 5 minutes).
  3. My Father, I am so sorry for the sin that I have committed through fornication, lies smoking, stealing, (mention others that are bothering you) in Jesus name (Pray it for 5 minutes).


                                                     DAY 3

  1. O God arise, and shower me with your mercy and forgiveness, in the name of Jesus (Pray it well).
  2. O Lord, intervene in my present situation by the power of your mercy and love, in the name of Jesus (Place your hand on your head and say this).
  3. Oh son of David, I plead for your mercy tonight, arise and locate me, in Jesus name (Cry out to God).


                                                    DAY 4

  1. Any evil wall that want to limit me as a first born, blood of Jesus, scatter and pull them down, in Jesus name (Pray it well until your spirit ask you to stop).
  2. Blood of Jesus, break and set me free from anything that want to make me beg from my younger ones, in Jesus name (Pray this one aggressively).
  3. Every covenant of failure, poverty, delay in the life of my father and mother that is flowing in my life, I cut you off, never to connect me again, in the name of Jesus (Begin to demonstrate it – I cut you off).


                                                   DAY 5

  1. Every secret things I need to know about my parents, house, village, etc that is responsible for my problems, be revealed by the order of Daniel, in the name of Jesus (Take a worship song).
  2. Every secret things I need to know about my husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend etc that is not making my spirit to be free with him or her, O Lord, reveal it to me tonight, in Jesus name (Point your hand to your eyes).
  3. Everything I need to know about my marital delay, be revealed, in the name of Jesus. (Take water and wash your face thoroughly while taking this prayer).


                                                  DAY 6

  1. Every ancestral covenant of untimely death made against my life in any evil altar, break by fire in the name of Jesus. (Pray it seriously)
  2. Every power using the dream of my late relation to swallow my virtues, catch fire, in Jesus name (Mention the things stolen from you).
  3. The type of death that swallowed my……(mention it) will not locate me this year, in Jesus name (Rebuke the spirit of death and hell).


                                                 DAY 7

  1. Holy Ghost fire, enter the root of that cobweb hindering my breakthrough and destroy it now, in Jesus name (Point your hands to the direction of that cobweb).
  2. Cobweb of no way, set against my favor and progress receive fire, thunder and burn to ashes, in Jesus name (Pray it seriously).
  3. Blood of Jesus Christ, flush out every satanic cobweb and evil net tying me down, in the name of Jesus (Pray it well).


                                                DAY 8

  1. Every spirit of sluggishness and backwardness in my life, receive the fire of God and be destroyed, in Jesus name (Hold your legs and take this prayer).
  2. All demonic chains preventing me from advancing in life break now, in the name of Jesus (Demonstrate the chain cutting).
  3. Every evil rope tying me to my family idols, catch fire and be roasted, in the name of Jesus (Pray it well).


                                                DAY 9

  1. Every effort of the enemy to take me back to square one, be destroyed, in the name of Jesus (Pray it well).
  2. You strongman that has issued a decree on my date of birth that it will not cooperate with my destiny, be destroyed by fire, in the name of Jesus (Pray until your spirit tells you to stop).
  3. Strange spiritual garments, fall away from my body, in the name of Jesus (Speak in tongues if you are led).


    DAY 10

  1.  Everything that must go for me to move forward, go by fire, in the name of Jesus (Mention them now).
  2. Angels of war, pursue those holding what belongs to me and command them to release it, in the name of Jesus (Pray this in this spirit).
  3. This year, I shall not fall from the Grace, in the name of Jesus (Mention your names and declare this now).


    DAY 11

  1. Blood of Jesus , enter my blood line and release me from evil blood linkage, in the name of Jesus (Mention names and say it repeatedly).
  2. Every promise, every vow, every covenant, made on my behalf, that is affecting my life, break, in the name of Jesus (Demonstrate the breaking with your hands).
  3. I release myself completely from any ancestral witchcraft foundation, in the name of Jesus Pray it well).


     DAY 12

  1. Oh Lord, consume all things that bring fear into my life at night and in my dreams in Jesus name (Mention them).
  2. Oh Lord, I decree an end to every fearful evil dream in my sleep today in Jesus name (Pray it well).
  3. Oh Lord, let every affliction in my life as a result of an evil dream be consumed by fire in Jesus name (Pray it well).


    DAY 13

  1. Every link between me and water spirit break and scatter, in the name of Jesus (Repeat this prayer up to 7 times).
  2. I break and release myself from every water spirit dedication and covenant, in the name of Jesus (Shake your body).
  3. Any marine agents that I have ever slept with in my dream and reality that is causing problems in my marriage, I divorce you today, in the name of Jesus (Pray it well).


    DAY 14

  1. Ancient altars of my father’s house, release the glory of my destiny by fire, in the name of Jesus (Point your hand to the earth).
  2. O Lord, remove every bad habit in my life causing problems for others, in the name of Jesus (Pray it well till you have peace in your mind)..
  3. Every information about my life, in the marine kingdom, be withdrawn now, in the name of Jesus (Pray it well)


      DAY 15

  1. Father, let my helpers find many reasons to elevate me in life, in the name of Jesus (Shout blood of Jesus 21 times. Shout Holy Ghost fire 21 times, Shout the name of Jesus 21 times before you take this prayer).
  2. Father, send me any man or woman that will help me fulfill my destiny without adding no sorrow, in the name of Jesus (Mention the names of the person if ANY).
  3. I bind every power projecting my image into the dream of my helpers in order to change their mind against me, in the name of Jesus (Say this: ”My names, say no to bad luck’.
  4. (Write out your prayer requests and begin to prophesy upon your letter).


    DAY 16

  1. O Lord, empower me to focus on Your divine agenda for my life, in the name of Jesus (Pray it seriously).
  2. You the spirit of hypocrisy in my life, I bind and cast you out of my life, in the name of Jesus (Repent from sin).
  3. Voices from my foundation confusing my destiny, be silenced by the blood of Jesus (Pray it repeatedly for 12 times).


    DAY 17

  1. My Father, bombard me with the anointing of prosperity without adding no sorrow, in the name of Jesus (Lift up your hands and say this).
  2. Any power using men/women to steal my financial glory, die by fire, in the name of Jesus (Shake your hands thoroughly).
  3. I refuse to waste my money on unnecessary things, in the name of Jesus (Pray it repeatedly for 5 minutes).


    DAY 18

  1. Every secret of my life that is exposed to my enemy, be closed by fire, I delete it from your memory, in Jesus name (Lay your hands upon your head).
  2. (Touch your head and say this); My destiny, you shall not disappoint God in my life, in the name of Jesus.
  3. Every curse of difficulty and hardship, break by fire, in the name of Jesus (Demonstrate it).


    DAY 19

  1. I silence every satanic voice crying against my elevation, in the name of Jesus (Hold your ears with your hands).
  2. Blood of Jesus, arise and swallow every altar speaking against my destiny, in the name of Jesus (Pray it well until your spirit tells you to stop).
  3. Blood of Jesus, wipe out everything in me attracting persecutions and trials, in Jesus name (Pray it with understanding).


    DAY 20

  1. Holy Spirit, direct and empower my children to find and fulfill their divine purposes, in the name of Jesus (Pray for your children or parents).
  2. Every evil flow from my parents and ancestors into my life and the lives of my children, dry up, in the name of Jesus (Pray it well).
  3. Fire of God, purge my foundation and the foundation of my children, in the name of Jesus (Pray aggressively).


    DAY 21

  1. My hands, refuse to befriend poverty, in the name of Jesus (Give out).
  2. Holy Ghost fire deal with poverty in my foundation and heal it, in the name of Jesus (Pray it well).
  3. Voice of darkness that has made me to make wrong choice in life, I destroy you, in the name of Jesus (Mention names).


    DAY 22

  1. Father, give me the power and grace to possess all my possessions, in the name of Jesus (Pray it well).
  2. I receive the wisdom and grace to take all matters to Jesus , in the name of Jesus (Pray it well).
  3. Throughout the days of my life, I will not waste money on sickness, the Lord shall be my healer, in Jesus name (Pray it well).

     DAY 23

  1. O LORD deliver me from my strong enemies in Jesus name (If you know them, mention their names).
  2. Ancestral curses transmitted through my bloodline be broken forever by the power in the blood of Jesus, in Jesus name (Call the blood of Jesus 21 times).
  3. I reject every evil transfer into my life, body, finance, marriage, business environment, visa, documents; owners of evil loads, carry your loads, go back to their senders by fire in the name of Jesus (Pray it for atleast 7 minutes).


   DAY 24

  1. Any power manipulating the ordinances of heaven against my life, receive the judgment of God in Jesus name (Raise your hand to the heavenlies).
  2. All my blessings stolen in the spirit: be restored 7 folds in the name of Jesus (Declare ”be restored” 12 times).
  3. I refuse to limit God in any area of my life in Jesus name (Pray it with understanding).


    DAY 25

  1. Holy Ghost fire and thunder, answer every power calling out my spirit into the coven, in the name of Jesus (Point your hand to the ground).
  2. My eagle shall not be caged; thou eagle of my destiny begin to soar in the name of Jesus (Declare positive things to yourself).
  3. I unseat the servant riding on my horse in the name of Jesus (Pray it well).


    DAY 26

  1. Every generational curse programmed into my DNA, I declare you broken in the name of Jesus (Pray it 10 times).
  2. By the blood of Jesus, I separate myself from every spirit of collective captivity in Jesus name (Pray it with understanding).
  3. My inner man, receive deliverance from every form of captivity in the name of Jesus (Pray it well).

    DAY 27

  1. I shall excel. No power shall demote me again, in the name of Jesus (Raise your two hands and take this prayer).
  2. Every spirit husband/wife inherited from the spirit of my ex, or my dream life, I separate myself from you, in Jesus name (Pray it hard).
  3. Evil spirit wedding cloth, ring and shoes, names, certificates, gift, pictures, houses, cars, money, food and drink, sperm and blood e.t.c in my life, I set you on fire, burn to ashes, in Jesus name (Begin to deposes evil or unclean things).

    DAY 28

  1. Everything the spirit husband / wife have destroyed or stolen from me, I repossess you back, in Jesus name (Renounce any unholy relationship).
  2. I reject and break every connection I have with the idols of my  father’s house or mother’s house, in Jesus name (Bind it with concentration).
  3. You that spirit husband / wife that have refused to let me go. I set you on fire, burn to ashes, in Jesus name (Break any soul tie with your ex).

    DAY 29

  1. Foundational problem that makes women to have problems with their husbands, I separate myself from you, die by fire, in the name of Jesus (Break the curse)
  2. Ancestral wicked law that makes people not to excel or prosper in life, be nullified by blood of Jesus (Pray it well).
  3. The curses upon the head of my father or mother that is transferred on my head, die by fire, in Jesus name (Hold your head and say this).

    DAY 30

  1. Any part of my life and body arrested in my father’s house, receive fire, awake and locate me, in Jesus name (Pray it aggressively for good 6 minutes).
  2. The food poisoning that I have eaten in my dream and in the physical world, I vomit it out, in Jesus name (Shake it out).
  3. O Lord, take me far away from my enemies, in the name of Jesus (Pray it well).

    DAY 31

  1. Anything that will swallow me and my greatness in this house, receive fire and die, in Jesus name (Place your hand on the floor of your house).
  2. Holy Ghost fire, uproot and destroy every evil burial in this home, in the name of Jesus (Pray it well).
  3. (Take the sand of your room and say this): Blood of Jesus, enter into the foundation of this house and purge it to favor me, in the name of Jesus.
  4. (Write out the day or year you want the Lord to fulfill His promises in your life). Then pray over it.


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  1. I decide to take part in his spiritual exercise because of what the devil has done to me. Stealing my relationship, my riqnce presently under the control of finances attack, dream life attack, I don’t dream again and even if I do I don’t remember them when I get up. Also my career, stagnantion in all aspects of my life. My lost glory shall be reatorr during this season, the charm shall fade as it will become a weapon of destruction to the charmer. Thank you Jesus for bringing this page my way. Thank you holy spirit.Thank you servant of the Most High God

  2. Been having issues in my relationship,my fiance under charms. Last night, day 6, I slept and saw a baby sucking my breast. Most often I do not remember my dreams but since I started this mid night program, that has been one of my prayer points. Last night, I do vividly remember a baby sucking my breast. What does that mean MOG and how do I tackle it

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