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By the grace of God, the spirit of God is asking me to start off from dream dictionary of C until there are strong discernment on other alphabets. We believe that the Lord will guide us through this process. Please note that this key meaning dream dictionary is to guide and let you know the general meaning of that dream. Meaning changes depending on the description of your dreams.

For example, dreaming about all eggs broken is quite different in meaning from the dream of one broken egg. Because the dream where all eggs are broken can be more tragic than one broken egg in the dream. That’s the divine idea of this segment. As you flow along with me in the spirit, you will be greatly blessed.

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How do you know that your dream is good, positive?

When you wake up, you will observe the following signs:

  1. Naturally peaceful.
  2. Joy.
  3. Normal.
  4. Reasonable.
  5. Sensible.

How do you know your dream is from devil (negative)? These are common signs to observe first:

  1. Frustrate
  2. Confuse
  3. Unhappy
  4. Unstable
  5. Frighten
  6. Worry
  7. Pains

So from the above differentiation, by now you should be able to know the kind of feeling exhibited when you wake up from your dream world.



  • Cage Dream means spiritual bondage/imprisonment.
  • Caged Animal Dream means stagnation/loss of opportunities.
  • Cakes Dream means celebration/joy/building stable relationship.
  • Calculator Dream means financial management/solving problems.
  • Calendar Dream means taking proper record of something of important.
  • Cats Dream means witchcraft attack/death/affliction.
  • Chair Dream means rest/peace/promotion.
  • Children Dream means spirit children/pregnancy problem/marital problem.
  • Cocaine Dream means anger/mental deprivation/working outside of God’s plan.
  • Colour Dream means God’s mercy/covenant between you and God/new beginning in Christ Jesus.
  • Cooking Dream means foundational problems/curses/sickness/loss.
  • Crime Dream means false accusation/problem between you and a person/police case/breaking the law/committing costly mistakes.
  • Cab/Taxi Dream means wealth/prosperity/progress.
  • Cancer Dream means  sickness/infirmities/diseases/financial wastage.
  • Car Dream means God is supporting your plans in life.
  • Celebrity Dream means favour/destiny helpers/connection.
  • Certificate Dream means  success/breakthrough/career development.
  • Climbing Dream means progress/desire to become great/deliverance/leadership.
  • Cloud Dream means God’s visitation/open heaven/to repent from sins.
  • Corruption Dream means the practice of sin and disobedience to God’s law.
  • Candle Dream means spiritual power/revival/restitution.
  • Carrying A Bag Dream means on the way of destiny fulfillment/marital joy/celebration.
  • Cemetery Dream means sorrow/weeping/death/financial stagnation.
  • Chain Dream means  limitation/back to square one/non-achievement/hardship/poverty.
  • Chasing You Dream means stubborn pursuers/foundational attacks/struggling at the edge of breakthrough/working with no gains/demotion/joblessness/.
  • Children Missing Dream means kidnapper/death/blockage of womb/sickness/suffering/ungodly soul tie with spirit spouse.
  • Clothes Dream means garment of favour and sometimes means a garment of sorrow. Take note of this.
  • Cobra Snake Dream means marital problems/soul ties/backwardness/seductive spirit/stubborn problems/ancestral evil attacks.
  • Contract Dream means elevation/promotion/restoration and could sometimes mean in other people’s dream as unfinished projects/frustration.
  • Cow Dream means household attacks/strongman/monitoring spirit/hinderances or bad luck to your breakthrough.
  • Crocodile Dream means spirit of  drinkers of blood and eaters of flesh.
  • Crossing A Road Dream means determination to fulfill destiny and overcome barriers on the way to your success.
  • Crying Dream means bad news/misfortunes/sickness/death/job  or marital loss.



  • Dad/Father Dream means obey your father’s advice no matter what he told you. This dream could also mean that you should beware of your dad.
  • Dancing Dream represent a sign of good thing coming.
  • Daughter-In-Law Dream means marital connection. It could also mean attacks or setbacks against your daughter-in-law. Pray!!!
  • Dead Dream means the spirit of loss/death/unprofitable business, investment /lack of progress/ loss battles/ sin.
  • Deals Dream means listening to others/succeeding by working in teams/association with people. Another meaning indicates evil covenant/betrayers.
  • Decision Dream means making an important decision/to make an impact/solving problems through planning, organizing & coordinating.
  • Decorating Dream means beautification/attractiveness to people/a shining star/success in whatever you do/prize for greatness.
  • Deep Water Dream means fear/marine bondage/fruitless labour/failure/life without purpose/constant stagnation/marital problems.
  • Defecating Dream means sin/shame/rejection/curse/frustration/lack of helpers/worry about life situation/ a sign of ancestral spirit troubling your destiny.
  • Deformed Dream means inability to achieve your destiny/arrow of paralysis/strange sickness/stagnation/frustration/accident/back to square one.
  • Delay Dream means you have been operating in a place for so long with no progress, blessing, favour under hard labour. Pray against foundational curses.
  • Demolition Dream means great loss/starting all over again. Other meaning also indicates removing bad things/obstacles from your life.
  • Demonic Attack Dream means there are powers using this dream to frustrate and trouble your life. This could be an attack of death, sorrow and disgrace. Please pray very well and go to my blog and take prayers against wicked arrows.
  • Dentist Dream means you need the healing of God concerning your situation/a step to work out your destiny before the enemy disgrace or destroy you.
  • Desert Dream means wandering aimlessly/spiritual dryness/land of Egypt/wilderness/barrenness/ a sign of bad location/a place where no one sees your great efforts. It could also be a sign that a person has been forgotten either by God or by man. Please pray for divine helpers on my blog.
  • Devil Dream means a sign of an evil personality trying to steal, kill and destroy your plans (blessing). Rise up and pray against the powers of darkness.
  • Diabetes Dream means incurable sickness/unfavourable medical report. Pray against sickness in the body, finances, and marriage.
  • Dirt Dream indicates hinderance/surrounded by wrong people/polluted life/Giving room for the enemy to attack you/fruitlessness/regret/sin.
  • Dirty Hand Dream means a hand of failure, loss and setback. This means that there are spiritual holes in your hands that will make you not to achieve your destiny. Pray very well.
  • Dispute Dream means spiritual warfare/argument/disagreement/unsettled spirit/a born Christian with the display of negative attitudes (fighting).
  • Dog Dream means the spirit of lust/sexual perversion/slavery/spiritual marriage.
  • Driving Dream means progress/on a journey in fulfilling your destiny. This could negatively mean accident/tragedy/obstacles.
  • Drowning Dream means falling into the pit set by your enemies.
  • Dust Dream means an attack from witchdoctor/death/bad news is coming/.
  • Dating Dream positively means a sign of love/togetherness/understanding with your lover. This could negatively portend as a symbol of separation, unstable relationship/lack of trust/ the enemy can use this dream to bring problems between both of you. Pray more harder!
  • Dead Body Dream means untimely death/things will work against you/promise and fail/difficulties/poverty/sickness/womb attacks.
  • Debt Dream means financial sickness and turbulence. Pray for financial breakthrough on my blog.
  • Doctor Dream means a sign that you need doctor’s attention/a sign that a terrible sickness or a situation that demands medical attention.
  • Door Dream positively mean open doors/favour/progress/fruitfulness. Closed door could negatively mean setbacks, frustration and disappointments.
  • Damage/Decay Dream means destruction/wasted efforts/no spiritual power/ignorant/oppression/evil powers monitoring your works.
  • Darkness Dream means spiritual blindness/wandering spirit/death/caged somewhere by the devil/sign of calamities/confusion/sorrow.
  • Delivery A Baby Dream could positively mean to an expected mother as a sign that God has deposited a child in her womb. This could negatively mean to a single woman as marital frustration and financial problems. Pray well!
  • Digging Dream positively mean working hard to achieve a purpose/to discover the secret of something/to plant a new seed of life. Negatively mean death, burying destiny/afflictions.
  • Dirty Toilet Dream means foundational problems/marital frustration/incomplete deliverance/contamination/satanic bondage/going to the wrong location/curse of non-achievement.
  • Dove Dream means the Holy Spirit/peace/God’s presence & visitation.
  • Dwaft Dream means soul ties with ancestral powers of your father’s house.




  • Eagle Dream means soaring higher in life/elevation/promotion/unprecedented divine favour/ speedy progress.
  • Earring Dream means sin/separation from God/backsliding/evil heart/spiritually blind/disobedient to God’s instruction.
  • Earthquake Dream means disaster/God’s judgement/trauma/shock/ Acts 16:26, Isaiah 29:6).
  • Eating Nigerian Foods In The Dream World means sickness/stagnation/miscarriage/possessing witchcraft marks/evil covenant/backwardness/failure at the edge of breakthrough/lack of helpers.
  • Eating Raw Meat means satanic bondage/difficulties to prosper, marry and fulfill destiny/bad luck/loss of spiritual power/satanic oppression.
  • Egg Dream positively means new beginning/success/stable emotional feelings/fruitfulness. And negatively (rotten, broken or smelling eggs) it means tragedy, loss, broken promises,misfortune, police case. Frequent broken eggs can portend signs of your matters being discussed at the altars/shrines. Pray well.
  • Elephant Dream means idolatry powers attacking your star.
  • Eyes Dream means for clearer vision, purpose and to see behold the wonderous works of God in your life and on others. But negatively mean spiritual blindness, loss of sight, confusion, disappointment, angrily, but mistakenly bye-pass your place of destiny, financial sorrow, picking the wrong partner/person.
  • Ears Dream, positively mean to hear the voice or word of God/responsiveness/Not to despise the truth. Negatively means hearing strange voices from foundation, graveyards, inability to practice the word than hearing only, trying to hear or obey what unreasonable are saying.
  • Earthworm Dream means spiritual lukewarmness/sluggishness/dryness/unfruitfulness/sickness/death/sorrow.
  • Eating Feces Dream means curses/witchcraft projection/mental disturbance/sickness/defilement of your body/homely problem/hopelessness/evil covenant with the spirit of ancestral.
  • Education Dream means to train yourself for challenge ahead/to force you to learn from others concerning your dreams. It’s a sign for academic excellence. Negatively could means academic failure, memory loss, no knowledge gained.
  • Egg Yolk Dream means destiny, fruitfulness, to be careful of some people, a warning to stop broadcasting your plans to people. The dream shows that you are still alive and stronger to progress in life.
  • Ejaculation Dream means lustful desire/sexual perversion/loss of virtues/low sperm count/bad luck/financial difficulties/demotion at work places/profitless hard labour.
  • Escaping Dream means protection/victory over your enemies/deliverance/testimony/the problems are over and this can be possible with prayers and fasting.
  • Ex-boyfriend/girlfriend Dream means emotional breakdown/pains/unholy spiritual covenant/inability to have access in new relationships/marital problems/
  • Eating In The Dream means a new wave of affliction/sickness/blockages.
  • Eating Grass Or Sand Dream means bewitchment/satanic manipulation/curse/wandering spirit.
  • Embarrassment Dream means disgrace and shame.
  • Envy Dream means spirit of jealousy and a feeling of discontented.
  • Exams Dream means spirit of foundational struggles, failure and backwardness.



  • Face Dream means walking out your integrity/social relationships/true identity./favour Negatively means the powers of darkness are putting veins on your face. It means lack of favour/hatred/anger/shame/manipulations.
  • Fainting Dream means  depression/untimely death/loss/destruction/bad sign that you are not spiritually strong to fight the enemies/ Another meaning indicates business plans terminated/sorrow/marital challenges/demotion.
  • Falling Building Dream means bad foundation/spirit of back to square one/profitless hard labour/unprofitable works/financial embarrassment/fear/uncompleted task/retrogression.
  • Farm Dream means planting and harvesting in due season/hardwork/success/prosperity/satisfaction. Could negatively mean struggle, poverty, working much with little or no gains/frustration.
  • Feet Dream means direction/focus/dominion/progress/healing/standing firm in the word of God/preparation for the gospel/protection/ Negative: This means spiritual bondage/delay/curses of non-achievement/moving to the wrong location/shame/disgrace/transfer of virtues/destruction/
  • Fight Dream means spiritual warfare/victory/deliverance/breakthrough/success/joy. Negatively means unrest/troubles/various degree of attacks/setbacks/weak spiritual power/problems are elongated/lack of faith/strangers holding your glory. Take prayers of deliverance on my blog.
  • Fire Dream positively means God’s presence/spiritual power/a sign that you are spiritually active/ Negatively means destruction/spirit of death and hell/sorrow/pains/judgement/loss to everything/attack on the staff of your assets or staff of bread.
  • Flower Dream means love/happiness/affection/surprise gift from your loved ones/wisdom/living in truth/plans for marital blessing is possible/favour
  • Football Dream means working in team to achieve your success/cooperation/strategically plan your goals/ hardwork/focus in life/you should not deviate from your ambition in life. With determination and by working with the right person or people, you will fulfil your destiny.
  • Fruit Dream (Riped) means God’s abundance/prosperity/fruitfulness/marital blessing/financial favour/love/peace/joy/God’s time has come.
  • Fall Down Dream means downfall/failure at the edge of breakthrough/disconnected from God’s protection/stagnation/curses/tragedy/sickness/death/hinderance to your promised land/ anger/disappointment/suicidal thoughts/anxiety/stealing/destruction/household attack on an important person in the family.
  • Falling Pictures Dream indicates a sign of witchcraft manipulations on your pictures (destiny). It also shows that your name is being mentioned for evil. However, the attack could affect just anybody. Pray back to sender prayers. You must fast and pray from 6am to 6am using Psalm 27 and Psalm 91.
  • Family Dream consist of father, mother and children. If your family were happy, joyous, stable in the dream is considered to be good display. Perhaps, if you wake up from this dream relax within, we can also say this dream means love, peace, and living in harmony with your family. It can also mean fruitfulness, prosperity, marital blessing and financial success in the family. If you dream about your family and woke up sad, worry, pains etc, it means attacks, loss and sorrow. Study your dream type and pray towards it.
  • Feces Dream represent a symbol of sin/pollution/embarrassment/rejection/unstable relationship/painful marital or relationship experience/sickness/bad luck/rise and fall/foudational problems/evil odours. Positively if you wake up relax then it could translate to getting rid of unclean powers tormenting your life, marriage, finance, business.
  • Files Dream could positively mean that God is trying to build you up as a leader in your career, to facilitate favour in the area of employment, to give you power to organize your thoughts and summon courage to succeed. If you are a leader of an organization, there is a situation where you need to use the right people to achieve organizational objectives, to make adequate use of organizational resources. Negatively it could mean demotion/denial/lack of control/loss/regret/shame/disappointment/frustration/time wastage/joblessness/stagnation.
  • Fish Dream means a divine call for evangelism/progress in your career/success/generate more profits or gains/progress/to win souls for Christ/to pray more harder before God can supply His riches. Be good to people. And if God call you to serve, don’t hesitate. You won’t have peace of mind until you do that which God has you to do.
  • Flying Dream means astral projection/fearful to excel/bewitchment/satanic manipulation/inability to rise/witchcraft initiation/destruction/death/powerlessness as a Christian/losing everything to the devil/evil marks on the body/marital problems/inability to gather wealth/riches/spirit of poverty/confusion/suffering/bondage/tragedies/
  • Footprints Dream indicates a sign of monitoring spirit/inherited battles/wandering spirit/curses/hopelessness/poverty/sickness/lack of protection/foundational and ancestral attacks/death/fear-suffering/unstable marriage and finances.
  • Furniture Dream spiritually means hardwork/good comfort/satisfaction/joy. It also indicates that there is great reward in labour! This kind of dream is explaining to you that working hard can lead to success in your career. Negatively it could mean weapon/unrest/difficulties/evil altars/hardship/struggle/idol worship/difficult to make progress.
  • Faceless Person In The Dream could positively mean the Holy Spirit. The bad meaning of this dream is a particular stranger/strongman/familiar spirit. However, if this dream is constant then it is a spiritual attack from a close relation to pollute, hinder, steal, kill, and destroy you. Faceless person could also mean dealing with unfriendly friend that is plotting your downfall. However, they can harm and padlock your marriage, finances, glory etc. You need to pray for God to expose those deceptive people around your life.
  • Falling In The Dream means fear to take risk in life/witchcraft attacks/no support from heaven/poor foundation/joblessness/stagnancy/living hard lives/spiritual bondage/endless vanity/frustration/poverty/sign to amend your ways/disappointments/hopelessness/lack of confidence/darkness/spiritual blind. If this dream persist after personal prayers, you may need to go for deliverance.
  • Falling Teeth Dream indicates a sign of troubles in marriage, finances and health. If you are expecting something and you had this dream, it could abort your expectations and hope. Generally, this dream means shame and disgrace in all rounds. However, this can also lead to loss of salvation/backsliding/emotional pains/distraction to your calling/hatred/promise and fail. A clear symbol where there is no truth in your mouth but lies can lead to this dream also. Be guided and pray against ancestral power planning to disgrace you at the edge of breakthrough.
  • Family Dream means love, peace, joy and understanding flowing around your family. However, this dream could negatively mean polygamous attacks/backwardness/diverted destiny/profitless hard labour. When you frequently dream of your family working against you means you should get ready for warfare battles with the household enemies. Any kind of evil arrows can come or fly from any of your family members to put you in poverty, sorrow and afflictions mood. Remember, anybody can be a suspect! Pray my dear.
  • Feces/Poo On The Ground Or In The Toilet Dream means ancestral polluted spirit is working against your destiny. Feces/poo smells as the smell brings foul odours.  They spiritually constitutes marital distress/Bad lifestyle/bondage/inability to experience comfort/affected by evil covenant.
  • Frog Dream means uncleanness/sickness/accident/death/ This also indicates that you have dealing with the false prophet/evil priest. God can also use frog to strike your enemies according to Exodus 8:1-15 and which can destroy them.




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  1. what does it mean to dream about lots of snow so much that I when got out of my home I fell down it seems like a mountain of snow out side.

  2. I dream of eating bacon but I spit it out and woke up from the dream right after I spit out the bacon.
    Please indicate what this means.

  3. In my first dream i saw thousands of small brown snakes circling my husband’s body from head to toes.. In the dream i am telling my husband to do something but he was not listening or hearing me.

    In another dream i saw a big brown snake (looked like phyton).. This snake was in the air over my husband’s head..

  4. In another dream, i am in a big hall with brethren when all of a sudden am seeing thousands of small white snakes in the air over the heads of brethren.

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