I Had A Dream Of Picking Money From The Ground

I Had A Dream Of Picking Money From The Ground

Picking Money From The Ground

Praise God man of God,I need your help have been dreaming about picking money from ground notes and coins too.then in another dream I saw three young people and one of them told me he is a praise and worship team member of a certain church I know,they broke into my house so I feared them and I gave them money and they just ran away happy.after that I fasted for 3 days and I had another dream of collecting coins again..kindly guide me and pray for me.thank you

Deuteronomy 8:18, ”But thou shalt remember the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.”

Joel 2:25-26: ”And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you. And ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the name of the LORD your God that hath dealt wondrously with you: and my people shall never be ashamed.”

Dream Interpretation Of Picking Money

The symbolism of  picking money on the ground can include financial hardship and fruitless efforts in using money to accomplish set objectives. This kind of dream tend to be very disturbing. Money is a medium of exchange, but as long as you are taking money or hard currencies from the ground, floor, you are likely to struggle to satisfy your wants.

For example, if you are an unemployed person or business person and you frequently come across this dream then it means you will be poor. Whether the money is hard currencies or notes, you have more serious prayers to take. Picking money in general can represent a bad sign of financial embarrassment.

Often, they indicate a problem that may involve you to spend huge amount of money. Some believe that picking money off the ground is quite good as it has generates financial favour to them in their waking life. This is worrisome, because the spirit behind this dream is loss and debts at the long run.

Often times, this dream can usually occur when you are in need of physical cash to settle some bills. This meaning can also reflect that you are under a particular curse that is not making you to gather your success or moving forward. Picking money off the floor might also be a dream telling you to work hard and not to beg or steal.

Picking dollars or other local currency in a dream connote temptation to sin. Whenever you are tempted to take what does not belong you, you are invariable covenanted to demonic spirit that destroy the fruit of your labour. This is a classic way demonic power transfer and steal destinies.

Frustration, sorrow, marital problems and some other provocative condition are sowed, when you found yourself in the art of picking money. This dream make a huge negative impact on a person’s destiny. This is why they are considered as a way the devil attack people financially.

This dream has much to do with financial dryness, and prayerlessness. Many people have this dream whenever they are expecting financial favour from someone. However, this type of dream may also be an indication that you are fearful to take risk in life. It could also mean that you have a strongman who is always causing disappointments at the edge of your breakthrough.

An important fact this kind of dream is telling you is to take a look at your spending habit and how they are affecting you negatively in fulfilling your destiny. Money is good to have; It is one of the obvious signs that indicates a good purchasing power. But if you keep picking coins or notes, you may need to rush down to deliverance for spiritual helps.

Financial problems and challenges happen to everyone at some point, and the stress and worry can get to you. However, if you woke up so bad from this dream then it is telling you that you are cursed to remain where you are. May that not be your portion, in Jesus name.

Picking money off the ground in dreams are usually a symptom of suffering and difficulties. To overcome this dream challenge, you need to take the time to identify the real source of your financial troubles and prayerfully involve the Holy Spirit into the matter.

Ways To Overcome Your Financial Challenges Through Dreams

  1. Identify the underlying problem that’s causing the challenges.
  2. Spend wisely.
  3. Deal with your foundation.
  4. Invest on things that are very productive.
  5. Save every little money that comes your way.

When you pick money in the dream can also serves as a warning, perhaps that something unsafe around you or that there are people planning to lure you into a business that will fetch you big amount of money. If this is true, you need to investigate them prayerfully.

One of the best weapons for combating loss and financial attack is giving out. Giving can unlock your financial wealth and supply all your needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus. Meanwhile, if this dream is recurring, take the time to ask yourself what is going in your life that you may need to address immediately.

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On 3 Young People Broke Into My house

If you gave them money then it means that the spirit of devourer has been eating your financial blessing. Spiritually, giving  people money when they broke your house is as a result of powers arresting your financial destiny.

A devourer is a powerful spirit that can  a limit a man to poverty and to a life of servitude. A common reason that thieves are appearing in your dream is likely to be connected to your ability to remain unfaithful to tithing . A dream of collecting money is a situation that you need to cry out to God for financial restoration. You need to recover your virtues.

Fear is another reason that strangers or demons can appear in your dream. It may be a warning to flee from certain people or situation in your life that are not contributing good things to you, or maybe a warning of armed robbery attack. Besides, when you make a habit of staying from certain people then the high degree of loss or monitoring will be under control.

There are bad spirits surrounding you and these powers does not want you to prosper. The Bible says: “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, so that you through his poverty might become rich.”

The powers of the wasters makes you to give up on trying harder, it doesn’t make you to see any possible solutions your situations. But by the power of the most High, every of your loss virtues will be reposess back by the order of Obadiah 1:17, in Jesus name.

How To Prosper As A Believer

  1. Believe and act upon God’s promises.
  2. Be prayerful and hardworking.
  3. Identify your talents and work on them.
  4. You must be able to take some divine risk in life.
  5. Do the work of God wholeheartedly.
  6. Give out in love and in joy.

Instruction: Embark on 3 days fasting and prayers and use the following verses: Mark 10:46-52, Jeremiah 29:11, Gen 39:2-6, Prov 16:3, I Kings 2:3, Gen 26:1-22


Prayer Points

  1. Arise O Lord, show yourself as a man of war to every destiny robber targeting my glory for destruction in Jesus’ name.
  2. Terror of God, appear mightily to robbers scheming for my virtues in Jesus’ name.
  3. My financial virtues: become an angel of war and fight your robbers in Jesus’ name.
  4. My ministerial virtues: become a chariot of Elijah and consume your enemies by fire in Jesus’ name.
  5. Oh LORD, restore my wasted years in Jesus’ name.
  6. LORD, restore my wasted efforts, money, health, strength and blessings, in Jesus’ name.
  7. I remove from my life by fire every barrier to my breakthroughs in Jesus’ name.
  8. I uproot and destroy from my life by the Holy Ghost fire every obstacle to my miracle, in Jesus’ name.
  9. I break in pieces every horn scattering my blessings, in the name of Jesus Christ.
  10. I destroy every hedge the enemy has put over my blessings to prevent me from receiving them in my lifetime, in Jesus’ name.
  11. Every evil power holding back my prayers, or the answers to my prayer, I command you to be bound, in Jesus’ name.
  12. I command all doors of good things, closed against me by the enemy to be opened, in the name of Jesus.
  13. I release my helper to come to me now, in Jesus’ name.
  14. Every shadow of darkness the enemy has cast over me, to prevent my prosperity, job, business contacts, promotion, or breakthrough from locating me, I remove it by fire, in the name of Jesus Christ.
  15. Let all hidden potentials and gifts that will make me great, stolen from me, be restored 21 fold, in the name of Jesus.
  16. I decree total destruction upon every personality that has vowed never to release to me anything God has destined for me, in Jesus’ name.
  17. I break in pieces every covenant or curse obstructing divine restoration in my life, in Jesus’ name.
  18. Trees of problems in my life, dry up to the roots, in Jesus’ name.

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  1. I picked a hundred euro on the floor in a shop, I placed it on the table, the lady told me we can share half half, so she took her wallet out and gave me 50euro and she took the hundred that I picked, is that bad too?

    • This is my thought on the matter: even though picking up money off the ground is bad … the loss would be only temporary as you completed a good deed such as returning it to its owner, or, something good became of you picking up the money.

  2. I was sitting on a fence wh3n I saw my former boss, ask for money from my new boss. My former boss got the money but upon leaving a note / paper money fell from him. On seeing this , I got off the fence and picked from the ground the note/paper money and returned it to him (my old boss). What does this mean?

  3. Good morning sir
    I had of dream I was packing money plenty of money on d ground
    I am confuse playing help me out what does d dream signifies spiritually.

  4. I dreamed about crossing large mass of water that I was force to. Again I dreamed about centipede trying to bite me.

  5. Evangelist I need prayers of deliverance on picking money on the ground in the dream and eating in the dream and taking drugs/ pills in the dream. Thanks

  6. Good Morning Pastor,
    I had a dream, in it, I have books in my hand and an coming to a school that is white in color, but when I reach the door of the school there are bars horizontal bars across it. I am asking myself why is the school closed?

    I have had this dream twice before- its seems my education has been stopped, but why? I fast regularly, pray and have no reason why.

    Please give me your interpretation.

    God Bless

  7. hello sir please i hard a dream i was crossing and i saw some money on the ground and i was picking it some few ours some came to me and calling me brother the money i was picking is his money so was asking he are you sure the belong to he and he said yes but i couldn’t give he the money i wake up sir please help me out thanks so much

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