Eating Sweet In Dreams

Spiritual meaning of eating sweets

EATING SWEETS IN DREAM – Biblical And Spiritual Meaning

Acts 8:10-11
To whom they all gave heed, from the least to the greatest, saying, This man is the great power of God. And to him they had regard, because that of long time he had bewitched them with sorceries.

Psalm 119:103
How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!


Sweet is very sugary and people enjoys eating it a lot. Sweet is the favorites of many people. It is a delicious treat that has been making people happy. If you love eating sweets in real life, it is very possible or common to dream of taking different kinds of sweet like chocolate. Eating sweets in dream symbolizes many good things such as joy, happiness,  satisfaction, comfort, and other negative aspects relates to greed, temptation,, bewitchment, illness, defilement etc.

The question is, did you enjoy licking sweets in dream? If yes, then the spiritual meaning could relate better to excitement, peace, satisfaction or good news in the offing.  Maybe you have been troubled or you feel you are not with the current state of your life, then dreams involving eating candy could gives you a sense of big relieve from that troubles confronting your life and destiny.


Eating sweet in dream could also guide you better on the type of sweets to buy or eats in your waking life. You cant take away sweets from the mouth of children this is because they love eating it. Sweet itself has several powerful symbols and meanings. Sweet has the capacity of changing someone negative mood to positive. And while it can change the mood of a happy person to a sorrowful being. Depending on how the dream present themselves to you.

Talking about our children, for example, if your children eats sweets more often in the dream, it may represent joy, happiness, brilliancy, celebration, playfulness and while the negative aspects could symbolize greed, temptation etc. Such dream is demonic when someone gives your child sweet to eat in the dream. While is it bad? Because you never know the type of spirit influencing your child spiritually.

When your child takes something from a stranger in dream or reality, it warns you of an impending enticement, initiation to witchcraft and ,manipulation. However, the sweet can be used to steal, exchange and destroy everything about a person’s star if care is not taken. Do you have someone who doesn’t like your children? Or you are having suspecting a person of a plan of harming your child or your loved ones? If yes, then you need to pray.

However, this type of dream may be alerting or warning you not to allow your children to take food or anything from a stranger or any suspicious person.  Eating sweet can have a broad impact on a person’s feelings; in this case, if you are currently bitter or angry at someone or something, dream of eating sweet may represent something good is coming on its way.  Also, dream of eating sweet can mean that you will easily be tempted by the sweet things you are seeing around you that looks good.  When eating the sweet, you need to put into consideration, the type of sweet and its condition.

EATING SWEETS IN DREAM – Is it a good taste or soar?

Is the sweet soar or does it has good taste? Nobody likes to eat or lick a soar sweet, definitely, it will affects you psychologically. Maybe you feel your child or your very selfis eating smelling sour sweet and this can bring sadness, disappointment or can make you feel angry at someone. A sweet with a very bad taste means there is something that is depriving you of your joy and satisfaction in life. Perhaps you maybe expecting something good from someone, but notice is coming with unflimsy excuses.

Dream of eating sweets may also symbolize that God will soon fill your life with surprises, joy and peace of mind. It could also mean that you should count it all joy when you fall into temptation, or big obstacles that seems difficult to overcome in the first place.  The Bible says, weeping may endure for a night, but the joy of the Lord cometh in the morning.  To eat chocolate, then it symbolizes an act of love, happiness, connection, surprises, relaxation. Tasting a nice sweet can boost our hope and faith in Christ that something good can still come out from my challenges.

However, if you love the taste of the sweet in dream, then it means you won’t have any means of regretting in your life. This dream means you will be happy, and contented with God’s blessings in your life. But if you refuse to eat the sweet, then it’s possible that you are denying yourself og good opportunities coming to you.

However, if you feel happy while doing this, then it is safe to say that you will overcome temptation, greed and other problems in your life. Sweet can represent what you love, to eat it, means you are finding happiness in whatever you love doing. If you received sweet as gifts in dream, then it warns you to be very careful of people that wants to use their sugar coated words to hypnotize you. So, be wise as a serpent.

Dream of eating sweet while pregnant

If you dream of eating sweets during pregnancy, you don’t need to entertain, it means everything will work out according to God’s plans in your life. If you are currently pregnant, you are likely to give birth to a wonderful baby. There is a warning here: Do not eat too much of sugar during your pregnancy as this may cause sickness. Stand upon the word of God that no weapon will harm you.

If you are seeing a lot of sweets, if you are working hard without any result or rewards, don’t worry, your efforts will start yielding good success in your life. In some cases, it is  a bad sign when someone gives you sweet to eat or someone is eating your sweet in the realm of the spirit. These can symbolize bad luck, sickness disappointment, hatred, unhappy relationship with friends, cheating, conflict.

Eating sweet dream can also mean God has brought joy into your life and indicates that God is working out great moment for you and your family. In Psalm 119:103, even the word of God is sweet to our soul. The sweet can also represent the fruit of your labour and a time to enjoy your blessing is now and not tomorrow.

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