Cobweb attack is the plans of the enemy to make life difficult for people. Many people encounter cobwebs either in the dream or physical. They are anti-breakthrough powers that do appear at the edge of breakthrough. Satanic cobwebs serve as satanic roadblock and embargo blocking people from moving forward. They reduce their victim to nothing and make them toil around. Dreaming about cobweb means a certain forces of witchcraft is secretly planning for your downfall. Common symptom includes: Late marriage, hardship, demotion, sickness, and financial problem

It is a strange thing for a person to walk into cobwebs. It is a thing of shame for a person not been able to rise up and make speedy progress in life. Victim of cobweb dream attacks are described in the Bible as captives of the wicked (Isaiah 49:25). Whenever a particular breakthrough is about to locate a person, that is when the person will walk into cobweb either through head, hands legs etc.

If a person remain a victim of cobweb in the spirit realm, he will be experiencing unnecessary spiritual attacks. To dream about cobweb means there is a strong fire on the mountain. To dream about cobweb means the attack of household wickedness is after you. When a cobweb arrest you in the dream, there will be hinderance and blockages.

A crawling spider

When a cobweb arrest you in you house, it means there is a monitoring spirit in your house. So by doing this, they are stealing your virtues from body. As a believer, God has given you the power to arrest and destroy them into pieces, including the spider. The earlier you do this, the better for you. Children of God who are oppressed by the law of satanic cobweb attacks are completely dry!

Many people are just too afraid of everything! Instead of them to pray, cast and bind, they will relax and allow the cobweb to start reading their destiny. That’s why many great people are falling today by a common cobweb spirit from the dream. If a cobweb can drag a man backward, it means even a common breeze can blow a faithless and weakness believers.

Dreaming about cobweb is a strong witchcraft weapon that lift up a person from the ground and landed him inside the graveyard of their forefathers’. Jesus Christ is crying to some Christians to pray without ceasing!. Moreso, the devil has become more terror in the home of many. The Bible says, devil is like a roaring lion seeking who he may devour.

You cannot win a war against cobweb in the dream when your foundation is not strong. You cannot win a war against the activity of agent of darkness when your spiritual life is cold but frozen. Fighting your enemy is creating necessary midnight battles for them.

Dreams of seeing cobwebs means hindrances designed to prevent you from fulfilling your purpose in life.  You need to pray like this: “Satanic cobwebs, be roasted by fire in the Name of Jesus”




  1. To manipulate, contaminate and attack a person
  2. To hijack and steal the blessing of people
  3. To stop God’s agenda in the life of a person
  4. To make easy things difficult for a person
  5. To allow a person to suffer and go begging
  6. To curse a person not to achieve his destiny
  7. To make a woman barren or miscarriage
  8. To cause sickness in the body
  9. It brings down a man and make money be too difficult
  10. It arrest and capture a person



1. Make God your friend by getting born again so that He can fight for you
2. Kill the spiders that are behind the cobwebs
3. Scatter and born the cobwebs
4. Wage war against the person or kingdom using cobweb to attack you.


INSTRUCTION: Embark on 3 days fasting and prayers using  Obad 1:17, Psalm 56, Psalm 27, Psalm 136 with midnight prayers from 12am



  1. Every power using the spirit of cobweb to attack me, backfire, in the name of Jesus.
  2. I reject every spider crawling around my body, in the name of Jesus.
  3. I use the arrow of God to shoot every cobweb militating against my life, in the name of Jesus.
  4. Every spider hiding in my room to monitor me, burn to ashes, in the name of Jesus.
  5. I break and loose myself from every spiritual cobweb attack, in the name of Jesus.
  6. Cobweb of my father’s house assigned to kill me untimely, die in my place, in Jesus name
  7. Blood of Jesus wash me thoroughly in the name of Jesus.
  8. I command my foundation breeding cobweb into my life to be repaired, in Jesus name.
  9. Every cobweb monitoring virtues in my head, hands, face and body, be roasted by fire, in Jesus name
  10. I refuse to carry evil load, in the name of Jesus.
  11. Any powers using cobweb to block my progress die in the name of Jesus
  12. Household powers rejoicing at my situations, die, in the name of Jesus.
  13. Any man or woman troubling me with cobweb in the dream and physical, destroy yourself, in jesus name
  14. My star, stolen away by the witchcraft spiders, return it back and die in Jesus name
  15. Every altar of darkness fighting against my elevation, scatter, in Jesus name
  16. Every witchcraft trap set for me by cobweb demons, catch fire, in Jesus name
  17. My Father, roll away every strongman waiting for me at the gate of my blessings, in Jesus name
  18. Every spiritual cobweb manipulating my finances, give awOay, in the name of Jesus.
  19. Anyone behind this attack, let the sand chop off their legs, in the name of Jesus.
  20. O God, let your consuming fire devour all my enemies of progress, in Jesus name
  21. O God deliver me from my strong enemy that hate the way God is blessing me, in the name of Jesus.
  22. Every power from my resident that wants me to feed on sorrow, you shall be sorrowful, not me, in the name of Jesus.
  23. Whatever the landlord or tenant has buried in my compound or street that is affecting the glory of people currently in the area, i command you to catch fire, in the name of JESUS.
  24. Every satanic cobweb assigned from my landlord to steal my star, backfire, in the name of Jesus

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  1. God bless you man of God. I have the experience of cobweb at times it will touch my face, body and legs

  2. I dreamt that am rolling of cobweb in my fathers house and straight to my mothers house, by removing them from all items I could hear cry coming out from the object.

  3. What do spiders in the dream mean??? I dreamt I walked in a buikding where i lkve and as I and others where about to leave, massive spiders blocked the entry way so we couldn’t leave. Clusters and clusters of spiders was all around the room, gathering near us, on the walls, the floor, the ceiling. None of them touched me but there were so many of them.

  4. I had a dream that I came into my room I discovered cobweb in the room and I became so angry and aggressive. I told my younger sisters to give a broom to scatter it and they we’re somehow sluggish, I had to push them away and I took the broom myself and started destroying it.

  5. Actually in the dream I was on my way for a mission with some people,it was left with just a little of the Journey to reach my destination when I saw mangoes so I went under the mangoe tree to pick the mangoe but one friend of mine told me there are thousands of mangoes for me when I get to our destination ,I took the mangoes and when I was going back to continue the Journey I was caught in a serious Spider web that I was trying to move out of the web but it wasn’t easy which I woke up.

  6. I usually have physical contact with cobwebs in places it shouldn’t be like highways and so on mostly anytime I’m expecting somethings or when I masturbate contact me 07068000334 watsapp

  7. I dreamt of seeing many cobwebs on the way to pass in annoyance I cover my head with cloth and was cleaning them so that I can pass. What does that means

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