Matthew 15:13, But he answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up.

Galatians 3:13-14 ”Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree: That the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ; that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.”


Dream about shit  is the expel of substance from the body. It refers to a term that takes the process of excretion. It is a waste metabolism that a liver can no longer accommodate in the system. They are non-useful material in the body that are taken out.  

When shit or poop stays too long in the system can portends a serious health challenge or risk to the person.

To dream about Shit  is to experience a release of burdens out of your life. Shit has a very awful odour that can mess up a person. If you constantly poop in your dream, you need to check your spiritual life critically as it may portend a witchcraft manipulation.

To shit or poop in your dream is to release out something; Spiritually, it means purging out of evil deposit. For example, if you dream that you  often goes to the toilet to shit or poop, it means the food has gotten to a stage to pass through feces. The excess of passing out your waste product it is because there is something in your body which is needed to come out.

God revealed this revelation to me that those that usually visit the rest room to poop in the dream are people that have been eating in the dream. Perhaps, people that have been carriers of spiritual problems.  You cannot shit without eating a certain thing in your mouth.

The agenda of the enemy   prosper  in  the  life  of a person when they plant some satanic foods in the dream in order to cause sickness, and other spiritual attacks in the body.

Deliverance comes when you shit in the dream. Restoration manifests when you poop in the toilet and flush out successfully. To shit in the dream is to bring out all the nonsense in the body.

For example, when we go and defecate in the toilet physically, If the person has digestive problem, doctor says, he may excrete out some of the particle of his food.

In our dream, when we shit, there is something that usually comes out whenever we eat in the dream. Every time you go to the toilet and make a feces, means success. The success comes after passing out feces in the toilet. Sometimes, the meaning can be negative to other dreamers especially when they found shit on their body, on the ground etc.



  • It means that it is possible to be free from your problems
  • It indicates all evil strangers monitoring you are about to depart from you
  • It shows that the long term affliction is leaving your life
  • It means you are getting rid of every evil load upon your life
  • If you are sick, it means divine healing is possessing you
  • It means the peace of the Lord is about to reign in your life
  • It means you are releasing yourself from every sin and errors of the past
  • It implies that you are separating yourself from bad friends
  • It means spiritual worm eaten your body is trying to leave you
  • Enemies hides in shit too, so when you pass out feces in the dream, it also show that you are planning to live a new life 2 Cor 5:17.
  • When you shit or poop in the dream, it means victory over your enemies
  • It means you are going to encounter fruitfulness and profitable success
  • It indicates your burden is light (Matt 11:29-30)


Shit in the dream is an instrument of evil powers which is used to pollute and paralyze the destiny of people. It portend an evil odour or evil veil in the life of a believer. Some dream experiences shows that this shit dream can cause sickness and shame. There are physical and spiritual shit or feces. It is also a dream that put ones in a bondage and bind them with problems.

It is a big problem when you are going to the toilet and somebody from no where is distracting you. It is a spiritual attack when you cannot finish excreting the shit from your body. It is a shame when you are pooing on the ground, room etc. Sometimes, sin can be the best interpretation for this.

The most worrisome among this dream is to  find yourself pooping or see yourself shit on your body.  Satan has a way of organising  shame or disgrace for a person. For example, when you dream of pooing outside your house, it means that something that you are secretly hiding are beginning to expose you. Kindly ask God to forgive you of your sin and have mercy.

It is obvious that no one likes to walk around with shit on his or her body, but the moment there is a trace of shit or feces on your body in the dream, it therefore mean that you will surely entertain bad luck and hatred. This is a situation where some people will suddenly forget you and prevent themselves from being too closed to me. Why? Because there is an evil smell.


Psalms 52:4-6, ”Thou lovest all devouring words, O thou deceitful tongue. God shall likewise destroy thee for ever, he shall take thee away, and pluck thee out of thy dwelling place, and root thee out of the land of the living. Selah. The righteous also shall see, and fear, and shall laugh at him”

To dream that you are finding it difficult to shit or poop, it means that the devil has arrested you and hinder your freedom. If you fail to shit or poop in the right place, it buttress the point  of certain problems that you are passing through in life that is making things so hard for you.

The power of darkness can use this dream to prevent a person from being set lose from satanic bondage. This is another dream that eliminate the glory of people from a church. All these dreams are responsible for defilement, pollution and satanic loads. As a child of God, you must be ready to release it out from your body anything that God has not planted in your body.


Shit is something that constitutes hinderance and sickness in the body if not dispose out, and can be very hard to believe for a person to know that he or she is currently under the bondage of shit.

It is very healthy to shit after meal, but when a person refuses to feces in the toilet, it places a person under a health risk. And this may require the person to visit the doctor for counselling.

A person who often goes to rest room in the dream and discovers that such a toilet is broken or the shit did not flush out, symbolizes that the person is facing disappointments and spiritual attack.

Some powers will not allow people to excrete in their dream and when they manage to feces, it is either the toilet is broken or the toilet smelling. If you are such a person, you need to go for deliverance. If you are experiencing anything, it will be messed up by the power of this dream.


Other dream interpretation of shit

  • Seeing shit or feces around your toilet, Toilet should be kept when you discover there was feces around the toilet, then  it means there is a sin in your life that is serving as a demon. Shit is associated with sin and pollution. These are things that kills the blessings of people. If you are current living in sin, it will cause rejection, disappointments, including late marriage. When you dream where someone poured shit or feces at you, it is clear that you have an enemy that does not want you to progress or achieve greater things in life. I called them destiny killers. They make sure they leave a mark of sorrow with you. If you are progressing, there is likely to stagnancy,
  • If you dream of seeing poop or shit on the floor, it means you are surrounded with the spirit of shame and disgrace. When a person is  constantly seeing shit, it indicates that the person is suffering from foundational issues and curses.

Other short meaning of dream about shit, poop or feces in the dream

  • Smelling feces in the dream – Curses and bad luck
  • Seeing shit or feces in the room – Marital pollution and imprisonment
  • The shit did not flush out completely – Unconfessed sin and hinderance
  • Feces on the floor – Non-achievement, fornication, backsliding
  • Dream of baby feces – Your treasures is under attack
  • To dream of seeing shit or feces on your cloth – Cage, evil marks, ancestral covenant, delays and procrastination
  • Walking on feces or shit – Corruption, sickness, defilement
  • To see shit, poop or feces in a toilet unflushed
  • Seeing feces on your bed – defilement, marital problem, divorce and hatred
  • Constant pooping in the dream – Home problem, afflictions, emotional problem, embarrassment
  • Felt irritated using the toilet in the dream – Finding yourself in a bad environment, keeping a company with bad accompany, secretive life
  • Other people are watching you taking a poop or shit – Shame, disgrace and poverty
  • To eat feces in the dream – Eating poison – sickness, unanswered prayers, unfruitfulness, miscarriage, marital problem stagnancy and backwardness,  untimely death
  • Dream of being embarrassed by  the smell of feces or shit in the dream – Foundational problems



  1. Every aroma of shame and disgrace in my life, be purged out by the blood of Jesus.
  2. Ancestral powers attacking my life, scatter by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  3. Every cage assigned to imprison my glory, break by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  4. Whatever the enemy has destroyed in my life before I found Jesus, be repaired, in the name of Jesus
  5. Let all my problems be converted to testimonies, in the name of Jesus.
  6. Every strongman  in charge of bondage in my life, be destroyed by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  7. I release myself from every kind of bondage and pollution, in the name of Jesus.
  8. Every inherited sin from my father’s house, be flushed out by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  9. Every evil food that has ever troubled my life or posion me, be roasted by fire, in the name of Jesus
  10. Any department of my life that has been messed up by the devil, be restored by fire, in Jesus name
  11. Weapons of witchcraft assigned to pollute my life, be destroyed by fire, in Jesus name
  12. Every plantation of defilement in my body, come out with all your roots, and die, in Jesus name
  13. Holy Ghost fire purge out every evil deposit in my body, in Jesus name
  14. Blood of Jesus flush out every trace of attack in my body, in the name of Jesus



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  1. Morning man of God.
    I have had this dream b4 & each time I couldn’t sleep anymore. It is a dream I do of going through a a road so full of feces which be carefully going through so that I do not step on it. I usually get very very uncomfortable & furious with whoever is so irresponsible like that each time I go through such road.
    I also eat sometimes & even fly too surmounting obstacles on the way in my dreams too.
    Help with the meaning pls.

  2. Praise God man of God. Am a female Kenyan, mother of four.I am born again,am from a Islamic background. When I was a child my mother was so involved in witchcraft and as we grew up we came to know everything she did.So I couldn’t do anything but stood up and fought her spiritually till today am still in this battle. My mother despises me and calls me and NY dad devils because of our spiritual stand.Am doing farming on a family land but few days ago I dreamt seeing traces lined up in one corner of the land farm,the following day I saw alligator going round the fence on the other side of the farm,and I saw three small snakes I killed the snakes. In the same dream I went to toilet and urinated and pooped.kindly help to interpret this. God bless you, thank you. Nasibo

  3. Dear sir ; I and my husband always have dream that we are pooing each time he is going for an exam , and few weeks before the result comes out and after that the result comes out as failure , also I eat in the dream I also make with women and men in my dream , I also bed wet , all this comes when he is preparing for the exam and when the result is about to be released, and ever since we have been experiencing set back failures and sadness in my marriage and also there times I do dream that I will be looking for him and crying in my dream

  4. Hello evangelist, I had a dream that I am fighting with two guys and after almost defeating them ,one of them brought feces from nowhere and put them in a bucket full of water that I was holding to go and bath with and some of the feces also soiled my right palm when I attempted to prevent him from putting the feces in my bucket.Can you please let me know the meaning of that dream.thanks and God bless you

  5. Good morning man of God?I had a dream sucking someone’s breasts and this woman had three breast then after this woman started cleaning the house in our village ,when I went to shit in toilet I did not flush and moved out.


    • Sister Thoriso Matilda, the problem you are facing is “Spiritual Husband” and that’s why you are unable to marry, spiritual husband is a strong spirit. Any woman who has spiritual husband hardly get married in physical, even if you managed to get married physically you will never enjoy the marriage at all. Your spiritual husband is tormenting your health as well and that’s why you always sick, he is also chasing away men away from you and that’s why you are having problems in your relationship and unable to get married.

    • And listen, if you really want to be free from this stubborn spirit and get married, then you have to start serious fasting and prayer 6 to 6 for 21 days. During the fasting make sure you pray every morning, afternoon and midnight. After the fasting and praying the spirit of God will come into your life and Chase away the spiritual husband forever.

  7. Man of God I dreamt of egg coming out of my private part,After a while I looked at the egg it has broken & immediately I saw tiny baby in that egg & someone told me to carry the baby which I did & gradually the baby size increased to a baby girl.

    • If you are pregnant, then this dream delivering through complication. But if you are married and not pregnant, the broken of the egg portend miscarriage and unfruitfulness. However, from this dream, it shows you will deliver babies but it will come in a hard way. Moreover, if you are single who just had this dream, it indicates marital bad luck and witchcraft manipulation. Go on 3 days fasting and prayers.

  8. Good morning evangelist I dreamt of pooping on my cloth in a bike and people were telling me there is poop on my cloth as the bike was moving.

  9. Man Of God! I had a dream, in my dream i saw babe shit on a floor for two line and I don’t understand that dream. Please sir I want you to interprete it for me.

  10. Man of God please I dream the I pooped on my body while talking to a friend. I later went to clean up and apologize to my friend that I only wanted to not knowing I will poo. Thats the third time am dreaming of pooing on my body. Please what does it means.

  11. I had a strange dream last night that I pooped and from that poop their where frogs that came out. any thoughts on what that means.

    • Anita Johri, spiritually some problems has gone out of you. To poo in your dreams simply means that problems are going out of you, and the flogs signify afflictions. Your dream is a good one, God is taking away problems and afflictions out of your life

  12. Good morning Sir
    I saw myself defecating on the ground so people that were passing was laughing but I never mind them after defecating I packed it and throw inside a bin and washed my hands

  13. Dear sir
    I have not been able to situate the exact root of my present predicament until I embark of several prolong fasting and prayer(21 days/40 days).
    On the 15th days of the fasting, after the midnight vigil,I ask God one question to show me exactly where/what the battle is?
    I saw My Wife’s grandmother sent me to buy a recharge card which I bought and on giving her, a man appear in white with a whitish staff pointed to the grandmother that “This is what you are asking for” and shows me two other people in my wife’s family who are also held captive.(My wife’s uncle and My father in law: I saw it clearly) and I woke up.
    The said Grandmother had 5 kids( 2 men and 3 women(my mother in-law inclusive).2 of the women are feeding their their husband ,the men will loose their job and the women take over and the men will never recover.(My father inlaw inclusive).The 3rd woman who married a rich Man lost the husband mysteriously in a swimming pool in America when they went on vacation.
    I lost my Job Mysteriously 10 years ago as an IT Manager , 2 years after marriage and have been having this terrible dreams. It has been from One problem to the other. I presently work far far below what am qualified for after 5 years joblessness and even got the job through the mother inlaws connection.(Far far below my qualifications and level)
    1.Anytime I embark on an aggressive fasting and prayer(Dry fast Especially) I dreams of Passing out Faeces in my Dream.
    2.Anytime any Major Breakthrough Job is almost on the way,I dream of passing out faeces and I will loose the opportunity,not once, not twice, not thrice, uncountable.
    3.Forceful removal of long object (Fleshy robes/chains) through the anus and recently forcing out chains from my ear.
    Please, I have been praying and fasting but I want to ask, If I separate from my wife, will the breakthrough come????.

  14. some stubborn acestral or generational problems require you to change your name or surname and sometimes as the case may depend, both names. if you find yourself in an unending affliction i think this might be strongly attached to foundational issue which might need you to change seperate yourself from your foundation by changing your family name. this is contribution which i think might help who ever it may concern. stay bless all and may OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST continue to be the strong hold of those whose trust is on HIM.

  15. sir, I had a dream where I was going to visit a woman that gave birth , I was with gift of dolls to hive the baby, as I got to the house I saw many people that also came to celebrate with her but I was the only one with a gift, so I kept the gifts on her table as I went to look at the child on her mother’s arms, then I felt pressed ,I went to her toilet to urinate but the toilet was unclean as I sat went to the sitting room where she was I felt presses again I went to ease myself buy this Tom the toilet was full of urine from visitors ,immediately I felt pressed then I decided to use a container to wee and I threw it on the floor outside the building of the house and I was pressed again but decided to wee outside inside the container then a pastor passing told me I should go inside to wee but I refused knowing that the toilet was full then a girl came wanting to bath carrying a bucket of water, she also tied wrapper ,she entered into the full toilet and was bathing while I was still busy urinating and pouring away my urine.

  16. Good morning sir, pls in my dream last night, one of my aunty was passing by and decided to stop over to our house to greet my mom. she came with her little kid of about 2 -3 years. immediately they came in, the kid started pooing everywhere,I started packing the kids poo till I woke up. pls explain to me sir

  17. hello, i had this dream last nite and in the dream it appeared as if there was no water so we could not use the flash toilets. So what i did was to poo in a small container while putting in a kettle. I did it twice but in the process a person who looked like a roommate found me but i just continued. Now this person also wanted to poo but she said she would find other means. After i disposed off the faeces very well and brought back the containers. Someone please interprete for me this dream.

    • Man of God good morning,i thank you so much for your interpretation of this dream shit,i dreams where shit was full of water a very big hope like water system were I shot too it was full I begin to flush it with fuse even people carry more shit to me to flush until t flush every thing and carry all Dustin that can not pass through the hole out until the hole is as white as snow whit water. So I believed that the dream is a good one sir,and please pray for me over it.

  18. I have had many dreams, dating back to my childhood years of stepping over and trying to avoid piles of excrement. Sometimes it was in planters by me at restaurants, many other times in was either all over my yard or someone else yard I when to visit along with big snakes in the grass and long the fence line. I have had many dreams, of being at a school or a facility and going to use the restroom and all the stools and urinals are broken, unflushed and filled with either feces, feces and urine, or even lately have a little blood in the bottom of them. I have to urinate, so I use the floor which looked clean until I started to urinate, then it looks as if though a few have done the same. Above, in your above section of ‘Other short meaning of dream about shit, poop or feces in the dream’, you start but did not finish bullet 8, “To see shit, poop or feces in a toilet unflushed”, what does it mean?

    Thank You Evangelist Joshua Orekhie, for letting the Lord use you and for any help in this matter you can offer me.

  19. Hello Man of God, I saw a lot of people’s faeces in a toilet not flushed. In the dream it appears they are relatives I know but in real life I have not seen them. I was looking for a way to flush the their faeces when I woke up

  20. Good morning man of God, sir I have this dream now for two days, the first one I had cleaned the environment, that is in my village, in my mother’s compound and people just messed up the place with poop, even those that used the toilet poop around it and tried to cover it with ground. Then the second one I saw myself pooping on the ground and cleaned it up when I was done but where I did that I realized other people had been pooping there too. Please sir help me interpret these dreams

  21. A family member of my boyfriend sister distracted me while i was pooping and i could smell the washroom really smelled

  22. Man of God, please i had a dream about a baby pooping so much to the extence that the baby pooped on my shirt, please what does that means man of God

  23. man of God pls help me. I had a dream that i was stained on the mouth by fowl shit some even entered my mouth

  24. I dreamed a man was walking on a walker going out my sisters house and he was pooping in his underwear you could see it building up in his underwear and he was shaking his butt…what does this mean?

  25. I had a dream it seemed I was popping and someone was standing inbeside me asking me something and I was answering but pooping at the same time. the poop did not cme easily it felt I was constipated but eventually it came out.the poop went down I was on a top and the pooped went down it was like I was up n a mountain, I didn’t see the poop but it was going down in a deep whatever.


  27. I see shit in my dream but its not my sit, I see it on the ground and im crossing very carefully without touching my foot. Wht is this dream

  28. Hello, what does it mean – I woke up to the smell of shit, and this smell was so strong that I wanted to throw up. When I got up – I tried to find the smell but it didn’t come from anywhere. I just immediately prayed – asking God to fight my battles for me and my son.

    • Man of GOD in a dream my wife met this woman in her dream and the woman put a ring in her finger. What does that dream means please?

  29. For 7 days now I have been having series of dreams that is concerned with feces and excretion. I have been praying on my own but today I decided to source for online prayer point on this and I stumbled on Evangelist Joshua which I have prayed along. I am believing that this night when I’ll be sleeping I wont see those set of dreams again in Jesus name. AMEN.

  30. Man of God please interpret, I married for 5 years now no child, yesterday night after praying and I took bless oil and sleep, in my dream I poop two times but behind my uncles house.

  31. sir,goodmorning sir,dreamt i pooped and urinated on my pant in the dream and woke up with urge to urinate and i urinated

  32. Had a dream where I poo in a nylon and i Tied it. I felt I should not drop it in a place where people could see it and be irritated so I picked the poo up and was looking for where to drop it. Every wher I go to seems like a public place and I couldn’t drop it there. I got to place where I saw someone I knew and was feeling embarrassed just to discover that the poo was no longer in the Nylon It all leeked out of the nylon. Pls sir what does this dream means.

  33. Man of God good morning this is my problem everything about my life is scatted and anywhere I go there said I give someone money and she use it for bad. secondly any time good things coming my way I will dream about the thing where someone destroy it and that thing will never come my way again. Today I dream when am breaking palm kernel and eating it please sir I need serous help. after all this problem what is always coming in my mind is a voice Kill yourself and be free. please man of God I need prayer in my life.

  34. Hello sir please help me out with this dream I saw my self shit in toilet in my dream what Is the meaning of the dream man of God

  35. What does it mean when you poop outside in the bucket having a right amount of water then you dispose the poop together with the bucket in the bush

  36. Good morning Sir, I dreamt that a child pooped on my hands and after that I threw it away and washed my hands.

    I dreamt another dream that I was cleaning out poop with a tissue….please what do they mean?

  37. Hello, I dreamt I was about to get money out of an ATM when I noticed my card was so bent it was about to snap in two. So I went into the bank to reorder a new bank card. The bank teller than snapped my card in half. I said sir why did you do that I still needed that but when I looked in my purse I had enough money to last until my new bank card would arrive. I than began to leave and as I walked away I found a little girl under a bench I knew she was me. I said to her come now we have to go. As we were leaving I then heard the bank teller talking about me with another saying don’t right these people off, she may not have much but she saves and in a decades time she will have much more. Than all of a sudden I had the desperate urge to pooh I saw a toilet that was under an escalator and without being fully aware of my surroundings and because of the sudden urge to relieve myself was so great,I just went for it. When I was relieving myself I then realised I was utterly exposed and people passing by were mocking and laughing at me. I than realised I had also pooed with the toilet seat down and I knew I would leave such a mess behind. I felt I couldn’t clean it or myself because there was no toilet paper and I was so utterly embarrassed that I had just gone in front of others. I stood up, quickly pulled up my pants knowing I hadn’t wiped but I had to flee and as I did I noticed there was a small piece of pooh on the ground and some ontop of the toilet lid that was closed but more like a thin stain, the amount I saw was not visibly proportionate to the urge and release I had felt come out.it was not as bad as I had imagined it to be. I still fled away from the whole scene as it was distressing. As I fled I held my little girls hand and we went outside but there was grey dark clouds and water everywhere and my little girl was almost fully emersed in the water just the top of her head and her eyes had not gone under the water line. As we walked through it I said to her don’t swallow the water it’s poison. We than got into a 4 wheel drive and the engine wouldn’t start for several turns of the key. Eventually it did and we began travelling on a hilly road with many bends and turns until we came up to a very steep hill the cars engine stopped working, and the car begun to slide backwards. I became afraid but than remembered to call out to God so I called out to God and than the engine started again but this time I wasn’t steering. We eventually came to the top of the steep hill and the car stopped at our destination. I got out alone and begun to worship laying prostate on the ground. When a man of a different nationality to me began picking at my feet I asked him what are you doing and he said removing all your splinters, and than he asked if I would remove his but when I looked he had none. Then he pointed so I turned my head to look where I saw a pregnant gold crocodile in a very confined glass tank about to give birth?? (I know crocodiles lay eggs) The crocodile began to thrash about and using her large head she smashed open the glass tank, all of a sudden she had my husband by his head in her mouth and begun crushing him. I got up without fear and commanded LET HIM GO, IN THE NAME OF JESUS LET HIM GO 3 times and than the crocodiles mouth snapped open and she released him. The crocodile than left slinking off into the shadows. That’s all I remember if you get an interpretation from God for this I would truly appreciate guidance from others in Christ, many blessing to all, in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  38. Good morning sir, I dreamt where I was pooping in my dream in a toilet, then Lal of a surden I stood up and noticed that the feces touch my back. Please help me interprete.

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