Dream Dictionary Of Body Parts

Dream Dictionary Of Body Parts

Dream Dictionary Of Body Parts

1.  ANKLE DREAM, If you dream of an ankle, it stands for strength and faith. It means you are going to be unstoppable by the enemy. When the devil tries to attack you, it will not bring you down. The Bible says, God will fight for you in every battle and you shall hold your peace. Micah 7:8 encourages you that no matter how many times you fall, the strength of God shall take you up.  To dream about ankle, also means progress, success and spiritual strength. But if you dream where your ankle is broken, then it means the enemy is planning to bring you down and makes you remain in one spot in life. TREATMENT: I bind and cast out every power that want to bring me down, in the name of Jesus. Read:  Psalm 46:1-3, Neh 8:10.


2.  BRAIN DREAM, If you dream that your brain functions very well,  It calls for intelligent and brilliant . When you use your brain to solve matters in the dream, it shows that you are emotionally, spiritually, financially and maritally mature. No matter your present situation, God will elevate you like Solomon and announce you like Daniel in Jesus name. The brain is a means of retaining loss memory. If you are a career person, your brain will perform outstanding results for you. The Bible says the gift of a man shall make a way for him and bring him before great men (Proverbs 18:16). But when you dream where your brain fails  to deliver as expected, then it stands for failure and constant disappointments. When you experience this dream, you need to wake up and cover your brain with the blood of Jesus. TREATMENT: Every arrow of failure fired into my life backfire, in the name of Jesus. Fast and pray for 1 day and read: Col 3:23, Psalm 90:17, Phil 4:13. Brain attack can also lead to mental disturbance!


3. EYES DREAM, Eye provides the ability to see both bright and dim light. The eye is the light of the body (Matthew 6:22). Eyes in the dream stands for direction, and revelation. If you dream of using your eyes to see things, It means God is showing you secret thing of life. If you discover that with the help of your eyes you were able to escape or run away from your enemies, it means God’s revelation. But if you dream that one of your eyes was removed, it means  spiritual blindness. When you discover that your two eyes were blind, it means all your blessings will pass you by.  It will give the devil the avenue to attack you more. Such a dream should not be taken for granted. TREATMENT: O God show me secret things I need to know about my life, in the name of Jesus. Fast and pray for 3 days and read Jeremiah 33:3, Psalm 37:23-24.


4. MOUTH DREAM, Mouth is a means of communication. If you dream using your mouth to say or declare good things, this means (Jeremiah 1:9)Then the LORD put forth his hand, and touched my mouth. And the LORD said unto me, Behold, I have put my words in thy mouth. It shows that whatever you declare with your mouth, it shall be answered by God. To use your mouth to preach, pray, counsel etc in the dream is a sign that your mouth would bring a blessings to you and your household. But if you use your mouth to issue curse, gossip in the dream, the Bible warns you in (James 3:10) Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be. This means that same mouth which you use to curse or do evil in the dream can introduce curse, sorrow, stagnation and command unfruitfulness into your life if you cannot tame your tongues. It is high time you refrain totally from evil communication (Eph 4:29). God can use your mouth to elevate you or demote you. Who have used your condemned? Repent today. TREATMENT: Evil words speaks against me and my destiny, go back to sender, in Jesus name. Fast and pray for 3 days and read Romans 10:9, 1 John 1:9, Luke 6:37.


5. HANDS DREAM, Hands represents the instrument of success. When you use your hands to give out precious things to people in the dream, it means you will receive great blessings and favour from God and man. Giving opens the doors for financial favour.. When you lift up your hands before God (Psalm 134:2), it symbolizes appreciation and thanks to God. When your hands are used to work in the dream, it means your hands will prosper . This is what the Bible says, Proverbs 31:31, Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates. What this means is that your hands will be frutiful and blissful to you and your household. On the other hands, when you fold your hands in the dream, it means you are disappointed or confused about certain thing taking place in your life. If you place your hands on your head in  the dream, it means sorrow or bad news coming.

In the dream you might have….

  • Used your hands to pick things from the ground – It means poverty, curse, disappointment, and failure in marriage, business, ministry, academic etc.
  • Seen your handcuffed – It means a tied hand, uncomplete project, police case, allegation of stealing, embarrassment, buried potentials, stagnation etc.
  • Seen your hands being handcuffed
  • Seen your hands has strange mark
  • Used your hands to steal
  • Seen your hands dirty
  • Seen holes in your hands
  • Seen your hands smelling and rotten
  • Seen somebody else’s hands.
  • Had a pain in your hands.
  • Been handed an object.
  • Shaken hands with someone.
  • Seen a child’s hands.
  • Seen the right or left hand.
  • Noticed the hands were clean or dirty.
  • Warmed up your hands.
  • Seen a child’s hand
  • Used your hands for an activity such as eating.
  • Washed your hands


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  1. I have seen my hands dirty in my dream … in another dream before i saw a man of god i know personally, i hugged him after tears started to fall on his cheeks and he was the eyes closed … thank you for interpreting my dreams

  2. Last night, I dreamt of an older man who I do not know in real life.
    He was smiling at me in a sort of evil way when suddenly his eyes turned black. Totally black…even the white of his eyes were black.
    In the dream I wasn’t scared, so I simply looked away and then his eyes went back to their normal color.
    I looked at him again and they turned black again and he was still smiling at me like he had a secret he was hiding from me!
    Any interpretation of this dream would be appreciated!
    God bless you all.

  3. I have seen eating and chewing dry woods inside my Chicks. Please translate this for me God bless you.

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