Dream About Spiritual Lion

Dream About Spiritual Lion


Revelation 5:5, “And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.”

Lion is the king of animals (Proverbs 30:30). Being the king of animals gives them the power, courage, and extra strength in overcoming their problems.

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The lion could represent the Holy Spirit, and the strongman. The Bible carefully described  Lion as a bold animal in Proverbs 28:1.

The presence of this animal in one’s dream could represent a formidable force, or a supernatural power.

As such, the spiritual meaning of animal in the dream represent the symbol of spiritual attack. The Bible says, 1 Peter 5:8, ”Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:”

If you also look deeply into this scriptural verse, you will also understand that the Bible was using the character of a lion as devil. We all know that devil is aggressive, strong and deceptive in catching their own prey (victims).


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To dream about lion , represent personal strength, determination and ability to wage war against your enemies. If the lion appears strange, fearful or worrisome to you in the dream, it is best interpreted as enemies trying to devour and swallow you up.

The presence of a lion in a dream could mean a danger, tragedy and sorrow. Some lions are friendly and while others could be aggressive and demonic.

In the spiritual world, lion can be a domestic animal. The lion has the right to lay down with a person in the dream, eat with a person in the dream, being a safeguard of a house and many more.

For example, if a lion is lying down with you in the dream, this shows that the lion is serving as a monitoring spirit.

The ancestral powers could use the spirit of a lion to give a report about your plans back to your enemies. A lion lying down with you means that something terrible is about to happen.

However, if you are experiencing some hard times, and setbacks, dreaming about a spiritual lion lying down with you mean a problem without solution.

They can also indicate that you are building up a friendship with some deceptive people who are plotting for your downfall.


When you are being chased by lion in the dream, it means stubborn pursuers assigned to kill you. The lion chasing you indicates the symbol of destiny robbers and destiny killers. They are powers that does not want you to succeed or prosper. In fact, they attack you because you are closer to your breakthrough.

It is sad how many people have been destroyed. Some are chased by lion, but before they get to their place of rest, they are arrested, and devour by the enemies.

But if you are not able to chase the lion out of your territory, it means you are helpless and also shows that you have lost your strength in the days of adversity.

Spiritual lion can show the need to be reserved.  Spiritual lion could be so wicked. Having a lion speaking with you in a dream shows that the enemy is trying to tear your destiny in pieces. In order words, it also mean to eat up your flesh and go away with it.

The Bible says, Psalms 104:21, ”The young lions roar after their prey, and seek their meat from God.” In addition, if you are attacked by a lion, this means that a strongman is trying to destroy you. This dream is telling you that there is a war to fight against eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood.

If you allow the lion to attack you in the dream without much resistance from you, it means the enemy has won the battle and when they won the battle, it shows that you are being caged and be consumed by enemies. The symptom of this dream alone would be weakness, dryness, failure, delay, loss etc.

You may dream of..

  • Lion having sex with you in the dream
  • Lion eating with you in the dream.
  • Lion talking and explaining things to you.
  • Lion pooing on the ground.
  • Seeing lion in the forest
  • Lion eating other animals in the dream
  • Seeing lion in your room.
  • Encountering lion on your bed.
  • Lion stealing something before you in the dream.
  • Lion licking and biting your body in dream
  • Lion climbing a tree in the dream
  • Lion reading a book before you.

The dream above clearly indicate pollution, disappointments, loss of virtues, marital attacks, back to square one, untimely death, bad luck, disfavour, rejection, deception, etc.



Judges 14

There is a great power when a lion roars. In fact, when a lion is hungry, sad, sorrowful in the jungle, other animal trembles and suffers. The Bible says, Amos 3:4, ”Will a lion roar in the forest, when he hath no prey? will a young lion cry out of his den, if he have taken nothing?”

For example, when you dream of a lion roaring , it shows that you should prepare yourself spiritually because your enemy is about to strike at you. The roaring of a lion sends a bad signal of death, weeping, fear, powerless, stagnation. a spiritual lion is coordinated to hunt after their prey.

However, if you are hearing the sound of roaring lion, then something terrible is about to take place. If you can pray well, they will never see nor attack you. On the other hand, if the lion is roaring in a cage of a compound, indicates a sign that your caged enemies are trying to revenge.

If you must kill the spiritual lion, you must have the power of God to destroy your enemies. Samson was very aggressive at the lion and did not wait too long until he strike at the stubborn animal.


When you are scared by the presence of lion in the dream, this could be an entertainment of fear. Such fear can stand as a lost battle. Any person who is always afraid of the lion (enemy) will find it difficult to make a headway in life.

If we must win the war at the battlefield with our enemies, we must understand the important of prayers and fasting. Since you are scared, then it reveals that you must confront your fear and mistakes spiritually.

That lion is the Goliath and it must be crushed out completely. God has given us the power deal with all forces of darkness. In resisting the devil, you must be strong and bold. On the other hand, you can bind demons or evil spirit and cast them out of your way.


The lion also represent poisonous powers. When you dream of lion biting you, it reveals that your enemies are stealing your virtues. This is when the agent of darkness steals and poison the spirit of the person.

As a person, if you are expecting a breakthrough and you came across this kind of dream, it will surely cut short your expectation. In most cases, lion bites in the dream can cause slow death and fruitlessness.

If this dream is frequent, then it means that you are no longer under the covering of the Almighty God.



  • The presence of restlessness, fear and tragedy
  • Finding it difficult to prosper or excel in the place of your strength (career).
  • Unnecessary financial spendings.
  • Lack of protection.
  • Poverty and hardship.
  • Opportunities cancelled.
  • Sorrow and weeping.
  • Sickness at the edge of breakthrough.
  • Hypertension.
  • Lack of focus and concentration.
  • Being so weak to pray and fast.
  • Marital war between husband and wife. There is strange lion in that home.
  • Inability to organize yourself for your destiny.
  • Memory loss.
  • Stagnation and demotion.




  1. Give your life to Jesus. Be a friend of Jesus.
  2. Repent and confess your sin.
  3. Baptize yourself with the fire of the Holy Ghost.
  4. Renew your power with God.
  5. Avoid sexual immorality .
  6. Disconnect yourself from every unfriendly friends.
  7. Wage war against powers assigned to eat you raw.
  8. Ask for God’s love, mercy and forgiveness.
  9. Have a good agreement between you and God.
  10. Do not live a fake life.
  11. Check your life and see how and when you opened the door for the enemy to come in to steal precious things from you. This could be bitterness, unforgiveness, or talkativeness.
  12. Know your weapons and use them correctly. They include the blood of Jesus; fire of God, Name of Jesus, Prayers, and fasting. Pray targeted bombarding prayers.
  13. Watch your dreams. Your dreams will indicate if the spiritual lion is alive or dead.
  14. Exercise your authority as a believer and launch an attack against the strongman. Luke 10:19; Genesis 1:26; 1 John 4:4.



  1. Every power planning to tear my soul like a lion tears a lamb, be destroyed, in Jesus name.
  2. Father, let all my enemies be ashamed and sore vexed, in the name of Jesus.
  3. O God, destroy the mouth of the lion assigned against me, in the name of Jesus.
  4. Father, fight those using lion to attack me in my dream, in the name of Jesus.
  5. Every eater of flesh and drinker of blood assigned against me, die by fire, in Jesus name.
  6. I tear and smash every lion (enemy) sent to waste me, in the name of Jesus.
  7. Father, reveal to me those using lion to cause restlessness in my life, in Jesus name.
  8. Any power contending with my liberty and miracles, be destroyed, in Jesus name.
  9. Let the earth open up and swallow every power gathering against my blessings, in Jesus name.
  10. O God, hide and protect me from blood thirsty evil, in Jesus name.
  11. Every familiar spirit removing the shell of my protection, die by fire, in Jesus name.
  12. I release the fire and thunder of God to pursue my enemies to the grave, in Jesus name.
  13. Let all my enemies hear strange noise from God and flee before me, in Jesus name.
  14. Let the way of the wicked be continuously slippery to their hurt, in Jesus name.
  15. Every evil hand assigned to arrest me, wither by fire, in Jesus name.
  16. Father, let every unfriendly friend in my life be exposed, in Jesus name.
  17. Angels of war, pursue those holding what belongs to me and command them to release it, in the name of Jesus.
  18. Every instrument of wickedness assigned against me, backfire, in the name of Jesus.
  19. Powers behind strange battles in my life, you are a liar, die, in the name of Jesus.
  20. Any power given the mandate to curse and hinder my progress, somersault and die, in the name of Jesus.
  21. Everything that is representing me in the demonic world against my career, be destroyed by the fire of God, in the name of Jesus.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    This is just an eye-opener, Please pray for me and brothers to be deliver from the family female goliath that wasted my parent. (please pray for us against stagnacy,poverty, struggling with (Masters Degree) and late marriage (for me)

    Thank you sir.

  2. I recently had a dream about a friend of mine that was wearing all black and had a brand new car. In my dream she really looked good and I was so happy for her. She then asked me to come to her car and join her for a ride.as I was coming suddenly a huge female lion popped out of her car. When I saw the lion I just ran back to my house and closed the door. She kept insisting that it was only a pet and harmless. I told I wasn’t coming because I don’t deal with animals that way. Please sir help me intereprete this dream because even now am still shaking from that dream.

  3. I am always dreaming of being friends with lions or tigers in the dream or having them as pets. please sir what is the meaning.

  4. What does it mean if I managed to outsmart the lion by tricking him and hitting him with a stone, and knocked the lion out? Also when I was escaping, I decided to pick up 3 stones, which were black and smooth, like they just came from a river side. I knew those stones might come in handy if the Lion wakes up and decides to chase me.

  5. I saw a lion playing with me out of three unidentified people around me, it was me only the lion choosed to talk and play with, but i was not too comfortable with that.

    • Shalom Aleichem.In my dream I saw a lion in what appeared to be a social gathering venue. I turned to tell an unidentified man to take a picture of me with the lion. When I turned back to the lion stroking his mane as he licked my hand, it was now a black lion. A very large tiger launched (over my left side) as if to attack with his mouth open but there was nothing there. I was calm and delighted to see both the animals. Can you pleas help me with this?

  6. What does it mean when I see a lion guiding me on a bathe in the dream. It spoke and signalled that I should follow it. So other people I do not know and I followed it. Please wjat does it mean. I was not scared of it, it’s like I was being chased by people and the lion came to my rescue.

  7. Three weeks ago, I had this dream:
    It was a very bright and beautiful- mid morning day. My mother (deceased), and I was in the deep woods/forest. We we’re surrounded by tall dark green leafy trees. While engaged in a conversation(I don’t recall what was discussed) I was laying across a twin bed, my cousin ex-husband appears out of nowhere, and throw a huge light brown-Black and beige color snake on the bed with me. Before it was able to bite me, my mother quickly grabbed the vicious snake…like a whip, she swirled- and threw it at him.
    Like a evil enemy…he ran. Im not sure which hand it was but, he was holding his endures hand because he was in pain and he was exposed. There were cluster of snakes coming out of his fingers.
    He ran insides this room behind my cousin
    (his ex-wife),she hid him… and began to quote scriptures/speaking in tongues, with tears strea
    down her cheeks. “Just to mention; my cousin and her ex-husband, are evangelists”. My mother and I both quoted scriptures as well, then the Holy Spirit
    stopped us. As I stood there looking at my cousin, she stopped. It was as if she knew she was wrong-but she was trying to spiritually justifywhat she did was from God. After awakening from that disturbing dream I ask the Lord to help and guide me.
    The following day I was under the weather. A week l

  8. Dream2:
    I was other people and their children. It was a beautiful and bright sunny day in the
    woods. Apparently we we’re hiking. The deeper we got into the forest, I noticed people were scattered about and secretly living there. Out of no-where, lions began to chase us. As I was lifting children upon higher ground, I was surrounded by two big light brown lions. Trying to keep them from attacking the children, I began to fight with them. With sharp white teeth, they had my hand and arm locked in their jaw. Strangely, I wasn’t afraid. I faught with them. Yet they never chewed my hand/arm. In an unusual way, they stopped attacking me and we began to stare. They released my hand and arm from their mouth. I woke up. May the Lord, lead and guide you on interpreting dreams.

  9. Hi there Evangelist Joshua.
    I had a dream in which i saw an elephant female walking with her baby like in the bush. There was a path in the that I was using to go somewhere. However the baby elephant start playing around and jumping. All over a sudden I see a lion chasing the baby elephant going into an opposite direction by passing in front of me and I am watching. one or two minutes later I see the female elephant following in the same direction the lion to rescue her baby. The speed of the elephant I have never seen that, even the dust was rising up behind and full of anger. Please what does it mean?

  10. Good day evangelist. I had a dream where I saw baby animals in my house but they didn’t attack me but I was able to carry some of them out of the house. Please what does this means.

  11. Good day evangelist. I had a dream where I saw baby animals in my house but they didn’t attack me and I was able to carry some of them out of the house. Please what does this means.

  12. i thank God for your gift to interpret dreams. I must say that every time i have a strange dream i run to your blogs and they have been very helpful. Last night i had a dream were i and my workmate were at some place but suddenly a lion appeared and started chasing us there were lots of people who were running away from it. i was kind of lagging behind then my workmate held my hand and we ran. we came to a place where there was a wire fence the fence had a hole where people were getting in into place surrounded by the wire fence. we both entered the fence through the hole and upon entering the fence there were lots of lions inside the fence but immediately i and my workmate entered the lions started running away from us and they all cleared.

  13. The Bible said Jesus is the Lion of the tribe of Jude’s .Lion signify strength, majesty, defense, pride and Glory. Seeing a golden lion in your dream means fortune is coming your way. It’s not just all about negative vibes and the color of the lion and gestures also signify the meaning of the dream.

  14. God bless you Evangelist Joshua you are an Angel on Earth all your dreams interpretation are very real because I see those stuffs in my dreams your prayers are really helpful I wish I can talk to you directly I will be the happiest man on Earth

  15. I had a dream about the lion roars at me but not chasing me,then I was facing the lion roars and left. Please interpret it for me.

  16. I am so greatful to the lord for making me land on the meaning of the lion and firewood dreams which I have experienced the reality of their meanings as the dreams were combined. If I had known earlier I would have not suffered this much.

  17. i dream yesterday that a lion and a tiger enter my house and we were running from them but they were calm and was just walking around the house not paying us any attention

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