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DREAM ABOUT SNAIL By Dreamswithjoshua


Psalm 58:8, “As a snail which melteth, let every one of them pass away: like the untimely birth of a woman, that they may not see the sun.”

Psalm 13:1 How long, O LORD? Will You forget me forever? How long will You hide Your face from me? Psalm 40:17 Since I am afflicted and needy, Let the Lord be mindful of me. You are my help and my deliverer; Do not delay, O my God. Psalms 141:1 O LORD, I call upon You; hasten to me! Give ear to my voice when I call to You!

The spirit of the snail refers to evil powers that slow down every thing that you are trying to do. This spirit brings unnecessary delays, discouragement, procrastination ,frustration, and even stagnation into your good plans and projects. This type of spirit retards progress , stagnate lives and destroys destinies.

If you have been on a project that is looking as if you can never complete it, or processing a travelling documents, is it a contract tied down? postponed marriage ?It is possibly the spirit of the snail is in place. But today, child of God the Lord will deliver you in Jesus name .

The Bible says that by God’s strength you run through a trap. Psalms 18:29 “For by you I have run through a troop; and by my God have I leaped over a wall” The Lord will empower you to run through every barrier ,limitation , delay in life in the name of Jesus.

Know that snail in the dream could be a good one.   When you dream  where you are seeing snail crawling without any obstruction, it means you are going to make it in life, but it will be a gradual process. it is a message from God to be patient with Him. Means there is a divine reward when you dont rush over God’s plan for your life.

If you are expecting something from God and you have this dream, it is important to be patient with God while He fix those problems for you at His own appointed time. What this indicates is that – You will have the blessings of God if you can wait. Though, it may delay, it will surely come to pass. This is only when this dream comes once in a blue moon.


There is a problem when you pick snail from the ground, sea, farm etc. In fact, it is a disturbing dream. PICKING SNAILS FROM THE GROUND literally means that you are hindering the progress of such snail. it also means that you are always in haste for your blessings without waiting. My Father makes me to understand further that picking snails from the ground is an indication for someone operating on a curse of the ancestry, and a covenant with the demonic spirit – A spiritual symbol of failure at the edge of breakthrough.

The moment this dream becomes frequent, the risk is higher. Those who are projected to pick snail in the dream should know that there is a demon in place of their blessings. There is a demon of wasted efforts in place. It also means the spirit that makes one to struggle hard and achieve nothing in life is in operation.

When you see yourself picking snails into your pocket or bag, it is a serious problem. it means you are under the negative anointing of failure. it means a signal of trouble and attack on your financial prosperity. If care is not taken, it may abort all your intending breakthroughs. So, by large, it means such a person cannot prosper again.

The person will try to live a better life when this demonic covenant is blessing the person. it will get to a point where the prosperity and blessings will turn to a curse. if you are the person, you need serious prayers. (Ps 58:9; Heb 6:12; Luke 10:19; Rev 2:10). On the other hand, check this dream when it is so frequent.




A snail is:

  1. Snail crawls sluggishly
  2. Snail lives and survives in  a cold environment
  3. A snail is a weapon of the enemy against speedy progress
  4. Snail eats a wide variety of food



1. To cause you setback in your career
2. To destroy and frustrate your plans
3. To ground and arrest your progress
4. To delay you from marriage
5. To blame people for your mistakes, errors and failures
6. To make you lose your position.
7. To turn you into a beggar.
8. To take you from grace to grass.
9. To bury the works of your hands
10.To make curse to operate in your faster
11.To bring bad luck and sorrow
12.To put you in captivity of your father’s house or mother’s house
13.To bring sickness.
14.To bring joblessness
15.To afflict you with the spirit of backwardness and disappointment.
16.To chase away your helpers
17.To make you not to be what God has ordained you to be.
18.To destroy your potentials.
19.To vandalize your glory like they did to Samson. Judges 16: 20-22.

Recommended Note

  1. Prayers to cancel the dream of stagnation
  2. Prayers to cancel backwardness
  3. Prayers to destroy evil foundation
  4. Prayers Against Snails In The Dream



1. Faulty foundation. When there is a lot of evil pattters and demonic practices in your father’s or mother’s house.
2. Curses from parents, friends, relatives etc
3. Hinderiing others from getting their blessings, promotion and joy
4. Through unholy relationship/marriage
5. Through evil dedication to the marine, witchcraft doctor, water, false prophets etc
6. When you refuse to forgive others despite of what they have done to you can project the spirit of snail
7. Inability to say the truth
8. Resistance to parental instruction or God’s promises
9. When others comes to you for finacial helps but you decided not to give the person
10. When people do not want your progress
11. Through wrong place of birth and evil names
12. Through sexual immorality
13. Through divorce and constant fight in the home
14. Unproductive lifestyle such as partying, smaoking, drinking, etc
15. Through the habit of begging and borrowing.
16. You can enter into this snail bondage by mistake



1. It block a person’s glory, opportunities and blessings Judges 16:22.
2. Ittake you back to square one when you supposed to have become great and successful. This is what happened to Gideon. Judges 8:24-27.
3. It brings sluggishness at the edge of breakthroughs (Though there is possibility that you will make it but it has to be very slow
4. It makes a woman to have miscarriage
5. It introduces profitless hard labour
6. It makes your blessings to slip away from you
7. It does not allow to complete your dream, project on time
8. If you are abroad, it is a sign that the demons of your fathers or mothers house is using diabolical powers to bring fruitless labour in whatever you are doing
9. It makes you to see and hide yourself from friends or family members who are aheadof you
10. It brings down the dignity and integrity of a man before his wife
11. It allows the idols of your fathers to get hold of your destiny
12. It establishes affliction and suffering
13. It does not support the spiritual growth of a person
14. If care is not taken, it could lead to untimely death
15. It shows your blessings and virtues has been caged by someone etc


Psalm 38:2, 141:9-10

1. Get saved and make Jesus the Lord and the King of kings over your life. Matthew 6:33.
2. Stay away from sin.
3. Refuse to compromise or cooperate with the devil. Refuse to yield to his temptation. 1 Corinthians 10:13.
4. Always commit your ways unto God and not just take decisions by yourself.
5. Receive instructions from God before proceeding. Pray inquiry prayers.
6. Do not stray from God’s word and His will. Psalm 119:67, Hebrews 10:36.
7. Do not open up your secrets to just anybody.
8. Watch what and where you eat and drink. Do not eat and drink anyhow.
9. Be careful who you associate with. Avoid unfriendly friends. Judges 2:3, 1 Corinthians 15:33.
10. Watch your tongue what you say. Everyone pretending to be a friend is not a friend.
11. Pray to destroy satanic traps and snares. Also pray over your gifts.
12. Avoid begging and borrowing. It can put you in permanent captivity as well as bring sickness and untimely death.
13. Break all the curses associated with the evil dedication.
14. Engage in purposeful fasting. This will help to kill the flesh.
15. Do not neglect fellowship with God and with God’s people.
16. Ensure that all evil covenants in your life are broken. Colossians 2:14-15.




1. I command every power assigned to hinder my breakthroughs, be blinded by fire, in the name of Jesus.
2. Every power assigned to make me suffer out of nothing, be wasted by fire, in Jesus name.
3. Every covenant of failure operating in my life, break by fire, in Jesus name.
4. Every power of Almost There BUT Never there surrounding my life and destiny, die by fire, in Jesus name.
5. I separate myself from spirit husband/wife in my marriage; I cover myself with the blood of Jesus
6. O God my salvation, arise and save me from the power of the snail, in the name of Jesus name.
7. powers of delay assigned to my breakthrough, be paralyzed in Jesus’ name.
8. Every curse spoken over my life with the spirit of the snail, be cancelled, in the name of Jesus.
9. I break the covenants and the curses of the snail over my life in Jesus’ name.
10. Every spirit of sluggishness and backwardness in my life, receive the fire of God and be destroyed now, in Jesus’ name.
11.The powers diverting good things in my life by delaying and frustration, be destroyed in the name of Jesus.
12. Every spirit of lateness in goodness and miracles , I reject you in Jesus’ name.
13. I will not feed from left over of life in Jesus’ name.
14. I reject the spirit of the tail and I claim the spirit of the head in Jesus’ name.Every demonic road block put on my way to breakthrough break in Jesus name.
9.Whatever has been done against me using the snail , be neutralized, in the name of Jesus.
15.Every unfriendly friend,planted in my life to frustrate my destiny be exposed in the name of Jesus.
16.Powers drawing me back from the journey of life ,release me and die in Jesus name.
17. I collect the ladder to my greatness from the hands of the wicked in Jesus name.
18. Every visible and invisible power delaying the manifestation of my glory be destroyed in Jesus name.
19. Father, break every covenant of delay operating in my life through the snail spirit or curses and covenant in Jesus name.
20. Holy Ghost by fire deliver my destiny from every secret place where it is held down in Jesus name.
21. Thou agent of darkness assigned to delay my due promotion and celebration, with the spirit of the snail be arrested in Jesus name.
22. By divine authority, every virtue and goodness of my life delayed anywhere, with a snail shell come out by force in Jesus name.
23. I silence every voice of darkness speaking negatively against my progress with snail shell in Jesus name.
24.Every power slowing down my progress in life, fail in Jesus name.
25.Oh Lord, release me from the power of the snail that is causing delay in my life in Jesus name.
26.Everything in and around me that is cooperating with the spirit of the snail to delay me, scatter in Jesus name.
27.From today, I refuse to be delayed from progressing in Jesus name
28.I cover myself with the blood of Jesus.

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  1. #23-#28 I am now covered under the blood of Jesus & received the victory & power over my enemies in Jesus name!AMEN

  2. God I thank you for the deliverance I dreamt in my dream I saw a snail these r the prayers I needed God will deliver Me whether the enemy like’s it or not I am covered by his blood that will never ever loose its power

  3. Thank you sir. The first time I dreamt of seeing two small snails,it was in a friend’s house. The second time again I saw two very big snails still in The Same friend’s how as came on a visit and slept over night in his place. Could he be an unfriendly friend?

  4. I dreamt about snail this morning, one cooked one with the shell was in my mouth and I looked around I saw two or three on the ground,I picked them, I was still holding them I saw rat, I reached out for something to kill the rat Infact I make sure I paralysed the rat, the rat was in pain as I was doing that but one thing I don’t know is weather I drop the snail in my hand and even the one in my mouth but I think I did

  5. Good day Sir, I like your ministry of dream interpretation, its not a common gift may God increase his anointing on you more n more to be able to impact more life’s in Jesus name Amen.

  6. :
    Please sir what’s d meaning of this dream, I saw a snail in my dream don’t know how it got to my hand then the next thing I noticed was the shells were broken and in a bowl then I woke up, pls l don’t understand any of it Sir

  7. :
    Please Sir lately I keep seeing myself in my father’s house in the village and my financies are stagnated whatever I invest on with money since January doesn’t get back to me including the capital and to couple with the fact that I am home n applying for jobs whenever I intensify my prayers on my job search goes back to sleep in my dreams someone will take my place or my portion will be transferred to another and that job will not get to me in the physical please help me l have come to my end,am tired of trying please help me
    ,thank you sir

  8. Then another one after intensifying my prayers on my employment God will bring forth light without a lamp holder then a call came from the person that is suppose to help me get that job in that organization as one of the board members in the organization just as I pick the call in d dream his wife will be the one talking threatening to deal with me so I will be afraid n look for where to put out the light because she’s at d window but what baffles me is that this dreams with light scenarios always happens in my father’s bedroom in my village and I will trace d sockets to put off d light from the parlor and my mother will be there please help me with your prayers because am desperate to come out of this whole mess am really tired of trying.please will be waiting for your feedback thank you Sir God bless and reward you richly in Jesus name Amen.

  9. Thanks for the prayer point. I dream my mother late grandpa gave me small to eat in the village environment and collect the shell ball before I wake up again. This prayer point will work for me and I cover myself with the blood of Jesus.

  10. Thanks for the prayer point. I dream my mother late grandpa gave me snail to eat in the village environment and collect the shell back from me then I wake up again. This prayer point will work for me and I cover myself with the blood of Jesus.

  11. i am still disgusted as i remember my dream.i was removing huge black snails from my feet and by the end of the process i was overwhelmed by disgust that i could no longer look to see if i had removed them all,so i felt my right leg and didnt feel any where they left the had made some dents from staying for a long time and reading this has been really helped me understand….legs are made for moving from one place to the other ,snails on my legs means there were demonic powers of delay…the parallel that is my life especially at the workplace it turns out that a day prior i had started being intentional about carrying out my work with no distractions…i guess in the spirit it meant that

  12. Gud morning sir, i dreamt of me picking many snails in a bag last night, nd since sometime my bf broke up with me that he is having series of revelation toward us nd decided to leave me alone, i cry nd cry till dis morning i dreamt of d snail. What is d cause? 08036260109; call me i need ur assistance

  13. Just last night, I saw myself picking nd gathering up snail into a plastic bucket lots of them…… Buh I happy to find this prophetic prayers to destroy the plans of the devil against my life…. Praise the almighty God…

  14. Just last night, I saw myself picking nd gathering up snail into a plastic bucket lots of them…… Buh I happy to find this prophetic prayers to destroy the plans of the devil against my life…. Praise the almighty God… Pls man of God I really need ur assistant on this sir…please I really need ur reply Sir.. 08132319557 my number sir… I will really like to hear from you

  15. I just dreamt of me picking snails in an uncompleted building.
    but I didn’t know what happened aftermath.
    with this prayer points, I shall be free in Jesus name

  16. Good morning sir,in my dream I was picking up a snail big,dirty and it smells.one woman came to buy that snail from me also immediately a woman I had misunderstanding lastyr dec in that dream came to me and said that I should sell the snail to her but we will share d money.I agreed, since August 2016 I lost my shop in the hands of microfinance bank I have been passing through a lot of challenges,financial prb,debt infact everything concerning my life is frustration. pls I need serious prayers and spiritual intervention my number 07033450654,08153277226.Thanks and God bless

    • Good morning sir I had a dream this morning and in that dream I and a lady were moving together and we were also hungry and suddenly I saw snail and I pick the 4 of it I gave it to the woman to hold and take it for us to go home and cook it and the woman instantly throw the 4 snail into a deep pit that contains water I get annoyed and I wakes up pls sir I need your prayers for my life, I’m Richard E. Olamiposi

  17. One evening in my compound I smashed on a snail and the following night I dreamt I saw a dead snail without a shell . its just near the one I smashed in real life . pls what does it mean?

  18. Good morning sir. In my dream I saw snails leave their shells behind. The shells where all in one place and the snails where moving about with them. What could this mean?

  19. I had a dream of picking big snails in a sack-bag last night, I dont know what does it mean?

  20. Pastor i dreamt picking snail in the bush i was picking the big ones since then everything going back nothing is going front for me please i need your prayer sir this my number 08035341142 pls sir

  21. God bless u abundantly.this ur site finally opened my eyes to that which i do not worry about.pls pray4me .i dreamt i was picking snails into a bag in a friends house. And truly things gone very slow4me.really very very slow financial and job wise.08181881336

  22. Hellow sir good morning
    Thanks alot for that prayer point with faith i believe I’ve been delivered
    I always see snail in my dream
    This last one i saw snail and removed the shells waiting to use it and cook what does it mean

  23. Good afternoon Evangelist sir,I thank the Almighty God for using you to saved life, I prayed His grace will not depart from you amen. last night I dream of picking snails from the tree about four snails and I later gave them to a child whom look like my own child. Sir what does it means.

  24. I had a dream last night about two snails one big and the small one small one lady sit on it .and someone came and took the big one and throw away.but it was on the water.what does it meam

  25. I always dream of snails in my dream and i dont understand what it means. I dreamt one last night about i and my best friend were walking through a narrow path to a river on getting there we saw so many snails and we were very happy about it we thougth of picking them to market for sale but there was no bag with us and we didnt touch it we only plan to come back for it. Pls sir, i want to what it means. Thank you.

  26. Thanks to you pastor. I have been delivered from the spirit of snail and marine powers through your ministration and prayer points. May God Almighty grant you fresh auction of anointing in Jesus precious name. Amen.

  27. God bless u sir for this prayer points, i am deliverd in the name of almighty God and i am redeemed by the blood of Jesus christ amen.. I dreamt of picking snails with my brother but i later lost all the ones i picked and i was looking for the snails befor i woke up pls sir flash me with dis number so i can call u fos guidance and counselling 08035909690

  28. Good morning sir,
    what a marvellous God we serve.i woke up terrified and worried over my dreams this morning,i went online to check out for the meaning and iam here.

    Pastor,i dreamt i saw lots of snail in a bush path at night,i didnt pick them ,they were all gathered in on place and then i showed my sister because she loves snail that when next we want snail we will come here to pick it.then i woke up.

    Secondly, i dreamt of a big tortoise, very big infront of my anuty’s room,so when i ran into the room,the tortoise was peeping under the door to enter the room ,so i started pouring sand into the tortoise eyes continously,then it turned back.

    Thirdly, this one is a day before, i dreamt of two vicious dogs pursuing me seriously in the dream.i kept running then i woke up.
    Pastor please i need help, am far away from Nigeria. I live in Australia.

    my email is nuella42003@gmail.com.

    I have prayed this parayer points ernestly and will keep praying it.
    Thank you sir for you are a blessing to this generation.


    • Seeing snails in the dream indicates a life of struggle but if you refuse to pick them, it means you are trying to break away from the spirit of stagnation and limitation. If snails are gathered in one place, it means of almost there but never there. But if you see a snail moving or crawling, it means you are on your path of your destiny, but it takes several times for people to accomplish through the spirit of the snail. A big tortoise peeping to break in, shows a symbol of enemy monitoring you. If a dog is pursuing you and you kept running, it means you are preventing yourself from being hurt satanic attacks. Pray with Matthew 18:18. Psalm 27. Kindly write me by email to request for my oil. God bless you.

      • In my dream we were many nd we were on a race competition nd at the starting i was flying nd i left everybody behind but at a stage i just stop,there was fence blocking me frm moving ahead nd i keep struggling to move forward but i couldn’t till every one meet nd left me nd i woke,pls i pray for me i don’t understand this dream.

        • Good mrng sir, pls sir, I saw myself eating an already fried stick snails that was kept by someone. I don’t know what means. Pls can u help me explain it? And I need ur prayers to concell this dream, and in de main time, I will use de prayer point u HV listed. Thnk u.

  29. I dreamt seeing myself removing cobwebs in the house with a broom and burning them. Afterwards i dreamt that i was sweeping the compound and cleaning the floor of my village home. please sir what do those dreams mean?

    • Hello I had a dream that there was a snail under the nail of my big toe I look at it and saw it’s eye. one in my nose and one in another somewhere else on me I was riding with my husband and was embarrassed to tell him so I didn’t pick at them but was planning to try and get them out later please what could this mean I am a Christian.

  30. Pastor I honestly need your prayers, I dreamt about picking snail in my dream which depicts sluggishness in the enemy’s life. I need dilevance prayers. Thanks.

  31. Dear pastor I need your prayers pls anytime am applying for a visa I keep seeing myself picking up snails in the dream and in the end I keep getting refusal, now I just applied and last night I saw myself in the dreams picking snails again, I woke up crying cos I know it’s a bad omen, I decided to check online and I stumbled into your blog, please sir pray for me.. I don’t want any delay in life again.

  32. Good morning sir,Pls I need a reply to my dreams. I dream where I was picking mangoes it was big,so when I was happy for the mangoes, I saw people the day side dey accuse as in inform of jelouse so I was telling to stop calling my name, at the point I saw three big snails trying to pick it be the snail is to fast ,that was what am doing before I Wake, pls I Dont understand the dream help me and interpret it for me t,thanks and bless.

  33. Typing error, I mean I saw people the other side dey were abusing me inform of jealous,so I was telling them to stop calling my name, at the same point I saw three big snails trying to pick it, and the snails was very fast not slow like others snails ,pls I need a someone to interpret it to me thanks

  34. good morning pastor, I thank God for the prayer against the spirit of sluggishness, procrastination and delay in my life.i believe by the power that is in that blood of Jesus that the yoke is broken. I know this because God showed me this dream so I can get solution to my problem. for a very long time now I had been suffering from delayed progress in my business, I had lost a lot of money but now I know where to direct my prayer and I know I had overcome in Jesus name. I dreamt that I was picking snail and putting them down together in a place on the ground then I woke up and came to your site and prayed this prayer. thank you sir God bless you in Jesus name.

  35. AM pls i dreamt about big snail first i saw two crawling and i went back to pick basket for me to come back, i saw them many and i deceided to pick that is how i wake up pls what can this be.

  36. Sir ,I dreamt of seeing colorful snail in my fathers room.i and my siblings had to pour water on it and push it out of our house but it kept on spreading like an octopus till we push it out of our house.Please Sir,what does this dream mean?

  37. sir, I dreamt that someone was putting snail and okro on my head and I prayed on setbacks. 2weeks later myself and my husband went for a prayer service and the prayer points centered on setbacks but to my amazement my husband dreamt that night of the prayers that myself and him were packing snails and we are now disturbed that after serious prayer why the dream?

    • I dreamt of picking three snails from ground and handling it to my mother. Please what could this means?

  38. Sir I’m really blessed today by u God bless you
    Pls pray for me sir I need spiritual intervention I dreamed picking snail in bucket a woman came behind and taking some from telling me it is ok
    2. I was in a plane and plane was about to crash all of sudden I was on life jacket and landed in my village, the one that shook land in the compound of a dead but in the dream is alive but from waist down paralyzed then I woke up Pls pray me

  39. Good morning sir,i saw myself picking big snails inside my compound in my dreams and real life am rearing snails. Am planning to throw everything away this morning. But I don’t know the meaning of the the dream sir

  40. God morning pastor, thank you for your page. Right now and didn’t started today I have being experiencing, setback, disappointment, delay, at the edge of break through something must happen. I dream of snails last night which I even try to pick them up.

  41. Good morning Pastor,I sent some kids away from picking a snail beside my window in real life and since that time have been having a dream of picking a snail’s in my dream anyway have prayed all the prayer point I saw in ur page concerning snail deliverance and I believe God has answer my prayer…….. continue to help me in prayer that God shld cancel the dream of snail in my life…God will continue to strengthen you sir

  42. Good evening sir,
    I am Anthony by name, i feel very worried since i sew snail in my dreams, i sew the snail in uncompleted building i called my sister, in that dream me and my sister was very happy to see snails, because we used to eat them, so my sister was looking for something she will used and pick all the snail then i wake up, then since then i dream about i have been looking for a way to some body to explain to me what does the meaning of that dreams, Sir i need your help and advise in this GOD blessed you,

  43. Oh Lord Jehova my God, have mercy on me i have been strugling all my live, nothing achieved nothing account for and yet again i dream pick a variety of snails, oh lord save me from this demonic agenda in Jesus name am saved AMEN

  44. Good morning pastor, I saw my self buying plenty snare in my dream and a lady walked straight to me and gave my friend who happens to accompany me some amount of money.
    Here is my no. Sir 08036319013
    I need your prayer Sir

  45. I had two dreams in one night
    first about snail at after midnight
    second about coconut around 5 am

    does the second cancels the first?

  46. Good morning sir, am into snail farming,but I had a dream this morning that I was picking big snIl. What can I do sir. Thank you

  47. Good day sir,i had a dream where there were fruits,& an animal i can’t describ but it did harm me it just passed & then i saw snails i pick one then try picking another one i found out it was broken & then i woke up.i had this dream just once.please sir i need help i dont know the dream means.thank you waiting in anticipalion for yvur response.

  48. God bless you sir I saw myself picking snails yesterday in my village. I need your word of prayer please, 08035341599

  49. I saw some fresh snail on some standing leaves, I was gathering them on the ground, suddenly the whole ones I gathered had already disappeared. Can you throw some highlights on the disappearance CU’s that’s where I am confused. Thanks

  50. Good morning sir,am really happy for this ministration because i just had a dream of picking snails along with my junior brother and i was worried and afraid when i learnt about the consequences am afraid because am seeking for admission and i don’t want anyform of hindrance although i aven’t been admitted and i dreamt of such dream but with the i know that i have nothing to worry about i am covered with the blood of jesus that flow forever and i am free from the power of darkeness over my life in jesus name.AMEN

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