Dream About Red Palm Oil

Spiritual Meaning Of Red Palm Oil

Revelation 17:4, “And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:”

Red Palm oil is derived from Palm tree fruit. With the symbol of it’s red content, palm oil seems to have different dream interpretations.

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The spiritual meaning of red palm oil can be positive or negative depending on the outcome of the dream. For example, the positive part is, blessing, healing, prosperity. While the negative side can symbolize danger, loss of profit, miscarriage, bad luck. This dream can also give warning and prepare you for the troubles ahead.

A very rare good example of this kind of dream is when you see yourself processing, gathering, or plucking the palm fruits from a palm tree. While the bad example is when you see the flash of the red palm oil, or someone gave you a palm oil in a dream etc.

A lot of people have lost things that rightly belong to them to the enemies. They have lost the plan, the thoughts and every good thing that the Lord has given to them as a result of their dream of seeing red palm oil. The Bible says that a thief, that is the enemy has come to steal, to kill and to destroy. John 10:10

The Negative Part of Dream About Red Palm Oil

There are dreams that human intelligence and wisdom cannot handle. One bad things about this dream is that it can influence you into covenant with the devil. Majorly, anything in red color in a spiritual realm can indicate satanic attacks or terrible battles. For example, if you are not a born again Christian and you occasionally see red things in your dream then it means you will be vulnerable to the devil and his works, if not already captured. This dream also indicates that security of your destiny is not guaranteed as any attacks can harm or destroy you.

What is the spiritual symbol of the following dream?

  1. Red pepper
  2. Red meat
  3. Red tomatoes
  4. Red building
  5. Red Cloth
  6. Red  moon
  7. Red water/river

The above dreams are demonic covenant meant to cause tragedy, spiritual imprisonment and embargo. The picture of any red things in a dream is a negative sign that you must fight and overcome. Rather than cringe in fear, you must rise and break all satanic covenant and their attachments. People who often see red things with uncontrolled fear are susceptible to broken relationships, missed opportunities, illness, guilt, depression and satanic diversion.

Most times the solution to this kind of dream is through deliverance in a living church. To see red oil in particular, can be a warning sign of a person trying to use you for sacrifice. This dream is also more common in women who have done abortion in their past, and which can affect their reproductive life cycle if care is not taken. If you wear red cloth , that’s usually a sign of trouble. Eating red meat is a reflection of witchcraft initiation,  evil transfers and exchange of virtues and goodness, and satanic dedications.

Symptoms Of Seeing Red Palm Oil In The Dream

  • People begin to develop hatred for you.
  • Heaviness of the body
  • Profit less hardworking.
  • Door closing before you arrive
  • Stagnancy in life
  • Poverty. Even the poor call you poor.
  • Loss of menstrual circle.
  • Nothing works for you no matter how hard you try.
  • Inability to get married.
  • Sickness that defy medication.
  • Barrenness.
  • Low sperm count etc

Dream Interpretation: Spiritual Meaning Of Red Palm Oil

When a pregnant woman or person whose wife is pregnant have this kind of dream. It is a warning dream against possible miscarriage and affliction. Such woman should be very careful and take proper medical care necessary to avoid possible miscarriage. It is a dream that will bring problem to your marriage. The relationship between a pregnant woman and a red oil in the dream should be a broken covenant. Sometimes the effect of the dream can cause irritation and discomfort in your body.

Bleeding during pregnancy is another common symptom of this dream  attack that usually disgrace women prior to their delivery date. As a pregnant woman, to dream about red oil can expose you to sickness and satanic bondage. There is no better of way of destroying the works of the enemy except by rigorous prayers and fasting. Whatever negative sign you experience immediately or long after this dream should be addressed through deliverance.

To dream of selling red palm oil is spiritually programmed to bewitch you and cause loss in whatever you do as a career.  For instance, if one were to touch the surface of palm oil they could feel that it has a very smooth texture. This smooth texture is one of the key uses for palm oil in spiritual work or assignment. However, if you see yourself in a market selling red oil then it means you are under satanic manipulation.

Dreaming about selling red oil is a condition that shows that you will not be profitable in business, fruitful and excel in whatever your hands to do. Spiritually speaking, this dream indicates the coming of a major attack that will put you in sorrowful mood.  Meanwhile, seeing yourself buying red oil in the market means that you are operating in darkness. And once a person is in the path of darkness, there will be total  blindness, stealing, killing and destruction.

The dream express your desire to break every power waging war against the fruit of your hands. If you are a jobless person and you dream of buying oil means satanic exchange of virtues. In another dream meaning, witchcraft have placed embargoes upon your life that will prevent you from being favoured.

Spiritual Meaning Of Palm Oil Stained With Clothes.

Palm oil can stain any clothing materials. Its effect can only be worrisome. For example, when you dream and see a clean white clothes stained by red palm oil, it may even be that you are the one wearing the white clothes and some one throw palm oil to stain it. This is a warning sign. It is telling you of an impending reputational damage from enemies. You should be very careful and vigilant because enemies are trying to do something to damage your reputation and good image. You should also be very careful to avoid any person that can set you up.

The stain on your clothes can also indicate anti-favour, rejection, demotion and false accusation. If you are expecting something for instance, that dream symbol can cause hinderance, setbacks and stagnation. A woman that often experience cloth stained by palm oil will find if difficult to marry because the stains will serve as a barrier against her marriage and fruitfulness. A dream of oil staining your clothes may also be a symptom of sin, unforgiveness, or anger.

A wicked personality can use this dream to stop you totally from getting to your destination. In addition, if you dream that the person was a known person to you then you should try as much as possible to avoid him or her before he finally destroy you with his evil mindset. Oil stains on your clothing is the definition of your destiny  garment being polluted and contaminated. The good news is that this dream can be overcome and the evil label around you can be erased by the blood of Jesus .

Dream About Someone Given You Red Oil

Micah 7:8, “Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy: when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, the LORD shall be a light unto me.”

This dream is an unusual one but if you have a dream where someone gave you a red palm oil to keep, this dream mean the devil is planning against you. When a known or unknown person gives red palm oil, this can also result from demonic attack. The Bible tells us that Satan is like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8). Satan and his demons seek to destroy people.

Witchcraft plan is a powerful time bomb and can be used to possess, torment, and buried destinies. But the Bible is very clear that Christians have complete power to resist the devil (James 4:7).   It’s important to look at the dream of red oil as a means of amputation of destiny.  When a person gives you red oil to drink then it means you have collectively accepted the enemy to waste and delay you at any give time.

The symbol of red is a spiritual colour that mean something bad is about to take place. Such tragedy can manifest as road accident, untimely death, misfortune or other negative symptoms that are likely to put you in a very bad mood.  Meanwhile,  Dreaming of red river or water would indicate that the agent of marine spirits are after you. This can paralyze and rubbish your efforts in life.

If you dream of pouring red oil in a pot of soup, then this indicates that you are being influenced by witchcraft in the spiritual world. Red palm oil is often connected to ancestral blood sucking demon. Perhaps you are a Christian and you encounter this, it is telling you that your spiritual life has no power to break you out from that problem.

Drinking any  other type of red oil in a dream such as oil from  then it represents a sign of a person being under collective evil covenant. It is a dream that completely arrest the spirit and the whole of a person.  When you are a victim of  satanic powers, you will be experiencing terrible things.  All nightmares are impacted by problems.

Seeing red things such as red pepper, red meat, red clothes, eating or drinking red things in a dream  causes people to exist without any sign of progress or prosperity. Whether or not a person survives the plans of the devil when this particular dream becomes so frequent then the person has been commanded to remain poor, taking wrong decision, being polluted or delayed.

Have you ever dreamed of walking on oil? Red oil dreams are very common among women and can explain to us the possible danger that attacks them especially in the areas of marriage.  A dream in which you see oil staining your book, money etc indicate an arrow of failure and poor academic result has been fired against you. For example, if  you dream of oil staining your books, it means that the enemy is trying to frustrate you through books or career and if care is not taken, it could translate to setbacks, lack of wisdom and financial struggling. Oil can stain one’s glory.

Dreams, where you are eating oily food, indicate that your glory is being replaced or your benefits are being exchanged to witchcraft. The interpretation of dreams where you are added too much of red palm oil in a soup and if you remember the soup, it is therefore advisable not to eat or cook such soup until adequate prayers are done.  When you dream that the red palm oil is colourless, it means that its negative effect is bad luck, disgrace, poor harvest, miscarriage, destruction etc.

If you dreamt that you were see red colour when you are at the labour room, this means trouble, distraction and disturbance. Yo have to rebuke the witchcraft attack that wants to cause fruitless efforts during child delivery. You should be very careful when accepting red things from people as a gift. It might be dangerous as regard to this dream.

When you dream of processing palm oil , it is a dream of hardwork that will lead you to success and prosperity. However, this dream is also telling you that when yoU invest in a business etc, you will reap the dividends of the investment. This reward can be in the form of appreciation, recognition, awards, money, position, title, promotion etc. It does pay in the end to work hard. That is where divine blessing comes.

How do you overcome this spiritual-dream

  1. Give your life to Christ and be born again.
  2. Repent from all known sins and confess them.
  3. Disassociate yourself from wrong companies.
  4. Destroy every witchcraft plan against you.
  5. Break every evil covenant between you and the devil.
  6. Pray that God should make you fruitful and successful in life.
  7. Let the yoke of marital frustration be broken.
  8. Scatter the satanic network (witch doctor etc).
  9. Get rid of buying things in the market at a very late hours.
  10. Plead the blood of Jesus upon your life and ministry.


Instruction: Embark on 7 days fasting and prayers between 6am to 3pm.



  1. Thank God for what He has done for you this year.
  2. Let frustration and disappointment, be the portion of every object fashioned against my life and family, in the name of Jesus.
  3. Every tie to polluted objects and items between my life and family, break, in the name of Jesus.
  4. E very unspoken curse against my life, break, in the name of Jesus.
  5. I destroy every plan of the enemy to steal, to destroy and to kill all the good things in my life, in Jesus name
  6. I reject and destroy every sacrifice of exchange or substitution of my destiny prepared by any agent of the devil in Jesus name
  7. Every curse pronounced inwardly against my destiny, break, in the name of Jesus.
  8. You inward curses, militating against my virtues, break, in the name of Jesus.
  9. Any power given the mandate to curse and hinder my progress, summersault and die, in the name of Jesus.
  10. Every satanic mark upon my body, soul and spirit be erased by the blood of Jesus.
  11. I apply the blood of Jesus to every stubborn situation in my life.
  12. Every door that I have opened to the enemy be closed by the blood of Jesus.
  13. I curse every work of darkness in my life to dry up to the roots by the blood of Jesus.
  14. Thou power of spiritual demotion, die, in the name of Jesus.
  15. I shall succeed, nothing and no power shall pull me down in Jesus.
  16. I reject every evil diversion of my destiny, in the name of Jesus.
  17. I receive my correct life back in the name of Jesus.
  18. I break every backbone of the spirit of conspiracy and treachery working against my life.
  19. I recall and recover all my blessings that have been thrown into the waters, the forest, and satanic banks, in the name of Jesus.
  20. O Lord, catapult me to the next level in the name of Jesus.
  21. Any power hunting for my life this year, I cut you off by fire.
  22. I call forth my blessings from the camp of the enemy.
  23. Every power of bewitchment working against my destiny be destroyed by the blood of Jesus.
  24. Power to locate my divine location in life locate fall upon me now.
  25. My Father, my life is available, reposition me for success, in the name of Jesus.
  26. Monitoring gadgets assigned against my destiny, catch fire and be roasted to ashes.
  27. Every power with evil awareness of my destiny, your time is up, die now.
  28. Every power, personality, and spirit monitoring me to steal from me, fall down and die.
  29. Every power magnetizing physical and spiritual curses to me, I raise the blood of Jesus against you and I challenge you by fire, in the name of Jesus.
  30. Thou destiny exchanger in my family line which has succeeded to exchange the destiny of my family members, my destiny is not your candidate, catch fire, in the name of Jesus.

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  1. I dreamt of buying red oil from a woman in a shop. Please help me overcome the negative effect of this dream. Thank you.

  2. I dreamt my mother-in-law to be gave me a gallon of red palm oil and I had to turn it from her gallon to mine. Please help me interpret and I need your spiritual guidance. I am currently pregnant.

    • I dreamt that i bought a palm fruit”banga” with my friend with 1,500euro but my friend refused to give me the palm fruit and I faught him in that dream so he went hime5to inform his mother and his mother now brought the palm fruit with a basket to me in my house and my mother collected it from her.

      Pls what’s the meaning

  3. please, want your prayers. I sell oil and foodstuffs physically.I dreamt and saw a chicken seller that was killed by accident and the three men who caused the death of the were also killed. I saw them pass through my store. And when they’ve gone, I saw myself selling palm oil to a customer and am currently pregnant.

    • Please pray for me. In my dream my mum gave me a container to give to a woman, that promise to give her red oil, to use the container and put it

  4. I dreamt someone gave me a bottle of red oil as a sourvenier for attending her 50th birthday party. (I actually attended the party in real life after which I had the dream)

  5. Pls pray for me, l was in a dream and our inlaw gave me 2 gallons of palm oil to use.

  6. please pray for to over come every negative effect of this dream. I dream that an unknown woman gave me palm oil.

    • Please pray for me ,I dream that I sell slippers for a customer and instead of giving me money she gave me palm oil in a nylon and on my way going it boost on the floor.please what does this mean?

  7. in my dream I saw red oil with my pastor the red oil dose not belong to me neither to my pastor someone kept it so we decided to turn it into a small container and we left and I open my eye what is the meaning

  8. I dreamt that my mum sale red oil and a woman who live close to our house want to bye 50naira own and I sale for her , and the wife short which I wear got Staind and I clean it off , I woke up

  9. Hello sir,
    My name is Augustine. Recently my girlfriend dreamt of cutting many plantains and taking them to the market to sell and in that same dream, a woman gave her red oil which her younger sister went to collect for her from the woman, and she took the red oil to the market to sell. She is currently pregnant with my child.
    Please we need your interpretation and prayers on this. Thank you sir and God bless you.

  10. Thank u sir and please continue to pray with me. I dreamed that I was employed to sell palm oil for one lady and after selling it, she didn’t pay me. I prayed the prayer points listed above and I know am free but want u to continue to pray with me sir. God bless you and I pray for. more anointing sir.

  11. Good day sir and please pray with me. i dreamed that i was talking about the dream i dreamed three days and two days ago,which is two difference dream i dreamed in two difference day ago inside the dream with my friends, what does the dreamed mean

  12. Good morning sir
    Sir I dreamt that a woman want to pour hot red oil on my body but instead she end up pouring it on her own body, she wanted to fight me but I moved away from her. Pls sir what do it mean

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