Dream About The President

Dream About The President

Romans 13:1-3, ” Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same:”

Dream About President: I Had A Dream About President

Evangelist Joshua hails from the commercial nerves centre of Nigeria and by the grace of God, this young man will be interpreting the dream about the president of a country.

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Wikipedia put it this way: ”The president is a common title for the head of state in most republics. In politics, president is a title given to leaders of republican states.”  The hallmark of a president is the ability to lead the people.

The president is the chief administrator, or grand commander, of the nation and is ultimately responsible for all the programs in the executive branches. There is a vector power that resides with the sitting president.

Dream, Spiritual, Biblical

A president is like a father of a nation. Permit me to use my lovely country, Nigeria, in this dream context.  We have had several presidents, head of state in the past. But one of them that has made unique difference is Nnamdi Azikwe. Azikwe is the first Nigeria president that took over in 1 October 1963.

Isaiah  32:1, ”Behold, a king shall reign in righteousness, and princes shall rule in judgment.”

Dreaming of your own president, governor, or prime minister means a lot and one of the meanings is that God is trying to encourage you to work more harder. When analyzing dream about your formal president, try to take into account the type of leader he is.

Bible Verses Past America Presidents Have Turned to on Inauguration Day

  • George Washington in 1789: Genesis 49:13
  • Abraham Lincoln in 1865: Matthew 7:1; 18:7 and Revelations 16:7
  • Andrew Johnson in 1865: Proverbs 20 and 21
  • George W. Bush in 2005: Isaiah 40:31
  • Bill Clinton in 1997: Isaiah 58:12
  • George H.W. Bush in 1989: Matthew 5

To see president in a dream refers your desire to become a leader of an association, organization or even a country. Alternatively, it symbolizes that you will gain useful support or favour from a person who is higher than you.

If you are the one in the dream who is trying to have a great connection or handshake with the president of another country, this could be an indication of elevation, progress and success. However, if the president refuses to talk with you, this may be a sign of disappointment, setback and discouragement.

Although, not all dreams that associate with the president may not really have to do with the actual person (except you ‘re a politician), but a type of person you should emulate when growing. But more often than not, a dream of this nature boost ones confidence.

If you dream of fighting or arguing with the president or his ministers, this means unpleasant situation in the waking life. Without entertaining any fear of the future, this is a negative force that is surrounding you beyond your control. It can also represent a problem between you and your helpers. Reject it now.

Furthermore, If you dream of attending a meeting with the president, this shows that you are looking to gain a group consensus on an agreed plan going forward. This dream may also indicate that you have been trying to get a slot to work somewhere.

Having a dream about the president of a country is a good step. But that does not mean you should relax on your oars, expecting the president to come and visit you.

Similarly, if you are planning to travel to the United States, and you dream about Donald Trump, for example, that line of dream tells you that your efforts to travel to the US is likely to be possible, but if you pray well, heaven may process it unto manifestation.

Dream About Running For A President

To dream that you are running for president signifies your quest for power and authority.  It can also be a sign of a divine revelation to run for a president in your country, or running for Student Union Government (SUG) president in your university.

Additionally, you may feel that you are not qualified or being supported in accomplishing your immediate goals. You may feel very confused about making decision in the political terrain.

However, if you also dream that you are the president, then it represents your high level of self-confidence and goal achievement. This could be God’s agenda or his major plan is for you to take a bull by the horn.

A dream about your ex president or current one does not always mean that you will be working in the State House, or White House. This type of dream is telling you how to be industrious, focus and hardworking. With this, the Bible says, He shall make you prosper and have good success (Joshua 1:8).

Dream About A President Re-election

​If you dream that a president is being re-elected another time into office, however, if such dream is more than once, it is safe to say that the said public figure is likely to be the president of a given country.

God shows you this revelation in order to get the picture clear. But in most cases, it can be the other way round.

A situation where his opposition was the one the dream was actually referring to, in clarity. So if you’re thinking about the president, ministers or the elections, you could easily have a dream about him.

And if you’re angry with the president, a figure who has authority in the country,  it is possible that you could dream of the president being killed or assassinated.

In such cases, the Lord would be using the president to represent someone you feel is “president” of your life in an area. The symbolic representation of him being killed would mean that in your heart, you wanted them out of your life, or “killed.”

These dreams usually occur when political matters are on your mind, and particularly at times when you’re thinking about it just before going to bed, like in the situation with a friend of mine who sleeps with a though of a political party and Nigeria president in mind.

If you are a political enthusiast, dreaming about a president re-election can signify a sign that such a person is trying to come back.

In some cases, most presidents don’t usually perform very well,  but if you also experience that, it can portend that he is a bad leader. It also reveals feelings that he may not perform outstanding, with a purpose to embezzle public fund. It is a serious matter.

There can be good news dreaming about celebrity or important person, though. To a see a celebrity in a dream makes it a good description. This symbolizes that, in reality, you are a star with a sense of purpose. In these dreams, the Lord could be showing you that, with your gift, you could become great in it .

In conclusion, dream of president represent various aspects and times of your life that you want to change, or connect to a higher person with outstanding profile. Perhaps, you are waiting for such dream to manifest, but to your knowledge, some forces are delaying it. Do not be pessimistic. Declare to yourself that you will make it.


Prayer Point For Becoming A President Or An Important Person

Luke 2:52, Est. 2:15, Dan. 1:9, Psa. 23:6, Psa. 102:13, Psa. 89:17.


  1. Father, I thank you because you have been my help in ages past and my hope for time to come.
  2. Father, I plug myself to the socket of the divine favour, in the name of Jesus.
  3. Every anti-favour spirit in operation in my life, die by fire in Jesus mighty name.
  4. Thou anti-favour wind blowing against my life, I raise a standard of the blood of Jesus Christ against you in Jesus name.
  5. I bind and cast out the spirit of misfortune from my life right now in Jesus name.
  6. You stubborn environmental demon spirits disturbing men from helping me in life, fall down and be paralyzed in Jesus mighty name.
  7. By the power in the blood of Jesus Christ, I mortify every attitude in my life repelling the favour of God and man from my life.
  8. I divorce from my life every unfriendly friend working against the favour of God in my life in Jesus mighty name.
  9. Henceforth I shall no longer experience misfortune in life, in Jesus name.
  10. In the name of Jesus Christ, I break every generational curse of misfortune, disappointment and disfavour in my life.
  11. Thou spirit of favour from the Almighty God, fall upon me now, in Jesus mighty name.
  12. Every anti-success spirit operating in my business, academics, marital life and ministry, your time is over; expire by fire in Jesus mighty name.
  13. Every tongue speaking disfavour into my life, catch fire in Jesus mighty name.
  14. Every root of disfavour in my life; wither by fire in Jesus mighty name.
  15. Every evil veil covering me from my destiny helper, catch fire in Jesus mighty name.
  16. Every garment of disfavour in my life, catch fire in Jesus mighty name.
  17. Evil pronouncement working against my destiny, I cancel you by fire in Jesus mighty name.
  18. Thou thunder of God, locate every evil altar speaking disfavour into my life, in Jesus mighty name.
  19. By the power of the Holy Ghost, I silence every satanic voice speaking misfortune against my life, in Jesus mighty name.
  20. I uproot by the fire of the Holy Ghost every seed of disfavour sown into my destiny, in Jesus mighty name.
  21. Mantle of favour from Jehovah fall upon me now, in Jesus mighty name.
  22. Men shall compete to favour me in life, in Jesus mighty name.
  23. O Lord, cause me to enjoy your favour every day of my life, in Jesus mighty name.
  24. Father, single me out for your favour and blessing this year, in Jesus mighty name.
  25. Father, anoint me afresh to do exploit this year, in Jesus mighty name.
  26. My destiny helpers, wherever you are, arise and locate me this year in Jesus mighty name.
  27. I shall enjoy the fullness of God this year in Jesus mighty name.
  28. I refuse to be stranded in life in Jesus mighty name.
  29. Father of all favour, please anoint me afresh this year with your oil of favour.
  30. I thank you my God for answers to my prayers.

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  1. Amen, Very true,Inspiring and very uplifting massage.May God use me as a channel of light,peace and calmenes in Jesus name.God bless

  2. i just dream of two of my presidents , one i was driving him and chatting and the other one was adoring me and seriously wanting my contacts in private and willing to give , but i was having chemistry with the one we were driving together . What ‘s the meaning

  3. i have been believing God for a financial breakthrough and when i asked him to show me what exactly i should do from the usual stuff, i saw a vision of my President in two seperate dreams,i prayed ans asked him again and i saw the President of a neighboring country in my third dream, what does this means and what am i really supposed to do?

  4. I had a dream where I was moving in a vehicle with the president and we were four of us the president, two women and myself ,I was seated at the back and the president is the one who was driving the vehicle what does it mean?

  5. I had a dream that president Obama with his fily were walking on foot on the highway in my home town in Kenya and people were saying that they have just decided to be like normal regular citizen…it seemed he had walked for a long distance coz I could see dust on his shoes, I ended up talking and interacting with his children and some how we became friends. Please help me understand the meaning of this dream.

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